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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 11

Okay, I’m slightly disappointed that I left you guys hanging with chapter 10.5 but here’s all of the long and glorious Chapter 11. Something’s even telling me that my chapters are gonna get slightly longer because I keep getting new ideas. But anyway I’m glad those of you still reading this are into it. So here you go!

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

It was night-time already and there was small storm brewing outside while you and Gilbert walked the somewhat dark hallways.

“Are you okay?” You asked Gilbert, whom turned to see you with some slight bruises and bandages on his face from cuts, paper-cuts and scratches from the trio’s assault and looking quite pissed.  Your only injury was that you bled from the mouth a little bit but after an hour or two you got better. Gilbert on the other hand… that was quite a nasty attack he just faced; you didn’t know why they attacked him but somehow you managed to get in between them and convince them to stop.

“Zhis is all your fault!” He yelled angry and annoyed while pointing to his 'Awesome' face that had now been scratched up and bruised.

“My Fault?!”

“You made me look completely unawesome! First you ditched me twice in a day! Zhen you have me chase you all around zhe school, Zhen you decided to give me a heart attack and finally zhe faggot brigade attacks me!” He yelled or rather ranted about how shitty it was for him a few hours ago.

“Jeez… sorry man…” You brushed it off and continued walking, not really wanting to argue with him after a day like today, it wasn’t a very good one for you either… and you pretty much brought it on yourself…

“Well I don’t know why they got mad at you but we can at least go back to our dorm-rooms and forget about this whole un-awesome day and hope for a more awesome day tomorrow.” You said trying to reassure him and using his favorite word to hopefully cheer him up.

He sighed, “You’re right…”

You smiled at him, and he couldn’t help but smile back. You had a nice smile for a boy… Wait! Nice smile?! For a boy?! No! No way! Boys are NOT CUTE! Girls are cute!

Then a flash of lightning from outside boomed and startled you, “OH MY GOD!!” You yelled and then ran off deeper into the dim hallway in fear.

“(Male Name)!” Gilbert called you and started to follow you once you started running.

Meanwhile Alfred had been walking the same hall not that far from you two and came into a familiar dorm-room, the dorm-room belonging to his ‘friend’ Arthur.

“Hello~ Artie!” He chimed and waved as he came in uninvited, the Brit scowled.

“Get out of here!” He yelled while he sat on his bed, he had an empty bed in his two-room dorm-room because his previous roommate simply left his original dorm-room to bunk with his friend.

Alfred paid no attention to him and then fell onto the empty bed with his hands behind his head. “Don’t worry Arthur there’s a storm out and the hero’s there to keep anyone including you, safe!” He grinned but he spoke too soon once he heard a loud roar of thunder, “GAH!” He yelled and then crawled under the covers.

“Unbelievable… 10 years I’ve known you,  you’re 19 years old and you’re still afraid of little things like thunder?” Arthur asked and shook his head at his ‘friend’s’ immaturity.

“NO! The hero fears nothing!”

Somehow you knew where Alfred was and then you ran into Arthur’s dorm-room uninvited too and cowered along with Alfred underneath the same covers and on the same bed as him, adding to Arthur’s annoyance.

“Hey Al! Thank God it’s you, there’s a freaking storm out there!” You cried and gripped the sheets.

“Yeah I know dude! But don’t worry because I’m here for you bro!” He yelled though he looked just as scared as you right now.

“Hey you want to be my thunder buddy?” You asked, remembering that movie you saw last year.

“Hell yeah! That’d be awesome!That was a funny-ass movie!” He yelled with glee this time.

"Yeah I know!" You yelled sharing Alfred's tone, feeling less scared now.

Arthur just stared at you two like you were idiots; in fact you both were idiots.

Then he remembered that dumb-ass movie that Alfred took him to go see with him.  Alfred got to hear all of Arthur’s brutal opinion of the movie, he… didn’t like it.

“(Male Name) get out of my room, both of you get out!” He yelled, the annoyance catching up to him.  

“Not now Arthur can’t you see I’m trying to save (Male Name)?”

“Thank you Al, you and your bro are pals!” You said unknowingly hugging Alfred, Alfred seemed to notice but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Hugging huh? That’s cool I don’t judge.” Alfred said, seeming oblivious to what was going on. If he didn’t suspect anything than that was okay.

“Zhere you are (Male Name), vhat are you doing vith Alfred?” Gilbert was standing outside the door and came onto you two hugging in the same bed…

“Just hiding from the thunder.”

“Wow, so you’re not just gay you’re also a chicken?” He asked while sneering and even snickering at you.

“Shut up, it’s freaky man! And who’re you callin’ chicken?!”

“Yeah and besides I’m his thunder buddy!” Alfred grinned and flashed a thumbs up while he hugged you back, to Gilbert and Arthur’s chagrin.

“Vhat? Okay Alfred you’ve spent enough time vith zhe Un-awesome (Male Name) now let him go back to his own dorm-room.” Gilbert said, sounding annoyed like he did when you guys played dodgeball.

“But I’m his thunder-buddy.”

“Well I’m his roommate.” Gilbert said and then grabbed your wrist and out of the bed,  like hell he was going to spend a boring night alone in his dorm-room.

“I’m his buddy.” Alfred grabbed your other wrist, leaving you stuck in the middle while your two guy friends started playing tug-of-war with you.

“Mein Roommate!"

“My buddy!”







Arthur closed his eyes and covered his ears at how loud these imbeciles were being, and fighting over you no less and on top of that in his dorm-room!

Your face was scrunched up in pain and confusion as the two men kept pulling you left and right and hard too, “GUYS!”

“Come on Gil I thought you didn’t like the guy because he was gay.” Alfred argued with him while nearly ripping your arm out with his superhuman strength as he continued to try and yank you out of Gilbert’s own pretty strong grasp.

“He may be gay but he’s mein gay so let go!” Gilbert yelled although he seemed to miss what he just said and kept pulling.

“ARGH! Let’s not break the gay in half!!” You yelled in pain because if felt like both of your arms were about to be dismembered.

“OH GOD! OH GOD MY SHOULDER! MY SHOULDER, I THINK I DISLOCATED MY SHOULDER!!” You cried in massive pain which made Alfred and Gilbert let you go and gasp in worry, even Arthur shot up; actually concerned once he heard your wail of agony.

You clutched your arm and then you got back up with a smile, “I’M OKAY! I GOT YA!!!” You smiled with glee and pointed at the guys with both your hands, Gilbert and Alfred were amused as they laughed at your little trick.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!” Arthur asked sounding fairly outraged and then approached you.

You only laughed, “Nothing why?”

Arthur glared at you and then without warning he slapped your right cheek, so hard that it left a bright red hand print. “OWW!” You cried and then shot your hand to the cheek that had been slapped and then glared at the Brit. Alfred and Gilbert widened their eyes in shock once they saw him slap you.

“Scaring everyone around you half to death?! Is that all you do?!”

“It was a joke man!” You defended and tried not to cry; you wouldn’t do that even if you were still a girl on the inside, you weren’t going to cry and besides… it wasn’t even that bad compared to other injuries you received from this school.

“Joke or not, you’re so reckless and inconsiderate! Have you ever stopped to wonder just how your childish pranks are going to affect others?!” He yelled at you, or rather scolded while you only shot back a pout. And just as Gilbert was about to step in to say something you finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry…”

Arthur kept his glare on you but then he sighed, “(Male Name)… I-i…”

“If you were worried that I actually dislocated my shoulder you could’ve just said so you didn’t have to hit me.” You stated flatly and pouted while you touched the cheek that had be slapped, now it was starting to sting.

And to your surprise Arthur became flustered and blushed, “I-I wasn’t worried! Do you know how exasperating it would be if some stranger just dislocated their shoulder in my dorm-room?!”

You smirked, “I’m going to guess it’d be very?”

“Argh! J-just…! You’re so…! I can’t even-!”

“Okay, okay I got the message I’m an asshole I know…” You sighed and then started to get up to leave.

Arthur noticed that you were about to leave and as much as he didn’t want to, he only felt somewhat bad about slapping you, “Look I…”

“Don’t worry about this. I’m perfectly okay, you hit like a girl.” You smiled and right on cue the Brit flushed bright red with anger and embarrassment, “SHUT UP YOU STUPID GIT!” You smirked at how pissy he looked and then you noticed something circled on his calendar…

“Goodnight Kirkland, goodnight Al thanks for being my temporary thunder buddy.” You waved to the two while Alfred waved back and Arthur had his arms crossed, pouting and his blushing face still visible to you while you and Gilbert left the dorm room.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Later on at around 10:00 that night when you and Gilbert talked for a little bit and when you tried to question him about why he was annoyed with Alfred about being your buddy he just brushed it off and didn’t answer. Oh well, you thought. However you had something else to do now, and Gilbert’s no early-sleeper so you’d either have to wait til he falls asleep or lie and sneak off.

Well, might as well sneak off. You got up and kept a few towels underneath your jacket and started to slowly walk out the door while Gilbert was busy playing your (game console) that you let him play with, but it was only for a while! Cuz other than that he can’t take it without your permission.

You glanced back at Gilbert for a minute to make sure he was distracted, even danced like a monkey in place to catch his attention. And it didn’t work… perfect!


You hummed and made your way into the shower rooms, thankful that this time you wouldn’t get nearly jumped by a certain Prussian again and be able to actually take a shower in peace at this school. Since they were all empty and besides who takes a shower at 10 at night?

“Okay… this is good… I can finally take a shower all alone to myself…” You said while you took off your fake sideburns and then your jacket and pants, revealing your (color of choice) panties to anyone who might’ve been in but there wasn’t.  Then you took off your wrappings and waistbelt, “In all of my naked glory…” You finished while you took off the rest of your undergarments and hopped into the nearest shower.

From the other side of the shower-room, “It’s awfully late…” Ludwig thought once he got his things to get out until he heard the sounds of a shower running, who could be showering at this time, this late?! He thought while he had other things on his mind.

Maybe (Male Name) really was a guy and he was just convinced that he looked too feminine to be a boy but with the way he acted he had to have been a guy, and plus if he was gay that would explain his feminine features. Not that he assumed that about anyone else who was gay but maybe you were just a tough guy yet at the same time sensitive guy who stood up for himself when his orientation was pointed out.  

That had to have been it, (Male Name) really a girl? He must’ve been losing his marbles because how could a girl get in here?

You hummed while you showered and then you got out to get a free towel and then completely missed that one Japanese boy Kiku standing right outside, widening his eyes once he saw your naked body.

“OH S***!” You yelled and right on contact, the poor boy shot his hand to his nose to stop his massive nosebleed while you blushed almost as red as he had.

“I-I-I’M SO SORRY!!” He yelled, the flow not stopping as it started to drip on the floor. You didn’t notice and instead you thought something was wrong with him, “Whoa are you okay?!” You yelled and moved even closer to him which didn’t help his nosebleed at all.

“Vhat zhe hell is going on in her-?!” Ludwig walked in just in time to see you, stark-naked and standing over the unconscious and red-faced Kiku on the floor underneath a small pool of his own blood.  

Shocked and embarrassed you covered your bare body with your hands to try and hide as much of your femininity from the wide-eyed Ludwig.

“Uh… it’s not what it looks like…” You stuttered awkwardly at the German with a furious shade of red on his face.

10 minutes Later:

“And that’s why I’m in this school to begin with, and yes… (Male Name) is really me (Your Name)… Or… there is no (Male Name) and that’s just a disguise I use to attend here…” You explained from the top to Ludwig; you  were now in a rather long bathrobe to cover up your body. Though Ludwig was still blushing even when you told him everything, though it’s mostly because he saw you entirely naked.

Wait a minute…

“I KNEW YOU WERE A GIRL!!” He suddenly yelled and then in a quick instinct you punched him the gut. Something you didn’t dare do to a guy his size but you panicked.

“Shut up! It’s bad enough half the guys I know already know this!” You seethed in annoyance but then you shrunk in fear once Ludwig glared at you while he clutched the part of his stomach that you hit.

“I’m sorry man.” You said and stared at the floor. “Not just for the punch… but for like freaking everything. The dick-measuring from this morning, the wild-goose chase and for deceiving you but… yeah I’ve got no excuse but I’M BEGGING YOU, YOU HAVE TO KEEP THIS A SECRET!!” You yelled and put your hands together and got on your knees in a dramatic fashion.

“I-I uhh…!” Ludwig stuttered once he saw what you were now doing, he wasn’t going to squeal. Sure this was against the rules but… he couldn’t do that to someone like you… sure you could be just as bad as his brother but you were a little more sensible and well-behaved (most of the time).

“I’ll do anything you want! But I have my limits! Hell I’ll even let you see me naked!” You yelled, completely forgetting that he already saw you naked, the image making him blush crimson red again once you brought it back up.

“Now I’ll let you look but if that’s not enough, I’m desperate but touching will cost you something man-“ You kept on rambling but then Ludwig cut you off "(YOUR NAME)!”


“I’m not going to tell anyone…” He said which only confused you a little bit.

“You’re not?”

“Nein… y-you’re… you’re a good girl… und you’re already going to zhese lengths so I’m not going to say anything.” He said, not looking at you so you wouldn’t see him blushing.

You smiled widely and then you suddenly hugged the large German, “You’re the best! Thank you so frigging much!” Ludwig blushed heavier once he felt you touch him, since you had only a bathrobe on too he could feel your breasts through it but he tried to ignore it. And whatever other dirty thought he may have had the whole time from when he saw you naked to right now.

Now for the other witness...

“Hey, um… Honda right?” You asked Kiku, who was sitting at the furthest corner of the room with his hands wrapped around his knees, his face a bright red while he shuddered.

Apparently his nerves were still in shock even after he regained consciousness from seeing you naked.

“Are you okay?” You asked again and then saw the same small pool of blood from what happened a few minutes ago, that must’ve been traumatic for the poor guy.

He didn’t answer and kept on shaking, his nose had stopped bleeding but he’d never seen a girl completely naked before and in fact he was the first out of his siblings to see a girl naked but it was completely by accident and totally unexpected.

“Dude are you having a panic attack or something? You’re starting to freak me out.” You said, trying not to sound mean but you were just concerned.

“N-No…” He stuttered from his pitiful corner and tried to turn to face you but he couldn’t.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen, sorry man…”

“N-no! I-I’m sorry… I-I saw… I invaded your privacy…” He managed to mutter out plenty of that but he couldn’t stop himself from blushing even more despite his already reddened face.

You only chuckled, “Don’t blame yourself for my careless mistakes. Besides I’ll admit I’m pretty embarrassed but it’s okay… as long as you keep this a secret, please~?” You asked and put your hands together to muster up the puppy-dog eyes.

Kiku couldn’t resist despite how incredibly awkward and embarrassed he was, “I-I promise… I promise to keep your secret (Your Name)-san.” He said and then bowed his head, slowly but surely regaining his composure.

“Oh…” You said and then gave a small giggle, “You’re such a cutie~” You said and then patted his head gently though he seemed to tense up at your touch; he normally didn’t like being touched but he wouldn’t be rude to a girl.

“Thanks guys.” You said and then grabbed your stuff but then you remembered something. Your clothes…

“Um, guys…? Could you two be wonderful gentlemen and turn around while I put my clothes on?” You asked innocently and the two men blushed in response.



They complied and turned as you told them too, you smiled and then you got your disguise all back on, “Thanks again you can turn around now.” You reassured them and they turned back to see you fully clothed and back as (Male Name), that’s not a too shabby disguise though they could’ve sworn there was something strange about you when they first saw you.

“V-Vait… (Your Name)…” Ludwig called you before you got out to leave.


“S-Since you’re really a girl… does zhat mean… you saw us in zhe locker-room?” He asked, blushing furiously now.

You blushed a bit yourself and then you smirked, “Oh yeah… I saw everything…” You nodded and gave them a rather lewd smile which made both Kiku and Ludwig’s faces turn bright red in a quick second.

“(Your Name)!” Ludwig yelled, extremely embarrassed.

But then you laughed out loud, “I’m just kidding! HAHAHAHA! I mean… yeah… I saw you guys shirtless and all but don’t worry I’m no perv…” You kept laughing though that last part may have been a teensy-weensy white lie…

“Besides… you guys are… looking good.” You nodded and smiled a real smile, they were still blushing but not quite as bad and then they both gave you small but sweet smiles while you left the room waving to them.

“Now I really know why she’s so popular…” Kiku said, it made sense now but even if the rest of the school had no idea you were still pretty popular either way and Ludwig gave a small chuckle, that was true…

So very true…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You got up early that morning, brushed your teeth and did your hair. At least the bangs and then you kept the rest of your (length, color) hair underneath your jacket.  
“Hey (Male Name).” Gilbert waved to you.

“Hey Gil, or should I say morning?"

“Vhy are you up so early?” He asked and looked somewhat skeptical, you’d been his roommate for about 2 weeks and you hardly got up early and when you did you just flop back down to sleep for another hour or 2 and get up again.

“ Meh, I’ve got a lot of energy lately.” You said smiling once you grabbed your bag.

“Yeah man, ever since I came to this school I thought it was your typical dumb-ass f***stack school for morons but as it turns out… this place is a hell of a lotta fun!” You grinned and then headed out.

“Zhat’s because you’ve got zhe Awesome-Me  at zhis school! Und on top of zhat I’m your roommate!” He said and then got up to follow you.

“Yeah that’s it…” You chuckled and then thought about that for a minute. The guy was funny and you thought he was cute, a narcissist but he was still all right. And yes you did get up every day just to play around with him with pranks and out-doing games but at the same time you two had fun while you did all of that.  

“See you man I’ve got classes to attend to.” You said and waved to him.

“Ja, ja go to your un-awesome classes and show everyone what a dummkopf you are.” He grinned at you with a smirk.

“You too Hassel-halfwit.”

“Auf wiedersehen Dumb-a-lina.” He said walking backwards like you were, even though it only seemed like you two were being mean to each other again. It wasn’t, this was kind of both your ways of using ‘terms of endearments’ with each other.

“Bye-bye Von Doofus.”

“See ya later Rainbow Fag.”

“Hahaha~!” You laughed at that last one and then sprinted into the other hallway to get your dumbass class over with.

Dumbass class alright, it’s SOOOO boring… but you were able to get through with it and write down things that sounded smarter than you usually sounded so that mean you did a good job. And people around you say you’re smart, HA! Yeah… you were smart, not genius level smart but smart enough. After all you’re here aren’t you?

Thank God it ended though, and while you walked out you overheard a small group of guys chatting, “ ‘It’s what light through yonder window breaks. Not what light through yonder window breaks wind~.’ “ The guy said as if he was mocking someone who told him that. You almost burst out laughing once you heard that ‘what light through yonder window breaks wind’. That’s a good one.

“He’s a frigging A-hole. I mean He thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else!”The guy started to complain while his friends just nodded in agreement and started joining in with him. Who are they talking about?

“You don’t have to say that twice.  I’m not sure what his problem is but being a dick isn’t going to solve it.”  Another guy said.

“Kirkland needs to loosen up or something, cuz you know I heard that he has a pathetic dorm-room with two beds all to himself.” One guy spoke up and then they all joined in laughing.

Kirkland, that’s Arthur.

“Wow, that’s just sad. But given his attitude, no wonder he doesn’t have any friends.” Another said and then the guys started laughing even more.

You frowned at how they were insulting him, okay maybe they were half-right because when you tried to be nice all he did was push you away but as much as you wanted to kick his ass half the time you didn’t. After all seeing him yesterday made him only seem pitiful in your eyes and besides today was different.

Then you peeked over the corner and then noticed Arthur, he didn’t look too happy. Though he looked more sad than grumpy. I think he heard them…

He started to walk away in the other direction, yup he definitely heard them.

“Hey check it out. Look what I took from his dorm-room.” The guy said and pulled out something from his backpack which made all the guys break out in uproarious laughter. You blushed lightly and stifled a chuckle once you saw.

A pair of boxers…

Union jack print style…

Wait a minute what jackasses, then without thinking you marched up to the gang-leader.

“Give me those man.” You said bluntly and held out your hand for him to give them to him. And like you expected they all started laughing.

“Oh okay… that’s right the gay-kid wants a pair of dudes underwear.” The leader laughed and you furrowed your eyebrows in annoyance.

“Shut your filthy f***ing mouths.” You yelled back at the other guys and although they kept laughing they became quiet like you told them.

“If you don’t give me those England-undies I’m going to sink my fist into your ugly face.” You threatened with a glare.

“Oh really? Little gay puppy? All bark and no bite. Why do you want Kirkland's panties? You like him? You gotta crush on him? Well you know what he’s gay and so are you!” He laughed in your face and then you pushed him roughly, then he was about to punch you but then with your super-awesome ninja reflexes you backed away from him punch and kicked him right in the sack!

“GAAH!” He yelled with the other guys looking at him with pained expressions and then you snatched the England-undies from his hand with a satisfied smirk.

“How does a f***ing faggot like you do that?! I’ll kick your ass!” He seethed while he was on the floor in pain.

“Cuz I’m awesome that’s why. And you can just kiss my ass.” You smirked and then walked off, Arthur’s underwear in your hands.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

While you were walking you couldn’t help but gaze at the underpants that you had, and then you held them out in front of you, “Hmm… spiffy.” You nodded and then smirked once you thought of how you kicked that guy’s ass. But then you felt as if someone was following you, yet when you turned you saw nothing.

“Eh. I must be losing my marbles.” You said and then continued your walk off out into the parking lot of your car.

Meanwhile to your unknowing eye and presence, an average-sized guy with slicked black hair and green eyes wearing smart-looking ‘teacher’s pet’ style clothing and holding his phone that looked like he’d just taken a picture.  

“Heh-heh-heh… (Male Name)’s not only gay he’s also a perv…” He snickered once he looked at the photo of you holding up Arthur’s underwear and at the moment you looked like some drooling crazed looking perv

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Today was not the day for Arthur, not at all… First some stupid f***ers snuck into his room and stole a pair of his underwear. That he probably wouldn’t get back because it would be extremely embarrassing to just report that someone had stolen his underwear.

Also those dumbass blokes from his class had been mocking him behind his back, and they said things that were rather hurtful. Arthur already lonely but it kind of stung when your peers would say things about you like that…

“Some birthday…” He thought miserably and sighed; he was used to his friends and even family forgetting his birthday but still… how could they forget his f***ing birthday?
Maybe he’d just go drown his sorrows in alcohol again, which he often did not just for this reason but for other reasons. He thought as he stood among the crowd and then stopped to pay attention to the other happy and carefree young adults around him; he couldn’t be like them even if he tried. He could dress great but his attitude and personality wouldn’t change anytime soon.

They were chatting and laughing and then amongst the crowd to see you just standing there and staring at him with your (I-phone/music player type) playing that  song: If You Were Here: By The Thompson Twins (Ladies And Gentleman).

You nodded and smiled at him. Arthur nearly widened his eyes he looked somewhat annoyed at first but then he turned to look in both directions for anyone else you may have been looking at instead. But there wasn’t anyone else you were really looking at.

“Me?” He asked, or rather mouthed and pointed at himself.

“Yeah, you.”

Needless to say, Arthur was stunned. That was all… why were you standing out here waiting on him? On top of that was the music really necessary? Nonetheless he did walk towards you even though he was awfully reluctant to do so.

“Hey.” You were the first to speak up.

“H-Hello.” He said, stuttering a little bit because of how sudden this was.

“ Here, I’ve got something’s for you.” You said and then gave him two things, first was a birthday card that said, “Happy Birthday.”

“What’s the other thing?”

You chuckled for a little bit and then the next thing you pulled out made Arthur blush redder than one of Antonio’s beloved tomatoes; you had been carrying his underwear. Which made you snicker even more and then an embarrassed Arthur snatched his boxers from your hand and then glared at you.

“You..!” He was about to yell but then you covered his mouth somewhat forcefully but you wanted him to let you explain the whole thing.

“I found the guy who stole your England-undies and then I kicked his ass, took them so I could give em back to you.” Hearing the mention of his ‘England-undies’ made him redden further but he paid attention when you said that you went through that kind of trouble just to get them back for him.

“Why?” He asked with a slight scowl and blush still on his cheeks; after he’d been so mean to you why would you do something like that?

“Cuz… okay I’ll be honest with you Arthur.” You began using his first name instead of his last name, making him widen his eyes, “Thing is… you’re an asshole Arthur, and I’m an asshole but it’s a long time in hell before I let either of us get picked on by a bunch of even bigger assholes. End of story, that’s just the kind of person I am.” You said and crossed your arms with Arthur staring at you incredulously for a minute.

Sure the way you put it was fairly blunt but at the same time… it was true. He knew that even he could be standoffish and rude but he wasn’t like those other jerks and the fact that someone bothered to get his…unmentionables back… made him actually… kind of happy…


“Oh and I know it’s your birthday because I saw that calendar when I was talking shelter in your dorm-room last night.” You said with a slight smirk.

“Y-You did?”

“Yeah, I’m also somewhat nosy but… even if you’re not the nicest person in the world I wouldn’t want you spend your birthday alone.” You said with a slight smile while Arthur looked somewhat touched…

“And… I also got you this…” You said and pulled a small but cute-sized cake from the bag you had around your shoulders, and Arthur gasped at the gift. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad birthday after all…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You and Arthur were sitting in the cafeteria, the cake now had a 22-shaped lit candle on it.

“Thanks for getting my undergarments back for me (Male Name)…” Arthur said while keeping his head down so you wouldn’t see him blushing.

“Thanks for letting me do this. Happy Birthday, Arthur… make a wish?”

“It already came true…” He said and gave you a small smile; for someone to remember, even if he didn’t know you all that well. It was still nice…

“Awwww….” An obnoxious voice said and you both turned and saw the same asshole from earlier.

“I hate him so much…” Arthur muttered under his breath to you.

“Look at the two homo-boys. Spending their pathetic birthday together~” The leader said with a smug smile while you and Arthur glared daggers at him. Other guys from the hallway coming in to see the show.

“Hey asshole.” You said and got up.

“You blokes weren’t invited so if you leave right now there won’t be a problem.” Arthur stated though he sounded annoyed until you gave him a wink; he was confused for a minute but he hoped that you weren’t flirting with him.

“I wasn’t invited? Well that’s too bad because Gay-Lord here’s gonna get his ass kicked!” He said and then made his way to you; the other guys in the crowd chanting ‘Fight, Fight, Fight!’

“Ha! You’re gonna kick my ass?” You asked with a grin, pointing at yourself.

“That’s right! It’ll be easy you faggot!”

“I don’t have to try and kick your ass.” You said and then he suddenly punched you in the gut, which made you fall over on your knees.

“(MALE NAME)!” You heard a good number of voices call your name. From what you could distinguish it was Arthur’s voice, Andrew, Steve and Keith’s voices (Or the A.S.K), and Alfred’s voice.

You coughed a little bit from that punch and looked around to see Alfred and the A.S.K looking at you with worried expressions that turned into looks of anger from what the guy just did to you.

“Hey you leave my friends alone asshole!” Alfred said standing his ground and defending both you and Arthur. You stared at your friend standing up for you and then Arthur, and if you didn’t know any better you could say that he was blushing.

“Or what?”

“The hero will take you on! That’s what!” He said but then you grabbed his shoulder, “(Male Name)?”

“No Alfred... let me…” You said breathing through your pained stomach.

“Are you sure?” He asked, unsure if he should let you because the guy just punched you out.

“Yeah… I’ve got him…” You smirked a confident smile and reluctantly Alfred let you, but he’d help you if you started to lose because he was the hero and your buddy!

You got your strength and stood in front of the leader, “Hey.”

“What do you want fag?” He asked with his fists out.

“Do you know how to dance?”


“I could dance the whole day away. Can you do that? No because you’re just a stupid-ass numbnuts.” You said with your hands out and then the guy reached out to punch you and you ducked right in time and then punched him the nutsack, again! The low-blow… that’s your new signature move.

Then the other guys started cheering your name and the A.S.K whooping for you once you owned that guy, in front of everyone. Happy and excited, Alfred made his way over to you and gave you a hearty high-five, “YEAH!” You both yelled with equally large grins.

“Now that’s the most amusing thing I’ve seen all day, this really isn’t a bad birthday.” Arthur said, now smiling at the two of you.

“Dude it’s your birthday? Happy Birthday!” Alfred asked, then yelled and wrapped an arm around Arthur’s shoulder.

“L-Let me go you git! (Male Name) is watching…” He said both blushing and trying to get out of Alfred’s grip while you just laughed with glee at the rather cute scene in front of you.

“(Male Name)!” You turned with a smile and saw your ‘favorite biatch’. Gilbert Beilschmidt.

“What’s up dawg?”

“HAHAHA! I saw zhe whole zhing! Zhat vas priceless! You’re STILL not as awesome as me but zhat…!” He said laughing and pointing at the same guy who was still on the floor clutching at his crotch and moaning like a bitch.

“Zhat vas pretty awesome!”

“Aw well you know… all I did was punch that guy in the nuts with my AWESOME fist!” You said and then showed off your ‘strong-arm’ with the ‘awesome’ fist. You couldn’t help but brag because for once Gilbert was giving you some slight praise, and then you noticed that you were blushing… why were you blushing?! Maybe it was just modesty…

“(MALE NAME)!”You heard Feliks call you and then he had his arms out as he ran to you; which you ran into to hug him.

“FELIKS!” You exclaimed happily while you two hugged each other rather hard with a smiling Toris behind the both of you.

“(Your Name)…” He whispered into your ear.

“Like what the hell is the matter with you?! Scaring me half to death like that!” He suddenly yelled at you but you only laughed and shook your head, this wasn’t the first time Feliks has gotten like this.

“Frigging idiot! You like literally almost gave me a friggin heart attack! Ya happy?!” He said and crossed his arms but you just hugged him from behind.

“I’m perfectly happy!” You said with a bright smile. Feliks blushed but he knew what you meant, you little tease. Even if you knew how to take care of yourself he still got worried half the time because he cared a great deal about you…

“You biatch…” He sniggered and tousled your hair while you laughed.

“(Male Name) are you okay?” Toris asked, he was happy that you were okay but he saw how you got punched.

“Yeah... I’m fine…” You said, wincing at the slight pain once you  touched the punched area of your stomach. There’s a bruise you’ll probably find later on…

“Thank goodness…”

“Tell me about it, but I totally kicked his ass!” You gave him a thumbs up and a cheesy grin.

Toris smiled, “Wow… Feliks was right, you really can take care of yourself just fine (Your Name).” He whispered that last part so no one else would here.

You chuckled and flushed lightly, “Yup pretty much…”

“(Male Name)!” You saw the three familiar gentleman that you befriended yesterday, and the ones who beat the snot out of Gilbert. Heh-heh-heh…

“Hey guys. Did you see me kick the shit out of that guy?” You asked and they all grinned.
“Yes! That was… awesome!” Andrew exclaimed, blushing and trying to not fawn all over you. Keith nodded while blushing lightly and Steve smiled shyly and blushed as well.

“Yeah… I’m pretty good.” You nodded with a smirk and blissfully unaware of the trio practically drooling over you.  But you weren’t oblivious to the fact that every one of your friends was cheering for you and surrounded by you.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You walked in the hallway, headphones in and you sang one of your favorite songs and thought about how you kicked that guy’s ass.

~I don't care what you're saying
I don't care what you're thinking
I don't care about anything
Get ready, motherfucker, 'cause I'm happening
I don't care what you're saying
I don't care what you're thinking
I don't care about anything
Get ready motherfucker cause I'm on the scene

I don't have to try
To make you realize
Anything I wanna do, anything I'm gonna do
Anything I wanna do I do
And I don't have to try~

“Do you always sing to yourself when you’re all alone?” Your eyes widened and a blush shot up to your cheeks once you heard a voice, (somehow through your headphones) and turned to see Arthur.

“Arthur! Uh… no! I sing to myself whenever I want to jam…” You said with your nose in the air and noticed that Arthur wasn’t wearing his normally grouchy-looking expression, instead he was smiling…

“Right…but, you’re… you’re not that bad…” He said scratching underneath his chin with one finger, blushing lightly.

“Thanks…” You said sounding somewhat sheepish, feeling your face heat up at his compliment.

“Also… thank you… for… today… b-but! Don’t think this means I’ll be nice to you or something… or do your homework again…” He tried to explain to you all the while blushing a fair shade of pink.

You smiled, then it turned into a grin, “No problem Arthur!” Then you slapped the back of his shoulder in a buddy-buddy manner. He looked at you one last minute and then turned with a pout and blush still on his face, making you chuckle.

“I’ll get a laugh out of you one of these days.” You said while you continued walking, Arthur stared at you for a minute and then smirked, “Sure, go ahead and try.”

You laughed and kept on walking with Arthur. While from the other corner, The A.S.K were watching you two walk away and were NOT happy.

“Dammit…!” Andrew hissed.

“Another rival…” Keith said, his glasses glaring to go with his anger.

“No way!” Steve muttered while he and his friends continued to stalk you…

In your dormroom:

“Whoo! What a day!” You cried in glee and fell onto your bed, your roommate sniggering at you.

“Vhatever (Male Name) don’t get so cocky vhen you’re clearly still not zhat awesome…”

“You just admitted I’m awesome!” You yelled with even more glee and pointed at Gilbert.

“VHAT?! Kesesese~! You’re mistaken, I vas speaking ironically!” He pointed at you with a smirk on his face.

“Vhatever.” You said mocking his accent again.

“You zhink you’re so awesome (Male Name)? Vhy don’t you come to a party whiz zhe Awesome-Me zhis Friday?” He asked, still smirking even though he was annoyed at you for mocking his awesome accent again!

“A party?” You asked, sounding slightly uncomfortable. Though it’s not like you didn’t like parties, it’s just that you didn’t get invited to them often, and parties for girls and guys your age are often places that serve as nothing but trouble. It was Wednesday so that's only 2 days from here...

Friday night...

A day that's nothing but trouble too... for the most part.

“Ja, unless you’re too lame to come. Only zhe awesome ones go to parties because zhey’re awesome.” Gilbert bragged, apparently he’s been to plenty of parties before. Can’t let him think you’re lame. You are NOT lame!

“Well that’s why I’m going Mr. Awesome!” You smirked widely with a determined look in your shining (eye color) eyes.

“Great!” He yelled, sounding somewhat happy.


“Oh! Um… because zhe Awesome-Me vouldn’t be so awesome if he didn’t invite his not-nearly-as-awesome friend!” He stammered at first but he was able to make out a sentence that made a little bit of sense. He WANTED you to come with him.

“Hmmm… okay then Mr. Awesome, I’m going to that party with you!”


“AWESOME!” You both yelled in glee staring each other in the eyes for a minute both of you looking quite determined and fiery. That is until you both pulled away slowly, and let a moment of awkward silence pass.

“O-Okay… then…” You said to break the ice.

“You’re up for it?” He asked.

“Hell yeah!” You yelled with your arms in the air and Gilbert sharing the same grin as you; whatever this party is, you’re game.
Here is Chapter Frikkin' 11! LOL loads of references, that whole 16 candles thing! I've been watching too many old classics lately (16 candles, The Breakfast Club,etc) I had to do it, i ALMOST didn't do it, I ALMOST didn't do it but i'm actually glad i did, and i wrote it on England's Birthday the 23! But then i ran out of ideas but today it struck me like LIGHTNING! Lol the Ted reference, P.S Where i'm at it's STORMING OVER HERE!!! :,( I hate thunder, i wish i had America as my thunder buddy right now!! You know what? I'll just sing the thunder song!! :3

But..! Overall you managed to befriend the lonely Brit, Japan and Germany know now... yikes..., And you kicked some homophobes ass, TWICE! And now... you're invited to come party! So far so good right? Oh and... Prussia and America were technically fighting over you...! :3

Here's a spoiler of sorts, prepare for some D-RAMA~~~!! I've been waiting for this... so get ready for it my lovely readers!! :3 Oh... wait... i shouldn't have told you that... cuz that just makes the readers more anxious right..? Well hope you enjoyed this one! Get ready for the next chapter in a few days!! :3

But... go ahead and guess what kinds of drama!! That's the fun right? Throw some guesses at me!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

Songs mentioned: If you were here: Thompson Twins
I Don't Have To Try- Avril Lavigne

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:
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