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Hinata 'Hino' Asaoka Character by A-chan-The-Great Hinata 'Hino' Asaoka Character by A-chan-The-Great
Some of you know my amateur manga Hokori Academy's Kings and Queens, here's another main character and another guy! Hinata 'Hino' Asahina! Yeah... his name's Hinata.... mainly because it's one of them jokes when a nerdy, geeky loser character has a girl's name! Naturally he's embarrassed by so that's why he goes by Hino.

High School Label: The Nerd

Ladies Hino is a sweet, smart and kind of shy nerdy boy. Ergo he's the kind of boyfriend EVERY father wants their daughter to be with. Hell he's the kind of boy my own dad wants me to marry. So that's why I made him because of that kind of inspiration... ^^;

He is Kuro's friend from middle school and one of the members of her gang, particularly the second in command because he's very mature, level-headed and civil. He has a PRETTY obvious crush on Kuro to anyone who witnesses, even Kuro is aware but she doesn't say anything because it'd be... awkward.. Although they are good friends Hino can't help but sometimes feels painfully shy and awkward around her and she's more than aware of this so she does her best to act as buddy-buddy and sweet to make Hino feel more at ease and less abashed. But... because he likes Kuro he takes a dislike to Sosuke Takaki because he's his opposite in MANY ways and so he often competes with him in trying to win Kuro's attention. Hino sometimes even resents Sosuke also because of Sosuke's popularity, talent and charisma towards other people all of which Hino lacks.

Unfortunately everyone calls him a geek or a nerd because of his book smarts, ability to build and construct things, studious nature and given that he acts more mature than his other friends. But lucky for him this makes him the voice of reason amongst his friends and even when they disagree with him he KNOWS he's right, however compared to the others he doesn't act as quirky so he can be considered 'normal'. Yet because of his devotion to Kuro he goes along with her schemes even when they come across as irrational but there are moments when he doesn't go through with them. Kuro cares about him dearly and regards him highly and much more than just someone she can cheat off of during homework and she is quick to defend him against bullies and jerks.

He has two older twin brothers Akito and Yukio Asahina whom often tease him and prank him sometimes and naturally they annoy the hell out of him and despite being the youngest he's the most mature of the brothers and the most respectful and sweet. They picked on him more when they were children but despite all of those things the brothers all sincerely love each other and Hino would actually jump through hoops for his brothers even if half the time he can't stand them, of course this doesn't mean they always act like they love each other. Hino can actually be somewhat cruel to his brothers when he feels like it but in his defense his brothers are just as bad. Though he favors Yukio the younger twin and gets into more arguments with Akito the older twin and the eldest of the brothers.

Personality wise he is a very sweet, polite and generous boy and he's more than willing to help someone on their homework and he's very patient when trying to teach them when they don't understand it, the subjects he often helps with are math and science. Hino can be somewhat hesitant but he's also fairly quick to defend a friend in need, and is noted for being one of the nicest guys to know. He becomes fast friends with Haruhi Noritaka because of their similar kind personalities and they end up making quite a cute friendship and in fact in a later chapter she ends up standing up for him in an EPIC fashion! He even befriends the resident emo Meitaro Kumori because they share quite a LOT in common despite how they seem... though Meitaro appears to make advances on him...

However he's not all sugar, in fact Hino can be VERY sarcastic and deadpan particularly towards his brothers and whenever someone's acting stupid or ridiculous. Also he is generally mild-mannered if somewhat neurotic but he's pretty self-aware and because of this he doesn't have the highest self esteem when it comes to being 'cool' and he knows what it feels like to be hurt, picked on and treated like a loser. Regardless of this he can also be somewhat optimistic believing that he'll be superior to all the 'stupid-ass jocks' that messed with him in elementary school and that they'll be at his feet when he's one of the most successful people in the world. So when he befriends Jock Makoto Tsukino the two surprisingly become good friends as Mako offers to help Hino become more confident, outgoing and as well as more of a fighter. Also because he's been chased and taunted he's developed a pretty good cardio so he can outrun the jerks and then run to Kuro to have them punch the living daylights out of them and he CAN hit hard when he's provoked.

Speaking of provoked... Hino can also be very, VERY jealous... especially where Kuro is involved... and because he's motivated to win Kuro over and to sometimes outdo his brothers, he'll go to extreme lengths (that border on psychotic) and because he's very smart...

Hino can be a conniving little bastard...

Hinata's parents had high hopes for their third child even though he was the baby of the family they could tell how intuitive and smart he was when he had shown to be quite the good listener and how quickly he learned his alphabet and a few words before he turned 1 1/2. Hino loved his family dearly and even though his brothers teased him (playfully and sometimes meanly) the three were always tight. Truth is he wanted nothing to do but study and get the highest grades in class which also meant sparing no time for fun things and actually getting a chance to make friends and thats when his family grew concerned for him... but then that's when he met Yorutoki Kuromi... after returning an eraser to him at first glance Hino found himself become smitten with the girl. However... this blooming love turned into sorrow when he and his brother's parents died in car crash, the brothers would survive despite being parent-less. Luckily they have a kind social worker who lets them be in the care of Kuro's mother Konami however Hino didn't want them to adopt them because he had fallen in love with Kuro. A few years later he and Kuro, his brothers and new friends Rika Kasuga and Ran Fujiwara became an extremely tight, close and loyal group of friends to each other and for once Hino felt like one of the 'cool kids' because Kuro is 'so cool' and that the gang often does a LOT of mischief and even petty crimes (such as blackmail against bullies, perverted photographing and dirt digging on others) and they hang out a lot and have small get-togethers with each other. Now that he's in high school he obviously plans to make sure he gets all A's and study harder but at the same time now that he's got cool friends and he's making more cool friends he'll find some time to hang out and study in between and also to make sure the group doesn't get in trouble... like they have before... and on top of that to win the heart of Kuro-chan!

"Okay so I'm not a bishonen and I'm not exactly a good dresser but since I get my ass kicked around a LOT I pretty much know what to expect from other jerks and that just means that I have the upper hand in screwing them over."
"My ultimate power other than my book smarts is being able to stand some of these retards around me."
"Does anybody think at all nowadays?"
"Sure thing, come here I'll help you out!"
"I guess I'm the kind of guy girls ought to go out with first because it IS true when they say nice guys are the best!"
"I'm beyond baffled... why do girls want guys that are rude, stupid, brooding and arrogant? There is NO logic to that whatsoever!"
"I'm a friendly nerdy guy....! Oh who am I kidding I'm going to be virgin til I'm 40..."
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