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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 13

Aw man after a week I feel bad but schools almost over for me so that means I get to spend more of my time on this baby! But of course with summer it’s all about plans but still I shant forget all my lovely readers! This chapter’s not really like the others but don’t you feel crappy when your stomach’s being bitchy to you? Aside from that this is still a chapter that I think some of you can like… Hee-hee…

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

“Oh and here’s another confession. I just love your ass….” You said sounding seductive and then you reached one hand and grabbed Antonio's butt which made him gasp and then blush almost as red as one of his tomatoes.

“That’s very kind of you (Your Name) but… you see… I’m…”


“I was going to say that I’d rather have you do this with someone you like… but gracias for the compliment.” He said shakily.

“And that’s what makes you so hot~ Adios Toni~” You said playfully letting him go and then spanking him


Your vision was blurry but you were able to see that it was Francis and then you smiled, “Hey Sexy. What’s a hot and sweet croissant like you doing in a place like this?” You asked and then tried looking suggestive again, though you were actually more focused on the bottle of red wine he was carrying in his hand. You had to have it…

“Ohohohohon~ (Your Name) you’re being rather bold aren’t you?” Francis asked, enjoying the closeness between you and him right now.

“Oui…” You said to imitate his language but then your next move was completely by surprise, once you held Francis by his shoulders and licked his left cheek. Antonio and Francis’ eyes widened in shock and surprise; Francis was so surprised that he didn’t notice that you took the bottle of wine out of his hands, “Love you!” You shouted back to them once you left the two shocked gentlemen in the washroom.


“I’ve been partyin’ my ass off Gil! I mean I’m feelin’ so fresh and free! WHOO-HOO~!” You raised your hands in the air, still sitting down. Gilbert stared at you in amusement, you weren’t acting like you so something was up. He got up and then you were gone again.

“Vhere’d he go?” He asked.

“HEY!” He yelled shocked and then looked down to see your face buried in his middle, for some reason he blushed but he was appalled.

“(Male Name)! Get zhe hell off vhat are you-?!” He asked but you kept hold of him and laughed drunkenly, “But Giiil~… I want to taste some of that sweetness you have…” You slurred referring to the beer he had but clearly that sounded wrong, very wrong.

But then Gilbert noticed that your arms weren’t around his waist anymore, and also that his beer was gone! He turned around and saw that you were drinking the cup that was his and then you set it down on the nearest table; pissing him because you drank his beer!


You moaned slightly as you slowly woke up but your eyes were still closed, as the voices and music kept replaying over and over in your already pounding head, why did you hurt in the morning though? And on top of that why did you always have such weird dreams? But then you questioned yourself again on why were you in pain this morning? What made you feel like-?

Oh wait…

That’s right…

“Oh…” You groaned painfully since you were awake now but you still didn’t open your eyes because of the agonizing pressure that was weighing down your whole face.  Every time you tried to register what the hell you did last night it only made your head hurt worse than it already did.

All you knew is that you went to that party with Gilbert and that you met his friends and you also saw your friends there too. You sang some kick-ass songs, Gilbert had defended you against a homophobe, you spoke with Roderich for a little bit and that’s when it all went downhill from there…

You drank something that you thought was non-alcoholic and ended up paying the price.

Groaning you slowly put your hand to your head, massaging your temples; great only a few weeks in college and you’re already dying of your first apparent hangover.

“Head hurts like a motherfucker…” You moaned softly and lied on your bed curled up in a ball. Why you decided to ever order something to drink, scratch that why you ever decided to say yes to going to that party you’ll never know..

Drinking is SO bad.


End Of Story.

Lesson Learned.

You felt like an idiot for drinking for the first time, sure you felt like a grown up but now you felt like shit. Needless to say you’re NEVER going to drink again, EVER. Maybe you were exaggerating right now, but that’s because right now all you could focus on was how horrid you felt.

Your mother would beat your ass if she ever found out that you drank liquor. You’ll have to find some way to lie about that.

“Agh…” You moaned again, feeling horrible. Your stomach was killing you, as was your head and if you even tried to open your eyes you’d probably die and you had the blankets covering your face because the sunlight was just too much. Now you knew how vampires felt, at least when exposed to sunlight.  

“What the?” You said once you felt that you had a few things on you for some reason… Huh…? You thought once you used your hand to grab something from underneath your sheets and pulled it out slowly…

A pair of familiar boxers, Arthur’s to be precise…

“No…” You groaned again and then you looked around yourself and smelt yourself, no other weird kind of stink aside from B.O that’s all… thank God… but how did his underwear end up with you? Unless he was as drunk as you, wait a minute… he was… that’s right he was already buzzed before you as you recall.

“Man… I think these things are following me…” You said softly before putting them under your pillow; you’d give them back to him once you start feeling better.

“Ugh… what else did I do last night…?” You questioned yourself and continue to groan in sickness and then your turned on your side hopefully to get somehow more comfortable.

“That’s right… Mattie brought me home…” You thought, sure you were drunk as a skunk but you only remember SOME things that went down last night… Matthew bringing you home was one,  you dancing and falling onto a table was another, throwing up twice was also another and that was about it… the rest was blurred and you couldn’t remember anything else.

“Well at least I didn’t get butt-fucked.” You thought while you closed your eyes and pulled the covers over your face because of how miserable you felt.

“RISE UND SHINE~!” You groaned and winced at the loud obnoxious voice of your ‘Prussian’ roommate. In your condition hearing his loud voice was the last thing you needed. You kept hidden under the covers .

“Go away…” You moaned sounding sick and miserable to Gilbert’s slight annoyance.

“Little hung-over?” He asked you smirking, you perked your head out from under the covers, only showing him your death glare.

“What do you think numbnuts?”

“Whose fault is zhat?”

“Look man I’m not in the mood…” You groaned again and turned to the other side to avoid seeing Gil and try to get whatever rest you could.

“Yeesh you look like shit.” He said snickering under his breath a little bit because of how wild your hair was and how sick you looked which was a contrast to your usually bright and proud appearance.

“Thanks for the newsflash because I also feel like shit.” You said still on the other side.

“Are you really going to let a little hangover get zhe best of you?” He asked crossing his arms and smirking, as if he was trying to challenge you.

“Yes,  are you happy now?” Was all you had to say, which was a surprise but you just didn’t feel good. In fact you’ve never felt this shitty in your life, at least physically and a little bit emotionally when you thought about the other times you’ve felt weak like this.

“Vhat?” Gilbert asked, he heard what you said but at the same time he wasn’t sure he heard you correctly.

“Yes I’m letting this ‘little’ hangover get the best of me.” You repeated, a little irritated over the fact that you had to repeat yourself.

“Nein don’t be a loser,  get out of bed.” He said, unsatisfied by this totally new attitude you were showing, it wasn’t like you.

“I can’t Gilbert, I feel horrible… Just go away and leave me alone will ya?” You said, now more irritated by how he was pestering you this time, couldn’t he see that you were feeling terrible? Why couldn’t he just leave you alone right now?

“Vhat happened to zhe ‘Awesome’-(Male Name)?” He asked, fluttering his fingers because he wasn’t going to admit that at times… you were actually pretty awesome but he wasn’t going to say that to you ever! But he didn’t like this, this isn’t you.

“I was bullshitting you Gil, I thought you knew that…” You said softly but it was loud enough for Gilbert to hear you, these words surprised and even shocked Gilbert.

“Vhat? Nein, zhat’s not true...”

“Yes it is.” You said stubbornly, now glaring at him. Why was he arguing with you about this? Especially since he always claimed that he was better than you. You think he’d be jumping up and down, happy about the fact that you ‘admit’ that he is better than you.

“You’re lying. Zhat’s just zhe hangover talking (Male Name).” He said, furrowing his eyebrows at this argument of yours. You two have argued before but not like this.

“No I’m not. You heard me.”

“If zhat vas all bullshit zhen vhy’d you say it in zhe first place?” He asked, though he was annoyed and actually unhappy by how much of a miserable ‘dick’ you were being he was also curious.

“Because… believe it or not Gilbert this ‘Awesome’ dude back then didn’t use to be so awesome… in fact… I feel extremely un-awesome right now… I used to be a loser ya know?”

Gilbert couldn’t believe his ears, this wasn’t how you really were on the inside right? And on top of that, it was… not normal… to see you all crushed and depressed. It almost made him feel slightly crushed to see his… friend… that’s right his friend, all anguished and rueful… this couldn’t have been you. What happened to you? You’re not the (Male Name) he knew and fought with on a daily basis.

“In fact I AM still a loser, like you said if I’m going to let a little hangover get the best of me. And I am… I just… yeah… I haven’t felt this sick since my dad left… but either way… yeah… (Male Name)’s not as awesome as you thought… I’m not as awesome as I thought... I'm just... a loser..." You said, closing your eyes shut and kept your back turned so he wouldn’t see you trying to hold back any tears. No, despite how you felt and the old wounds being opened you weren’t going to cry, big girls don’t cry. Big boys don’t cry either…

You couldn’t see Gilbert’s face, and he was glad you couldn't. He was… not just surprised but he also had a look of guilt on his face. Though it was out of character for him but when he recalled those words you said about how you actually cared about your friendship with him, and how he stood up for you last night at the party against that homophobe; it made him think back on how the two of you really did share a friendship among all the bickering. Your normally outgoing and no-nonsense attitude usually brightened up his day because when you two got competitive and noisy it was fun.

Of course to keep up with his ‘awesome’ persona he wouldn’t ever tell you this… and now he was in a mental battle with himself, should he keep yelling at you to get out of bed or leave you to be miserable?

He growled and then he left the dorm-room and shut the door loudly, all for you to hear and wince at the loud noise.

“Gilbert?” You asked once you heard that he left, and now he was long gone. And you were here in the room all by yourself, you sighed once you stared at the empty bed next to you. Wow… that was no different from when your dad walked out on you.

What were you thinking?  “I really am a loser…” You thought to yourself, letting a single tear fall down onto your blanket once you realized that Gilbert left because of your negative attitude.

Even if you felt terrible right now, you had a feeling that complaining and bitching about how this made you weak probably didn’t help, and also you have no doubt that Gilbert thinks you’re a complete loser now. But a miserable one at that, the kind that he wouldn’t want to hang out with.  Now you felt worse.

Your face scrunched up but then you took a deep breath and sighed, then you grabbed your phone from underneath the pillow, putting it on a song to listen to… and sing quietly to yourself.

I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you
It's not like that at all
There's a girl
That gives a shit
Behind this wall
You just walked through it

Maybe Gilbert was actually trying to help you, he probably was. You knew that he had a sensitive side and the way he defended you last night… that made you kind of happy…

And I remember all those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

You giggled to yourself when you remembered all the silly and even stupid things that you guys did and argued about but that’s kind of how your friendship started… it was on and off but it was still a friendship and now… without him… it felt hollow and lonely…

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

I love
The way you are
It's who I am
Don't have to try hard
We always say
Say it like it is
And the truth
Is that I really mi-I-iss

Even though it’s true he WAS still annoying but that’s what made him fun. It’s the funniest thing right now, because you just might cry but you wouldn’t. And if you did a secret part of you was wishing that Gilbert was here to comfort you, like you did when he was at your house that one time and you were out of disguise. Even if he still didn’t know and he clearly had the hots for someone else...

All those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

This feeling wasn’t like you, vulnerable and lonesome. Then again… when you were sick you never felt good when you had to sit in bed all day all by yourself while you were suffering, you always felt better when someone was there with you…

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

You stared up at the ceiling, still singing but getting slightly dramatic despite the illness you still felt, which was bad but not as bad as it felt earlier. Thoughts running through your head and replaying over and over again then you sat up with all your strength because you found at you at least had to strength to sit up but that was about it.

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

You sighed once you finished singing to yourself and then you slowly lowered your body back down on your bed and set your head softly on the plush pillow, closing your eyes slowly. Then you heard a chirp, Gilbird.

“Bird…” Was all you said once you saw the adorable yellow bird fluttering towards your pillow and once he landed, he hopped to get closer to you.

“Gilbird.” You said and then giggled, sure you knew that was his name but it was so adorkabl-y cute you couldn’t resist. Gilbird chirped again and then nuzzled your cheek and sat next your face he was able to tell his owner wasn’t around but he liked you a lot.
“I’m glad you and I feel the same way…” You spoke too soon once you heard knocking on the door, which couldn’t have been Gilbert.

“Go away~” You moaned despite how you were feeling but you didn’t know who it was, what if they wanted to bother you?

“It’s me (Male Name)…” You heard that familiar British accent and you only slightly perked up, what was Arthur doing here? Probably wants his underwear back, should you say forget it, it’s yours now? Or say that it somehow got onto you so you wouldn’t look like a pervert again?

“I’m coming…” You got up with the large blanket covering your entire body so that way Arthur hopefully wouldn’t be able to see your lady’s body. How would he react? Compared to the last reactions you got when other people saw your body.

You slowly opened the door, revealing your disheveled and sickly appearance to the Brit. Judging by the way he was frowning, clearly he was focused on how awful you looked.

“What’s up?” You asked him in your usual tone despite how sickly you were looking and feeling.

“I… I heard that you were ill and I’m here to give you the assignments that you missed during our math class.” He said and brought out quite a few papers, oh that’s what you felt like seeing right now; nonetheless you took the papers and set them aside on the nearest desk.

You mock-laughed, “Oh Arthur you’re so great giving people math while they’re feeling absolutely like shit.” You ended on a blunt tone because this… this was the last thing you felt like dealing with right now.

“College work suuuuuucks~~~…” You whined to him but that only served to annoy him, then again he was always annoyed.

“Well this is what you get when you decide to drink at a party.” He crossed his arms as he scolded you but you stuck your tongue at him.

“You’re one to talk drunky.” You snarked, because by the time you got drunk you saw that he was already drinking away shot after shot. Arthur blushed and then huffed at the name you just called him, okay you had a point even if that was at his expense of being labeled as a hypocrite of sorts.

“I’ll admit it we both got ahead of ourselves didn’t we?” He asked, not looking at you and keeping his arms crossed and his blush still on his face.

“Yeah… wait a minute how come you’re not feeling like shit?” You asked and you wanted to raise an eyebrow but the pressure in your head wouldn’t let you.

“I-It wasn’t my first time inebriated… and I may not seem like it but I feel sick myself but… I’m able to get up and go about on my day…” He said, slightly embarrassed to admit that he did have a tendency to drink, so much that he’s almost used to hangovers.

“Lucky you… I feel awful…” You moaned, to Arthur’s slight amusement. He took notice of how rambunctious and exuberant you acted and it was a little surprising to see you exhausted and low on energy.

“You’ll get better if you drink a lot of water.” He suggested, which made you turn your head. Sure you two were friends now but this is going to make things slightly harder for what it is you’re about to do…

“Arthur…” You said slowly.

“Yes (Male Name)?” He asked politely.

You grabbed for the underwear underneath your pillow, then pulled them out and handed them to Arthur, again…

He blushed furiously once he saw that you had them again and then like before he snatched them from you. “What the hell?! You-!” He was about to start shouting but you reached your hand out far enough to cover his mouth.

“Shut up man… my heads killing me…” You muttered keeping your hand on his mouth.

“You and I were both drunk and then I remembered that you gave them to me.” You said, that’s what happened even though it was awkward to bring it up. Arthur blushed harder, but he believed when you said you weren’t an underwear-pervert but still…. this was so embarrassing…

He gently put your arm down and finally spoke, “Oh…O-Okay…” his words were more of a stutter. Truth be told he’d done more stupid things than you whenever he was drunk but he didn’t remember doing giving you his underwear. But little did he know is that you didn’t remember doing much other, embarrassing things while you were drunk too.

“We ain’t never gonna speak about this?” You asked, able to sense the embarrassment that the poor Brit was feeling.

“Yes please.” He responded rather quickly, still blushing quite madly. To your slight amusement, Arthur was cute when he got embarrassed and flustered. Then you heard what sounded like somebody running and then those noises got faster. You looked at your opened door and then Feliks appeared, looking both out of breath and beyond worried. He pushed Arthur out of the way and jumped onto the bed with you.

“(YOUR NAME)!!” He cried out burying his face into your shoulder and holding you tight.

You were shocked but then a feeling of relief and joy spread throughout yourself once you saw your best friend was here now, almost taking away some of the nausea you still felt. Sure he was on top of you but you didn’t feel too embarrassed because the two of you were real close.

“Hi Feliks…” You said softly and hugged him back, that feeling of loneliness you felt when you were at home alone and sick. Whenever Feliks came over,  you felt better and you knew you could rely on him which was something of a surprise to you because he was normally self-centered but he seemed to always be there for you… and in return you were there for him.

“Oh… WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN GIRL?!” He suddenly yelled, you covered your ears but then you laughed because despite the inner pain you were feeling you knew that Feliks was probably out of his mind with worry.

“Sorry man… I drank something I shouldn’t have…”

“Me and Toris were like worried sick! We were relieved when that Matthew guy brought you home but I was totally freaking out! Why would you do that to me?!” He complained and nagged to you, much like your mother would but… it’s definitely best that it was Feliks nagging to you instead of your mother right now…  

“I’m sorry Feliks… and secondly… I’m okay now…” You said and then pinched his cheek playfully, making him blush and then you saw Toris standing outside waving to you.

“Hey Toris.” You greeted.

“(Your Name) how are you feeling?” He asked, though he probably shouldn’t have asked that but he was able to tell that you were kind of sick.

“Meh… I’ve felt better. Thanks for asking.”  

Feliks sniffed for a minute, and caught a whiff of your awful breath, “BLEGH!” He got off the bed and stood away from you, holding his nose.

“Your breath stinks!” He exclaimed with a disgusted expression which slightly amused you.

“Yeah thanks…” You punched him in the arm, flushing lightly but you knew it was true because for one early morning breath is NEVER a pleasant smell and you still had faint puke traces still in your mouth.

“HEY! Don’t just talk to each other while I’m clearly still here!” Arthur yelled annoyed because you guys were just talking while he was in shock as he watched the scene, as if he was invisible to you guys. Plus Feliks shoved him away both roughly and rudely.

“Sorry Arthur.” You apologized simply but Feliks kept his arms crossed, Arthur glared at him.

“I believe you shoved me not too long ago.” He crossed his arms now and kept his glare on Feliks.

“Oh right sorry~” Feliks said, a lot less sincere than you and smiled at you, ignoring Arthur’s even more pissed off expression.

“You’re feeling shitty I bet?” He asked; he could relate because once he got a slip of alcohol before. Which was during high school no less and you had to take him home with you that day… so he woke up the next morning feeling like how you were probably feeling right now.

“Don’t even have to bet.” You said and then plopped your head back down on your pillow.

“Eh… your head will hurt like hell for a few hours but afterwards you’ll feel fantastic!” He said in his happiest tone to make you feel better.

“(Your Name)?” Arthur asked, wasn’t your name (Male Name)?  Why would they call you something else.

You nudged Feliks in the shoulder once you both realized his mistake. “Yeah yeah rub it in cuz when they found out I was gay they started making fun of me. Heh-heh-heh it’s actually kinda funny they started calling me (Your Name) cuz it’s the girly version of (Male Name). Ain’t that funny?” You asked in a completely neutral tone to make sure Arthur wouldn’t get suspicious; unbeknownst to you now he was slightly suspicious.

“I see…” He said in a skeptical tone but didn’t look suspicious.

Feliks frowned at Arthur, mostly at the fact that he was here. He remembered that day in class when he practically called you stupid and did your work, “Like why’d you invite him?” He asked pointing at Arthur, adding to his annoyance.

“I didn’t. He just came over to give me some work, is all.” You said, lying down now.

“You’re giving him work while he’s sick?” Feliks asked, crossing his arms in disapproval.

“Yes because he doesn’t want to fail this semester does he?” Arthur said sounding somewhat defensive; you turned to him with a questioning look.

“I-I mean I don’t really care if you do! But… you’d be complaining to me about it if you did…” Arthur stammered, trying to explain himself even though you were clearly able to see that he was lying.

“Thank you Arthur, I think it’s sweet that you don’t want me to fail~” You said smirking at him and then you winked at him, which flustered and annoyed him even more. Were you hitting on him?

“Okay… this has been awkward enough… get better (Male Name) remember to drink water…” He said still a bit embarrassed and then he started heading out the door.

“Bye…” You said, reaching out for him a little bit because you wanted to thank him for something but he left before you got the chance, guess that’ll have to wait.

“Water? That’s right! You need water! Like we’ll be back to go get you some okay?” Feliks asked you and then you nodded.

“See you in jiff (Your Name)!” Feliks yelled as he ran out the door, grabbing Toris’ hand for him to go with him, “BYE (YOUR NAME)!” Toris yelled to you because he was already outside the room where Feliks was taking him.

“Bye guys…” You said softly before falling back down on the soft pillow, pulling the covers to you and closed your eyes to try and sleep for a good 5 minutes.  

“He looks very out of it…” You heard a familiar voice say in your dreams.

“Si, I think he had a bit too much last night…” You heard another familiar voice say.

“Shall I kiss him for good luck?” You heard that and your expression changed to a wary one; you were only half asleep so you could hear things, but wait a minute wasn’t this a dream?

Then you heard the sound of a camera going off, at least 3 times.  

“You mean like in Sleeping Beauty?” The other voice asked, but then you noticed that was Antonio’s voice. Curious you slowly fluttered your eyes wide open to see Gilbert in front of you and holding a camera, Francis and Antonio standing behind him carrying plastic bags.

“What the?!” You nearly yelled but you only half-yelled because you still felt bad to use up most of your energy, even if you were pissed at the fact that Gilbert was taking pictures of you while you were sleeping!

“Guten Morgen Sunshine.” Gilbert snarked and smirked at you, okay he’d forgotten about the fight between the two of you, that’s good.

“Whatever…” You responded weakly and then you remembered that Francis and Antonio were in the room. “What are you guys doing in here?”

“Vell zhis is mein dorm-room isn’t it?” Gilbert asked for them, because since they were his friends they could come in if he said they could and they came a lot which only slightly annoyed you because it’s only slightly awkward to be the only female in a room of guys like the Bad Touch Trio.

You sighed and then closed your eyes again, now you wished this was a dream, “Ah (Male Name) I know zhat you’re not feeling very good but here’s a little kiss for good luck.” Francis said and then leant down to you to pucker up, you blushed and then you used your hand to grab his mouth and close it.

“Francis you’re my bro and all but if you kiss me I’ll rip your lips off.” You lightly threatened him and he tried to talk but it came out as mumbles because of your hand still on his lips.

“Sorry…” He apologized but by the way he smiled it didn’t look like he was entirely sorry.

“I’ve still got puke-breath.” You stated bluntly and then Francis backed away from you once he heard that, gross. Then he sat on Gilbert’s bed where he, Gilbert and Antonio were sitting at.

“Are you okay (Male Name)?” Antonio asked nicely with his usual smiley face, which lessened your misery a little bit.

“You know what? I’ve felt worse.” You said to avoid sounding like a jerk, and though you still felt bad it was getting only slightly better, little by little. Real little.

“Zhat’s not vhat you vere saying before.” Gilbert crossed his arms and frowned at you, okay so he hadn’t gotten over it.

You stuck the tongue at him, “Oh zhat’s really hurtful.” Gilbert smirked at your childish action and then he frowned again once you plopped your head back on your pillow.

“WE’RE BACK! ... What the hell are these guys doing here?” Feliks arrived at the front of the door with a water-bottle in hand and Toris next to him, but he was dissatisfied when he saw the Bad Touch Trio here.

“It’s okay Feliks it’s not like these guys are crazy psycho stalkers or anything?” You chuckled despite Feliks’ still troubled expression he quickly walked over to you giving you the water bottle and leant to whisper something to you.

“(Your Name) I don’t like this and I don’t like them.” He said in a hushed voice but it wasn’t loud enough to hurt your ears.

“I’ll be fine.” You said to reassure him despite his skepticism.

“You always say that… but you’re always okay so I guess so…” He said, grabbing his shoulder.

“Hey Ladies get a room zhat’s not in zhe Awesome-Gilbert’s.” Gilbert called to you two, last thing he wanted was gay-on-gay action in HIS dorm-room.

You both reacted by sticking your tongues at him and then Feliks gave you a hushed goodbye before bolting out of there with Toris waving bye to you before being pulled by Feliks again and leaving with him.

Well at least you weren’t alone, and besides like you said these guys aren’t weird stalkers. You opened the water bottle that Feliks generously had given you and drank from it, a whole lot as a matter of fact since you were tired of tasting some the same vomit from last night.

Then you set it down on the nearest desk then turned to try and relax your tired and ail body, which reminded you to keep yourself under the covers to avoid any of the guys to see your body. That’s right you only remembered telling Antonio and Francis that you were a girl; and that was it but you still didn’t want them to see your body and you were in your PJ’s too.  Oh and you weren’t sure how Gilbert would react, since he didn’t seem to know that were a girl, still.

It was hard to get some rest with the guys just chatting about trivial things, perverted things at that. Normally you cared less because that’s what guys talked about at times but you were tired and they were being rather noisy. So you put your pillow over your face, then you reached out to grab your water-bottle but then you saw that it was gone.

“Okay who took my water?” You asked, sitting up with the heavy blanket wrapped around you.

“No one.” Gilbert shrugged, or lied because he took it from you just because he felt like it.

“Give me my water bottle man.” You said and brought your hand out for him to give it to you.

“Zhis water bottle?” He asked now holding it up.

You nodded, “Yes that water bottle.”

Instead Gilbert opened the water bottle and then drank from it; you wore an annoyed expression once you saw what he did and he drank and drank all the way to the point where it was empty.  Then he gave you the now-empty bottle as he let out a sigh once he swallowed all of it.

“Motherfucker.” You growled at him while you carried the empty bottle.

“Homo Bitch.” He insulted you right back but he didn’t act defensive like he usually did, probably because you were still being negative. He didn’t leave you for no reason but he'll tell you some things later.

Angry and annoyed you threw the empty water bottle right at his head, he turned to face you with a pissed off expression, “Vhat zhe hell man?!”

“I should be asking you that!”

“I don’t care if you’re feeling bad but stop being a miserable dick!” He started to yell which made you wince but you fought it for a bit.

“You’re a dick!” You had enough to strength to yell loud enough.

“Please don’t fight right now you two!” Antonio cried standing in between you two right now with a plastic bag in his hand. “Look! Gilbert even brought you a (your favorite snack food), (Male Name)!” Then he brought out a (container/bag/bar) for you to see.

You and Gil both stopped fighting for a second and then you both stared at Antonio, but you were more surprised. “You did?” You asked now looking at Gilbert who looked as if he was blushing a little bit.

“N-Nein! I only brought zhat so I could eat it in front of you!” Gilbert exclaimed though he seemed fairly flustered and you didn’t buy that line.

“You did?” You repeated your question again though this time you were a little more touched, given how whiny you were being to him earlier.

“Nein I already told you! Vhy vould zhe Awesome-Me bring zhe apparently Un-Awesome (Male Name) his favorite snack?" He asked and then frowned at you, and you sighed and shook your head, “I was just askin’…”

Gilbert frowned at you to the point of where it turned into a glare, “Just take it you stupid dummkopf! I don’t even like (your favorite snack food)!” he grabbed the (container/bag/bar) then he threw it at you but you caught it.

“Geez… look man I know I was acting like a punk-ass bitch to you… and I’m sorry okay? I just wasn’t feeling very good but I guess I shouldn’t have been bringin’ you down man…”

You said then lied down on the opposite side. Then you heard Gilbert sigh, “You really are a dummkopf (Male Name)…”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re apologizing for something zhat vasn’t even your fault." He stated bluntly but you didn’t really understand.

“Well I was the one being a whiny bitch wasn’t I?” You asked incredulously but then Gilbert laughed.

“What’s so funny?!”

“I’m zhe one who left you! Und you’re sorry!” He said still laughing but then you weren’t amused at first until you smirked.

“But I thought the ‘AWESOME-Gilbert’ was too AWESOME to do things like apologize.”

“Zhat’s because I am!” Then he pointed at you but then you chuckled, success on Gilbert’s side! At least he’d gotten you to brighten up a little bit.

“Thanks for the (your favorite snack)”

“…Forget it…” He said, it took him a while to answer back but you guess it was probably because he was embarrassed. You smiled and slowly started to eat the (your favorite snack food).

“Ohohohohon~” Francis laughed quietly as he started whispering to Antonio,  “I zhink zhere’s a bit of a spark between (Your Name) and Gilbert… don’t you think mon ami?”

“Si, but we can’t say that out loud or else… they may get angry...” Antonio smiled while they both started snickering.

“Vhat are you two laughing at?” Gilbert turned to face his two now giggly friends but then they stopped and stared at him, not sure what to say.

“…Glee…” Francis answered, rather lamely at that but he wasn’t sure how you two would react if he told you two that there was ‘something between you two’. He’d tell you later though, but maybe when Gilbert learns that you’re really a girl.

You on the other hand laughed out loud at the Frenchman’s lame lie, which earned you a glare then a pout from said Frenchman. You wiped a tear away from your eye, “Oh… you… you just made my day Francis…” You breathed, then gave him a weak thumbs up, “Respect.”

Francis wasn’t amused but then he smiled, he heard from Gilbert that you were feeling horrible so laughter would help you feel better emotionally.

“Here you go (Male Name). I heard that if you drink up plenty of water, it’ll help the hangover.” Antonio smiled and handed you a few water-bottles.

“Thanks Toni.”

“De nada.” He said and then got up to sit back down next to Francis and Gilbert, but while he got up your eyes were more focused on his rear end; you thought it was wrong but then you remembered that ‘dream’ you had and well…

It couldn’t be denied…

Without thinking you suddenly spoke, “Nice ass…” You nodded and then you met the stares of three bewildered gentleman, well two the other one a.k.a Antonio looked a little more embarrassed and blushed rosy pink at your remark.

“I-I meant to say that.” You said, shifting your eyes because that was clearly a lie but then you blushed at what you just said because those kind of thoughts were supposed to be kept in your head.

Gilbert laughed loudly at that, “Wow! Now you’re making calls at us! Keep avay from us (Male Name)! Because zhe three of us, are not gay! Ve’re sorry!” He still laughed but he wasn’t really sorry, but then you were confused at what he meant by making calls at them.

“What are you talking about?”You asked curiously.

“Last night you-!” He was about to say but then he was cut off by Antonio nudging him in the shoulder, he still kept a friendly smile on but he didn’t want to let you know about what you did last night so that way you wouldn’t be angry.

“Last night I what?” You asked again, now you wanted to know more.

“You kept drinking all of our beer.” Gilbert decided to say instead because he got the message from Antonio, then Francis nodded in approval. Indeed he thought it was best you didn’t know, for now. Though to be honest Francis actually kind of liked that, it was bold on your part but he still partially enjoyed it. Yet he thought about how you felt, even if he would’ve liked you to get all bold like that again he’d rather you not end up feeling terrible in the morning again like you were right now.

“Oh… no wonder I was so hammered…” You said shaking your head at your stupidity from last night.

“It was still a fun party though right?” Antonio asked and then you turned to face him with a smile.

“Yeah I guess it was… typical Friday nights for ya…” You slightly groaned but you were getting slowly better, and besides you also couldn’t deny… that last night ruled…

“Oui, it was entertaining… and romantic…” Francis said, though you didn’t get what he meant by the romantic part but then again that’s Francis for you, kind of lovey-dovey.

“Ja, it vas awesome. Even vhen (Male Name) vas drunk out of his ass.” Gilbert smirked you a cocky smirk then he sniggered again, but then you started laughing as well; then you saw that Francis and Antonio were all starting to laugh too.

“You guys are laughing at me!” You laughed but then they shook their heads, “Non, non mon ami…” Francis said in between laughs.

“We’re laughing with you!” Antonio beamed.  

“Whatever dudes…” You said, the laughter starting to fade into little giggles and snickers, then you and Gilbert stared at each other for a minute.

“Vant to do zhat again next veek?” He asked, his red eyes widening but then you widened your own (eye color) eyes.

“Well….” You cocked your head to the side and crossed your arms, looking like you were in deep thought while Gilbert only stared at your curiously, waiting for your answer. The public drunkenness apart it was actually a pretty sweet party, and Gilbert wouldn’t ever tell you but… you were quite the life of the party, even as a drunk.

Then your eyes diverted to him and then you smirked at him, “Okay but I’m not drinking next time.”

“Aww man…” Gilbert said but then he was taken by surprised once he felt two arms wrapped around his neck and noticed that your face was buried in his shoulder. Lucky for you, the blanket was around you like a heavy jacket so hopefully he couldn’t feel your body and girly bits…

“Vhat zhe hell?!” He asked both a little uncomfortable and embarrassed by your sudden hug and tried to pull away from you but you kept a grip on him.

“Aw come on bring it in you bastard.” You said still hugging him.

Gilbert was about to protest but then again… you may have been gay but he was NOT gay so that would mean that this would be a definite non-gay moment for him. Okay then.

“Fine…” He said quietly and then slowly hugged you back, albeit a little bit awkwardly.

“Thanks for the help Mr. Awesome~” You said playfully adding to Gilbert’s embarrassment.

Antonio and Francis watched you two, and had to stifle any mischievous giggles and snickers.

After about a minute of hugging Gilbert was the first to pull away from you, and then you just smiled at him which made him blush a fair shade of red once he realized what he’d just done. Hugging a very effeminate looking gay boy… Sure he knew that and he honestly thought of you as his friend but he didn’t want anyone to think he was gay.

“Zhis does NOT leave zhe room (Male Name).” He finally spoke up and then you only giggled. He couldn’t help but stare at your rather… cute face and the way you giggled… he blushed lightly at your girly face but then he immediately brushed it off.  No, no, no!

Maybe it was because you looked just like your ‘sister.’

“Listen (Male Name) if anyone else hears about zhis I’ll-!” He was about to say but you cut him off.

“You’ll kick my ass?” You smirked, because you knew he would say that.


“It’s cool man… I got it… Mr. Awesome~” You said softly and then you lied back down on the bed to try and nap for a bit.

Gilbert crossed his arms, still blushing from that awkward moment between the two of you but then he gave you a small smile.

“Well I AM pretty awesome aren’t I (Male Name)?”

“Yeah, yeah…” You gave a small laugh and then slowly closed your eyes. Though you couldn’t see, Gilbert raised a pumped fist in the air in victory. You weren’t depressed anymore so, success!

Antonio and Francis were smirking at him, “Shut up!” He said in a hushed whisper but their snickers didn’t cease.

Then Gilbert’s attention diverted to the open door, he had to close it… Can’t be too careful… not with the fear of the A.S.K being around…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Next morning in the cafeteria you slammed the door open and in your full disguise “WOO-HOO~!” You beamed at the top of your lungs for everyone to turn around and hear you.

“I JUST HAD TO SLEEP IT OFF! AND PISS THE JUNK ALL OUT OF MY SYSTEM!” You yelled with glee, now back to your normal self and then you made your way over to Feliks and Toris.

“Glad to see you’re feeling fantastic~” Feliks chimed, thank goodness you were okay because he knew how you got when you were down.

“YUP! I drank tons of water, got hydrated then whizzed it all out cuz that’s how you get over a hangover apparently. I AM BACK TO MY AWESOMENESS~!” You said with a big grin, strange thing is that you were in a better mood than usual. That hangover really did a 180 on your personality yesterday so you had to make up for yesterday.

“Tell me guys how stupid did I act when I was drunk?” You asked but you weren’t upset or anything, just curious now.

“Well… stupid enough for anyone who may have been recording to post on Youtube.” Toris scratched his head, hoping he didn’t offend you but you just laughed.

“HA! No way, I mean it would be EPIC I’m not gonna lie but… I’ll kick their ass first.” You said nodding while the three of you continued to chat.

Meanwhile from where the Bad Touch Trio was sitting Gilbert was watching you guys talk and speak of the devil… he got his phone that your ‘epic’ drunken bender on.


“Whoo-hoo! That’s my bro Gilbert!” You yelled and pointed at Gilbert. Then you started shuffling to the song.

-Every day I’m shuffling

You raised your fists in the air, made air guitar poses, danced the leg grabbing dance and spun around while shaking your body in the most vigorous ways, you were just so full of energy, "YEAH!"

“(Male Name)! (Male Name)! (Male Name)! (Male Name)!” The whole crowd chanted your name while you continued to dance your ass off.

“I’M A BELIEVER!” You yelled and then ripped open your jacket, but you fell over and lost your balance, tripping over one of the wires and you fell on a table.

Everyone gasped in shock and some laughed, but then you got up. “I’M OKAY!” You yelled and then everyone cheered again.

“Ahem! Ahe-hem! Testing! Testing! Heh-heh testicles! HAHAHA!” Your slurred voice echoed through the whole party room and everyone stopped to hear where the voice was coming from.

“Everyone I would just like to say… that this is only one of the coolest parties… and that you all rule… oh I love all of BLEGH~!!!”

“I just totally threw up party people… HA! Isn’t that awesome?”

“Awesomeness… is something that can only be achieved by those who are pure of heart… and I’d like to say that me and this friend of mine have achieved- BLEGH!!”

“Kesesesese~!” Gilbert laughed at the video and at your drunken stupidity, man… this would be a HIT on Youtube. Big hit! “Okay I’m going to call zhis: ‘Drunken Moron dancing at Party’ or… maybe ‘ Drunk Gay Dumbass Shuffling’ or ‘Party Fag’s Anthem.’” Gilbert pondered a few names he could call the video for when he posts it and then he looked at you again.

He saw how happy you looked, that you were definitely back to your ‘Awesome’ self. Then he thought about the things he’s told you, the things you’ve told him and yesterday in your dorm-rooms. Posting this would probably put a snag in your friendship right?

Gilbert sighed in annoyance, his phone was still at the video he recorded of you and then he ultimately pressed delete, and it was gone. That would spare you any embarrassment, world-wide at least.

“Damn you (Male Name)!”He grumbled and then from the other table you saw him.

“Hey Gil! Or should I say the ‘Awesome-Gilbert’?!” You waved and yelled to him, which drew his attention to you and then he smirked.

“Zhat’s right (Male Name)! I AM AWESOME!” He perked up.

“Yeah, yeah you are man! But not as AWESOME as me!” You pointed at yourself while you started to laugh, and Gilbert laughed along with you. Yeah, it was a good thing he deleted that video, sure he regretted doing that but… he would regret it even more if he lost this awesome friendship with you.

He didn’t want to lose that and neither did you.
Ladies And Gentleman it's the chapter you've been waiting for... after Reader-chan's famous drunken bender here she is... with an awful hangover that's bringin her down but Gil's there to help! In his own 'awesome' way, also your friends are there too! Feliks, Toris, Arthur, Francis and Toni! YAY~!

I think that this has shown Reader-chan's more vulnerable side underneath the pride and energy but that's what makes a story right? But I'm not very good at describing sad things or trying to set the mood as somewhat sad or sentimental. But Hopefully this chapter wasn't TOO OOC or a lil more different from the usual funneh stuff, but after this more fun stuff and adventures are bound to happen! YAY~ again!!

The awesome song featured is: Wish You Were Here: Avril Lavigne
One of her amazing but so sad songs, it's also actually pretty tsundere too~ Hee-hee
It's a pretty awesome song:…

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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