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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 12.4

Hi there everyone~! I’m sorry I had to cut it in half and I’m also sorry that I had to cut this in half but it wouldn't let me submit the whole thing but you'll see the next one EXTREMELY SOON! I PROMISE!

Also the language has gotten slightly bolder and there IS some sort of material here i'm not sure may or may not offend some people but I'm not sure if i should rate it as mature.

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

Friday Morning:

“Damn,  damn…” You muttered to yourself and then paced in the hallway, “Today’s the party… and I’m freaking out… why am I freaking out though?!” You thought, it was just a party it would be NO big deal and besides all your friends that came here would be there so why did you have anything to worry about…

You know what screw it all, that party’s probably gonna rule and you’re gonna go with your totally AWESOME self!

“Yo Feliks, Toris.” You called your friends up ahead of you while you walked.
“Yes?” They said in unison.

“You guys don’t have to drive me there cuz I’m having two other buddies drive me.” You said with a smirk.

“What? Not us?” Feliks asked sounding hurt.

“Oh no… I’m only doing this merely to piss Gilbert off.” You smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“OH OKAY! Go ahead then we’ll see you at the party~!” Feliks chimed and walked off while holding a smiling Toris’ hand.

“Bye guys!” You waved to them and then you walked outside to go to your other two buddies. Like a snake you slithered through the other cars and then peeked over one to see Ludwig and Gilbert getting to get in the car but then you saw that Ludwig was distracted by Gilbert saying something, probably a joke to annoy him. You saw your shot and you took it to sneak behind him and sit in the back. Huh just like Gilbert did to you once…

“So anyvay like I vas saying I’m pretty sure Elizabeta will have forgotten zhat awesome photo I sent her and Roderich a few days ago.” Gilbert said with a satisfied smile and then you shook your head at that memory, disgusting.

“I doubt it, it was not only 2 days ago. She’s still pissed at you, you know?” Ludwig said keeping his eyes on the road.

“She’s alvays pissed at me.” He smirked.

1, 2, 3…

“SURPRISE!!” You yelled from behind and jumped, spooking the both of them as they yelled and the car screeched because Ludwig was startled but he managed to regain control and drive normally.

“(MALE NAME)!” Gilbert yelled in surprise and anger once he saw your laughing face.

“You should’ve seen your faces! HAHAHAHAHA~! Oh Priceless without a price~!” You laughed, holding your sides while you sat in the back.

“Vhat zhe hell?! How zhe hell did you get in here?!” Gilbert asked-yelled you, Ludwig would’ve asked you but he was driving so he’ll leave the questions up to Gilbert.

“ I snuck in and opened your door to the backseat.” You explained, remembering those same words Gilbert told you not even 2 days ago. You raised an eyebrow that served to piss him off.

“Get out of zhe car!”

“Because I’m gay?” You asked, HA! Asking that question won’t get old.

“N-NEIN! Because zhis is not your car you free-loader!” He yelled sounding a bit frustrated at the beginning even if you were gay but that wasn’t the reason!

“You’re one to talk bruder…” Ludwig muttered while he drove and then you laughed.

“Yeah you sure are ya dodo.” You snarked.


“Yeah you’re a dodo.” You smirked.

Gilbert twitched an eyebrow, “Get out of zhe car!”

“Make me.”

“He can’t get out, I’m already driving. Und besides (Male Name) told me zhat you vere zhe one who invited him.” Ludwig explained, going by your alias to go along with it despite the fact that he’d prefer it if you’d tell Gilbert soon. Little did Ludwig know is that it wasn’t going to happen soon…

“Fine! Just shut up back zhere!” Gilbert grumbled but he spoke too soon once he told you to shut up.

“Just shut up back zhere!” You repeated him, even mocking his accent.

“I said shut up back zhere!” He turned to face you in the back.

“I said shut up back zhere!” You repeated him again, making sound like YOU said to shut up back there.

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!” You smirked.

“Quit repeating me!” He yelled with an annoyed face and you kept smirking at him.

“Quit repeating me!” You said and since you and Gilbert were too busy repeating each other Ludwig smiled a small smile of amusement, it was annoying sure but it was also fairly amusing to see his brother get annoyed for once.

“LUDWIG!” Gilbert complained to Ludwig who retained his stoic expression.

“Vill you two just calm down for once?” He asked now annoyed with you two fighting since it always started off like that, first amusing and then annoying.

“Hey guys. Knock-knock.” You said out of the blue and right on cue Gilbert turned to face you with an annoyed expression; he remembered the last time you told him a knock-knock joke which was just to fuck him over.

“Nein… I’m not falling for zhat one again.” He smirked at you since he would NOT fall for that completely un-awesome joke but he spoke too soon again…

“Who’s zhere?” Ludwig of all people asked, the sooner you got done with your childish joke though the better, that was all.

“Vhy vould you do zhat to me Vest?!” Gilbert complained again but Ludwig only rolled his eyes at his brother’s immaturity.

“Take it.” You said and then it was awfully quiet for a few minutes. Gilbert didn’t know what to expect so he wasn’t going to ask, who knows what kind of dumbass punchline you had?

“Just ignore his un-awesome joke.” Gilbert said and Ludwig obeyed though he was really waiting for Gilbert to ask.

You just kept your smile on for another 5 whole minutes.

“Verdammt!” Gilbert yelled out of frustration because now the urge to ask was so tempting… he would get you for this…

“Take it who?!” He asked annoyed to you.

You smirked, “Take it to the back cuz I’m topping you motherfucker.” Gilbert growled and tried to jump back there and strangle you while you laughed out-loud and Ludwig did his best to stifle a chuckle, for a girl you sure had language…

“Aw come on Gil we’re going to a party so get in the party mood!” You said cheerfully, though you sounded like a hypocrite because in actuality you weren’t very thrilled to go at all. But you had to look awesome in front of Gilbert! Less he insult you more.

“Fine… I don’t know vhy I even invited someone as un-awesome as you…” He grumbled and didn’t look at you.

“Cuz I AM AWESOME! Besides that’s what friends do~” You sang-song in the back and began humming some song to Gilbert’s annoyance. Even though he was actually glad that you considered him a friend…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You had arrived to where the party had been held, a rather large bar that was complete with the alcohol being served, a dance-floor, pool table, couches and tables to sit on and a karaoke bar!

Nervous and overwhelmed you scratched your left shoulder, yikes… And there was already so many people around here already and some of your friends too but still…

“Vhat are you vaiting for (Male Name)~?” Gilbert asked you from behind but you didn’t even have to turn to see that damned smirk.

“GET IN ZHERE!” He yelled and pushed you in; lucky you didn’t fall but you were still gonna kick him later for that.

Since you knew things happen at parties you made sure to keep all your wrapping firm but not firm to the point where it was uncomfortable, your side burns on nice and good, you wore a sports bra and some soft bandage up in your chest area to flatten your breasts.

You wore a dark but stylish jacket for party wear and some cool baggy jeans to go with your image and keep up the disguise. Your hair kept underneath said jacket and hidden to avoid it from falling out. Yup the disguise would be much more strict for tonight.

“Feliks! Toris!” You called and quickly ran over to them, happy to see familiar friendly faces.

“(Your Name)!” They called happily and welcomed you.

“Thank God it’s you guys… it’s a lot more overwhelming when you actually get here…” You said with a worried expression.

“Nah don’t worry, this is like what parties are for. To have fun and loosen up.” Feliks patted your shoulder to reassure you, you smiled nervously.

“Yeah… you’re right… that’s what I’ll do… But be careful guys if you make one wrong move in places like this some weirdo may try and butt-fuck you…” You said and searched around the room nervously, Toris looked even more nervous once you said that and Feliks rolled his eyes.

“I think this’ll be fun… let’s not be too timid… what do you think (Your Name)?” Toris asked you, also reassuring you that he was nervous too so it wasn’t just you. You smiled at him, “Yeah you guys are right but let’s try and find each other once we get out of here…”

“Oh we’ll be here for a while but come on (Your Name) go say hi to people. Like meet someone new, GO!” Feliks playfully pushed you but his intentions were good, hopefully so you’d get out of your shell and not be so nervous around the others. There were girls here too, none you’d ever seen before and some guys you haven’t seen before either. But it’s been a while since you talked to a girl, you were literally around guys 24/7 so it was kind of nice to be around fellow members of your gender for a change, the only other girl you’ve been around was your mom.

“Jeez…” You said feeling nervous again and unsure. Which wasn’t like you but you couldn’t help it, you weren’t a party person at heart. You liked to jam but there was so many people here, strangers at that…

“Oh look there’s Gil…” You said seeing Gilbert and he was with Roderich and a rather pretty looking girl with long brown hair and green eyes glaring at him and holding up a frying pan…? What the hell?!

“Uh…! Look zhere’s (MALE NAME)!” Gilbert yelled, afraid of Elizabeta about to hit him and pointed at you suddenly once he noticed you.  The three of them all turned to face you.

You widened your eyes in shock and immediately hid your face with your hoodie and tried to walk away. “Okay, that’s it I want out!” You thought and ran off to the nearest exit but you felt a hand grab the back of your hoodie and you grabbed the door tightly so that way whoever that was wouldn’t pull you back in there.

“Come on (Male Name) vhere are you going?!” Gilbert asked while pulling you and you kept your grip on the door.

“I want out man! I take everything I said back! Let me out!” You yelled and kept your iron-grip on the door and then you loosened up once you heard the sound of someone getting hit by something hard.

“Leave him alone already Gilbert!” The pretty girl you saw yelled, her green eyes shining like emerald fire. Wow…

“Hello zhere! You must be the famous (Male Name)! I’m Elizabeta Héderváry!” The girl, or Elizabeta greeted you cheerfully. So this is the Elizabeta that Gilbert told you about… Oh… wow… Well while she’s getting up in your personal space you might as well say something instead of being silent and meek.

“Yeah.. that’s me it’s really nice to-“ You said but then you were cut off by the annoying ‘Prussian’.

“Zhat’s zhe un-awesome (Male Name)” Gilbert said while he rubbed the side of his head that had been whacked.

“You shut up man!” You yelled but you sounded nervous.

“Aren’t you a cutie? I’ve heard many zhings about you! I mean even if Gilbert was zhe one saying zhem you sound like a very interesting person!” She beamed still a little close for your liking but the girl was giving you compliments, she looked nice, and she likes messing with Gilbert too, oh what the hell? She looks kinda sweet, and a new friend like her would rule. Besides you NEEDED a girl-friend.

“I’m sorry it’s just…! Can I hug you?!” She asked and then you nodded even though you felt slightly uncomfortable. Then she pulled you into a rather tight hug, which you actually didn’t seem to mind, “Wow… she’s very well-endowed…” You thought while she hugged you but you stopped those thoughts and then you decided to speak, but NOT what you were thinking.

“Yeah. I’m pretty good I’m not gonna lie. Hey I don’t want to get to graphic here but I kicked him in the sack on my first day of college.” You grinned at the girl who seemed to be grinning just as much as you.

“Now zhat is awesome!” She said and then the two of you fist-bumped, huh. Wow, you didn’t know who Elizabeta was before but you LIKE her.

“Thanks. Oh, and also let me tell you…” You kept going on and on, and on and on about how your college experience was with Gilbert to Elizabeta. She felt sorry for you once you told her that you were Gilbert’s roommate but you said you made up for it by always pranking him and one-upping him during some wacky challenge.

“And then I told him, I kicked it once don’t make me kick it again!” You said and then you and Elizabeta laughed for like the 5th time because your stories were entertaining whilst Gilbert was right behind you and he crossed his arms with a pout as he heard you two getting along swimmingly.

“HAHAHA! Let me guess you did?” Elizabeta asked, as if she knew.

“Are you a psychic?” You asked before you both laughed again.

“Yes, he did because during that dodgeball game Gilbert got him out when he was already out.” Roderich said,  whom was sitting next to Elizabeta while you two were chatting.

“You told me about zhat, and I just had to meet you vhen he did.” She said smiling at you.

“Thanks I’m really glad to-“ You said and then you were cut off by Gilbert again.

“Zhat game was in mein hands! I vould’ve von if you didn’t cheat!” Gilbert pointed at you and then as soon as you were about to open your mouth Elizabeta beat you to it.

“He did not cheat!”

“How vould you know?! You veren’t even zhere!” Gilbert argued but he still flashed her that smirk that she hated and the one that you always fought with and at the same time… you liked it…

“I know enough zhat he definitely kicked your ass!” She yelled but smirked at him.

You thought that was your thing…

Well then again Gilbert did say that him and her were childhood friends… you found yourself grab your arm and stare at the floor, feeling strangely left out for some reason…

“Did (Male Name) tell you zhat he’s gay?!” Gilbert smirked at you and chuckled that damned cackle of his. Rather than fighting back you glared at him and then clutched your arm even tighter for some reason… what was wrong with you?

“You’re gay?” Elizabeta asked.

“Yeah…” You said awkwardly, maybe she didn’t know but she could still be your friend because you were gay and having a girl-friend wouldn’t be weird. You needed another female in your life other than your mom, Feliks didn’t count.

“Zhat’s… amazing…” She said and then you widened your eyes once you saw that she was blushing.

“Oh it is? Thanks, but I gotta tell I’m not the kind of ‘I’m gonna butt-fuck every guy’ gay.” You said and pointed so that way she wouldn’t get any ideas.

“Aww…” She whined; you were right she did have a thing for that kind of… activity… meh you were okay with it but you’d never actually met anyone else who liked it. Cool, that’ s new you could say you know someone like that now.

“But… uh… guys get a lot of wrong ideas I’ll tell you that.” You nodded but Elizabeta still smiled.

“I don’t vant to sound too nosy now but do you have a boyfriend?” She asked, seeming giddy.

“No… but my friend Feliks over there, since he’s twice as gay as me whenever we’re out in public together people always ask ‘are you two boyfriend-girlfriend?’ But the thing is, they think that I’m the boyfriend and they think Feliks is the girlfriend.” You said snickering at that last part and Elizabeta couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” She asked again but politely, you shook your head.

“No… I’ve been thinking about it… I’m actually the kind of ‘Looking for a good-guy’ kinda gay but I’ve had my friendly moments with the guys I’ll tell you that.” You said nodding and winking at Elizabeta to give her a good image, gotta make yourself look super cool in front of the cool lady.

“NEIN! NEIN! You guys are supposed to zhink he’s lame and completely un-awesome! Not like zhe Awesome-Me!” Gilbert butted in the conversation, not pleased with how you were getting along better with his friends than he thought.

“Vell I like him so Gilbert please kindly fuck off.” Elizabeta said glaring at him, to which he smirked at.

“But he’s gay, I mean zhe guy sings like he’s some sort of superstar.” Gilbert mocked you and then it was your turn to glare at him.

“I am a superstar! I’m the AWESOME superstar and I’m more AWESOME than you because I’m the best damn thing all of you will ever see!” You yelled with a wide smirk, getting some of your confidence back.

“You go (Male Name)!” Elizabeta cheered for you and you smiled at her.

“Thank you my new Girl-friend!” You grinned and gave her a thumbs up.

“Vell if you zhink you’re so awesome (Male Name) vhy don’t you show off your AWESOME singing skills to Elizabeta and Roderich?” Gilbert asked you still smugly smirking and then pointing to Elizabeta and Roderich.

“Come on (Male Name) I vant to hear you!” Elizabeta smiled at you and practically gave you the puppy-dog eyes.

“Um… actually I-“ You stuttered, it’s not like you were shy or anything but there’s a lot of people here. Including some you don’t even know.

“Vhat’s zhe matter (Male Name)? Are you chicken?” Gilbert asked and then made his arms look like chicken wings to mess with you.

“Shut your mouth Gilbert!” Elizabeta glared daggers at him but then Gilbert started making clucking noises.

“Hey Gilbert.” You said.


“Duck season!” You smiled.

“Rabbit season!” He yelled back but then he realized what you just said, oh great not this again! You being stupid again.

“Duck season.” You grinned this time whilst Elizabeta gave you a confused look and Roderich was looking at you and Gilbert like you were two were stupid.

“Rabbit season!” Gilbert fought back, now getting caught in another one of your games.

“Gilbert season!” You said suddenly and then he glared at you while you suddenly started laughing. Elizabeta held up her frying pan and grinned at the words ‘Gilbert Season’.

“Nein! Don’t you get any ideas!” He said getting up and pointing at Elizabeta, afraid that she was going to pound him again.

“Calm down Liz, I was only playing with him cuz he’s fun to mess with. I’ll sing!” You yelled and raised both your hands in the air, Elizabeta cheered for you and then you noticed the A.S.K not too far from here cheering too. You smiled, it’s always good to have fans.

“YO DJ!” You called and then the person up front controlling the music that filled the room.

“Whoa~ Whoa~ Whoa! What is this?” He announced and now all eyes were on you but you ignored both them and the butterflies in your stomach.

“Give me that mike! Cuz I’m gonna sing like the AWESOME superstar I am!” You said pointing at him and flashing him a confident grin.

“We got ourselves a brave singer in the house party people! Now I know this dude! He goes to college with me, only one of the coolest gay kids I’ve ever met! Everyone give it up for (Male Name) The Rainbow Smash!” He announced loudly to the crowd who started slowly cheering and you rolled your eyes at the nickname he just gave you.

You took the microphone and kept your eyes on all your friends watching you, Feliks, Toris and the others from college and then Gilbert, Elizabeta and Roderich.

“Okay ya’ll. What up? My name’s (Male Name) and you’re all about to FREAK OUT at my AWESOME voice!” You said and then picked the song on the karaoke machine to the awesome song.

The opening riff made you flip your bangs like a rocker for a while and then you looked at the now cheering crowd and then you sang:

~Try to tell me what I shouldn't do
You should know by now,
I won't listen to you
Walk around with my hands up in the air
Cause I don't care

Cause I'm alright, I'm fine

Just freak out, let it go
I'm gonna live my life
I can't ever run and hide
I won't compromise
Cause I'll never know
I'm gonna close my eyes
I can't watch the time go by
I won't keep it inside
Freak out, let it go
Just freak out, let it go~

“Wow! He’s really good!” Elizabeta chimed next to an impressed looking Roderich, Gilbert looked shocked. His friends thought you were cool! I mean yeah he and you were friends too but he couldn’t have them thinking you were awesome! That was his thing!

~You don't always have to do everything right
Stand up for yourself
And put up a fight
walk around with your hands up in the air
Like you don't care

Cause I'm alright, I'm fine

Just freak out, let it go
I'm gonna live my life
I can't ever run and hide
I won't compromise
Cause I'll never know
I'm gonna close my eyes
I can't watch the time go by
I won't keep it inside
Freak out, let it go~

You heard Feliks and Toris cheer for you in the background and then you also Alfred cheering rather loudly for you. As well as Feliciano and Lovino, well Feliciano cheered for you and Lovino smiled while crossing his arms in approval, and then you saw the A.S.K cheering for you, though they resembled fangirls as they fawned all over you while you sang and then you also heard and saw the whole crowd cheering for you. You mentally smirked at this, you WERE awesome.

~On my own
Let it go
Yeah, yeah, yeah

For a while there even Gilbert was getting caught up in the… admittedly awesome rhythm of the song and your voice but he stopped himself from getting too caught up because it was your voice for crying out loud!

Just let me live my life
I can't ever run and hide
I won't compromise
Cause I'll never know
I'm gonna close my eyes
I can't watch the time go by
I won't keep it inside
Freak out, let it go

Gonna freak out, let it go
Gonna freak out, let it go~

And all you heard was the uproarious cheering from the crowd, whooping and whistling. You bowed and then flashed them the peace sign while nodding like a superstar. The A.S.K up at the front practically drooling over you. You winked at Andrew and then…
He fainted but with Steve and Keith to catch him.  

“WOOHOO~! That’s my bestie~!” You saw Feliks cheering for you with both his arms raised with Toris clapping vigorously, “Woohoo!”

Then you saw that Elizabeta was clapping and cheering for you and Roderich clapping lightly but with a look of approval, next to a dissatisfied Gilbert.

“Wow…. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! WOW!” The DJ exclaimed as he walked on next to you and smiled at you and your talent.

“Now THAT’S what I call an Awesome voice!” He said grinning and pointing at you which made the crowd cheer even louder.  

“Hey! Do you guys want another one?!” He asked the crowd and then a good lot of them were chanting ‘yes’! To your amusement, how flattering. You were too caught up in your own awesomeness and spotlight to notice Gilbert’s shocked expression amongst the crowd.

“Yo (Male Name) The crowd wants another one! You up for it dawg?”

“Hell yeah!” You yelled and then the DJ smiled and started up the next song. Or was about too until a voice interrupted him.

“VAIT!!” A loud but proud voice that belonged to the white-haired Prussian stood out amongst the crowd as everyone stopped to turn and look at him.

“Let me sing vith (Male Name)!” He announced to both yours and everyone else’s shock.

“Oh, it’s you.” DJ said sounding a little less thrilled.

He knew Gilbert too but he didn’t like him because of his loud and annoying personality and his laugh for that matter, and he also disliked his arrogance and bad attitude.

“Ja, It’s Zhe Awesome Gilbert!” He shouted with pride and crossed his arms, a smug and arrogant look on his face. The ones you were familiar with. Elizabeta and Roderich glared at him with annoyance, along with the DJ.

“Well whaddaya say (Male Name)? Would you like him to sing with you?” DJ asked through a smile despite how unsatisfied he was.

You looked at Gilbert and saw him sneering at you; no choice, you sighed and rolled your eyes.

“Yeah,  sure. What the hell? It’s the least I can do for a fan to experience my AWESOMENESS up here. It’s every fan’s dream to come up and have me sing for them.” You smirked and winked at Gilbert, whom twitched an eyebrow at you in annoyance, clenching his fists and not seeing the A.S.K  glaring at him because…
They’d rather be up there and have you sing for THEM! Not Gilbert!

Let me hear you say hey hey hey!

Andrew: Hey!

Steve: Hey!

Keith: hey!

You grinned once you heard the A.S.K amongst the crowd

Alright, now let me hear you say hey hey ho!

Andrew: Hey!

Steve: Hey!

Keith: Ho!

I hate it when a guy
Doesn't get the door,
Even though I told him
Yesterday and the day before...

I hate it when a guy
Doesn't get the tab
And I have to pull my money out
And that looks bad!

Where are the hopes?
Where are the dreams?
My Cinderella story scene?
When do you think they'll finally see?

That you're not, not, not,
Gonna get any better,
No, you won't, won't, won't,
You won't get rid of me never,
Like it or not even though he's a lot like me...
We're not the same,

You pointed at Gilbert to emphasize that by ‘he’ you totally meant him. He widened his eyes and began to stutter quietly to himself. You were about to sing the next part until…

And yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a lot to handle,
You don't know trouble,
I'm a hell of a scandal, me,

He butt into your song and had the 2nd microphone in his hands but then you backed him out of your way.

I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen,
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!

Gilbert opened his hands out for some applause but then he was suddenly hit in the face with a bag of popcorn...

“Get off the stage asshole!” An angry person in the crowd yelled, to Gilbert’s annoyance.

“Schließen Sie Ihren Mund Sie dummes Arschloch!!”He yelled angrily in German words to the guy who now only looked befuddled because he had NO idea what he just said. And neither did you but it probably wasn’t something nice.

I hate it when a guy doesn't understand
Why a certain time of month I don't want to hold his hand
I hate it when they go out and we stay in
And they come home smelling like their ex-girlfriends

I found my  hopes
I found my dreams
My Cinderella story scene.
Now everybody’s gonna see...

You waited too long on that bit and Gilbert once again stole your role, and you were pissed once you saw that people were actually cheering for him. You expected him to sound terrible but he didn’t sound THAT terrible, he wasn’t brilliant but he was apparently good enough. Wait! Half these people must drunk so that’s good but still!

That you're not, not, not,
Gonna get any better,
No, you won't, won't, won't,
You won't get rid of me never,
Like it or not even though he's a lot like me...
We're not the same,

Annoyed you pushed him out of the way and got back in your spotlight.

And yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a lot to handle,
If you don't know trouble,
I'm a hell of a scandal, me,
I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen,
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!

Give me an A (always give me what I want)

Give me a V (be very very good to me)

You both exchanged  each other glares as you both sung one of the best parts of the song. And then all the way into the rest of the song.

R (are you gonna treat me right)

I (I can put up a fight)

You: Give me an L (let me hear you scream loud)

One, two, three, four!

Where are the hopes, where are the dreams
My Cinderella story scene
When do you think they'll finally see

That you're not, not, not,
Gonna get any better,

No, you won't, won't, won't,
You won't get rid of me never,

Like it or not even though he's a lot like me...

We're not the same,

And yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a lot to handle,

You don't know trouble,
I'm a hell of a scandal, me,
I'm a scene

I'm a drama queen,

You and Gilbert:
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!

Let me hear you say hey hey hey!

Andrew: Hey!

Steve: Hey!

Keith: hey!

Alright, now let me hear you say hey hey ho!

Andrew: Hey!

Steve: Hey!

Keith: Ho!

The Crowd:
Hey hey hey!

Hey hey hey!

Hey hey hey!

You and Gilbert:
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!

By now you were both in each other’s faces, noses touching as you glared daggers straight into your irises.  But then you both turned around to hear and see the load clapping and cheering from the crowd, and some even laughing because they thought it was hilarious. However when you looked back at each other you both sheepishly smiled at each other because the crowd apparently loved you.

“Give it up for Rainbow Smash and his bro Silver!” DJ yelled getting in between the two of you while the crowd cheered even louder.

You both got off from the stage and back to where your friends were at. Feliks and Toris immeadiately ran over to you, “That was like SOOO COOL!”
“You were amazing!”

“SO AWESOME~~!” The A.S.K appeared right behind you, gushing over you to your amusement.

“Thanks you guys!” You thanked all your friends.

“You’re an amazing singer! I’ve heard zhat about you but I had a hunch that it vas true!” Elizabeta chimed and you smiled, nodding and even winking at her.

“Yeah… I dabble.” You bragged on and on with your ‘fans’ fawning all over you.

“He may be ‘amazing’ Elizabeta.” Gilbert spoke up and fluttered his fingers when he said amazing and Elizabeta rolled her eyes.

“But he’s not AWESOME like me!” Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.
“Yeah right Gilbert, he vas great until you ruined it.”Elizabeta smirked and put her hands on her hips.

“Nein he vas not! Zhe Awesome-Me stepping in vas a huge improvement.” He started going on about how he made you ‘look better’ while you listened to the two of them bickering. For some reason you lost a small bit of glee that you had staring at Elizabeta and Gilbert bickering.

“I don’t particularly agree with you. But at least there was one person up there singing that WASN’T a faggot.” One guy came over to see you and your friends, you didn’t know him but he looked like someone who went to college with you.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, getting defensive.

“It means that you shouldn’t be here. Losers like you don’t belong here. Gay is not the way you faggot!” He yelled at you. You couldn’t bring yourself to say anything, even if you weren’t gay you recalled facing some sort of bullying like this when you were younger. Feeling bad about yourself, cuz to you he was talking about your personality, not your orientation but nonetheless it still stung you like poison.  

You were speechless, with Elizabeta, Roderich, Feliks and Toris behind you and although they didn’t catch all of what that guy said they heard enough to glare daggers at him.

“HEY!” Your eyes widened when you saw Gilbert step in front of you against this homophobe.

“No one calls (Male Name) a faggot except for me!” He said, now getting up in this guy’s face.

“Then why are you associated with him?” He questioned him which only seemed to make the albino even more peeved.

“Because no one speaks to any of mein friends like zhat!” He yelled, and you only stared at him in awe.


“Ja zhat’s right... Vhat’s zhe matter? You not cool with zhat?” He asked apathetically, keeping his glare dead-set on him.

“No I am not. And on top of that, that makes you a faggot too!” He said, pissing off Gilbert.

“Say zhat again. I dare you…”

“FAG…GOT!” He said and then got his face socked in by the angry Prussian. Glaring at him as he fell onto the hard floor.

“Zhis place isn’t for un-awesome losers like you. So kindly get out und leave.” He warned him and crossed his arms. You were beyond surprised, amazed and even touched. You’ve never seen this side of Gilbert before, he sounded so serious and after he’d been such a teaser to you. He defended you…

“It’s just you… I’m not going anywhere… what do you plan on doing about that?” The guy said, getting up and holding his bleeding nose.

Gilbert looked at you, Elizabeta, Roderich, Feliks and Toris; he smirked but reassuringly and then turned to face it towards the homophobe.

“Zhe Awesome-Me und everyone else in zhis place vill each kick your ass.” He said breezily and thenlike he said everyone else around him motioned closer to him, glaring at him with cold stares and disapproving frowns. It was too much for him to handle so he fell backwards and crawled towards the entrance to leave.

“I won’t forget this!” He yelled before making a break for it as fast as he could. Everyone started cheering once he did, now that was cool.

Gilbert turned to face all his friends with his usual grin and you just smiled at him, which he noticed and then he punched you in the shoulder. “After I’ve been such an ‘un-awesome’ pest to you…You defended me..!”

“Of course I did, Cuz I AM AWESOME! Besides… zhat’s vhat friends do.” He said shrugging at that last part. You looked surprised for a little bit but then you smiled, how ironic. But it was a nice irony…

“Thank you Mr. Awesome… you really are awesome…” You said tugging at your shoulder shyly.

“I know! Zhat’s vhat I keep saying!” He chimed and then you playfully punched him back in the shoulder.

“I have to say I’m impressed Gilbert.” You both turned and faced Elizabeta.

“Zhat’s one of the few times I haven’t seen you acting like a huge bastard.” She said with a playful smirk and crossed her arms.

Gilbert only chuckled, “Zhen clearly you don’t know vhat awesome looks like Elizabeta.”

“Whatever. But vhat you did zhere was pretty, as like you say all zhe time. Awesome.” She said smiling at him. You smiled too but when you looked at Gilbert, that smile turned into a small frown. Gilbert was blushing…


That’s right…

“Kesesesese~! I alvays look awesome!” He said, puffing up and Elizabeta shook her head.

“Ja, right.” She smirked and you just stared at the two of them. Feeling that strange left-out feeling again, and then you sighed as you continued to stare at the two of them now bickering like you and him usually did. They were closer to each other than you were, so there’s really nothing you can do about that, but why were you feeling unhappy all of the sudden? Meh, no big deal… You'd be happy for Gilbert, and Elizabeta because she was your new friend and she was real cool too.

You smiled weakly and then walked elsewhere to see your other friends; Elizabeta and Gilbert too caught up in their bickering to notice you weren’t there anymore.

You sat down on the nearest chair and set your arm on the bar, holding your head up with your hand as you usually did when you were bored, unhappy or in deep thought. Then you noticed someone else sitting next to you, that guy Roderich Edelstein. The only things you knew about him is that, he played piano very well so he was musical, he sucked at sports and gym class, and that apparently he was friends with Elizabeta and somehow friends with Gilbert but he and Elizabeta didn’t get along with him very much.
“Hey.” You said simply.

“Hello zhere.” He responded back sounding just as flat.

“So… you like music?”

“Yes I do. Very much actually. I enjoy playing it though I do have my preferences.”

“Everyone does. But that’s cool.” You said once you remembered how he played his beautiful piano music through all the chaos that went on in your first day of college.

“I have a question. How long have you and Elizabeta been friends with Gilbert?” You asked, but hoped that it wasn’t something too personal.

Instead Roderich sighed, “Longer than me and her vish ve did.”

“Ha! I know what you mean.” You grinned and laughed.

“Yes, well… zhe zhing is….” Roderich told you all about how he and Elizabeta have been friends with Gilbert since elementary school and all the way into highschool and even college even though Elizabeta attends a different college than them they still keep in touch, well Roderich and Elizabeta kept in touch and did the same reluctantly with Gilbert.

“HAHAHA~! Wow… he sounds like he was TWICE as annoying as he is now, and that sounds impossible.” You laughed at his whole story and all the times Gilbert annoyed the hell out him and Elizabeta.

“Nein, if you ask me he’s more annoying zhan he’s ever been.” Roderich stated keeping a stoic face.

“So… Elizabeta huh?” You asked raising a suggestive eyebrow at Roderich because by the way he also mentioned his rather close friendship with Elizabeta made it sound like there was definitely more than a friendship between them, plus you recalled when Gilbert said that Elizabeta and Roderich ‘hit it off really well.’ Now you wanted to see if it was true.

You smirked once you saw Roderich blushing, “Z-Zhat is none of your business!” He exclaimed and then regained his composure but you chuckled.

“No way man, you tapped that?” You asked with an open-mouth grin, looking giddy and excited.

Roderich blushed a little harder, “I did not..! ‘T-Tap that’… I was merely in a relationship with her that’s all!”

You nearly squealed but then you heard the ‘was’. “Was?”

“Yes, we… met a few disagreements but we’re still very good friends.” He said not seeming phased, which you were thankful for. Then you smiled at how they were still friends despite their apparent break-up, rather than all the other awkward, drama-filled scenarios you’ve seen countless times on TV and even in real life. HA! The last thing you needed in life was more drama.

“Wait… I’ve got another question. What’s up with Gilbert and Elizabeta?” You asked, even more curious. You recall the moments where Gilbert brought up Elizabeta and how she often beat the crap out of him and this one time that he said that she ‘didn’t notice his awesomeness’. Apparently he had a crush on her of some sorts because of the way he was blushing when she smiled at him…

“Ugh… well if you really want to know I’ll tell you.” Roderich sighed and sounded annoyed, not at you but at just thinking about the whole thing between those two.  

And so he did tell you and how when Elizabeta was little that at a few points she actually believed that she was a boy. Which made you laugh, talk about gender-confusion. But when you’re little what can you do? Lucky for you though you haven’t hit that yet because you remembered that you were a girl, and that’s it. Then about a time when she ‘grew up’ an awkward scenario between the two of them when Gilbert discovered that she was a girl. You shook your head and shot a disgusted look once Roderich mentioned what he tried to do to her before he found out but then that disgusted look turned into a fit of uproarious laughter.

“AHAHAHAHAHA~! Wow…! Awkward~!” You sang-sung whilst you noticed that despite Roderich’s still stoic demeanor he twitched an eyebrow.

“Yes, it vas very awkward for all of us…” He said, without a doubt he was annoyed and disgusted with that memory.

You continued laughing for a bit but then you stopped… thinking about it… hopefully the same thing that happened to Elizabeta won’t happen to you. But at the same time… you were still feeling slightly unhappy for some reason…
Not liking this you called the bartender up ahead. “Yo, may I have a root beer please?” You asked politely and gave him a payment, “Go ahead and keep the change bro.”

“Thank you very much sir.” He said and then you drank the whole medium-sized cup of what you thought was root beer. Your face scrunched up in disgust  once you swallowed all of that ‘root beer’ and then you licked the taste on your tounge for a minute. Worst thing you’ve ever drunken.

“That’s the worst root beer I’ve ever had in my life.” You said still disgusted and trying to get that taste out of your mouth.

“Um... (Male Name)… zhat’s not root beer, zhat’s just beer.” Roderich said, his stoic expression not breaking but he did look only slightly concerned because apparently you didn’t drink.

You stared at him with wide eyes. “What? Oh God no…” You said and then you speed-walked elsewhere to find something, anything that’s not alcohol. The crowd was large so you bumped into a lot of people but then luckily you bumped into someone familiar.

“(Your Name)?” You looked up to see Ivan.

“Ivan thank goodness it’s you…” You said and while he looked somewhat concerned for you and slightly confused you noticed that he had a water-bottle with him.

“May I have some of that please?” You asked, even using the puppy dog eyes to butter him up. And he smiled, “Da, but…” He said while giving you the water-bottle. Without hesitation you drank a small but good enough amount of it, swallowed it and closed it. But once again your face scrunched in disgust.

“UGH!” You exclaimed and then handed the water bottle back to Ivan.

“What the hell kind of water is that?!”

“Oh… I’m very sorry (Your Name) this isn’t water… this is my vodka.” He said with a smile and you widened your eyes.

“Oh… no you see the thing is… I’m not a drinker…”
Damn! Damn! Damn it again! When i tried posting up the whole thing it wouldn't let me!! But i've got the whole thing finished so this is only the 2nd quarter of the whole there's three parts to chapter 12, I'M NOT GOOD AT MATH! But... at least this provides some fun things and the next chapter will be updated as soon as this one is! I'm really sorry! But in this one, there's been a few references made DUCK SEASON! RABBIT SEASON! HAHAHAHA~! You sang your heart out with and without Gilbert, you met Elizabeta and now she's your new friend! YAY~!! Then you faced another homophobe, and... Hello DRAMA~... I think somebody's jealous~... HAHAHA~!

Darn it! You'll see the third part 12.5 VERY VERY SOON! Cos i already got it done! I'm very sorry!

Also what Prussia said in German: Schließen Sie Ihren Mund Sie dummes Arschloch!= Shut your mouth you stupid asshole!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

The totally awesome kickass songs are:
Freak Out: Avril Lavigne
The Best Damn Thing: Avril Lavigne

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:
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