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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 12

Damn, damn, damn~! I wanted to make this one big whole long-ass chapter but… I’m impatient like that so I shortened it down to another half… WAHHH! Sorry my lovely readers! This half is entertaining and all but still! I think the next stuff is going to be much better! But… I hope you at least enjoy this first half… I’m working on the other half as we type though! You’ll get it on Saturday perhaps because I DON’T WANT TO LET YOU AWESOME READERS DOWN!!

I must warn you though that there is some slight nudity in here but i don't really think it's the kind of nudity you'd find in lemons so still... and the language is also a little...colorful too... go ahead but this IS a fair warning :3

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

“Out, out. Gotta get out…” You thought as you paced in your dorm-room when Gilbert wasn’t looking. About the upcoming party on Friday and today was Thursday; you were only slightly worried about going. Parties… well at least you had an excuse to not wear a dress; dresses weren’t your forte so you didn’t wear them even at little get-togethers.

At least when you weren’t in a situation where you had to be male. But still… you cringed at the thought of wearing a dress…

Then without warning you just ran out of the dorm-room into the hallway, “Hey, vhere are you going?!” Gilbert called you once he heard your fast-feet running out. He stepped out to see where you were going and you already vanished.

“Stupid little brat… alvays taking off und zhen I have to get him back!” He grumbled in annoyance and started walking to go look for you.

"Meh... I've got to take a shower anyvay..." He said and then went into another direction, he'll find you and bother you later.

You panted once you got out of that hallway and into a different hallway, the one where Feliks’ dorm-room was. Hesistant, you knocked on the door at least 5 times fast and harshly.

The door opened, “Like what the hell asshole don’t knock so-(Your Name)!” He muttered sounding annoyed until he saw it was you.

“Hey Feliks.”

“Come in, what are you like hiding from that white-haired bastard again?” Oh yeah that’s right, Feliks and Gilbert didn’t get along very well even if Feliks was your friend; something about him ‘stealing’ you away from Feliks and something else…

You complied by walking in, waving hi to Toris and then sat on the nearest bed, “Eh sort of but I’ve kinda gotta problem…”

“What’s that?” Toris asked.

“There’s a party this Friday and Gilbert said I ought to go if I want to prove my awesomeness, and I will!” You said, at first you sounded worried but then you started sounding proud and determined at the last bits of that sentence.

“Oh that party! We heard about that, and we heard it’s like going to totally be so fetch!” Feliks exclaimed; apparently he was going too, that’s good… you wouldn’t be alone and Toris was going too…

“Well Feliks you know me, since when have I been a party girl?”

“But if you were invited that means you’re like crazy-incredible so what’s the dealio?”

“The dealio is that you know me and you guys are gonna be there and stay with me.” You said crossing your arms being stubborn.

“Fine… you’re so cool now though (Your Name) and like nothing bad is gonna happen or something.”

“Why what happened once?” Toris asked curious, he knew what kind of person you were but he didn’t know why you were objecting to this party.

“During one 6th grade party this one bitch got up in front of everyone and said (Your Name)-“

“FELIKS!” You suddenly yelled to cut him off and then stared at him, “Not here…!”

Feliks shrugged at your outburst and shook his head; he didn’t see a big deal in bringing up something from the past but he didn’t want to piss you off.

“What’s the matter? Did something happen?” Toris asked you innocently and although you would’ve yelled you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“No, nothing really. Just stupid kids that indulged in name-calling that’s all. Nothing different, they like picking on the ones they think are losers.” You said, not referring to yourself or Feliks to avoid any suspicion and to avoid putting yourself back in the matter. Going back further into the past isn’t exactly something you liked to do; something you disliked in fact. Toris and any other guy that’s not Feliks doesn’t need to know what happened…

“O-Okay…” He shrugged, “(Your Name) didn’t seem very comfortable for a minute there, but it’s best I not bring it up again. I don’t want to make her feel worse.” Toris thought to himself.

“So you guys are going to stick with me during this party right?”

“Of course girl! We wouldn’t leave our fave girlfriend all by herself!” Feliks smiled and pulled you into a hug, to your secret delight.

“We’re here for you (Your Name).” Toris smiled too and made his way to the two of you.

“Aw, I can’t take it anymore GROUP HUG!” You yelled and you hugged your two closest friends.

Later on you three walked out not just to attend classes but also to just chat like normal people do, that was the most normal thing they guys did in this school. You didn’t know what other guys talked about but since they’re guys it’s either about girl’s private areas, oh and boobies, or some other trivial things.

“(Male Name) is gay for Kirkland!” You heard someone yell out or laugh out loud.

“What?!” You cried, outraged and totally not sounding girly.

Feliks and Toris widened their eyes and then they followed you as you angrily walked to wherever that voice and laughter was coming from.

Then you found a group of boys laughing and holding a piece of paper that had a picture of you… holding up Arthur’s underwear… from yesterday… and the face you were making while you were holding them…  looked like that of some crazed underwear-sniffing freak.

“Where did you guys get that?!” You asked with poison in your voice and the guys seemed to shrink in fear.

“W-We just found them hanging on the walls!” They stuttered and then pointed to the walls that had the same copies of the pictures with you and they each said something different in big bold letters; Feliks picked one up out of curiosity, “(Male Name) (Surname) is gay for Brits?” He read it with disbelieving look on his face.

You laughed sarcastically, “Hahaha~! That’s hilarious okay you bastards who wrote this?” you sounded serious on the last part.

“We don’t know we just found them, they’re in other parts of the school…” The guy you scolded explained again sounding somewhat frightened not wanting to anger you.

“DAMMIT! Who the fuck do some people think they are?!” You barked while pacing back and forth in the hallway with Feliks and Toris watching you.

“Why the fuck can’t people just leave the non-straight ones like me alone?!” You cried sounding outraged, but you did mean it when you said why can’t people leave the gays alone because you hated it when they bullied them like that. But right now this was going to sully your reputation and you can’t have that…

“Don’t worry (Your Name) you’re like still one of the coolest boys in the school.” Feliks said with what looks like his reassuring smile.

“I know that but still! GOSH! Remember that time when we were in freshman year of high school and all the guys kept on calling you-“ You were about to continue but Feliks cut you off with a blush on his face.

“(YOUR NAME)!” Toris looked confused, but he knew that Feliks’ sudden outburst was no different from yours earlier.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well there was this one time when me and Feliks showed up at school and as it turns out we were both wearing the same shirt!” You said and then laughed out loud at the memory and Feliks blushed a good shade of red.

“(Your Name) you jerk! Don’t just like admit that in front of Toris!” He cried in embarrassment, while you kept on laughing. Feliks blushed harder once he saw Toris trying to stifle a few chuckles but he shook his head at Feliks every time he looked at him.

“It’s rude to laugh…” Toris thought while he tried to keep himself from laughing as much as you.

“And… then at the end of that year-“You began and Feliks cut you off

“(Your Name) I swear to God if you say the next thing I’m SO never speaking to you again!” Feliks said trying not to yell and although your mouth was open to keep on going you stopped yourself, not wanting to hurt your best friend’s feelings.

“Okay, okay…” You said, wiping a tear from your eye.

“Is it something I need to know?” Toris asked politely, though he just really wanted to know what it was you were going to say next.

“NO!!” Feliks yelled in embarrassment.

“Eh…” You shrugged with a smile.

“Oh okay.” He brushed it off, once again maybe for him some things were best left unsaid and like a good friend he wouldn’t complain.

“Gosh, whoever did this is in for a can of whup-ass!” You said angrily while walking the hallway, or stormed into the hallway.

“Sons of bitches…” Feliks muttered, sharing the same displeased tone as you; his poor friend and all he could do is make sure nothing terrible happens to you.

“That’s just mean…” Toris said sounding disappointed while he looked at some of the papers that slandered your name and shook his head, “The nerve of some people…”

And at the right moment the last person you felt like seeing walked right into your path; Arthur Kirkland who seemed to be trying to hide his face behind the stack of books he was carrying.

“Arthur?” You asked but then scolded yourself because that probably wasn’t a good idea.

Arthur blushed as soon as he picked up his head to see you, dropping all his books in shock and embarrassment, “G-Get away from me you pervert!”

You flung your hands wildly to try and explain the situation, “No! No Arthur, it’s not what you think! You know I wouldn’t sniff your England-undies right?!” From the back you heard Feliks slap his forehead and Toris sigh. Okay… that was one of the dumbest things you’ve ever said.

Arthur blushed harder once you said that and backed away from you a little more, “(Male Name) I-“ He was about to start his next sentence but you cut him off by grasping his shoulders.

“I know man, but you gotta believe me when I say I’m not a pervert I wouldn’t ever do something like that to you! I was only doing what any other chivalrous gentleman would do. You should know something about that, I see how you act… at least to people you’re not being dick-ish to…” You said looking into his bright, and very nice… green eyes. By now Arthur’s whole face turned red, there was something about you… you looked too feminine to be a male. But you were gay so that explained it but still…

“(Male Name)…” He tried to sound angry but instead it came off sounding more shy and he diverted his eyes to the ground so you couldn’t see how red he was, but unfortunately for him you could.    

“I wouldn’t lie to you Arthur. Trust me…” You said with sincerity in your voice and a reassuring smile on your face which Arthur dared to look into. Damn you (Male Name) (Surname) what is it about you that makes you so charismatic?!

“I-I…” He stuttered and kept his eyes closed, feeling extremely embarrassed right now.

“Holy Shit man are you sick or something?” You asked sounding shocked once you saw his completely red face and then you touched his forehead; it was hot all right…

“Oh my god you’ve got a fever of like 104! Geez man why aren’t you in bed?!” You asked with a shocked expression; needless to say despite the sarcastic remarks and brilliant pranks you could pull off you were completely clueless when it came to romance and crushes. At least when it came to you…

Feliks and Toris looked at you like you were silly because they could see exactly what was really going on and then their eyes widened in shock and shuddered once they noticed the A.S.K staring at you from behind one of the walls in the hallway with a dark aura surrounding them. Then they saw where that one guy Keith was standing and clutching at the wall, which had some cracks in it from how hard he was clutching at it…

“I’m fine you idiot!” Arthur yelled and pulled away from you to cross his arms, to your befuddlement.

“Hey you really are! Thank goodness...” You grinned once you noticed that he still had energy given how he was acting like he normally did.

“And you really are an idiot…” He muttered and his blush dying down slowly and then he looked at your grin; you’re so daft… but you’re also kind…

“Eh? What’d you say?” You asked now looking kind of dumb with your grin.

“Nothing! I-I said nothing…”

“Coolness! But you believe me right?”

Arthur was silent for a minute but eventually he spoke up, “Yes…” You grinned widely again and then you grabbed his shoulders again in glee, “Thanks! Don’t worry Arthur I’ll catch this son of a bitch and clear our good names, you can count of the awesomeness of (Male Name)!” You exclaimed with determination in your voice and then shook his hand vigorously.

“O-Okay!” He yelled through your sudden burst of energy.

“Perfect! Now as they say in England, cheerio!” You waved bye to him but didn’t notice that he turned red with embarrassment and annoyance.

“C-Cheerio…” He whispered back to you and turned around to go elsewhere but then he noticed the A.S.K glaring daggers at him from where they hid behind the wall… then made the fastest dash away from the trio and lock himself in his dorm-room…

“I’m telling you guys, paybacks gonna be a biatch- OH SHIT!” You cried in mid-sentence once you felt yourself slip on something; one of those damned papers. But you caught your balance but then you felt someone push you into some room that looked strangely familiar.

You didn’t see the person. To your unknowing eye, “Hope (Male Name) likes what he sees…”

You fell face-first onto the hard… and wet… floor… then you noticed how hot it was in here, “What the hell?” You groaned picking your head up and then rubbing your forehead with your hand and then there you were….

In the middle of the shower room…

And almost all your guy-friends staring at you while you sat there. Ludwig, Antonio, Francis, Lovino and Feliciano, Alfred, Matthew, Ivan, Yao, Kiku!

Your eyes motioned in different directions catching little details around their wet bodies from their muscles to… Holy shit! Your face flashed a bright red and then you noticed all the guys well most of them blushing as bad as you.

“(Male Name)?” Alfred asked confused, apparently he was one of the few guys who didn’t know your secret.  Matthew on the other hand blushed hard and prayed that this time you couldn’t see him at all.

“Hi (Male Name)!” Feliciano chimed, not seeming that embarrassed. Or not nearly as embarrassed as his brother, “(M-Male Name)!” Lovino cried and grabbed a towel to cover himself.

“(Male Name)’s here?” Ivan asked and then smiled once he saw you.

“Aiya!” Yao shrieked and covered himself with the nearest towel, Kiku shrunk and hid underneath the cubicle of the shower he was in, blushing madly.

“Yo what up bros?” You waved awkwardly but somehow kept your voice level and cool.

“(Male Name) Get out of here!!” Ludwig yelled red-faced from embarrassment as he wrapped a towel around his waist so you wouldn’t see anything, or so you wouldn’t see it more.

“Just cuz I’m gay?” You asked pretending to sound slightly offended.

“NEIN!! Cuz you’re a girl!” He yelled, irritated by that lame-ass excuse of yours especially since it wasn't even true.

“Dude not cool, he may be gay but he’s no girl!” Alfred defended you while the other guys face-palmed, to the other guys wasn’t it so obvious already?

“First the dick-measuring now this?” You asked yourself but then you found yourself grinning at all the half-naked bodies around you.

“Ohohohon~ I think (Male Name) likes zhis…” Francis assumed, though… truth be told… he was ONLY half-right… Antonio kept a friendly albeit embarrassed smile on despite how red he was; he heard what Ludwig said so it was official you really were a girl. And everyone in the room now knew that… well except maybe Alfred and Gilbert… There was no sign of Arthur anywhere so only those guys…

“Vhat zhe hell is going on?” You widened your eyes when you heard the all-too familiar voice of your roommate… No…

“Vell?” Gilbert asked and came in with everyone and removed his towel but then widened his eyes once he saw you just sitting there in the middle of the shower room. Your eyes motioned up and down his body down to his so-called ‘Awesome 5 metres', of course you were right whenever you said that he was NOT 5 meters long but it was still fairly large… You blushed bright red and then diverted your eyes away and turned around.

“(Male Name)!” He yelled, surprised and even a little appalled. This is the first time his roommate has seen him naked…

“I gotta get out of here…” You thought and tried to crawl away.

“You faggot! So zhis is really vhat your dream is!” He said now returning to his usual smug-self. “Coming into a shower room full of hot, naked and innocent boys. By zhe vay I heard you vere gay for Arthur!”

“Those are rumors you pathetic excuse for a college student!” You yelled while your back was still turned.

“Oh vell, I already told some of zhe other guys just how gay you are.”

“What?” You asked and turned to face him, his face that is.

“How gay you are, and vhen you came out. The vay you act, your singing hobbies und zhe fact zhat you ditched me twice in a day two days ago.”

Your eyebrow twitched, for one you didn’t ditch him and on top of that how gay did he put you to the others? Oh…! He’s gonna get it.

“5 metres huh?” You asked with your eyes closed.

“Ja… vait a minute, vhy?” Gilbert asked and put the towel back around his waist, to avoid being more exposed in front of the gay kid. Oh no, he thought he’d seen it coming but you were becoming gay for the Awesome-Gilbert weren’t you? Oh great…

“Well it won’t be metres anymore once I stomp you so hard you can call them centi-metres, you dick-head!!” You yelled and got up to get him.

Alarmed by your threat Gilbert backed away from you and you started to run after him into the locker-room, all the other guys changing stopped to watch you guys chase each other, again…

Though it was the other way around, it was usually Gilbert who chased you but now you were chasing him, you were just so pissed with him! However this didn’t make you two look any better since he was only wearing a towel…

“They really ARE gay for each other…” One guy whispered to the other.

“Get a room…”

“Oh, sick!”

You two were too busy chasing each other to hear any of their derogatory comments.

“Give it up (Male Name) cuz zhe Awesome-Me is too fast for you to catch!”

“If you’re so fast how come I always out-run you?!”

“Zhat’s only cuz I let you get away, und… give you a false sense of accomplishment!”

“Yeah right! Wait til I get you, you fucker!” You yelled as you two ran past some of the others changing but then Gilbert started throwing clothes at you, some which were clean, some sweaty, and some dirty…

Disgusted, you threw them off your face and off your shoulders and looked around for him and he was nowhere to be seen, he ran off!

“Where’d he go? Where’d he go?! Where’d he go?!” You yelled and then something felt something land on your head but then you ran back into the shower-room, which probably wasn’t a good idea on your part…

“Where did Gil go?” You asked the guys, who became embarrassed again once they saw you come in again.  But then their eyes widened in shock once they saw what was on your head…

A pair of boxers…

From their point of view it looked as if you were wearing them like some sort of hat…

“(Male Name) just get out of here already!” Ludwig yelled at you again and then you noticed the other embarrassed looking guys… wait… what were you doing back in here anyway? You could’ve just gone out the other way…

Unable to explain yourself you grinned sheepishly at the embarrassed gentlemen.

5 minutes later:

You emerged from the locker-room for Feliks and Toris to see. You were soaking wet from the water and heat from the showers, your hair was wet and all over the place, some soap was on your cheek because of your downfall, needless to say you didn’t look comfortable.

“I saw things that I shouldn’t have…” You claimed sounding somewhat traumatized and then twitched an eye at the images that you captured in there and they projected through your eyes like some fascinating movie. Or in this case a dirty R-rated but fantastic movie.

“NO! NO! NO!” You yelled in your head, none of these thoughts or the secrets just gonna be harder to contain. Who cares if all your friends are smoking hot dudes? Who cares if something at the further back of your head is telling you that you wanna do things to them like crazy?!

“Like are you okay? You’re face is all totally red…” Feliks asked and poked your cheek.

“I’m fine it was just really hot in there that’s all…” You said, it was hot all right…

“Yeah I’m sure it really was…” Feliks said putting emphasis on the really and then started laughing.

“That’s NOT funny!” You barked in embarrassment.

Toris poked your shoulder, “Um… (Your Name)… you have a pair of someone’s underwear on your head…”  He hoped that didn’t sound too weird but he was just trying to be helpful.


“I thought you should know…” He stuttered on that last bit because he didn’t know how you were going to react.

Though it sounded completely weird then you saw your reflection in the window, nice hat…

“Oh… come on… really?” You asked about to take them off but then you saw the other guys in the hallway snickering at you.

“What’s the matter? You’ve never seen a guy wear boxers on his head before? THIS HAPPENS TO BE THE LATEST TREND! UNDERWEAR CAN KNOW BE WORN ON YOUR HEAD! BOXERS HATS!” You yelled with zeal and pointed at everyone despite how dumb you looked, even Feliks and Toris looked at you like you were ridiculous but they stood by your side nonetheless.

“I’m going to kill Gilbert…” You thought while you were still stuck in your zealous finger-pointing pose.

“ONLY THE COOL PEOPLE WEAR UNDERWEAR ON THEIR HEAD!” You claimed again and then you saw the guy you claimed to kill standing in the hallway now fully clothed after he finished his shower.

Gilbert stared in you with a WTF face once how saw how ridiculous you looked, he would’ve started laughing and calling you a loser or a faggot but this time something was wrong…

“What?!” You yelled at him by the way he was staring at you, he didn’t look comfortable.

“Oh shit does he know?”

“Y-You’ve never put underwear on your head before?! Even silly, childish undies like these?!”

“YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!” Gilbert suddenly yelled at you and then you took notice of him. His face was flushed from embarrassment for some reason, “Does he know now?”

“What is it?” You asked and then you finally removed the underwear from your head and noticed the pattern of them and saw they looked like…


“Oh…” You said awkwardly and grinned shyly at the embarrassed Gilbert.

“Y-You dropped these…” You said handing them to him and he just snatched them from your hand.

“You really ARE a faggot…” He grumbled and walked or rather stormed off because of how embarrassed he was.

“Well. At least we’re even now… He saw me naked and I saw him naked…” You thought to yourself but then you blushed red when the image flashed back into your mind.

“Uh…” Was all that came out of your mouth, with Toris and Feliks still standing behind you. They seemed to understand what was going on though.

“It’s his fault!” You yelled to them and pointed in the direction where Gilbert was walking.

“We didn’t say anything.” Toris politely said to avoid any sort of confrontation.

“Of course it’s his fault, like you didn’t do anything.” Feliks claimed with an annoyed expression because he didn’t like Gilbert and he also didn’t like it when you two were bickering, but he liked the times when you made fun of Gil and/or won the fight.

“I know, but I’m going to do something all right…” You said and then smiled an evil looking smile complete with a low evil-sounding chuckle.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Week old spaghetti…”

“Rotten tomatoes…”

“Sushi that’s been left out for 3 in a half hours…”

“An old pancake I found in the garbage can…”

“Sausage that I kept in my shoe…”

That’s a little gross on your part since your shoes stank.

“Mcdonalds burger that I found under Alfred’s bed…”


“One of Arthur’s 'bad' scones…”

Double Eww…

“A dead snail that I found outside…”

Triple Eww…

“A pinch of cheap and old vodka…”

“And last but not least… a bunch of old, cheap take-out Chinese food that I didn’t throw away last week…”

You listed all the gross foods that you found and then put them all together in a blender in the cooking room. You flipped the switch on to blend them and then they all fused together in some disgusting color and substance that you couldn’t identify. Hell the blended mix itself resembled death and smelt like it, to experiment you only wafted a small amount for you to catch a whiff.

Immediately you gagged slightly and then turned the side of your head away from the blender you held, groaning at the awful smell but then you smiled evilly. “As Antonio would say, Perfecto.” You smirked and then you were about to head out until you saw Feliks and Toris walking inside.

“Hey (Your Name)! We’ve like been looking everywhere for you, do you know how exhausting it’s been?” Feliks complained and didn’t notice how it looked like you were up to something.

“Hey guys…” You greeted and hid the blender behind you.

“W-What’s that?” Toris asked sounding slightly suspicious, apparently you were up to something…

“Nothing!” You said but Feliks came your way and saw the blender.

“UGH! GRODY! Like what the hell is all that shit?!” He asked looking beyond disgusted at the blenders contents. And at the wrong time he caught a whiff of it and gagged but he looked like he was about to throw up. Your ‘bestie’ instincts kicked in and you gently set the blender down to grab the nearest garbage can and gave it to Feliks just in time for him to start heavily heaving into it.

Poor garbage can. You and Toris’ faces scrunched up in disgust once you heard Feliks vomiting, but then Toris’ disgusted expression began to pay more attention to whatever the hell was in that blender you had.

“Oh…” Feliks groaned and then you kneeled down to pat his shoulder.

“You okay?” You asked with a smile even though Feliks would be mad at you, he stared at you looking sickly. Poor Feliks you knew he had a weak stomach and you probably should’ve given him a warning of some sorts.

“Are you like trying to kill me?”


“(Your Name)… what is this?” Toris asked and pointed at the blender not really wanting to get any closer to it.

“That my friend, is revenge…” You said with an evil looking smirk to which Toris winced at.

“Um… it looks more like death to me…”

“Yeah I know… and Gilbert sure won’t like it when he finds a bit of ‘revenge’ in his shoes and all over his AWESOME clothes…” You sniggered.

“Oh he’ll totally deserve that, he won’t see it coming!” Feliks said brushing off the nausea he just had and managed to stand.

“Sorry about that Feliks…” You apologized and punched him in the shoulder.

“That’s fine (Your Name) but like at least give me a warning next time!” He cried and pouted to which you chuckled at.

“Yeah… that’s what I was thinking…” You scratched the back of your head.

“(Your Name)… are you sure this is a good idea?” Toris asked with an unsure and meek tone. It’s not like he liked Gilbert or anything but he knew that this would eventually lead to more confrontation between the two of you.

“Yes! I mean come on! Think about it… I’ll run out and then he’ll never expect it was me!” You said with confidence, if Gilbert still believed that you were a boy because of the terrible lies you kept giving him then a lie about you NOT doing this to him would work.

“O-Okay… if you really think so…” He said with a smile.

“Awesome! Now I’m going to go…” You chuckled and then went out into the hallway that lead to yours and Gil’s dorm-room. You sniggered a little more before it turned into a huge fit of evil laughter.

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!”  (Cue flash of thunder)

Then you went back to revenge-hungry mode and then walked into your dorm-room where Gilbert was napping on his bed.

“You’re in for it Gil… the perfect vile and disgusting retaliation for an even more vile and disgusting person…”  You said about to pour some in his shoes until you heard a voice stop you.

“(Your Name).” The deep German voice was no one else’s but Ludwigs.

“I AINT’ DOING NOTHING!” You yelled but not loud enough to wake Gilbert.  But you saw him stir a little bit while he slept.

“(Your Name) what are you doing?” He asked with a skeptical look and a small smirk; he knew what you were doing, well not exactly but he knew you were up to something.

“I told you I ain’t doing nothing man.” You replied with the bender still behind you.

“You’re a terrible liar (Your Name) I’m not mein bruder now give it to me.” He said with a smile, ugh! He reminded you of your Grandpa in a way!

“Oh come on Luds you heard what he’s said about me behind my back!” You complained and pouted but Ludwig only shook his head at you.

“Zhat may be true but aren’t you zhe one who said you vere gay? To hide your secret, I’m guessing?” He asked, crossing his arms.

You sighed heavily and then gave him the blender, “Fine…..” You whined and crossed your arms but then you smirked once you saw that even Ludwig nearly gagged once he caught a whiff of your ‘revenge’.

Then your attention diverted to Gilbert whom was still sleeping soundly, although your initial thought of him like that was adorable…

“Aww…” You cooed suddenly but then immediately brushed that off to your next thought because you were just still so pissed at him! And besides Ludwig was in the room too.

“You know what Ludwig, he may be your brother but this is what pisses me off. I mean you can’t just go around a make someone else’s life a living hell and sleep it off like this and NOT pay for it! I mean come on…” You whined on the last bit but Ludwig just chuckled.

“I understand und I agree but… he’s really not zhat bad… well okay he’s bad but…”

“I know, I know he’s your bro.” You said crossing your arms and pouting. You got all that stuff for no reason! What were you supposed to do with it now?! Well nothing actually since Ludwig held it now.

“I vas going to say zhat he may be zhe biggest dummkopf you’ve ever probably ever met but aren’t you two friends?”

“There’s no probably there and secondly…” You stopped once he heard the whole ‘friends’ thing.

Although you and Gilbert said that you two were friends at times you were thinking about reconsidering that but then you remembered the night he spent with you when you weren’t being a boy. Ludwig was right, as much as he’s probably the biggest asshole you’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting you also knew the other good things about him… how could you forget? Maybe it’s because you guys continued to bicker and have fun with each other. But there was no way you were going to tell that to Ludwig.

“Me and Gil aren’t exactly friends…” You claimed and then scratched the back of your head.

Ludwig shrugged, “Vell if it helps he talks about you ALL zhe time to me, Roderich and Elizabeta.”

Your eyes widened in surprise, he talked about you? Probably not nice things but still. “H-He does?” You asked in disbelief.

“Ja… und I know vhat you’re thinking it’s not nice zhings but he’s actually has said some good zhings about you…”

“Wow…” You said still in disbelief and then you sighed heavily again. Guess you’re not getting any revenge.

“Okay, okay! You win this time Ludwig…” You said and then pointed at his face just to emphasize your point. Then you thought about it for a minute, that's right... you remembered when you said you weren't going to overreact out of anger because you were afraid of hurting people's feelings. How would Gilbert feel if you had gotten your revenge with that?

You sighed at the thought once again and crossed your arms.

Gilbert stirred in his sleep and then he finally woke up, his eyes still closed and he stretched his arms out with a slight yawn. "Such an awesome sleep for zhe Awesome-Me… vhat zhe hell is zhat smell?” He asked and wrinkled his nose in disgust at that sudden horrible smell that filled his room.

“That my friend is the smell of my would’ve-been totally AWESOME and sweet revenge!” You yelled and pointed at Gilbert’s face, simply just to get in his face.

“Get your stupid finger out of mein face (Male Name).” He said irritated at your loud volume; he was loud half the time but he just woke up!


“Yes. Revenge! My AWESOME revenge that would’ve gone hilariously but NOOOOOO! Your Big Bad Buff Brother just HAD to come in here RIGHT in the nick of time to save your ass!” You whined and then even stomped in place like a child would.

“Kesesese~!” Gilbert just laughed your reaction off, “Zhat’s your revenge? You’ve got nozhing better zhan zhat? You’re so lame (Male Name).”

“Fuck you Gilbert! I didn’t do it because I would’ve felt bad later on! Cuz I actually care about our friendship!” You yelled with your eyes closed because you were both pissed off and now embarrassed.

“Vhat…?” Gilbert asked, stunned the words just said. Yeah he wouldn’t tell you that he honestly thought of you as a cool friend to have but he didn’t think you felt like that...

“GOSH! You guys are so…! ARGH! Even if you guys really are brothers you get the idea when I say you’re all brothers!” You yelled and then ran out of the room both embarrassed and frustrated leaving a stunned Gilbert and Ludwig in your wake.

Gilbert was still stuck on the whole ‘friendship’ thing… he likes to say he has friends but he and his other ‘friends’ don’t exactly get along and neither did you two but you still hung around him even if you were bound by the same room. But there’s also the fact that you two don’t ALWAYS bicker…

“He’s a guy too you know…” Was all Gilbert said to lessen the now awkward atmosphere. Not wanting to get sentimental.

“Ja, right…” Ludwig ‘agreed’ because apparently his brother still had no idea. He probably shouldn’t tell him though he would expect you to do that later…
Argh! I wanted this to be a LONG chapter but at the same time i didn't want to make TOO TOO Long ya know? But hey! At least lots of funny stuff happened in here the day before the party, and also you got to see lots of hot guys half naked, you started a new trend and you ALMOST got away with sweet revenge. LOL one of my cousins actually got away with a prank like that one of his friends and he was SO pissed! HAHAHA~! That kind of prank where you blend food or get some garbage and dump whichever on the person you chose to! HAHAHA!

Though if this chapter establishes anything, is that Reader-chan is officially a pervert... HAHAHAHA! Not a big pervert but... eh something of a pervert. P.S Who here agrees that since so many typical harem animes have perverted misunderstandings or moments that reverse harems deserve just as much perverted misunderstandings and/moments? I mean come on! :3

Meh that's just me thinking... ignore that! :3

P.S Try saying Big Bad Buff Brother 5 times fast! That's ALMOST a new twister... i think...

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

I hope you all enjoyed this one and get ready for the next AWESOME half story where the real drama and hilarity shall friggin ENSUE!
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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

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