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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 10.5

I knew Chapter 10 was long and this next one was supposed to be twice as long i decided to cut in half and now I'm currently working on the rest. At least you get to read a whole shorter scenario packed of fun! Just like the chapter’s contents, oh I better shut up so I don’t give anything away! P.S Since I'm going to make some future chapters a bit longer than I originally intended expect at least 10 maybe 11-12 or even more than that chapters! :3

Well ENJOY! :3

“Where’d he go?!” Alfred asked and looking in both directions, for you of course because you were nowhere to be seen even though Gilbert said you went this way. (Male Name) was in trouble so the hero had to go and save him! But how can he save him if he doesn’t even know where he’s at?

“I could’ve sworn I saw him go zhis way.” Gilbert said and then pondered any other way you could’ve gotten away. There he goes again, ditching him again! He’d get him after this.

“It’s all that vulgar barbarian’s fault!” Andrew yelled and pointed at Gilbert.


“You and your pervert squad ran after him.” Keith said coldly and brushed up his glasses.

“We saw you, you guys always do these kinds of things.” Steve stuttered a little bit, that was probably the wrong thing to say though. He wasn’t a mean guy at heart, sure he was jealous of Gilbert and his friends as much as Andrew and Keith were; he also liked you as much as Andrew and Keith do but he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“Nein we don’t! People just don’t see our awesomeness!” Gilbert claimed while Ludwig not that far behind face-palmed in annoyance.

“We wouldn’t do that! We’re nice guys!” Antonio cried, for once he wasn’t very happy especially with the way they put it. They really were nice guys! Sure two out of three of them acted arrogant but they’re still nice guys!

“Oui, I would never force something on someone else, especially one I care about!” Francis exclaimed, these boys were cute and all but even they were getting the wrong idea.

“It’s not just this potato bastard’s fault its mainly THIS POTATO BASTARD’S FAULT!” Lovino yelled sounding more annoyed than usual and pointed at Ludwig.

“Mein fault?!”

“Si! You chased him up the fucking post and you scared him away!”

“I vas only trying to tell him somezhing!”

“By hunting and chasing him down?!”

“Nein! I…” Ludwig paused, unable to explain himself now. Maybe that wasn’t the best way to grab (Male Name)’s attention. Great, how embarrassing is that? And on top of that there's no way (Male Name) would probably want to be around him now.

“See?! It IS your fault! You dumbass why would you even-!” Lovino was going to keep on yelling until he got a glare from Gilbert.

“Okay zhat’s enough already you smartass!” Gilbert yelled and stood over Lovino, sure it was sort of Ludwig’s fault that (Male Name) ran off and he knew that Lovino wasn’t crazy about Ludwig and that he often acted like an ass to him but everyone’s here so he’d cross the line.

“Now, now let’s just settle down. Lovino didn’t mean it, didn’t you Lovino?” Antonio came in between them to break them up; since Antonio apparently knew how to handle Lovino.

“Yeah I fucking did bastard!”

“So what are we going to do about (Male Name)?” Alfred asked, maybe (Male Name) wasn’t in trouble but still, no one knew where he was.

“He’ll turn up.” Gil said simply even though he was still pissed about you ditching him twice all in one day.  

“No thanks to you!” Andrew yelled at Gilbert again; okay it was official Gilbert didn’t like this kid, he’d be fun to mess with but he was even more annoying than (Male Name) but at least (Male Name) was fun and he was annoying in the good way.

“Vhat’s your problem? Vhy are you so interested in (Male Name)?” Gilbert asked with a wide sneer and narrowed eyes.

Andrew blushed, which was a dead giveaway. He was interested in (Male Name) and he wasn’t going to lose him to Gilbert Beilschmidt of all people. But how could he just say that to his face without rising any suspicions, he wasn’t brave enough to admit his orientation like (Male Name). (Male Name)’s brave and can put up a fight, and Andrew… wasn’t… he was strong-willed but he didn’t like the idea of getting bullied by someone like Gilbert.

“I-I’m not! I just think that the way you’re treating him is no way to treat a person in general! It’s not ‘awesome’ as you like to put it.” Andrew said, standing his ground. To Steve and Keith’s surprise while they stood behind their friend from the sidelines.

“Not Awesome? HAHAHA! Zhat’s tough talk from a puny brat like you.” Gilbert laughed him off and poked the shorter male's forehead.

“I’m not puny!”

“Bruder, leave him alone.” Ludwig said getting in between him and the shorter male.

“Fine, fine… see you fags later.” Gilbert waved to them mockingly and smirked at them one last time, earning a death glare from the three of them. Eventually everyone cleared out of the hallway.

“Oh…! I hate him!” Andrew exclaimed sounding frustrated after he left.

“You’re not the only one…” Steve said flatly.

“Indeed. Let’s just go back to our respective dorm-rooms. Because as much as I don’t like to admit it, Gilbert is right when he says (Male Name) will turn up.” Keith explained with a logical tone.

“Right… Poor (Male Name)…” Andrew said walking the way to his dorm-room with Steve putting a hand on his friend's shoulder. Keith following them from behind, looking on his two friends.

“Hmm… I wonder… if I should take advantage of this… I don’t want to betray my friends but…” Keith thought to himself while walking behind them closing in next to Andrew.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~




Was all you were doing while you were in Matthew’s room once you got in, hands on your knees and taking in not a few, but a lot of deep breaths and you were sweating; not as bad as you were outside but still fairly sweaty; you were no athlete, you could handle exercise and you were athletic enough but you weren't as strong as the others. Despite the fact that your lungs were on fire you managed to look Matthew in the eyes but went back to trying to catch more breaths.

“One moment….” You said in between breaths.

“O-One moment…!” You coughed out again.

“Ugh… just give me a minute…”

“Take all the time you need…” Matthew said softly, but it was audible enough for you to hear. Finally after what seemed like nearly 2 whole minutes your body had enough oxygen for you to go back to breathing regularly and now you were going to let the rest of your system go back to homeostasis.  

“Matt… you’re are now officially one of my homeboys.” You said with a smile and you reached your fist out for him to bump.

“R-Really?” He asked, his eyes widening and a surprised blush rising on his pale, soft-looking cheeks.

“Really. You saved my ass, man…” You said, smiling more and laughing a little bit at what just happened.

“T-Thanks… I-I’m glad…” He said, blushing a little more and then bringing his fist out to lightly fist-bump you. Compared to how his brother roughly fist-bumped his friends and sometimes didn't recognize how hard he bumped them.

You giggled at how cute and shy he was being. Matthew couldn’t help but stare at you while you laughed,  even if (Male Name) was a boy, his outward personality, his smiles… and his laugh, he sounded… and he was…

“So cute…” He said softly and then you turned to him.

“What was that Matt?”

“N-Nothing! Nothing at all!” He blushed bright red once he realized what he just said. And then he became shocked with himself, how could he think of (Male Name) as cute?! Oh no… he’s not gay is he? He didn’t have a problem with gay people at all but never did he think that he was gay, okay sure maybe other insensitive people or even people like his brother would think of him as gay but he knew he wasn’t gay for sure.

“Are you okay Matt?” You asked concerned once you noticed the change in his behavior.

“Y-Yes… I’m fine!” He said, keeping his gaze away from you so wouldn’t see his blushing face.

You sighed, for some reason you caught on or you thought that Matthew was nice enough to know.

“Matt…” You said and then put your hand on his shoulder, he winced at your touch and slowly turned so he could see you. You smiled once you saw how red he was and seeing you smile made him redden even more.

“Yes (Male Name)?” He asked no louder than a whisper.

“I have to tell you something…”

“You do?”

“Yes. And you have to promise not to tell anyone else after I do.”

“O-okay. I promise…” He said, slightly unsure about what you meant but he could hear a secret.

“Good.” You said and then you took your (hair length) hair out from your jacket and then you took off your jacket, while removing some of the wrapping off. Matthew’s eyes slowly widened in shock and embarrassment at every move you made…

“I’m really a girl…” You said feeling pretty sure about this but at the same time you hoped that Matthew wouldn’t think any less of you for pretty much deceiving the entire school about your gender, and an all boys school no less…

He was stunned for a minute, a crimson red blush on his face when he heard your words and seemingly stuck in the moment of taking in your now more feminine appearance.


He was broken out of his trance-like state once he heard your voice and blushed even harder once  he heard your voice again.

“Ah! I-I’m sorry! I-I… uh…”

“Take all the time you need…” You said repeating what he told you previously, to be ironic of course but a shy guy like Matthew might need some time to take this in. He was faced in the opposite direction of you and you decided to look at the ceiling.

“So… d-does anyone else know…?” He asked, not facing you but he could at least bring up the courage to speak to you now.

“Yes. My best friend Feliks, his friend Toris, Feli and Lovino, Raivis, Ivan and Yao.” You said knocking them off with your fingers, “I think that’s all of them…” you almost lost count; you weren't really good at keeping this secret but it was only those guys who knew!

“You think?”

“Eh… Oh and by the way my names really (Your Name).”

Matthew finally turned to face you, slightly embarrassed and still a bit shy, he’d never really gotten that far with a girl… hell despite what Alfred told him this was actually further than how much Alfred had gotten with any other girl.

“That’s a cute name…”

“Thank you, I don’t think much of it but thanks.” You smiled shyly and flushed a little bit.

“Well… you don’t have to worry (Your Name)… I’ll keep your secret… but… what if the school finds out? I don’t want you to get in trouble…” He said, now somewhat frightened for you. You’d probably get expelled for this! And since you were now his friend, he wouldn’t want that.

“The school won’t find out… if they do I’ll think of something. Going to this school made me realize that I’m a better liar than I thought.” You shrugged it off and smirked a bit.


“Yeah my roommate’s so stupid…” You snickered and smirked a smug smile, and you even thankful that you had one stupid roommate; then again Gilbert was fun to be around BECAUSE he was stupid and you liked him when he was stupid.

Matthew chuckled, “Gilbert’s… a little dense…”

“That’s a huge understatement. And… wait a minute… you know him?” You asked and turned to face him now, your eyes wide and shocked.

“Yeah… he doesn’t look like it but he’s a friend.” Matthew said with a small smile; and you thought Alfred and Matthew were opposites, you NEVER expected a jack-ass douchebag like Gilbert to be friends with the sweet  and shy Matthew.

“Shit…” You muttered and then you put your hair back under your jacket and stuffed the discarded wrapping in your pockets.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well…! I’d best be going… if Gilbert knows you he might come in here…” You said, sounding a little bit paranoid but Matthew nodded because that sounded reasonable enough and even a possibility.

“Okay… but you know (Your Name)… if you ever have anything else to say… I’m here…” He said so soft that anyone else might not have been able to hear but you head him loud and clear, smiling at his now brilliantly red face.  You tousled his hair and pulled him into a hug.

“Thanks… you’re a sweetheart…” You squeezed him rather tightly and Matthew blushed a crimson red, putting a cherry shade of red to shame.  

But then you pulled away once you  heard the sounds of footsteps, “Matt… I may have to leave after this.”

“Okay, understood.”

“Thanks.” You said and then ran and hid beneath one of the beds, you didn’t even know who it was coming but you didn’t want to take any chances.

Then there was the sound of someone knocking on the door, “Hey Matthew! Have you seen (Male Name) anyvhere? I can’t find zhat little bastard… and he zhinks he’s SOOO awesome. You know like me!” You noticed that person was definitely Gilbert but he wouldn’t find you unless he decided to look hard enough.

Matthew opened the door to see his friend standing there, “Hey Gilbert… no… I haven’t seen him…” He said feeling somewhat bad about lying to his friend but… you were his friend too… so this wouldn’t be so bad.

“Stupid brat… did you know zhat he climbed zhe football goal post?”

“N-No…” Matthew replied, his eyes widening when he thought of that kind of image.  That sounded like a pretty reckless thing to do… you’ve got nerve.

“Vhy didn’t I zhink of zhat?!” Gilbert exclaimed sounding annoyed and displeased.

You smirked from underneath the bed, hahaha~
You: 1
Gilbert: 0

“Knock, knock.” You said out of the blue, hopefully to mess with Gilbert’s head.

It worked.

Gilbert perked up once he heard another person’s voice and turned around to see who else there was besides Matthew.

“Don’t answer it!” His inner awesome voice yelled in his head.

“Who’s zhere?”

“DAMMIT!” He thought.


“Don’t answer it!” His inner voice yelled to him again, and this time he remained silent. And that silence only lasted about 10 seconds

“Right who?!” He yelled annoyed with whoever this was trying to piss him off, although he had a feeling that he knew who it was.

“Right behind you.” You said and on cue Gilbert turned around to see…


He kept looking until he heard a door open and close. “Okay who is zhat?!”

“Who do ya think it is Mr. Awesome?!” You yelled with glee.

“(Male Name)!”

“I was under the bed! That knock-knock joke Gil? A TRAP GIL! A TRAP AND YOU FELL FOR IT, AHAHAHA~!” You yelled sounding somewhat maniacal and at the same time proud and satisfied.

“(MALE NAME)!!” You sniggered  once you heard the angry Prussian yell your name, “Bye Matthew!” You called while you ran off elsewhere.  

“STOP DITCHING ME!!” Gilbert yelled now behind you while you ran.

“Ditching you?”

“Yes you ditched me zhis morning! And zhen in gym class and you’re doing it right now!”

“I didn’t ditch you!” You cried and sounding confused, since when was there ditching each other between the two of you.

“Vhatever, just vait til I get you!”

You turned your head back to see him with a sort of seductive? Smile on your face, “You want this don’t ya?”


You just laughed again and then ran past all the other guys that now stopped to watch you two go at it again.

“That’s the second time.”

“Come on Gilbert are you really gonna let (Male Name) kick your ass?”

“He’s already let him kick his ass a few times.”

“SHUT UP! He hasn’t beaten me in being the awesomest thing ever!” Gilbert yelled back at the guys who were making fun of him.

“You’re the awesomest thing ever?! Okay… you’ve got skills Gil, hey that rhymes! Skills, Gil! AHAHAHA!” You laughed while Gilbert looked at you like you were a complete weirdo. He already thought you were kind of a weirdo but still.

“You’ve got skills, but don’t forget… I’m still just as AWESOME as the AWESOME Gilbert and you get to bask in my AWESOMENESS!”

“HAHA! You’re the one basking in MEIN AWESOMENESS! You’re mein roommate!”

“Whatever!” You yelled and then noticed Andrew and his friends up ahead, they saw how Gilbert was chasing you again but they cheered you on.

“Go for it (Male Name)!”

“Thanks guys!” You thanked them and then ran into the cafeteria.

“GET LOST, FAGGOT BRIGADE!” Gilbert yelled and passed the three of them, looking shocked and appalled at how rude Gilbert was.  

The guys who were eating became stunned once they saw the two of you chasing each other again, though neither of you knew it some of the guys were starting to think that there was something between you two… Since you two were always bickering and competing with each other, and then on some occasions you two actually got along. Some others thought that you two should just f*** already because of ‘sexual tensions’.

You ran behind a table with Gilbert on the other side of said table, both of you unsure of where to go because you two kept following each others direction when you wanted to move left Gilbert would move left and when you moved right so would he.

“BOOBIES!” You suddenly yelled and pointed forward.

“VHERE?!” Gilbert turned with a perverted grin and saw NO boobies.

You ran back away again to get away, “Ha! Stupid-ass…”

Just in time Gilbert sped up his face towards you, “YOU DIRTY LITTLE LIAR!” You turned and saw how close he was and then lightning fast you felt your waist get grabbed by two strong arms and you fell forward with Gilbert’s weight on you as he tackled you.

“NOOOOOOO~!” You yelled, (in slow motion)


You fell face-first onto the hard cafeteria floor with Gilbert on top of you, “Kesesese~! You’re mine now (Male Name)…” He smirked psychotically as he looked down on you, until he noticed underneath your face was… blood…!

“Look at him…” One guy said.

“So they ARE gay for each other…”

“What the f***?”

“Get a room you two…”

Gilbert glared at the other guys before he realized how wrong this looked right now… him on top of your body while you were on your stomach and oh no… he forgot that you were bleeding!

“(Male Name)…! Get up come on… zhe both of us look very unawesome right now… and it’s all your fault…!” He got up and turned your body forward, your mouth was where you had been bleeding and your expression was dazed and disoriented while your eyes were only half open and your pupils facing upward, almost as if you were dead.

“(Male Name)?” Gilbert asked, you looked dead right now and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

“(Male Name)? Come on…” He said and then shook you a few times but you wouldn’t budge.

“(Male Name)?!”

“(Male Name) you get off your ass right now!” He yelled at your unconscious body, now scared that you weren’t going to wake anytime soon. What if he accidentally killed you?!

“(Male Name) I’m going to kill you if you’re dead!” He yelled at you again but now grasping you by the shoulders and picking you up, your head wobbling as you were still unresponsive. Gilbert stared at you, a mixture of anger, fear and guilt in his eyes while tears threatened to form.

“(MALE NAME)!!” He shook you vigorously, and then you felt somewhat dizzy by the forward-backward motion and though your eyes were still closed you heard someone yell your alias over and over again.  

“Huh…? No… stop it… I’m not ready…” You mumbled and finally opened your eyes, Gilbert stopped shaking once he heard you talking and then he stopped to see that your eyes were opened and you were… alive…!

“Gilbert?” You asked befuddled at this whole thing and sure you were out for only a few minutes but you remembered what happened before but why did Gilbert look so… afraid?

“OH ZHANK GOTT YOU’RE OKAY!!!” He cried and pulled you into a tight hug, adding to more of your confusion but you couldn’t help but blush a bright shade of red once he hugged you. You hugged him before but he hasn’t been the one to hug you.

“What the f***?” You asked and then noticed that you were bleeding from your mouth and then you could’ve sworn that you saw that Gilbert had tears in his eyes, was he worried about you? That's so cute...

“(MALE NAME)!!!” Three voices called out your name once they saw the scene in front of them. Andrew, Keith and Steve watched in horror as Gilbert hugged you tightly, your eyes widened once you saw them. Gilbert opened his eyes to see the “faggot brigade”.

“You… YOU LECHEROUS SKEEZ!!” Andrew cried his face burning a bright red with anger his voice dripping with jealousy. Keith and Steve staring at Gilbert with bitter envy, “How dare you..?” Keith’s glasses glaring and Steve looking quite intimidating with his height.

For once Gilbert looked fairly frightened by how scary these psychos looked and how they were glaring angrily at him while you only looked at them with a shocked and even more confused expression. And then they armed themselves with forks , pencils and notebooks.

“DIE YOU!!!” They yelled in unison while carrying their ‘weapons’ and ran towards Gilbert.

His screamed echoed throughout the school while the trio attacked him. (Insert sounds or scratching and punching)…
This is only half because i wanted to get this bit down bcuz the whole chapter itself would've been WAY too long but the next will definitely be much longer and i'm already still working on it so expect in at least 4-5 days cuz i've got dumb-ass tests to study for and them i'm free! Suck on that school MWA-HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay... you got away from the stampede, befriended Matthew, Gilbert tackled you and now Gil has been attacked by the (Male Name) fan-club or the 'Faggot/Homo Brigade'... yikes... that has to hurt. LOL but awww... Gilbert DOES care... but what's Keith up to?
I hope you enjoyed this half cuz chapter 11's coming soon!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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April 21, 2013
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