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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 10
Wow, I can’t believe I’ve already done chapter 10, I’m almost midway done. Almost, I may make it longer.  Well long enough because I keep getting some new ideas. But anyway I’m glad those of you still reading this are into it. This is one LONG chapter to keep you all entertained so here you go!

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

In the gymnasium you had emerged from the locker-room, again. Still hiding in the bathroom stalls so that way you could keep your disguise up by just putting on a (color of choice) track suit. The track suit was at least one size up from your normal size, on purpose of course to look fairly baggy; to keep up with the ‘guy’ bod. Despite you being ‘gay’.

You rubbed your shoulder and grimaced, apparently you and Gilbert kept punching each other the shoulder all the way here. What started out as a couple of friendly punches turned into yet another competition over who can hit each other harder. That was a stupid idea since your shoulder was starting to sting, maybe even forming a small bruise; luckily you hit Gilbert just as hard as he kept hitting you.  

“Ow… whose dumbass idea was that…?” You asked with an annoyed grumble and then sneered at the Prussian who came out of locker-room, the one who kept punching you.

“Hey (Male Name)! What-chu doing?!” Alfred suddenly appeared from behind you and unknowingly yelled in your ear.

“Ow!” You exclaimed from Alfred’s impossibly loud voice volume.

“Nothing, why?”

“Now that everyone’s in here let’s play dodge-ball! I call (Male Name)!” Alfred announced to everyone in the room and held up your hand and you chuckled.

“Hey Alfred, zhat’s not fair! How come you get (Male Name)?!” Gilbert asked, he sounded somewhat annoyed. Why?

“So? Besides I saw him first.” Alfred replied, though what he meant by that he saw you come out of the locker-room before Gilbert.

“Nein you didn’t!”

“Yeah! I totally did!”

“Calm down guys. What’s the matter Gil? You got a problem with that?” You asked with a skeptical look.

“ Ja I do, going on Alfred’s side lets me know vhat a traitor mein roommate is.” He asked crossing him arms and looked slightly crossed.

“I’m not a traitor! And besides what happened to not wanting to be around the gay kid? Also why don’t we see who’s the best in dodge-ball as well?” You asked with a cocky grin.

“Now zhat’s a challenge! Allright (Male Name) I vill let go of zhis for now but next time you’re going to get it.” He said, sharing your grin. Apparently he still hasn’t gotten over you ‘ditching’ him at your house.

“Okay bring it on  tough guy!” You said before everyone got into the game and started ruthlessly throwing dodge-balls at each other.

Your team: Alfred, Feliciano and Lovino, Matthew (that no one noticed) and some others
Gilbert’s team: Francis, Antonio, Ludwig, and the Austrian guy that Gilbert told you about; his name was Roderich and some others.

Were you fast? Eh… sort of, fast enough. You managed to miss any oncoming balls and even caught a few and attempted to hit some people  but some missed and some you hit. Poor Feliciano was running around and yelling ‘I quit’ and even waving a white flag around but he managed to dodge any balls that came to him.  Francis and Antonio managed to hit some people and miss some, Francis especially made sure that he wouldn’t get hit since he didn’t want to get his ‘beautiful’ face shot. The glasses wearing guy Roderich didn’t look like he was enjoying the game as much as Gilbert and he lagged around Ludwig to avoid getting hit.  Alfred was unknowingly injuring other players on the other team with his superhuman strength which you mentally smirked at. Note to self: Always be on Alfred’s team during a physical game.

Ludwig himself was pretty strong, nearly hitting you a few times and then you had to be careful for his next throw.

“(Male Name)!” He yelled and threw it at you but you ducked and the ball missed you. Then you saw Lovino pick up the ball that Ludwig had thrown; lucky you because Lovino was on yours and Al’s team.

“Potato Bastard~” He sang-song in a somewhat evil teasing tone to yours and Ludwig’s slight alarm and you both wore unnerved expressions. You knew how much Lovino disliked Ludwig and Ludwig himself knew but they two of you just didn’t know why. Either way he was going to get it.

He chuckled one last time “I’LL SINK THIS RIGHT INTO YOUR F***ING BASTARDO FACE!!” He yelled with the most crazy and angered expressions and then he threw it…

Rather weakly since he just threw into the air and Ludwig was able to catch it with both hands once it reached his team’s boundaries.

“Zhat vas veak!” He yelled to the poor Italian’s anger and embarrassment.

“SHUT UP YOU!” He yelled while blushing a furious shade of red, to which you couldn’t help but giggle at.

“You shut up too, bastard!” He turned and pointed at you but you only giggled even more, which in return made Lovino blush even more.

“S-Stop laughing dammit!” He tried yelling but you kept on giggling until you noticed how embarrassed he looked.

“Aww, I’m sorry Lovino… a-are you crying?” You asked once you saw how glossy his eyes looked and small embarrassed and annoyed tears from forming at the corners of his eyes.
“N-NO!” He said and then rubbed at his eyes, not looking at you.

“Hey man, sorry. It’s just a game…” You said and punched him the shoulder to reassure him.
“B-But! But he…!” He said and pointed at Ludwig, to his confusion. Funny it was like a child telling his older sibling on his mom. And you found it strangely endearing. Scratch that, okay… it was extremely endearing.

“You’ll get him.” You smirked and patted his shoulder one last time, which made him give you a small smile and then he blushed red again once he realized how he was acting towards you.

“I-I know! I don’t a-need you to f***ing tell me dammit! I could-a hit more people than you!” He said and turned away from you with a bright red face, resembling one of those tomatoes he loved so much. But then he turned to see you smiling at him, which somehow made him blush redder than he already was.

“S-SHUT UP!” He yelled and backed away from you.

You were slightly puzzled, “I didn’t say anything…” And then you diverted your attention back to the game, not noticing the grumpy Italian secretly smiling at you.

“Hey (Male Name) zhis one’s for you since you love balls!” Gilbert said with a crazy laugh and then threw the ball lightning-fast with a ZIP!

The bright red, speeding ball was headed right for your face but in time your hand shot up and caught the ball and saved you from full-face impact. You even squeezed the ball a second time to make sure it was still in your hands, you looked at the Awesome-Gilbert of course but then you sneered and chuckled an evil-sounding laugh.

“(Male Name)’s finally gone crazy!” Gilbert said and slowly backed away, knowing that you were going to hit him.

You squeezed the ball , “I’m going to hit you in your AWESOME face with my AWESOME BALL, Mr. AWESOME!!” You yelled and then threw the ball as fast as you could.

“Fast ball!” Gilbert yelled and then ducked just in time before getting hit and instead the ball hit another person’s face with a loud SMACK!

The ball stuck on the guy’s face before it revealed the angry and red-faced Arthur Kirkland. The guy you didn’t like but you didn’t mean to hit him, it was an accident. Oh wait… that’s not the first time you’ve hit him in the face… Come to think of it, maybe that’s why he didn’t like you.

The dodge-ball mark still on his face but on top of that he wasn’t even playing… just minding his own business…

“I’m so sorry…” You said awkwardly and walked over to the Brit despite how infuriated he was.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” He said and then covered his face with both his hands, rather in pain from how hard you hit him.

“Kirkland, I’m sorry.” You said and tried to grab his shoulder to talk to him but instead he shoved your hand away.

“No! Leave me alone!” He yelled before running off out of the gymnasium, from the corner of his eyes you could’ve sworn you saw some small tears from the pricks of his closed eyes.

You sighed, feeling somewhat worse about hurting the guy.

“That’s vhy I don’t like zhese games…” You heard Roderich say and though you couldn’t see his expression, it probably wasn’t a very approving one.

“Nah, don’t worry about Arthur (Male Name).” Alfred said while you continued to face the direction Arthur ran off. You listened to Alfred and  brushed if off to go back to the game until something hit you on the back of the head, hard with a loud BWONG!

“Oww!” You yelled and put a hand at the back of your head to see Gilbert laughing and pointing at you.

“You son of a bitch that’s cheating I got your ass out already!”

“In zhis world zhere’s only vinners and zhe Awesome-me!” He said grinning and looking down on you, to your annoyance but he only continued to laugh. Then your eyes diverted downward to his crotch area.

“ BALLS!!” You yelled and then threw your foot to said area. And naturally Gilbert cried out in pain and then sunk to the floor with the others on your team and opposing team looking on sharing the same pained expression.

You snickered for a bit until Gilbert somehow picked his head up and then tried to throw a punch to your crotch area as revenge but you back away just in time. If he actually punched you… he could’ve found out…

“Get back here you fag!” He yelled still in pain and his hand still on his crotch while he winced in pain. You felt yourself smirk when you thought about this whole thing: The self-proclaimed ‘Awesome-Gilbert’ got his ass handed to him by the ‘Gay but Awesome-(Male Name)’ when in actuality you were really a girl, you haven’t forgotten that yet.

“How zhe hell did you move so fast?”

“I used my super awesome ninja-reflexes to move super fast.”

“Ja right! You’re not awesome!” He said still moaning, you felt kind of bad now.

“S-Sorry man… that was the sore loser in me…” You said, beginning to reflect on your actions and on top of that you were going to learn how to not be so impulsive because someone made you angry.

“Ja you’ve got zhat right!” He seethed in pain.

“Hey! It was your fault!”

“Vas not!”

“Was too!”

“Vas not!”

“Was too!”





“BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!” Ludwig yelled, clearly annoyed with the both of you, “You’re both acting like spoiled children, enough already!”

You shrunk back at every time he yelled but you and Gilbert kept a pout on and both crossed your arms.

“ Don’t you zhink zhey vere already childish before zhis game?” Roderich asked but then you shot him a sneer.

Ludwig noticed your unhappy expression and then he sighed. He was starting to walk over to you until suddenly something hit him in the back of his head, HARD. A dodge-ball of course…

Then you saw Lovino on the other side with his hand out and then he burst out laughing to the point where he fell on the floor holding his side.  “I GOT YOU, YOU BASTARD!”

“Zhat doesn’t count! You’re out! I caught your ball!”

“It doesn’t matter I still f***ing got you!” Lovino continued to laugh and pretty much ignore the now pissed off German.

Ludwig’s face turned a crimson red in anger, so much that you could see steam puffing from his ears. He picked up a ball without thinking and aimed for Lovino but Lovino moved quick enough and it was about to hit Feliciano.

“AAAHHH~!” He shrieked a girly scream, that sounded more girly than you.

“FELICIANO!” You yelled and then ran lightning-fast and pushed Feliciano out of the way and ended up getting smacked in the face.


“(MALE NAME)!!” You heard not two but three voices call out your name in worry. Alfred’s voice and then you noticed Feliks and Toris standing just outside the gym; seemingly coming from the locker-room and just in time to see this.

“Ouch…” You groaned and then put one hand to your face in an attempt to soothe the stingy pain.

“(Male Name)! I’m a-so sorry I didn’t want you to get hit! Oh no your a-pretty face! I’m sorry!” Feliciano cried, tears at the corners of his eyes as he hugged you tightly.

“That’s okay Feli, I’d rather get hit than have you get hit…” You cooed and then hugged him back; he was just too cute for his own good.

“(Male Name) are like you okay?! What’s the freaking matter with you?!” Feliks yelled at Ludwig while he quickly made his way over to you.

“That’s why he’s a bastard!” Lovino yelled, angry and pointing at Ludwig.

“I didn’t mean to hit him!” Ludwig yelled, blushing lightly and feeling bad. He was still skeptical about your gender, you wouldn’t hear the end of his apologies if you were a girl.

“HAHAHA! If you ask me zhat’s an improvement, nice one Vest!” Gilbert laughed and then raised a hand to high-five Ludwig but of course his more mature brother didn’t give him one.

“F*** you Von Doofus” You muttered and didn’t pay attention to the appalled face of Gilbert; while Feliks and Toris stood by you, Toris rubbing your shoulder and Feliks stroking your hair.

“I’m okay guys…” You said slightly embarrassed by how sweet they were treating you; almost like a princess.

“(M-Male Name)…. I’m sorry…” Ludwig said, his tone sounding ashamed and he looked down with a reddened face as he scratched the back of his head.

“It’s cool man.”

“Are you okay amigo?” Antonio asked as he walked over to you.

“I’m okay guys really you don’t have to…” You said sounding even more sheepish.

“Exactly vhat (Male Name) said vhat’s so great about him?” Gilbert said, leering at you; okay maybe he was only slightly jealous of how much attention you were getting or… have been getting, he didn’t get hit but still… where was HIS attention? He just got kicked in the crotch! Unlike you he actually uses it.

You only shot him back a confused glance, “Don’t worry about him mon ami, he’s just jealous.” Francis said and gave you sympathetic look, “I’m okay man.”

“I’m glad but I must say (Male Name)…. Better your face than mine…” He said, his ego all too clear and you just rolled your eyes.

Francis spoke too soon once two dodge-balls out of nowhere zipped through the air and hit both him and Antonio right in the face, not as hard but if it’s a face-shot it’s always going to hurt. Then Roderich and Gilbert got hit suddenly.

“Gilbert! Roderich!” Ludwig saw them get hit but then looked around to see who that was but then he turned to quick and he ended up getting hit in the cheek.

“Whoa…” You said and then you turned to see just Matthew...

Not Alfred.


Your eyes widened in awe and then you let out a surprised chuckle, “Sweet aiming skills Matt!” You got up and walked towards Matthew.

“Y-You think so..?” He asked shyly and blushed a light rosy pink.

“Yeah!” You smiled and patted his shoulder, Matthew smiled brightly until he heard his brother whine, “Mattie! Not cool I wanted to hit them!” Alfred complained and pointed at them.

“Don’t worry about it Al, and besides… WE WON!!” You said and threw your hands in the air and let out a loud cheer.

“VHAT?! Nein! You didn’t!” Gilbert yelled outraged and pointed right at your face.

“Yes we did! I got hit! And sure maybe Lovino got out because Ludwig caught his ball and… Feliciano got out because he got hit but you guys only thought it was Alfred left when Matthew here was there the whole time!” You explained and then Gilbert’s team including himself wore a shocked and slightly pissed off expression, they hated losing!!

“We are the champions!” Alfred yelled with his hands now in the air.

“We beat all you pansies!” You yelled with an expression similar to Gilbert’s usual expression.

“HAHAHA~!” You and Alfred laughed, Feliciano joining in by cheering whilst Lovino pointed and laughed at the loser team, Matthew cheered rather quietly but he was pretty happy.  Feliks and Toris both hugged you and cheered with your team, happy for you.

“Wow Gilbert. (Male Name)’s like a clone of you.” Roderich said with a stoic expression.

Gilbert widened his eyes, at the thought of you being like him “Vhat?! Him?! Nein no vay! He’s vay too much of a loser and a faggot to be as awesome as zhe Awesome-Me!”

“Look at him.”

“I’m SO AWESOME!” You cried and body-bumped Alfred a few times and then you raised your hands for both the Vargas brothers to high five you and then you saved another two for Feliks and Toris. Then it was you and Matthew.

“I-I…uh….” He stuttered, not sure how to respond but then you did so by reaching your hand out for him to shake and he complied happily.

“Way to play man, you’ve got balls.” You snickered and earned a red blush forming on Matthew’s face and a shy smile. “T-Thanks…”

Meanwhile from the bleachers you didn’t notice. Three gentleman, one was tall, skinny and he looked rather meek with black hair that reached his neck and brown eyes, the second was average and bespectacled sporting matching black hair and gray eyes; and the third was the shortest but he was the average height for a boy and he had light brown hair and golden brown eyes; he seemed to be the leader. Each of them just staring at you in marvel and awe.

“Isn’t he amazing?” The short one asked with a bright albeit shy-looking smile.

“He’s pretty impressive.” The one in glasses said, keeping a cool expression.

“ Yeah… he’s so talented and…” The tall one said and left off.

“ Cool.” They all said in unison.

The leader shut his eyes, blushing a little bit before taking a deep breath, “Okay, that’s it! I’m going in guys! Wish me luck!” He said and got up from the bleachers and towards you.

“(M-Male Name)!” He called and you turned, not familiar  with the voice.

“What’s up?”

“Hi! M-My name’s Andrew Duncan! I-It’s finally nice to meet you!” He said with great effort, blushing madly when he realized how he screwed up his sentences and the fact that he was in your presence but you were only confused but nonetheless you still smiled and chuckled.

“Hey Andrew, names (Male Name).” You said politely and reached your hand out for him to shake. To both his shock and glee.

“I’m going to shake his hand…” He thought while he brought his hand out and shook yours, hopefully you didn’t notice how sweaty it was.

“ Oh! Where are my manners, meet my friends.” He said and the other two guys came down to meet you, looking rather anxious.

“This is Steve Reynolds” He pointed to the tall one, he gave you a coy smile, “Hi dude.”

“And this is Keith Oliver.” He pointed to the one wearing glasses. “Hello (Male Name).”

“Hey there guys, it’s nice to meet you all. Usually all the guys I’ve met here don’t greet me til something crazy happens.” You said and laughed a bit.

“Well this school is kind of wacky but it’s exciting.” Andrew shyly said and tickled his chin nervously.

“Yeah it really is…” You said and then you turned to see Alfred waving at you.

“(Male Name)! Come on let’s go race a few laps on the field!”

“And don’t’ forget us while you’re running” You noticed Feliks and Toris standing by Alfred.

“Coming guys!”

“It was great meeting you fellas hey why don’t you come by outside and maybe share a chat or something?”

“S-Sure!” Andrew said, his face brightening up with glee.

“We’d like to!” They all said in unison.

“Coolness I’ll see you outside!” You said and then ran off to meet up with Alfred, Feliks and Toris.

“Coolness…” Andrew said and then sighed, what if someone as cool as (Male Name) didn’t like him? On top of that… there was already… those other guys…

“Well we finally talked to him.” Steve said, feeling a weight on his shoulders being slowly taken off. You were a cool dude, so how can someone even a guy NOT be nervous around you. He and his friends were… ‘closet’ homosexuals… but they were a little more passionate when it came to their new love-interest.


“Though it seems we have a few rivals…” Keith said and brushed up his glaring glasses.
Andrew tensed up and then pouted, “Right…! Feliks, and that guy Toris! And Jones!” He thought while clenching his fists but then he was pushed out of the way by someone, and that someone was Gilbert.

“Hey! Why don’t you watch where you’re going next time?!”

“Nah, zhe Awesome-me doesn’t care, I do vhatever I vant.” Gilbert smirked smugly at the three guys.

“Hey loser!” Gilbert noticed that voice but he still turned to see you.

“Come on Gil you’ve got your ‘awesomeness’ to show off out here!” You said with a cocky but playful grin, to Gilbert’s satisfaction.

“Kesesese~ You’ve got zhat right (Male Name)! It’s about time you admit it!” He said sharing your same grin.

“No not really, but come on I’m waiting for you Mr. Awesome.” You said, giggling and then ran outside, still waiting for Gil.

“Ja, ja I’m coming!” He said, actually happy that for once you were addressing him as awesome. He knew you were playing but still.

To Andrew’s annoyance, “You’re a beast compared to (Male Name)!” He suddenly yelled but it didn’t spook Gilbert like he wanted to.

“ Do you mean zhat in a good vay or a bad vay?” He asked and narrowed his ruby-red eyes. This kid was already annoying, and he brought up (Male Name) for some reason.

“ The bad way! I don’t understand, why would he want to hang out with a brutish jerk like you?!” Andrew asked with Keith and Steve standing beside him glaring daggers at the confused Prussian but he laughed them off; they looked and sounded so stupid right now.
That is until he realized how they put it, (Male Name) does hang out with him a lot and not just because they were roommates and even if he and him annoyed the hell out of each other half the time. Thinking about that just made Gilbert swell up with even more pride.

“Who doesn’t vant to hang out viz zhe Awesome-Me?”

“Anyone with a conscience.” Keith said coldly, the glare on his glasses shining brightly.

“Anyone who’s a loser. Like you three geeks.” He sniggered at them.

“We’re not losers!” Steve exclaimed, which was a lot coming from a usually timid guy like him.

“Right you’re not losers. Vell you didn’t hear zhis from me but (Male Name)’s a lot cooler zhan you three ever will be. He vouldn’t vant to hang out vith you three.”

Andrew’s face turned red with anger, (Male Name) was super cool. But still why is he friends with Gilbert?!

“Vhat’s zhe matter shortie? So vhat if me and (Male Name) hang out?” He asked with a sneer, unknowingly making the poor boy even more jealous, in a romantic sense and not a buddy-buddy sense.

“Oh Gilbert!” You called again getting a little impatient.

“(Male Name)’s waiting for zhe Awesome-me. Auf wiedersehen losers.” He waved them a mock goodbye and ran outside.

“Dude what took you so long?” You asked from outside.

“I had to deal viz three un-awesome problems.” Gilbert told you  from outside. The boys could hear your conversation which only annoyed them even further. Gilbert was another rival, he wouldn’t be easy to compete with but there’s no way they’d lose to him.

No way!

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Lap 6… COME ON (YOUR NAME)!” You mentally yelled to yourself as you ran the last few bits of your sixth lap around this football field; what was still a real pain about running was not being able to let your (length) hair flow in the wind like you used to. You’d only be able to do that when you weren’t in disguise or when you weren’t at college.

Finally you finished lap 6 and then you bent over and put your hands on your knees panting to catch your breath.

“(Your Name).” Feliks called you from a close distance.

“Hey Feliks.”

“Be like more careful! You don’t want to just keel over and shit again. All that extra wrapping just heats up your bod’s temp.” He said or rather nagged you, like he usually did.

You chuckled and then patted his shoulder, “Okay Feliks, I will but just one more lap and then I’m done. I swear.”

Feliks shot you a skeptical and questioning look, but then again you could take care of yourself. Still he’d come for you if you needed him, normally he wouldn’t jump shit for anyone but he’d jump through hoops for you because you two have been tight for like… EVER!

“Okay, but you were listening to me right?”


“Coolness. I’m going to wait here with Toris.” He said and sat next to Toris, who smiled and waved at you while you started to run.

Ludwig was only a few feet away from you, his eyes concentrated on you. “I have to ask him today… I’m not sure how he’ll respond but… maybe if I approach him gently… he’ll be comfortable…” He thought about you while blushing lightly, if you were a girl then all his accusations would be true, or most of them at least half-true. Then he started to run his lap with you, though this was actually his tenth lap.

You giggled while you ran, just thinking about the fun you’ve had with your friends and new friends lately.  You don’t recall being this energetic before but now it felt great, whatever's going to happen is bound to be exciting! It may be foreign to you once it does happen but that’s what adventures are all about. And you were ready for an adventure.

But then you got that dreading feeling, the one that felt as if someone was following you. Maybe you were being paranoid, but then again in a situation where you had to keep up an act would mean you ought to be paranoid. So you turned to see Ludwig running the same lap with you, “Oh, it’s just Ludwig.”  You thought with a small sigh and continued running, half way there at the end. Emphasis on half way you just need to run the other half of the field and you’d be finished with lap 7.

However as you continued to run you noticed that Ludwig was no longer running with you, he was following you, and closing in on you. “Hey, (Male Name).” He called out, to your secret and slight discomfort.

“Yes…?” You asked feigning innocence, trying not to sound shaky or creeped out.

“I need to tell you somezhing.” He said showing a slight grimace, which of course creeped you out even more. The guy was a walking building, literally build! Ivan was taller but Ludwig was all muscle, he could beat the tar out of you if he wanted too! What did he want?!

Frightened you ran faster and away from Ludwig, ignoring his previous quote.

“(Male Name)!” He yelled and started to run after you.

You ran faster, or tried to run faster because he was closing in on you. Oh no, he’s not coming out to you is he?! It’s bad enough that you ‘came out’ but someone else coming out to you means you’ll get found out.

“Go away!” You yelled back and sped up your pace.

“I have to tell you somezhing! Did I not make that clear?!” He asked, trying not to sound annoyed but why were you running?!

“I don’t care! Leave me alone!” You cried while you ran faster despite the pain in your legs.

Then without hesitation you ran as fast your legs could take you all the way to the football goal post, this new idea was stupid but you were afraid of the way Ludwig was pretty much chasing you right now. Either he found out your secret, he wants to play a lethal game of tag with you, or he’s gay and wants to get in your pants.

As soon as you reached the goal post, you started to climb the thing. Yes you climbed it, like one of those dumbass maniacs on the Internet who got famous for doing the stupidest shit. If anyone had a camera you’d be one of them, another Youtube celebrity coming up…
The rush of adrenaline made you temporally faster and stronger because normally you were an okay climber at best but you finally reached the near top of the post as you hung on there like that one kitten on the poster.

“(Male Name)! Vhat zhe hell are you doing?! Get down from zhere zhis instant!” Ludwig asked beyond flabbergasted when he saw the way you were climbing that thing, not even his brother has done crazy things like that! And his brother was already partially crazy already…

“No way! You were chasing me man! I’m sorry but you can’t have this!”

He shot you a ‘WTF’ face, “VHAT?!”

“I’m very flattered but I’ll only give you something nice… if you don’t chase me down like a predator on prey thing!!” You yelled with a scared and paranoid face but your choice of words made Ludwig blush. Predator and prey… No! That wasn’t the point! But he didn’t count of you getting scared… why does everyone assume he’s going to hurt them or something?!

“Don’t make me come up zhere.” He warned you.

“Don’t make ME come up there!” You yelled, what the hell did that even mean?! But judging by Ludwig’s blushing face it DID mean something, oh… wait…

From the distance Gilbert and his friends were waiting on you, “Vhere zhe hell is Vest, and (Male Name) for zhat matter? Oh mein Gott he’d better not be vith (Male Name) right now…” He thought with dread, Ludwig spends so much time with Feli, he’d better NOT go gay on Gilbert.

“Sacre bleu! It’s (Male Name)!” Francis exclaimed in shock and pointed at the goal post, where you were hanging from.

“Si, it really is him! And wow… that looks like a fun place to climb!” Antonio chirped with a silly smile, not really paying attention to what was going on.  

Gilbert didn’t believe them at first until he squinted his eyes and saw you… just hanging there for life.

“Oh zhis is FANTASTIC!!” He hollered with glee and a smug grin, and then he started to run where you were at, and then he noticed that Ludwig was watching you, meh he probably scared him up there like a dog chasing a cat up a tree, “I’m sorry it vasn’t me but still, Kesesese~ (Male Name)’s not so awesome now!” He thought sneering with pride, he HAD to make his way to you and see what was going on.

From a further distance and anyone who was close enough to see what happened, many were getting the wrong idea.

“So it’s not just Gilbert whose the pervert.”

“I knew it.”

“Trying to go after the poor gay kid huh?”

“Probably trying to come out.”

You and Ludwig could hear them all talking, though you sort of had the wrong idea too. But then you noticed Gilbert, Francis and Antonio running towards where you guys were at. Oh no…

“Oh (Male Name)~”

“Go away man, just leave me alone! And tell your bro to do the same thing!” You yelled from above the post.

“Kesesese~! How zhe hell did you get up zhere?” He looked up, trying not to look impressed but he sure was amused.

“What do you think Einstein, I climbed.”

“(Male Name) just get down from zhere, you’re going to get hurt!” Ludwig started to scold you but since you were up above him it didn’t sound as intimidating.

“NO! You’re just gonna yell at me and I know it!”

“You’re damn right I am!” He narrowed his eyes at you which made you cling to the post even tighter.

“Calm down Vest let me handle him.” Gilbert said, faking a reassuring voice when he really just wanted to mess with you.

“I can’t believe you vere stupid enough to climb zhis.”

“Well… hey you could say I’m someone who actually DID climb one of these things! So yeah hahaha! Isn’t this awesome?!” You said and faked a smirk. Gilbert was slightly stunned, that was true… why didn’t he think of this?!

“Two can play at zhat game (Male Name)!” He said and then walked to the post and tried to climb it. You sniggered at his attempts until he finally got a grip of it and started climbing. “Kesese~ I’ve got it! I’m coming to get ya (Male Name)!”

“No! Go Away! Leave me alone!” You cried as Gilbert kept on climbing, he was getting close.

“(Male Name) if you fall me and Antonio will catch you.” You looked at Francis, he looked more concerned than a lech right now but you didn’t want to get off this thing, unless Gilbert made his way to you.

“I’m coming for you!” Gilbert said finally getting up and now crawling towards you.
You started to panic, “No, NO!! Leave me alone!” You started to shriek and scream; you had no choice. You didn’t fall yet and then you held on to the post in a monkey-bar style to get off but you only succeeded in spooking the guys.

“(Male Name)!” Ludwig yelled and then he stood under you in case you fell.

“(Male Name)! Vhat zhe hell are you doing?!” Gilbert asked while he was only inches away from you but then he moved closer so he could try to help you out. But you misinterpreted his actions and then you took a deep breath before letting go and falling onto the hard earthy ground; Ludwig wasn’t quick enough to catch you because you made sure to jump away from him.

“(MALE NAME)!” You heard all 4 voices call out your name in worry.

You groaned and got up from your downfall, to see three of your friends coming to you but instead you got up and started running.

“(Male Name)!” Ludwig yelled and reached for you but you were already running.

“Hey zhere he goes!” Gilbert yelled, now on the goal post that you were previously on, “Don’t just stand here let’s go get hi-W-whoa-!” He yelled losing his balance as he sat on the post and then he fell screaming.  

“I’ve got you Gilbert! I’ve got you!” Antonio cried flailing his hands in the air to catch him but instead Gilbert fell and landed right on Ludwig, to Francis’ slight amusement. And giving him a fairly suggestive thought…

You panted and kept on running, even past the three boys that made your acquaintance earlier, Andrew, Steve and Keith.  

“There’s (Male Name)!” Andrew cried, “But why is he running?”

“That!” Steve pointed to the Bad Touch Trio and Ludwig all running after (Male Name).
“What are you guys doing?! Leave (Male Name) alone!” Andrew yelled and not at all pleased to see Gilbert, who seemed to be the ringleader of the BTT, or was he? That doesn’t matter he doesn’t like him!

“No vay! He vas questioning mein awesomeness again so I’m going to play with him again!” Gilbert chuckled while he ran past the three, by play he means chase you again because it was fun. At least when you didn’t get away.

The three stared at the running men in shock, what do they mean by play? And on top of that (Male Name)’s in danger!

“We have to save (Male Name)!” Andrew declared and started running with the others with Steve and Keith following him. “Right!”

“Who needs saving? (Male Name)? Don’t worry (Male Name)! The hero will save you!” Alfred overheard the boy’s conversation and was oblivious to what they meant so he joined the rag-tag of guys now after you to ‘save’ you.

Alfred saw Feliks and Toris and then stopped to tell them what’s going on, “Dude’s (Male Name)’s in trouble and he’s like your good buddy right? Now I’m the hero so I’m going off to save him but you guys can be like my sidekicks once we do save him!” Alfred beamed and then went back to running after you along with the others.

“(Your Name)’s in trouble?!” Feliks thought with worry; imagine what all those guys could do to her if her secret got out! He couldn’t even stand the thought of something like that happening to his friends, I mean he could see why it could happen because he thought she was a total cutie but still!

Wait a minute? Sidekicks?!

“We have to save her!” Toris said equally worried.

“Then we have to follow them and I'm like no sidekick!” Feliks pointed to where the guys were running and followed them.

“How is this going to help (Your Name)?” Toris asked, confused as to why they were running after her too.

“Oh I just like running into crowds. But we’ll totally save her!” Feliks beamed to a befuddled Toris but he still went along with him. Ivan and Yao were talking until they noticed Feliks and Toris now running, and they overheard a little bit.

“(Your Name) is in trouble? We can’t allow our friend to get hurt da?” Ivan asked with a smile despite the aura now surrounding him, he wouldn’t let the other guys try something on you.

“(Your Name)? Oh no, her secret. We have to help her-aru!” Yao said about to make a dash along with Ivan.

“Little Raivis we must go help (Your Name) she is in trouble.” He said or rather lightly threatened the poor Latvian through his smile which immediately stuck fear in him.

“O-Okay! We’re coming (Your Name)!” Raivis cried, worried not just for his sake but for your sake as well.

“Ve~ (Your Name)’s in trouble?” Feliciano asked innocently when he noticed the guys all running.

“Si and that potato bastard and the tomato bastard and his stupid friends are after her!” Lovino answered with his usual annoyed tone, but at the same time he sounded a little protective.

“Ludwig would never hurt-a (Your Name)!”

“Yeah right I won’t let him lay a f***ing hand on her!” Lovino yelled and then started to run too.

“Ve~ Wait for me fratello!” Feliciano cried and followed his brother, running for you too.

You continued to run and then


You bumped into someone, completely by accident. You moaned and then got up again, noticing that the person you ran into was Arthur.

“Oh great it’s you.” He said frowning and sounding dissatisfied.

“Look man I don’t have time for this okay I’ve-“ You were cut off as soon as you heard the uproarious laughter of the Prussian who was chasing after you.

“I’m still coming for you (Male Name)!”

You nearly shrieked once you noticed all the guys now chasing you.

“Feliks?! Toris?! Feli?! Lovino?! Al?! Ivan?! Yao?! Raivis?!” You thought out loud once you saw all your friends here coming after you, not knowing their intentions.

“What the bloody hell is going on?!” Arthur yelled before he felt himself being dragged, by you no less as you held his hand roughly and ran like hell.

“What are you-?! Let me go you idiot!!” He yelled again except he was more irritated.

“Unless you want to get trampled!”

Arthur saw your point and let himself get dragged despite how rough you were with him. You both continued to run while having these loonies chasing after you.

“(Male Name)! Not to worry because the hero will save you! ME!” You heard Alfred and noticed the guys nearly closing in on you.

“Alfred you idiot!” Arthur yelled, annoyed with him. More so than usual.

“You’re all crazy! What the hell’s the matter with you guys?!” You yelled while still pulling Arthur with you.

"It's like your dream come true huh (Male Name)?! Being chased by all zhe boys in school?! " Gilbert yelled smirking the most smug and psychotic grin you've seen from him yet.

"Not like this Gilbert!"

“Slow down!”

You ignored Arthur’s complaints until you hit a fork, you could go left or you could go right. Then you noticed Kiku walking up ahead minding his own business until he saw you and the stampede…


You bit your lip at your next move, “TAKE ME!” You yelled and then used all your might to throw Arthur to left side of the hallway which saved him from getting trampled by the stampeding guys. But you didn’t notice that you accidentally threw him on top of Kiku.

He was blushing pretty madly once he came in contact with Arthur.

“Kiku! I-I’m s-sorry…” Arthur apologized hastily and now sharing the same red blush as Kiku.

“I-it was his fault!” He said referring to (Male Name).

“(Male Name)-san?”

“Yes him.”

“ SAVE YOURSELVES!!” You yelled from the distance to Kiku and Arthur, while trying to get away from these crazy dudes.

“Wow he’s really popular isn’t he?” Kiku wondered, truth be told he found you interesting but he never had the chance to really communicate with you and… he probably wouldn’t because he wasn’t really good with social situations. Plus after that whole measuring thing that went on this morning…

Kiku blushed bright red just at the memory, but… he forgave you. No doubt were just as mortified and pitiful as he was when you got measured.

“I don’t think so. He’s daft and careless if you ask me.” Arthur crossed his arms and frowned, how could someone as recklessly impulsive as you gain so much popularity? It confused him to no end, but he knew that kind of behavior wouldn’t really help someone go that far.

“Maybe. But I see why he’s so popular.” Kiku said softly. (Male Name) did just sacrifice himself for them anyway. Arthur thought about it for a minute, that was true… but still…

“How did it all come down to this?!” You yelled hysterically in your head, and kept on running. Not sure how many guys were chasing you now all you cared about was getting away but then you heard a faint but audible enough…



You looked up ahead and noticed a hand waving to you, but then you focused your eyes and saw that the person was… Matthew! He motioned his hand for you to come into his dorm room so that way you could get away.

“I’m saved!!” You thought, tears of joy forming in your eyes as you ran into Matthew’s dorm room and then he closed his door shut just in time as you both heard the guys run by.

“He vent zhat vay!” Gilbert yelled since he was at the front and the other guys followed him.

You took a few, okay a LOT of deep breaths. That… was torture… that was probably one of the wildest goose chases you’ve ever been a part of. Your lungs felt shot and you were sweating like crazy.

“Thank you Matthew… I just you met you today… and you’re already a true friend…” You breathed in between your sentence looking up at Matthew with sincere (eye color) eyes and a grateful smile, even if you were exhausted.

Matthew blushed a bright red; you two were friends?! And he was a true friend to be exact! He’s so happy right now! “Y-You’re very welcome! I-It was nothing, really! I-I uh… you can stay here for a while i-if you want… you know t-till the heat comes down…” He stuttered while blushing madly, trying not to sound too giddy.

You smiled, laughed and coughed from the lack of oxygen. “Thanks again  Matt… I will… I need to spend some time with someone who’s actually sane…” Matthew smiled and then you couldn’t help but smile back. Things were okay for you so far and now that you were in Matthew’s room, and with a person that you can trust you were safe, for now.
Wow... i cannot believe i wrote all of this!! It took me 3 days but still this is my longest chapter yet! So... you played an epic dodgeball game, oh and you have a fanclub now! Andrew Steve and Keith! They're all OC's by the way and i hope i didn't offend anybody but this is only played for laughs. You climbed a freaking goal post and now a good number of the Hetalia boys are chasing after you but it's Canada to the rescue! Oh my gosh what have i gotten you into?! LOL i hope you enjoyed this freakishly long chapter! :3

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!


Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:
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