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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 14

Remember what I said about school being almost over? I’m glad it is but dammit now I’ve got college to think about for senior year… At least I’ll be a sempai though! Like I said I’ll be working on this baby in the summer cuz I’ve still got plans for this! I’m going to warn you that there IS more strong language in this chapter than the others. P.S some drama has happened and spoiler alert: More will happen eventually but until then enjoy the randomness and hilarity!. SUCH AS IN THIS ONE!! HAHAHA~! What the hell do I write?!  

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

This morning you were feeling great, after getting over that god-awful hangover from yesterday; now you had a bit to make up and you ain’t talking just homework. In fact forget about homework for now and have some fun! Since that hangover pretty much got rid of your Saturday… but oh well! You’ll play around for now and then do your college work later and then play again!

Right now you were still in the cafeteria, talking to Feliks and Toris and then made insulting terms of endearment to Gilbert going on about who’s more ‘awesome’ as usual.  

For a minute you laughed for a bit until Feliks started talking to you again, “So you and him are like friends now?”

You noticed a change in Feliks’ normally carefree demeanor but you punched him in the shoulder to reassure him, “Eh… yeah we are but don’t worry bro if he messes with you or Toris just tell me and I’ll have to kick his ass.”

Feliks looked unsure for a few seconds but then he grinned, “Fantastic! Cuz you know… I don’t like him…”

“Yeah I know… that’s cool and besides I know why.” You replied and then snickered with Feliks joining in until you both sounded like two giggling school-girls.

“Um….” Toris stuttered out looking at something on his phone. “(Your Name)… you might want to see this…” He said looking quite uncomfortable and then he showed you what was on his phone, a video from the internet, your eyes diverted to the little screen. You grinned at first but then that grin turned in an ever-growing ‘OMG’ face once you saw what was on that video…

-Every day I’m shuffling

You raised your fists in the air, made air guitar poses, danced the leg grabbing dance and spun around while shaking your body in the most vigorous ways, you were just so full of energy, "YEAH!"

“I’M A BELIEVER!” You yelled and then ripped open your jacket, but you fell over and lost your balance, tripping over one of the wires and you fell on a table.

Everyone gasped in shock and some laughed, but then you got up. “I’M OKAY!” You yelled and then everyone cheered again.

“Ahem! Ahe-hem! Testing! Testing! Heh-heh testicles! HAHAHA!” Your slurred voice echoed through the whole party room and everyone stopped to hear where the voice was coming from.

“Everyone I would just like to say… that this is only one of the coolest parties… and that you all rule… oh I love all of BLEGH~!!!”

“I just totally threw up party people… HA! Isn’t that awesome?”

“Awesomeness… is something that can only be achieved by those who are pure of heart… and I’d like to say that me and this friend of mine have achieved- BLEGH!!”

You right eye twitched in both annoyance and mortification, there you were drunk and dancing like an absolute fool on the internet for anyone to watch and laugh their asses off from wherever the hell they were watching this in. Then your eyes diverted to the title ‘Drunk Dumbass Homo Shuffle Party’ which set off your fuse.

“GODDAMMIT!!” You screamed from the top of your voice but in a rather low, angry and threatening voice that would’ve intimidated even the scariest kinds of people.

“JUST WHO THE FUCK DO SOME DUMBASS MORONS THINK THEY ARE?!” You yelled and then everybody in the cafeteria shot their heads to your direction but you were pissed off so you didn’t care if you were making a scene.

“ SOMEONE’S OUT TO FUCKING GET ME I JUST KNOW IT!  WELL THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING GET IT! I AM SO GOING TO CHOP THEIR FUCKING DICKS OFF!!” You raged and stormed around the cafeteria and now all the guys watching including your friends and the Bad Touch Trio sitting near you heard and each grew intimidated by your sudden furious rant, that’s the worst kind of threat a man could hear…

However it was Antonio who decided to break the thin ice, “ Hola (Male Name) have you taken language lessons from Lovi?” He asked with a chirp, trying to ease your anger because you pretty much sounded like how Lovino would’ve ranted, which could’ve been about anything. Needless to say his choice of language was very explicit and Antonio knew that well. They were actually good friends but Lovino acted too tsundere to even admit it and apparently Antonio’s personality didn’t help for some reason.

However what he said didn’t help your now angry and pissed off mood, “I’M GOING TO FUCK UP WHOEVER DID THIS!!” You yelled again and pounded your fists on the nearest empty table, it shook and everyone jumped from their seats in shock from the loud noise all of them sat silent and frightened.

“Throwing a temper tantrum isn’t going to solve this (Male Name).” Arthur said with a disapproving frown but as soon as he finished his sentence you yelled again.

“SHUT UP ARTHUR!” Then you raised your hands in frustration, which left Arthur speechless and staring at the floor.

You took a breath and then stared at the now frightened gentlemen in the cafeteria.

“Yeesh! Calm down, would ya (Surname)?” Asked an unfamiliar voice, with a Danish sounding accent.

Your eye twitched and then you diverted your attention to the table where the voice came from. 5 gentleman, the only thing you picked up from them is that they were all fair-haired.

“Don’t you tell me to calm down whichever one you just said that!” You yelled again and pointed to no one in particular sitting at the table. One blonde, brown-eyed boy looked fairly intimidated by your loud and angry tone with a tall bespectacled and stoic guy sitting next to him.  Then you saw the white-haired boy, he was intimidated by you as well but he looked only slightly less intimidated while the guy sitting next to him didn’t seem intimidated at all by you, he seemed to be wearing… hairclips? On a boy? Huh, that’s interesting.

“I’m the one! Matthias Kohler at your service!” This other blond guy, spiky haired and blue eyed stood up with a grin and bright appearance.

“Shut up you dumbass!” You rudely retorted which earned you a shocked and appalled face from the guy known as Matthias.

“Now that’s no way to make a new friend!” He pointed at your face but then you just stuck the tongue out and threw a raspberry at him, leaving him appalled again while you snuck a few steps behind him with an evil teasing grin. Then you turned to see the hair-clip boy just staring at you…

With a blank expression…

Like some cold emotionless robot…

Though he seemed to be glaring at you in his own robo-way, which made your  grin turn into a surprised look and then the grin came back but it was a sheepish one instead.

“Hi fellas…” You began sounding less hostile now and less threatening.

“You’re like a girl!” The Dane from behind you yelled.

“What girl?!” You yelled which earned you a confused look from Matthias but he shook it off, thinking nothing of it. Although you couldn’t see it, Hair Clip boy actually raised an eyebrow, Whitey tilted his head in curiosity, Blondie looked just as befuddled and Glasses… didn’t really show what he was thinking…

Matthias smiled again, “You’re angry one minute and now you’re all nice! What? Are you on your ‘man-strual’ cycle?”  He asked and then laughed his… admittedly hilarious pun-joke.

You laughed along with him, “You have no idea…” You mumbled that last part and then chuckled for a bit; it was the last few days but that sudden mood swing was a last minute side affect of that dreaded time of the month. Though in your defense the a-hole that posted that video of you was like fuel to your rage.

You laughed again and then scratched the back of your head nervously at the gentleman, “Sorry boys. Guess I got a little carried away there…”

“A little?” Hair clip boy asked, obviously sarcastically but also monotonously.

“That’s okay, I’m Tino Väinämöinen.” Blondie or Tino greeted politely and brought his hand out for you to shake and you happily complied.

“I’m (Male Name) (Surname).” You said smiling at this Finnish guy’s friendly presence but then you felt as if someone was standing behind you or approaching you due to the shadow growing behind your figure and you made the mistake of turning around to see the bespectacled and stoic blond guy… glaring at you?

Why was he glaring at you?

Was he another homophobe?

Either way you were pretty damned scared, and you raised your fists close to your chest in self-defense.  The guy was HUGE now that he stood before you like a statue, hell he was a building with feet. Speaking of build, his looked very strong, and those deep blue eyes…  if you had to guess… he seemed like a Swede…

He kept his intense gaze on you while you shrunk in slight fear but you kept that as subtle as you could; he was still glaring at you, or into your soul.

You smiled at him sheepishly due to intimidation and then you slowly took a few steps back to get away from him but then you were stopped by Tino.

“Where are you going?”

“Oh… nowhere…” You said and then you noticed the big scary guy following you from behind.

“Oh, where are my manners this is my good friend Berwald Oxenstierna.” He said pointing his hand in an introductory manner towards the guy known as Berwald, whom kept his glare on you and although Tino was being friendly you couldn’t get comfortable with that guy just looking at you like that.

Nonetheless you smiled but it was still a coy one, and you waved slightly to him, “Hi there…”

He made a sound, that you distinguished somewhere along the lines of ‘Hello’ but… he could’ve said anything.

“He’s really nice don’t let his glare fool you.” Tino whispered into your ear, he sounded truthful and all but you weren’t entirely sure.

“You guys seem like very nice guys…” You fidgeted a little bit and then you stared at the other three gentlemen, Matthias and then those two.

“This is Lukas. And this is Emil.” “Matthias pointed to Hair-Clip boy whom was Lukas and then to Whitey whom was Emil.

“Hi fellas.” You waved to them a little less intimidated by them than you were by Berwald.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Emil said with a polite tone but he didn’t look very welcoming.

“I’m his big brother.” Lukas spoke up, referring to Emil.

“Right.” Emil replied simply, to Lukas’ dismay.

You chuckled sheepishly, they didn’t look very much like talkers and then again… neither did Berwald.

“Well… like I was saying it was very nice to meet you guys, I’m glad I’m making lots of friends here…” You said a little nervously, these guys didn’t show much expression so they could’ve thought anything about you…

“Hey (Male Name) I’ve heard tons about you, you seem cool enough you want to see my battleaxe?” Matthias asked with an enthusiastic grin, your eyes widened at the mention of an axe not in fear but in surprise and awe. Were those things even allowed in here though?

“Sure bro.” You grinned this time, at least this guy had emotion and Tino was cool too.

“Don’t show him your axe Matthias…” Emil spoke up and he his expression looked disapproving.

“Aw he’ll think it’s cool. Besides he’s not THAT bad I mean have you heard all the things people have been saying about this guy. You my friend are incredible we saw that video of you, PRICELESS!” The Dane laughed at the last part which made you glare at him.
“Right Lukas?!” He asked Lukas still laughing his ass off.

“Hilarious…” He deadpanned and didn’t show any emotion but Matthias didn’t seem to notice.

“See! Even Lukas agrees with me.” He said grinning and you rolled your eyes.

“No it’s true I go along with whatever Matthias says.” He said again except he sounded twice as sarcastic.

“That’s right!” Matthias exclaimed and slapped Lukas on the shoulder in a buddy-buddy way but Lukas brushed it off.

“Wow you two… make a bit of an odd couple…” You snickered but then Lukas seemed to glare at you.

“Tell me about it.” Emil said or rather snarked.

“Heh-heh… you’re funny…” You said to him with a smile.

“Thank you.” He thanked you which had more emotion than normal this time.

“Like I said you two. Adorable.” You nodded with a teasing grin to Lukas’ annoyance.

“There’s no us.” Lukas claimed which was obviously true but Matthias just grinned.

“Maybe not but we ARE the best of friends!”

“Of course we are…” He deadpanned again, which seemed to amuse you. Did this guy invent sarcasm or something.

“Did you take your sarcasm medicine this morning?” You raised an eyebrow to the Norwegian boy. Yeah Norwegian, that’s about right.


“Coolness, I’m glad I made your acquaintances boys I will see you cool dudes later.” You said getting about ready to go back to your table.

“He seemed pretty nice for a gay guy.” Matthias said with a shrug, while Lukas only stared at him.

“Yeah, gay...” He said flatly, as if something else was on his mind.

“He’s okay. Not bad.” Emil stated his opinion about you, you’re cool; a little wild and rambunctious but you were okay.

“I think he’s a great guy! We’ve seen him outside and he’s pretty popular too.” Tino said almost going on and on about you, you were nice and cool so like a few other guys around this school he had a high opinion of you. Berwald was standing next to him and he grunted in agreement.

While you walked off you waved to the five of them again just to be friendly and they waved back in return, you paid attention to their expressions. Lukas and Berwald still had none but Berwald’s expression still freaked the heck out of you, why was he still glaring at you? You stopped moving for a minute and went back into self-defense mode.

“Hey (Male Name)! Come on over here we’re missing you!” You thanked God once you heard Feliks call you but then you turned to see him coming towards you.


“Honey are you done with your meltdown?” He asked or rather cooed and gave you a face but then you narrowed your eyes at his teasing. Then you noticed that literally everyone in the cafeteria was still staring at you, but they kept their mouths shut, fearing that you’d probably blow up again but you were okay now.

“Yes I’m done.” You rolled your eyes but then Feliks grabbed your hand for you to come with him.

“Great! Now like lets go.” He said and then you saw Berwald again but now that Feliks was with you, you simply stuck the tongue at him and blew a raspberry; to his secret dismay…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

After that whole fit you threw everything went back to normal, sure you were still pissed at whoever did this but you’ll kick their ass when you find them right now…

Study, study and MORE studying…

Well this sucks ass.

You couldn’t really do much except actually do the studying and complain in your head. Arthur gave you the work from yesterday and although it took you 2 whole hours to do it all, and the work from today at least you wouldn’t have to worry about this class. It’s the other classes you’ll have to deal with…

You’ll take care of them once you get the time.

However because college classes were so boring you found every word that the professor was saying as some sort of sleeping spell, sure you heard everything he said but your eyes kept drooping and you perked your head up every time you felt yourself getting groggy.

Then you grabbed a bunch of books and stacked them around you so that way you could secretly nap in peace for a good 10 minutes the professor stopped talking anyway and everyone around you started writing and studying.

And then you started to sleep.

Meanwhile you didn’t notice that Arthur was actually sitting right next to you and then he heard your soft snoring, he turned to see your books stacked up around your face and judging by your slumped posture and the fact that your face was flat on the table. You were asleep.

He shook his head and sighed, he’d have no choice but to wake you up. I-It’s not like he cared or anything! He didn’t… he just... he’s not doing this for you, he's only doing it because it's the right thing to do and besides pretty soon you'll be on your knees begging for him to help you or something.

“(Male Name)… (Male Name) get up will you? It’s not nap time you daft wanker…” Arthur grumbled annoyed and shook your shoulder to wake you up but you were still peacefully snoring which only annoyed him more. Then he noticed what you looked like when you slept, mouth open and drooling.

Oh well isn’t that adorable?

He kept on shaking you to the point where he started doing it more rough and then he finally yelled “Get up (Male Name)!”

You eyes opened and you shot upright from your desk, “I will kiss you gently Chris Colfer.” Then you groaned from how tired you were for a little while, opening and closing your eyes as you let out a yawn and stretched your arms.

“Good sleep.” You smiled but it didn’t last too long when you felt a fist bonk you on the head, “Ow! What the hell?!” You asked and then rubbed where you had been hit and then you turned to see Arthur and he was frowning at you. Oh ha what a shock.

“I hope you slept well but you’ve got a lot of work to do, so I suggest you don’t nap.” He said still frowning at you but you just gave him a pout.

“Fine~… “ You sighed deeply and didn’t notice the confused look on Arthur’s face, he heard what you said once you woke up.

“What kind of dreams do you have?” He asked, his expression none too excited or comfortable. Chris Colfer? Well it seems that you being gay is true if you did mention the Chris Colfer from Glee.

Your eyes widened and then you flushed slightly, had he heard what you said? Yikes… um okay you knew the actor was gay but even in your dreams you were in dude disguise and he was in it with you…

“Um… they’re called Nunya.” You answered.

“Nunya what?”

“Nunya business!” You smirked and he scowled at you.

“All right enough playing around.” He said and then he went back to his own work and glanced at you every now and then to make sure you were doing the same.

You noticed him looking at you and it got you annoyed, “I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, College work suuuucks~~~.” You whined again like you did yesterday except today you didn’t feel like working because of how great you felt.

“That’s too bad and complaining won’t do anything about it.” He grumbled as he continued writing, you did the same but you kept the conversation going.

“Is this about me yelling at you this morning?” You asked and then sighed, okay that was a little mean on your part.

“No! I’m not even concerned about that!” He said or half-yelled and blushing, then he diverted his eyes back to his notes so he wouldn’t have to look at you.

“I’m sorry okay, I’m just mad cuz someone posted that video about me…” You apologized while you kept on writing but you did pay attention to Arthur’s expression, which looked fairly embarrassed.

He sighed though, “I understand but still… you didn’t have to throw that tantrum…”
“Yeah well I’m a dude with an ego.  I can’t help it Arthur, it’s in my blood.” You said with a smirk but Arthur just rolled his eyes.

“You and many other blokes in this bloody school.”

“Yup.” You nodded and grinned like a goofball, seeing this both annoyed and flustered Arthur. How can someone as dumb and rowdy as you be strangely endearing? He brushed those thoughts off, no way he’d go soft on you.

“I saw that video of you prancing around like a bloody idiot. Over a million hits. Don’t people have anything interesting to watch nowadays?” He said and then your ears only perked when you heard the ‘over a million hits’ part.

“A million hits?!” You asked and then you grinned widely, “YES~!” You raised your fist in the air to Arthur’s chagrin.

“And what are you so happy about?! Isn’t this what made you go mad earlier?” He asked furrowing his bushy eyebrows and crossing his arms.

“Well yeah and I’ll still kick this guy’s ass, but if a vid like that featuring me as the star has got over a million hits then that officially makes ME an internet sensation. I’m the Star! And that guy’s just recording. I’m a Youtube celebrity baby.” You said nodding in satisfaction and pride.

“You don’t know that, you dope.” Arthur replied, now he was even more annoyed with the sudden change of heart with this video thing. You got angry about it at first and now you’re happy about it?

“Well maybe not but I can say that I’m an internet Sensation. Oh… Gil’s gonna be pissed once he hears this. HAHAHA~!” You laughed at the thought of Gilbert’s annoyed face once you would tell him about your video, it’ll be priceless!  

Arthur only stared at you with a slight blush on his cheeks, but he kept his arms crossed and then he rolled his eyes at your impulsiveness.

Classic (Male Name).


~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

In another class the A.S.K were about done studying and now using a bit of their free time to do their own things.  Andrew was using his time to listening to some new music (at least for him) to listen to and pick up on the tunes.

“Avril Lavigne, Andy?” Steve asked curiously once he heard the song ‘Girlfriend’ playing.

Andrew blushed and then stuttered, “Oh yeah…! Heh-heh… I wanted to listen up on the kind of music and singers that (Male Name) listens to…”

“That’s cool. A-and her songs are pretty good too…” Steve said his opinion.

“And you’re one step closer to (Male Name).” Keith spoke up and smiled.

“(Male Name)… whenever I listen to these songs… or whenever I see him singing… I can just imagine him… singing with me…” Andrew said almost dreamily and blushing at the thought of you and him together on stage and singing a duet.

Hearing this made Steve and Keith blush too, that’d be a pretty great experience especially if it’s with someone like you.

Nonetheless they still knew that they had rivals to deal with… Gilbert’s the main offender but there’s also Feliks… roommates AND childhood friends… How are they supposed to compete with that?! And lately that Arthur has been around (Male Name) as well… and the fliers being held about (Male Name) being ‘gay for Brits’ did nothing but stir up their jealousy even more.

What’s with the Britons?!

Andrew lightly growled at these thoughts and unconsciously started singing: a bit of his own little variation though…

(About Gil):
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like you Gilbert!
No way! No way!
I think you need to get lost!

To (Male Name):
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your guyfriend
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it’s not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your guyfriend

I can see the way, I see the way you look at me
And even when you look away I know you think of me
I know you talk about me all the time again and again (again, again, again)
So come over here, tell me what I want to hear
Better yet make that Gilbert disappear
I don’t want to hear you say his name ever again (and again, and again, and again!)

(About Feliks)
He’s like so whatever
You could do so much better
I think we should get together now
And that’s what everyone’s talking about!

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like your guy-friend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one!

To (Male Name):
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your guyfriend
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it’s not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your guyfriend

In a second you’ll be wrapped around my finger
'cause I can, 'cause I can do it better
There’s no other
So when's it gonna sink in?
He’s so stupid
What the hell were you thinking?!

In a second you’ll be wrapped around my finger
'cause I can, 'cause I can do it better
There’s no other
So when's it gonna sink in?
He’s SO stupid
What the HELL were you thinking?!

(About Gil):
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like you Gilbert!
No way! No way!
I think you need to get lost!

To (Male Name):
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your guyfriend
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it’s not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your guyfriend

(About Feliks)
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like your guy-friend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one!

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your guyfriend
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
You know it’s not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your guyfriend

Hey! Hey!

The song ended and Andrew took a few deep breaths, letting out those feelings put off a bit of the frustration but said frustration didn’t stop him from having a pretty good singing voice.

“Andy you’re really good!” Steve praised and smiled at his shorter friend.

Andrew smiled sheepishly and chuckled, “Well… singings fun… I like to do it when I’m alone… or in the shower…” He blushed once he said that last part.

“Well your voice is impressive.” Keith said sincerely, he did care about his friends honestly… but still…

Andrew’s grin grew and he blushed even more, “You guys…”

“HEY GUYS~! WHATCHA DOING?!” You called and waved to the trio from the further side of the hallway.

The trio noticed you and each of them blushed, “(M-M-Male Name)!” Andrew stuttered, damn that stutter! How would he impress you if you knew he was timid at heart?

“Hi (Male Name) we’re just… taking a break from studying that’s all. We’ve got our work done and now we’re just…” Steve explained scratching the back of his head, college has it’s perks and it’s downers.

“ Using whatever free time we have till we have to work again.” Keith finished for him, using his usual polite and friendly tone.

“That’s cool. I wish I HAD more free time, I thought college was supposed to be the greatest years of your life but apparently they only are IF you don’t slack off.” You said with a grin and all 4 of you laughed.

Yes all together, that’s what the trio had been wanting: for you to join them together and share laughs, smiles and hopefully something more…

“Oh… um well… I believe in you (Male Name)! I-I mean… yeah… I’m not going to lie… now that we’re in college… things are…slightly more challenging but… I’m not really one to go out without a fight… and neither are you… so we can get through this!” Andrew said, blushing madly with every word that he spoke. He did tell you some few aspects of what kind of guy he is and he really wanted you to like him but at the same time he wanted to be your friend. But he was still shy around you, and he didn’t want you to think of him as loser because of that, since you were more outgoing than that.

He was a bit relieved when he saw your smile, but it only made him blush even more. “Well thanks man… that’s… that’s sweet… And those are just the kinda words I needed to hear… and you know what? You’re right! This may be hard but screw that we can do this!” You said but now you were filled with a little more gusto.

“That’s the right attitude!” Steve chimed and grinned.

“Indeed.” Keith said but with a sweet smile.

“Perfect, let’s go boys!” You said raising your fist in the air and then ran off into another hallway, “YEAH!” The trio cheered and then followed you, much like fangirls or fanboys in this case.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“I’m telling you Vest zhat video should’ve been mein! I recorded it first and now some arschloch is stealing mein credit!” Gilbert ranted and complained to Ludwig next to him, instead of caring about what you were thinking he was more concerned about the video’s ratings. OVER A FREAKING MILLION ALREADY!!

Ludwig sighed, of course his brother didn’t care about what (Your Name)’s feelings about this are, he wondered how he would react when he finds out that he’s been harassing and picking on a girl, a tough girl to be precise this whole time? And when were you going to tell him anyway?

“Bruder, it’s just a stupid video anyvay…” Ludwig had a hunch that his brother deleted the video of you for your sake but if he brought that up Gilbert would probably get mad about it… but he was complaining about it now which was just dumb.

“Nein it’s not! I should be zhe one who’s a hit! Und let even zhe internet know all about zhe Awesome-Me!” Gilbert puffed up and now he was more focused on how ‘awesome’ he is.
Ludwig sighed again, though this time in annoyance. “Und vhere zhe hell is (Male Name)?!”

“I don’t know bruder but vhy? Did you two plan some stupid contest again?” Ludwig asked in a flat tone, since you two always bickered he wouldn’t be surprised if you two challenged each other, AGAIN to something stupid.

“Nein! But I’m going to tell him zhat it’s all his fault zhat zhis video is on zhe internet and I’m not zhe one getting any credit!” Gilbert exclaimed, he was almost as angry as you were this morning and come to think of it… the fact that this video is of you, drunk and dancing is probably why you were so pissed this morning.

“Vhy is zhis his fault?” He asked again but he was confused on his brother’s so-called logic, what did you even do? However Gilbert’s eyes widened once he heard his younger brother asked that, he couldn’t let him know the reason.

“Because…. Uh… because….” He stuttered, why did he stutter? Stuttering is completely ‘un-awesome’! And in front of his sibling no less.


“He’s just a loser! Und if he hadn’t been drinking zhat night zhat video wouldn’t have gone viral und I wouldn’t be pissed right now!” Gilbert exclaimed again but he only made a BIT of sense, but his brother could see right through him. He only said that because he actually DID care about you but he was too proud to admit any of that.

“Okay zhen…”

“Vhen I find (Male Name)- ACHOO!!“ Gilbert didn’t finish and then he just suddenly sneezed.

“Gesundheit.” Ludwig said.

“Vhat zhe hell..?” Gilbert asked and sniffed, that sneeze came out of nowhere…

“He’s not a complete dumbass, he freaking snuck in my car!” You were talking to the A.S.K and they laughed because you had been talking to these fellas about Gilbert and about how much of a giant douchebag he was. Needless to say it kept them entertained with every insult you said about him.

Gilbert hid behind the wall and then growled once he saw you with the ‘Faggot Brigade’ and he heard what you just said, that’s why he sneezed!

“Bad-mouthing zhe Awesome-Me behind mein back huh?” He hissed because no doubt that was it. And in front of those three losers no less.

“Wow… and here I thought he was a total dimwit…” Andrew commented and suppressed a snicker, and Gilbert only get more pissed. That stupid stuck up little brat! He had something against him and he just knew it!

“He’s not exactly what I’d call the brightest crayon in the box…” Steve said trying not to sound TOO mean… he wasn’t fond of Gilbert either and he was jealous of him too but Steve didn’t like to be mean even if other people were just as mean.

“He runs his mouth a lot though and his voice is annoying. Then again he’s just annoying overall.” Keith said with a smile, that Gilbert wanted to rip off his face. How dare they?!

“Yup! He sure is! But… if he wasn’t annoying I wouldn’t be able to snark and have freaking fun with him!” You chimed and threw your arms around your head, to Gilbert’s annoyance. You agreed with them! Well… you technically said he was fun but he’s not annoying!

The A.S.K grew slightly annoyed though, with you saying that he’s fun… but they’re not going to lose to him!

“Go on (Male Name)…” Andrew politely said, to hear anything else out of you such as how you’ve been or any other interesting stories you may have.

“Well if you want to hear something funny about Gil, I’ll say that- OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!” You were completely distracted and had an ADD moment once you looked at the door that said ‘Auditorium’ on it. That’s where they hold school plays and you get to sing there too.

You flung the door open and your (eye color) eyes widened in awe at the sight of how big the place was. You’d been in here before but it never ceased to amaze you, in fact you felt like some sort of star whenever you stood foot in this place.

“This is the auditorium ya know? I mean sure you guys know that but this is a place where stars and singers can be born and me on the big stage! HOLY HELL YES!” You exclaimed and grinned and even went to wear the students get up on stage, to the A.S.K’s amazement.

“You can be a star you know (Male Name)?” Andrew asked you with a smile and you went over to him and tousled his hair, which made him tense up slightly. You… you touched him…! You touched him!

“Aww thanks bro. By the way did you know that I’m an internet star cuz that video of me has over a million frigging hits!” You chimed and then you heard the door open, it was Gilbert and he didn’t look very happy.

“Yeah right (Male Name)! Zhat’s only at your expense because you looked like zhe biggest dummkopf on zhe planet!” Gilbert yelled but he still smirked and he pointed at you as he walked down the room to be near the stage where you were at.

You paused, okay that was true… but! You SAID you’d kick whoever did this’ ass and even so YOU’RE STILL A STAR!

“Yeah but I’m a star!” You said and raised both your hands in the air.

"You're a faggot!" He came back but it was lame.

"STOP!" You yelled and pointed at him, to his slight confusion.

"Hating is bad!" You said with a cheeky grin and then you laughed.

"Hahaha~ you're Hilarious~" Gilbert deadpanned, for once since he wasn't really a snarky guy. However his attention diverted to the A.S.K nearby, they each shot him a glare and then they all stuck the tongue at him.

“You fags…!” He snarled but then Ludwig walked behind him.

“Let it go bruder…”

“Nein! Zhey…!” Gilbert pointed to them, he was acting childish AGAIN.

“We what?” Andrew asked getting defensive.

“I will smack you so hard zhat you’ll shrink 5 inches more shorty!” Gilbert smirked and pressed his hand on Andrew’s head and hard at that, which made him wince in slight pain.

“I’m not short!” He cried out in anger, he was NOT short! Why does every keep saying that?! 5’6 isn’t that short! He was taller than Kiku Honda for Pete’s sake!

But then Andrew took the opportunity to blow a raspberry at Gilbert, which made his face scrunch up in disgust.

“MEIN AWESOME FACE HAS BEEN SPAT ON!” He cried and tried to rub off whatever spit got on his face, beyond disgusted. Yes he was just as much a neat freak as Ludwig and on top of that he spat on him! He freaking spat on him!

Andrew chuckled mischievously and then took a few steps away from Gilbert and shot him a smirk.

“Ahem!” Ludwig cleared his throat and crossed his arms and stood behind Andrew giving his a serious look. He didn’t want to be mean or anything but he didn’t want him to be messing with Gilbert too much, it didn’t matter if you did but these guys look like trouble-makers… He heard about what they did to Gilbert last week…  

Andrew looked up to see Ludwig’s serious expression and then he shrunk, intimidated.

Unlike Steve, Ludwig looked a little more threatening and with how strong he looked he could punch around a shorter (but not too short!) guy like him.

“Heh-heh…” Andrew chuckled sheepishly and gave him a weak and nervous grin.

Andrew took a few steps back, Ludwig may have been another rival but he’s scary…

“GUYS! I FOUND A MIKE! I FOUND A MIKE!” You yelled and then you emerged from the curtains that you went into to do some exploring and then you found a microphone!

Once all the guys paid attention to you Andrew ran away from Ludwig, “Stevie save me!” He cried and then hid behind Steve, and stared at Ludwig like a shy child hiding behind his mother.

“Nein I…” Ludwig stuttered feeling somewhat bad about scaring the poor guy.

“That’ s okay! He’s just a bit shy around others that’s all.” Steve explained briefly but then Andrew blushed.

“Steve! I-I’m not shy…” He mumbled and then stared at the ground. Keith smiled and put his hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry Andrew…”

Andrew was confused by what Keith had meant but he believed him. While Keith was thinking... he'll take care of these guys all right...

“No hard feelings right Ludwig?” Steve asked politely.

“Nein.” Ludwig said, softening up slightly. At least this guy wasn’t so bad.

“Ja right!” Gilbert exclaimed, still mad at these guys and he still didn’t like them.

Andrew still stood behind Steve and blew another raspberry at Gilbert and it only served to annoy him.

“Hey guys! Can you hear me?” You said through the booming microphone that made you audible all around the auditorium.

“Of course we can hear you dumbass!” Gilbert smirked at you but then you mock-laughed.
“Ooh… this mike is nice.” You said and then you thought about something.

~Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere~

You sang the first few lyrics, just to annoy Gilbert and Ludwig and it seemed to work.

“He is such a childish dummkopf…” Gilbert said but then he made his way over on stage where you were at and then you threw him the microphone.

“(Male Name) don’t be dumb zhat’s zhe university’s property you’re going to break it.” Ludwig explained but then he noticed that now Gilbert had the microphone.

Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit

You and Gilbert:
He took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere~

You both sang that last part and then Ludwig slapped his forehead at the stupidity you two shared.

The A.S.K glared at Gilbert now that he was up there with you. Damn him!

“I’m still more Awesome than you.” Gilbert stated once you two stopped laughing for a while.

“HA!” You laughed that out loud, “I’m more AWESOME than you! I’m a SUPERSTAR!”

“How many times do I have to tell you, zhat I’m the more AWESOME one! ” He fought back but he still smirked.

“Too many times, cuz your voice is so annoying I tune it out half the time.” You said and shot him a silly dorky grin.

“Oh really? Vell how about we play a game zhis time?” Gilbert said smirking even more psychotically than usual but you shot him a smirk that looked just as crazy.

“Okay I’ve got one let’s play Truth or dare except we’ll do it ‘Dare or Dare’ style.” You said and then you leaned in closer to Gilbert’s face so that way your noses were touching in the friendly rival style.

“Zhat’s fantastic! We’ll do it!” He said while you two smirked and then lowly growled at each other, but then you both pulled away to go elsewhere and get this game started.  

“Let’s bring a camera so that way we can post these videos up and see whose get more hits!” You announced again with a grin.

Gilbert perked up at that, being a hit on the Internet wouldn’t be bad at all, especially since people world-wide could see his awesomeness!

“Great idea!”

“Yeah I know, well then let’s do this Mr. Awesome!” You said and held up a fist, to be enthusiastic of course.

“You’re on!”

And let the games begin.
Man! After literally a whole week I feel bad for just not updating! But here it is! More Exciting things to come! You threw a fit but then you met the NORDICS! Fangirl fangirl~! Then you and Arthur shared a chat (He's such an adorable tsundere~) and you're with the A.S.K and then it's you and Gil about to engage in yet another series of challenges to prove whose more awesome! OH this is fun huh? Be happy since you're not in a bad mood anymore so that's great and now you have more energy than ever! WOOHOO~!

Lol Andy's no Avril Lavigne. Hahaha! Oh poor guy. But in case you're wondering about their heights Andrew is 5'6, Steve is 5'11 and Keith is 5'8.

Other than that get ready for the next one, your Dare or Dare challenge! I'm having a lot of fun with this fic, and i'm glad that people like it cuz I'm a little insecure about my writing but you guys are so good that I feel like i can do anything! LOVE YOU GUYS! ENJOY THIS!

Songs Featured:
Girlfriend By Avril Lavigne
Don't Stop Believing: Journey
Party Rock Anthem: LMFAO

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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