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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 16

Well! School’s out and that means a BIT more frequent updates but lately I’ve been running out of ideas but I shant let you guys down! I’ve got to say… when you look back on the previous bits of your work and see where it all leads up, for me… this fic is OFFICIALLY a harem of sorts. Reverse of course. But I think I’ve outdone myself in the comedy from the last chapter so I sure hope I can make the other chapters either just as good or just as funny. But… of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be any more drama… or suspense for that matter…. I’m gonna stop there cuz I’m a rambler.

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

“Okay man, if you’ve already got my dare set up then why are we still walking in the hallway?” You asked and you, Gil and Yao kept on walking.

“We’re going to zhe culinary class…” Gilbert said with a slight sneer; which you took as an insidious look… oh great he’s gonna make you do some sort of erotic eating isn’t he? Wait, that’d be lame since you told him a dare like that… unless he’d make you eat something gross… like honey mustard with mayo or ketchup or something…


Or make you taste-test and state your opinion to your friends… that probably won’t end well.

“I’m taking one of those classes-aru.” Yao spoke up and you turned to face him.

“Cool, how good a cook are ya?”

“I guess I’m pretty good, people won’t stop bugging me to cook them more… the least they could do is say please or thank you-aru…” He grumbled that last part and you crossed your arms.

“That’s just rude, you stick it to em Yao. Next time those fools want something from you.” You said, getting a little passionate; normally when someone disrespected you, you didn’t take it and you set them straight.  Come to think of it… that’s probably why some of the nastier, ruder and stupider guys disliked your attitude.

“Nah… they’re not worth the trouble.”

“My ass! Tell something that people like you and me call R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” You said, spelling out the word to emphasize your point. Yao just stared at you, even if you two were having a conversation. You really were an interesting girl, tough yet kind. He nodded and you smiled and shot him a thumbs up, he blushed a little bit at your smile and now he also felt kind of happy.

“(Male Name)’s right Yao, vhy do you zhink so many people treat you like you’re a sniveling girl?” Gilbert asked as he leered at you two and in response you  both shot him a glare.

You were about to say ‘what’s wrong with being a girl?’ but that PROBABLY would’ve given you away. Then again… maybe it wouldn’t have cuz you could’ve just lied and Gilbert would be stupid enough to believe you and Yao… he’d definitely just sigh in aggravation and marvel at how gullible Gil is. On second thought… maybe you’d better keep your mouth shut…

To avoid any future potential perversion.

Then from afar the A.S.K were just right across the hallway, hiding behind another corner of the walls as they usually did whenever they followed you around when you were completely oblivious. Steve was still slightly wary about Keith but he wasn’t going to say anything.

“Did you guys hear that? They’re going to the culinary class! Perfect! I can show off my cooking skills to (Male Name)!” Andrew beamed at the thought of impressing you with his… admittedly good cooking.

“Good idea! You’re great at baking.” Steve praised his friend; it’s true Andrew did have rather impressive cooking and baking skills, no way (Male Name) would resist his offer when he bakes him something sweet…

“Indeed. Why don’t we all bake something, I enjoy cooking myself. I-I mean I’m not nearly as good as you Andy but… like I said I like it…” Keith said a little shyly and fiddled with his fingers.

“Okay that sounds like fun, let’s go guys!” Andrew said as Steve and Keith followed him as they were following you.

Steve stared at Keith for a while, was he up to something? Probably not but it’s best to keep an eye on him so that way they don’t stir anything up and no one else can get involved.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

The culinary class reminded you of the ones in high school, except these looked more professional and everyone in here are all dressed like chefs; hats included.

“Smells like a restaurant.” You commented on how the smell of delicious food filled the room.  Your eyes analyzed the whole place and then you noticed some of your friends in here, aside from the your audience Antonio, Francis, Ludwig, Feliks, Toris and Matthew.

Hey there was Alfred, probably munching on food from fast food restaurants instead of food from real ones. Oh and there was Arthur just scolding him while Alfred merely grinned and brushed them off.

Wait, Arthur’s here too…

He’s probably still pissed at you for the surprise French kiss.

Maybe he won’t even know you’re there.

“Hey it’s (Male Name) and Gil!” Alfred chimed once he saw you, Gil and Yao. He’d seen some of the dares you’ve done throughout the day, you two have such good competitions. Arthur shot his head up to see you and you both widened your eyes once they stared into each other.  He blushed almost in an instant and you sheepishly grinned and waved him and in response he glared at you.

“I’m sorry.” Was what you wanted to say but you could only mouth the words to Arthur but he huffed and crossed his arms in the other direction so he wouldn’t have to face you.
You scoffed at his indifference and then you blew a raspberry at him which made him cringe and then he faced you again, albeit reluctantly and continued to glare at you and in return you smirked at him just to see him get pissed off because it was both amusing and endearing to you.

“Like bloody hell I’m going to let (Male Name) off so easy… I was merely defending myself and I’m not going to apologize for it…” Arthur thought as he continued to blush every time his eyes diverted in your direction and then he quickly looked away each time he did so.

“So Gil what’s mah dare?” You asked and sounded eager, whatever dare he’d throw at you; you’d just throw an even sicker and worse dare back at him, that’s the fantastic cycle of ‘dare or dare’ for you.

“Kesesesese~” Gilbert just chuckled to your slight annoyance, something’s telling you that this dare would do something to you; you didn’t know what but something was going to happen.  

You crossed your arms and furrowed your eyebrows and waited for Gilbert to cease his cackling and tell you the dare already.

“I dare you (Male Name), to eat some of Arthur’s cooking.” He finally said with an uttermost evil smirk on his face, it almost scared you.  Emphasis on almost. Everyone on the other hand looked extremely frightened and twice as scared as you. It was awkwardly silent for a few seconds.

“NO WAY! YOU ARE NOT KILLING MY BEST FRIEND!” Feliks yelled and threw his arms around you tightly as if you would’ve floated away if he didn’t hold you. You looked at him confused but he just held you tight. You stared at Toris whom put his hand on your shoulder as if he was worried too.

“Dude, it’s just a game!” Alfred yelled with a look of horror on his face, Arthur heard what he said and he became both immediately annoyed and offended.

“Don’t kill him-aru!” Yao cried sharing Alfred’s expression, you turned to see him and wondered why these two looked afraid. Ok you’ve seen only glimpses of Arthur’s cooking, such as that one scone you used as an ingredient for your ‘revenge’ but that was about it. Nobody’s really a perfect cook right? These guys are probably just exaggerating.

“Oui, and besides zat would be a ‘orrible way to die. Especially for someone like (Male Name).” You turned to see Francis frowning and he looked just as scared as Alfred and Yao, then you noticed Antonio standing by the Frenchman and he looked disgusted as he shivered in terror.

“Ja, don’t make (Male Name) do zhis.” Ludwig said, his worried expression not showing but it was clear that he didn’t want you to have to suffer from that. Matthew just stood silent, he knew that Arthur’s cooking was terrible but he didn’t want to hurt his feelings since they were probably already  definitely stung by everyone’s remarks; yet he was just as scared as everyone for your sake.

“Shut up all of you!” Arthur yelled, offended at how everyone just kept insulting his cooking and that Gilbert was telling you to eat it as a dare.

You laughed at how ridiculous they were all being, maybe they were right but still. “You guys are such wimps.”  Apparently they were surprised at how you were brushing it off like it was nothing, but… you didn’t know just how bad it was as they all did.

“You von’t be saying zhat after zhis (Male Name). How about you just quit?” Gilbert sounded confident, TOO confident and crossed his arms in that usual smug manner of his.  
“I NEVER quit.” You sneered at him defiantly which almost made Gilbert widen his eyes, surprised and even a little awed at your nerve.

“Now now you two. You’ve had lots of fun today so how about instead you try some of my churros?” Antonio came in between you two and held out a plate of freshly made churros, serving them to you with a bright smile on his face.

Your eyes widened at the delicious fried pastries, wow the guy sure can cook.

“No vay Antonio we’re still playing.” Gilbert brushed Antonio off but he surprisingly didn’t sound as rude as usual, most likely due to their friendship.

“I can still try those later right?” You asked Antonio and pointed at the same plate he held and he nodded cheerfully.

“Gilbert rather zhan making (Male Name) go through such torture ‘ow about instead we enjoy a delicious luncheon made by moi~?” Francis asked, looking flamboyant as usual especially since he was dressed like a professional cook.

“Nein. I told you guys we’re still playing.” Gilbert said stubbornly and then you narrowed your eyes.  

“Feliks.” You said, signaling him to let you go since he still held you in his hug.
“But (Your Name)…” He whispered quietly to you.

“Relax. I’ve got this.” You said reassuringly.

“No way. I may have dropped my guard a few times on you before but not this time. I’m not letting my bestie die!” He whined and stared at you with big green puppy dog eyes, you groaned and looked away since whenever Feliks wanted something from you he’d resort to that.

“Feliks, I’ll be okay. If I survived a heatstroke, getting my ass judo-flipped by Yao, falling flat on my face because Gil tackled me, falling down the stairs with Yao nothing’s gonna take me down.” You boasted slightly as you listed some of the times that you’ve gotten hurt at this wacky-ass school.

Feliks whined again but he reluctantly let you go, you were right and he believed in you and knew that you could take care of yourself but still… he was your best friend so he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you. Toris pulled Feliks by the arm and stared at him with reassuring eyes.

“Don’t worry Feliks…” He said softly and smiled at him and Feliks smiled back with a flush on his cheeks.

“Yeah don’t. I’ll be totally fine.” You said and gave him a thumbs up.

“Boo-hoo-hoo~ Enough with zhe sappy gay crap and get to it already (Male Name).” Gilbert  interrupted curtly and crossed his arms, it was obvious that he was annoyed with how you and Feliks were getting strangely sentimental as if this was some sort of weird school comedy-drama sitcom.

You stuck your tongue at him and then flipped him off and right on cue his jaw dropped at this action.

The A.S.K stood behind some of the other guys, glaring at Feliks and Toris. How were they supposed to compete with a childhood friend of yours?! On top of that Feliks seemed very flamboyant gay and campier than all 3 of them put together. What if you were into that kind of thing?! Feliks is DEFINITELY a rival…

“Fine! Arthur let me taste whatcha got!” You demanded and held your hand out for a plate or something.

Arthur was still embarrassed about what happened today but he was taken aback and now infuriated at your sudden demand, how rude!

“Why should I?!” He asked and crossed his arms, glaring at you with his admittedly nice eyes.

“Because it’s a dare, and I’ve got to do it.” You responded and didn’t seem to notice the fact that Arthur was slightly hurt at all of this and the fact that you were only going to eat his cooking to prove something, something without a doubt stupid and childish.

“Zhat’s right.” Gilbert spat and stood behind you and looked down on you, much to yours and Arthur’s chagrin. But then you turned to face Gilbert with an arrogant smirk and then you put your hands on your hips.

“You guys really are such wimps. Even if his cooking’s not great I mean come on. I’ve got more balls than ALL of you guys if I’m going to eat it. In fact lay it on me right now! I ain’t frontin’.” You boasted out to all of them, hopefully what you said wasn’t TOO emasculating to the ones who knew your secret. Needless to say they all looked shocked, not just at what you said but at the fact that you were really going to do it. They would’ve done it if they were triple-dog-dared but they wouldn’t brag about it because that kind of thing always ends up biting people in the ass and now they were all very worried about you.

“(Male Name) it’s suicide.” Francis remarked still looking worried about you despite the scathing insult in his comment indirectly aimed at Arthur’s cooking.

“Aw come on you guys. That’s just cruel, I mean the man’s right here obviously he has feelings.” You said or rather slightly scolded the guys, Arthur grabbed his shoulder as he began to blush at how you were seemingly defending him and scolding  them for their insults. He didn’t care that you were! He didn’t ask you too!

“I mean if your cooking sucked, and I mean sucked ASS you wouldn’t like it if everyone else kept on saying things like that right?” You continued and then the guys all slowly nodded, but you missed at how insensitive that sounded and then WHACK!

Arthur had bonked you on the top of your head with his fist out of anger, “ARGH!” You cried out and then put both your hands on the top of your head in pain. You couldn’t catch a break from the hitting today couldn’t you?

“That hurt! Why’d ya do that bro?” You asked sounding slightly stupid but that was intentional to annoy Arthur even more.

“Bloody git…” He muttered and crossed his arms again in annoyance. First you were defending him and then you insult him? I hate you (Male Name)! Well… I don’t like you!

“Ouch….” You exclaimed and then rubbed the top of your head as you glared and pouted at the Brit.

Andrew watched as Arthur hit you, how could he?! Especially after he shared a lovely kiss from you! What a horrible way to treat someone as amazing as you, ungrateful! That’s what the brutish Briton is! “Now’s my chance to impress him!” He thought to himself as he grabbed  his plate of his own cooking and made his way to you. Steve and Keith followed him looking just as hopeful as him.

“(Male Name)! Rather than continuing this dumbass game how about instead you try some of these cookies that I baked?” Andrew asked you eagerly and held out his plate of freshly baked cookies, wow... can all the guys at this school cook?

“Oh wow… these look…” You muttered as you just stared at the sweets in front of you, they looked delicious and you didn’t mind trying out some of these foods that your friends had cooked especially since they seemed like they wanted you to try them.

“HEY! Get lost Strawberry Short-gay, (Male Name)’s got a dare to do!” Gilbert got in between the two of you (more than he usually did) and yelled, if he didn’t know any better. .. he thinks that this kid has a crush on you and he’s trying to impress you or something.

“I’m NOT short!” Andrew exclaimed.

“Right you’re not short.” Gilbert smirked at the poor kid and looked down on him.

“Hey Gil don’t mean to him.” You said with your hands on your hips and frowned in disapproval. Steve put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder while the latter stuck his tongue out at Gilbert. In response he glared at the little bastard again but then he noticed that Keith was just smiling at him, what’s he all smiley for?

“Andrew as tasty as your cookies look. I’m going to have to politely decline.” You gently admitted and Andrew cried out only in his mind as he only gave you an understanding look on the outside so he wouldn’t make a scene.

“It’s not just because I was dared but… I’d love to try some of your cooking Arthur.” You turned to face Arthur, he looked annoyed at first but once you said that he was touched.

“You do?” He asked almost in disbelief, since not too long again everyone else including you was insulting him about it.

“Yeah, can I?” You asked but politely this time and didn’t demand.

“Y-Yes of course…”  He said sounding a bit nervous and then he gave you a plate of… you couldn’t even distinguish what the hell that was. You wanted to shudder and express your disgust through an expression but all your friends were here so you kept those feelings suppressed.

“T-They’re scones…” He spoke again, breaking you out of your thoughts. You had actually begun to sweat, maybe these guys WEREN’T exaggerating but still… on second thought maybe they were just bad and not completely awful…

“Oh boy…” You mumbled lightly, hopefully your inner emotions wouldn’t crack but Gilbert was surprisingly able to see right through you. What a shock since he could hardly ever see right through you, if you know what I mean.

“Kesesese~ Do it (Male Name) you have been dared.” Gilbert stood behind you, grinning like a madman and then you glared at him.

“FINE!” You hissed and reluctantly took one of the scones and then you were unknowingly about to make the biggest mistake in your life.

You put it in your mouth and you started eating it. Everyone’s expression looked disgusted and then they changed to extremely appalled by the fact that you were eating it.

The taste WAS awful… and you found it hard to eat it but then you tried not to breath because if you can’t smell it then you can’t taste it… but you were half wrong about that too…

Gilbert’s mouth dropped once he saw that you were actually eating it and then he was disgusted because he had the misfortune of eating one of those dreadful scones by accident once too…  

Arthur seemed somewhat oblivious to your inner suffering but he was definitely concerned about what you thought of it, well… actually he didn’t care THAT much but it… it was nice that someone actually wanted to try his cooking for once… everyone always said that his was terrible but scratch that… he actually WAS concerned about what you thought. Maybe it was the effect of having a new person among a group and everyone wants to know about them or something…

“(Male Name)?” Feliks asked and resisted the urge to bite his fantastic nails.

You wanted to moan at the horrific taste but you didn’t but you managed to speak, “It’s got… an interesting… flavor…” You cracked those bits out and your voice didn’t sound TOO shaky even though you were on that very brink.

“I-Is it okay though?” Arthur asked you, trying not to sound too anxious to hear your opinion.

“Oh yeah… it’s great…” You answered, trying to lie as subtle as you could despite the slight skepticism on Arthur’s face.

“Are you sure about zhat?” Gilbert asked not believing you at all. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

“Yup!” You croaked this time and then there was a new problem, you couldn’t swallow it.

If you did… you’d probably either puke your insides out or keel over. Both sounded bad but you’d rather you keel over than puke your guts out. No way! Suck it up (Your Name) just down it like you did with (your most hated vegetable). On second thought don’t think about (your most hated vegetable).

Though you were sure you were possibly going to die, or have a near death experience, you took one deep breath and then you swallowed it…

“I’m good!” You turned around grinning with light tears flowing down your eyes from the terrible taste and you were sweating like you were sick. Everyone was shocked and even scared by how you managed to down that… thing and that you were still standing but they could see how bad you looked even if you were grinning like an idiot.

“Holy Shit He actually did it!” Alfred yelled but he didn’t look very awed or amazed. Antonio had both his hands covering his mouth in shock and worry while the A.S.K all gasped at what you had just done.

“Oh Mein Gott I can’t believe you did zhat…!” Gilbert said and looked like he had just seen Bigfoot or a mermaid or something but you just smirked at him victoriously.

“Are you sure it was okay (Male Name)?” Arthur questioned you again but he sounded eager enough to hear your opinion even if he thought that you were lying the first time and hopefully that wasn’t true.

“Yeah man…” You lied again trying to sound sincere but Arthur could see that you were sickly in appearance and perhaps you were lying but he wasn’t going to say anything.

“(Male Name) are you sure you’re okay? That’s the real question-aru.” Yao spoke up and noticed how bad you looked because you probably had to throw up or something.

“Oh yeah. Pfft I feel fine you guys.” You lied again and tried to hold back the urge to barf all over the place, you had a somewhat stronger stomach than Feliks but you had to be at your strongest to not only win this dare but to avoid hurting Arthur’s feelings.

“You don’t look very well (Male Name)…” You heard Francis’ concerned voice as he frowned at you.

“Well it HAS been a long and somewhat tiring day…” You took a few light but deep breaths so no one could hear you trying to NOT throw up.

“(Male Name) maybe you should go to zhe infirmary…” Ludwig said sounding worried once he saw that you were sweating big time as if you were outside.

“Nah… I’m fine you guys. Why do you guys keep saying these things?” You asked feigning innocence despite the fact that your eyebrow was twitching from the pain you felt in your insides and you stomach gurgled lowly.

“(Male Name) just throw up already.” Gilbert suggested looking somewhat serious and concerned, if you died… well… he didn’t really want you to die but still!

“Who said I had to throw up cuz I’m A-okay.” You said despite the voice in your head yelling ‘Don’t you throw up (Your Name) (Surname)!’ even though health-wise it would’ve been good if you did.

“(Male Name) let’s go to the infirmary.” Toris walked over to you and put his hand on your shoulder.

“Toris man no you don’t have to…” You stopped once you felt the woozy feeling overwhelm you and then you fell backwards right on your head.

“(MALE NAME)!” Every male’s voice in the room yelled your name.

“YOU KILLED HIM!” Feliks cried, literally cried at Gilbert as you lied on the ground, nauseated.

“OH NO (MALE NAME)!” Andrew cried out in worry once he saw that you had fainted and then he glared angrily at Gilbert.

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” He yelled and then roughly pushed Gilbert to the ground making him fall flat on his behind.

“HEY! You stupid little brat! I ought to-!” Gilbert was about to get up to beat him senseless but Ludwig stood in between them.

“Not now you two! Let’s take him to zhe infirmary!” Ludwig yelled at them and then they both nodded because your health was at stake right now.

You still lied on the ground but you felt yourself being lifted up and you could only see bright stars once you started to black out.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Silence was all you could hear… any other noise that was audible in the room you were in was very faint but it became gradually louder with each passing second. You didn’t like this awkward feeling so you start to slowing flutter your eyes open and blink your eyes awake a few times despite the blurry visage you were welcomed with. It was bright… very bright and the light was white…

Were you dead?

“I think he’s coming to…” You heard a familiar quiet and soft voice and you eagerly opened your eyes just enough to see who it was.

And it was the familiar blonde bespectacled and blue-eyed Canadian that you loved, not love-love of course. But he was definitely a favorite amongst all the friends you had at this school. He smiled a little shyly once he saw your eyes slightly opened.  But you still thought you were dead so maybe Matthew was in the form of an angel once you had died…

“Matthew… am I in heaven?”You smiled weakly and your eyes were slightly hazy. Apparently you were on the bed in the infirmary, same as the first day you had a heat stroke.

“Um no…” Matthew stuttered but then someone else made their way over to you, you didn’t even have to guess who it was but you didn’t feel like seeing him. “Matthew let me see him!” The voice cried out and Matthew moved away politely for the person to see you, the white-haired and red-eyed albino narcissist that you’d been around since the beginning of college.

“(Male Name)!” He sounded worried, but you decided to joke about it so he wouldn’t be TOO worried.

“Oh great… I’m in Hell instead… I should’ve seen this coming but I haven’t done THAT much bad things…” You muttered in dismay and turned your head to the side so you wouldn’t face Gilbert.

“HEY! I vas actually vorried about you, you stupid dummkopf!”Gilbert blurted out and blushed once he realized he did.

“You were?”

“N-Nein! Never mind!” He hissed and turned around crossing his arms and blushing lightly to your slight confusion but then you felt sick again.

“(Male Name)?” Matthew asked noticing the change in your demeanor but then Alfred popped up from behind and held you a disposal bin that you started to heavily ralph into.

Alfred gave you a sympathetic glance and despite how gross it was for you to be throwing up this bad where they could all see you he rubbed your back to soothe you, “That’s okay (Male Name) barf it all out…”  

After a minute you had the strength to lift your head and then plopped your head back done on the pillow.  But then you quickly sat up to see just what was going on in here.

“(MALE NAME)!” Feliks went over to you and gave you a loving hug despite your breath and the fact that you began to stare at the disposal bin you threw up in with a horrified look.

“D-D-Did I… d-die?” You asked with a shaky voice as your body began to tremble in fear from whatever the hell that was that you simply ingested and it probably nearly killed you. Matthew was right next to you while you were sitting up and then you started to cling to him in fear.

“Well… technically you passed out... for about an hour… because your body wanted to rid of the food you't good for you... but you were persistent against the urge so… it got you very sick and we took you here and now you’re okay…” Matthew explained with his soft voice, blushing like crazy as you continued to cling to him since you were still petrified as you continued to stare at the bin.  

But then you noticed all your friends staring at you with relieved smiles on their face and you couldn’t help but smile back even if it looked more nervous.

“If you died… I don’t even wanna think about it… When you throw a funeral you’ve got to do like a million things to do.  Black and gray are NOT my colors… I’d be so depressed after your death and like I’d probably start eating and get fat because I’ll freaking miss you! What will you do if that happens?!” Feliks blubbered out just how terrible it would be for HIM if you died but you just laughed it off.

“I wouldn’t be able to do anything because I’d be dead.” You smirked at him, rolling your eyes at what he just said.

“JUST NEVER do that again (Male Name)!” Feliks scolded you as he continued to hug you like a worried mother, like YOUR worried mother.

“You don’t have to tell me that twice.” You shuddered at the memory but at the same time you felt bad, hopefully Arthur didn’t feel too bad about this.

Speak of the devil you saw him standing on the side looking somewhat ashamed and melancholy.

“Arthur… come here Arthur…” You called out and then you waved your hand to you for him to come over. He was surprised but at the same time nervous, were you going to yell at him again or say something mean?

“Yes (Male Name)?”

“Sorry…” You apologized with enough strength in your voice and smiled at him. Instead he furrowed his bushy eyebrows at you. Feliks only stood next to you and glared at the Brit and remained quiet because he didn’t know the guy and he didn’t like him very much either.

“You’re sorry? I mean I…” He stopped his sentence at that point because although he was pondering if he should apologize to you about the slap earlier but he was too proud to do that and embarrassed as well.

“I know, I know I’m a ‘stupid git.’ Is that what you were going to say?” You asked rolling your eyes but you just laughed it off.

“N-no… but at least you know that…” He stuttered and kept his eyes on the ground that you noticed and smirked. How cute.

“If you didn’t like it you should’ve said something and not make yourself sick you moron…” He grumbled as he continued to stare at the ground and his feet and then you  punched him in the shoulder to reassure him but it wasn’t as hard as you usually punch because you felt sick.

“Didn’t wanna hurt your feelings though.” You admitted.

“I wouldn’t care if you said you didn’t like it…” You rolled your eyes again at this, he denies things more than you do.

“Yeah yeah… well… you’re not the greatest cook in the world but that’s cool…” You shrugged and then lied back down on the bed. Arthur tried his hardest not to stare at you and every time he did he’d look away again and wasn’t able to stop the blush forming on his cheeks.

“Thanks… I guess…” He said awkwardly and kept his gaze away from you.

“Anytime bro.” You grinned like an idiot again, the same grin that Arthur was often annoyed by but at the same time…  

NO! He can’t like you! He can’t! If he did he’d be just as bad as those three blokes who always want to hang onto you, especially that little one.

“Hey (Male Name).” Gilbert came back to you and you both shared the same expression.

“Hey Gil… it’s been fun and all today… but how about… we give it a break… I’m exhausted…” You moaned to emphasis that you were tired and didn’t really feel like continuing this silly game.

“Ja… I vas thinking zhe same zhing…” Gilbert scratched the back of his head as the both of you avoided each other’s gazes.

Finally you sighed, “I shouldn’t have been talking out of my ass, I’m sorry I let most of these dares get out of hand man.”

Gilbert was stunned, there you go again swallowing your pride. How do some people do that? “Ja, ja zhat’s fine…”  Did you do that on purpose? Swallow your pride and purposely make him look bad? That’s probably it!

“Cool.” Was all you had to say, if Gilbert didn’t have much to apologize for that’s all right. For the most part even if you were only kind of expecting an apology you weren’t going to complain.

“I’m zhe one who nearly killed you and you’re sorry?” He asked you incredulously and you only smirked.

“Well you’re the one who told me to.” You argued, still maintaining your smirk.

“I didn’t think you’d really do it. I still can’t believe you did zhat…” Gilbert ended with a shudder and now you knew why… but oh well…

“Me neither… but… was that all caught on camera?” You asked but you didn’t look very thrilled.

“Ja. All of it!”

“Aw crap… I wonder how many views those videos of me got… Hmm probably over a million.” You ended with a positive and slightly egoistic tone, if you got more views that only makes you more famous on the Internet.

“Pfft! Ja right (Male Name) don’t get so ahead of yourself!” Gilbert laughed at your confidence, even though that’s how he sounded most of the time… but you STILL weren’t as awesome as he was.

“You’re one to talk Mr. Awesome. But… about those dare videos of yours…” You chortled and snickered at the recent memory from today when you made Gilbert’s dares, from the Banana-Blowjob to the Single Ladies dance.

Gilbert’s face turned red with annoyance and embarrassment at the mere mention of the videos but he feigned a proud tone, “How many views have I gotten?! Probably more zhan you!”

Instead of getting a quick answer the albino was met with silence as you only scratched the back of your head and stared in the opposite direction.

“I… never posted them…” You finally spoke up as you admitted to Gil, whom looked not shocked but instead surprised and even a little confused.

“You didn’t? But vhy?” He raised a curious eyebrow, isn’t that what you wanted to do? As you’d probably put it ‘After he’d been such a giant douchebag to you’, you didn’t post the video.

You sighed and gave up keeping it a secret, “If I posted this then everyone would be laughing at you and that would just make me a real A-hole. Almost as big as the A-hole who posted the first video about me.”

Gilbert heard what you said and honestly… he was touched. You DID care about him enough to not post such humiliating videos about him… it almost made him feel bad about wanting to do the same to you this very morning…


Wait… he couldn’t go soft on you right now, especially since some of their friends were still around here!

“D-Danke…” He leaned in close to your ear and thanked you in German. You snickered and rolled your eyes, that figures that Gilbert wouldn’t thank you in front of everyone. To spare himself any embarrassment and look ‘awesome.’

He sure was cute like that… even if he IS still a giant douchebag.

“You’re welcome…” You whispered back to him and earned a smile of gratitude from him, then a blush and a huff as he turned to face the other direction. All you could do is giggle as you remained cheerfully oblivious to the fact that Gilbert was struggling with inner thoughts. Thoughts about you and that you were strangely cute and even kind of… attractive… for a gay boy…  

Instead he brushed those thoughts off yet again and changed the topic, “Well (Male Name) you vere right vhen you told Yao that getting hurt is nothing to you. But if you survived eating Arthur’s cooking zhen nothing’s gonna take you down.” He joked and even snickered at the expense of poor Arthur.

“That’s mean… but… I guess you’re kinda right…” You nodded because maybe he was right about that…

“Which reminds me…” Your eyebrow twitched in annoyance and your fists clenched, how many times have you nearly died at this place?

“HEY AUTHOR! JUST HOW MANY MORE TIMES ARE YOU GONNA TRY AND KILL ME OFF IN THIS BLOODY INSERT?!” You yelled angrily upwards to no known source to Feliks’ and Gilbert’s shock and surprise.

“(Male Name)! Don’t like just say that out of the blue!” Feliks yelled at you looking quite frantic.  

“Ja! But vay to break zhe fourth vall like zhat. I zhink zhe authors smart to feature zhis insert all about zhe Awesome-me.” Gilbert broke the fourth wall as well but he mentioned himself due to his inflated ego.

Arthur simply stared at all three of you, thinking you were all idiots. And the last thing he was thinking about how you stole his use of the word ‘bloody’.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Later on you were able to go on with the rest of your day, especially now that not only were you done with that fun game of ‘Dare or Dare’ with Gilbert but you were done with your classes for today too. Feeling bored you went outside to where some of the athletes were at without a doubt. Even though August is just about over it’s still hot enough right now to go for a few last swims…

You sighed and lamented at the fact that you couldn’t go to the pool and swim… if you did you’d get found out… and besides even if you wanted too you literally couldn’t… at least you had one more day left and then you’d be good though…

Even if you couldn’t swim you could still sit out there and watch the other guys, no not for the perverted sake!   You’d be out there because there you could sit up on the bleachers and you could relax as any of your other friends around got to have fun and besides you’d be sitting outside in the nice weather and listen to your (type of music player/ I-phone).  

Since it was hot you rolled up your sleeves and then you sat in the middle row of the bleachers and then out your music on.

Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance

Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no

Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne

So, by keeping her heart protected
She'd never ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love

You hummed along with the lyrics and then you put on a pair of sunglasses you had with you because you said you’d come over here today and it sure was bright out today.

Meanwhile from behind the bleachers the A.S.K hid and simply stared at you since you were tuned out and didn’t even know they were near. Of course… this isn’t the first time they’ve kind of stalked you before… in fact… they’ve followed you around longer than you assumed… that’s if you even knew… and you didn’t…

“(Male Name)’s at the pool with us… but he’s not getting in… I wonder why?” Andrew pondered, he wasn’t a lusty homosexual boy as many other people liked to depict him and any other gay boys but… he wouldn’t mind see you without a shirt either…

“Maybe he doesn’t feel like it?” Steve assumed, which sounded like something any normal person would say.

“Or perhaps he’s simply too cool to.” Keith said, admiring how ‘cool’ you were as he and his friends began to fawn over your ‘coolness’ like fangirls or fanboys to be precise…

Suddenly an idea formed in Andrew’s head. “Guys I’ve got an idea! You see… I’ll jump in the pool with the other guys… and then I’ll simply pretend to drown and then (Male Name) will come in to help me!” Andrew chimed with stars in his eyes, at the thought of you jumping in and rescuing him… and then he blushed at the image along with his friends.

“That’s a good idea Andy!” Steve praised his friend, he liked seeing him happy. If anything Andrew’s happiness is what mattered to him a whole lot, and after the whole incident with you nearly dying in the culinary class (that they were extremely relived about once they found out that you were alove) … and the fact that you chose Arthur’s cooking over his own… maybe he could catch your attention this time.

“Yes. That’s why Andy’s our idea guy.” Keith smiled as Andrew began to remove his shirt and take his plan into action.

You had no idea that a pair of brown exhuberant eyes were eying you and smirking at your visage. Then the latter jumped into the pool, swimming like the other guys and then he started to ‘yell’.

“Oh no! Somebody help! The water’s too deep! Help!” Andrew yelled, which sounded pretty convincing but since your headphones were on you couldn’t hear him; if you did hear him you wouldn’t saved him but… you didn’t hear him and you couldn’t see him thanks to your sunglasses. To you everything was completely tuned out.  

“Argh! (Male Name) can’t hear him!” Steve thought with worry once he noticed you wearing both your headphones AND your sunglasses.

Alfred on the other hand was near the area and then he rushed over once he heard a cry of distress, “Don’t worry whoever that is the hero will save you!” He yelled as he began to remove his shirt and then he jumped into the pool without a second thought. The so-called lifeguard on the other hand was well aware of the fact that Andrew was apparently drowning but he didn’t bother because he only got the job because of minimum wage.

“I’m coming for ya!” Alfred yelled again and swam towards Andrew to his surprise and slight dismay.

“WHAT?!” He yelled but then he felt two strong hands grab him and then swim him towards the shore.

“Alfred! Why the bloody hell did you run over here?!” Arthur yelled as he made his way over to the pool area where Alfred had ran to. He suppressed a shudder as he entered within its boundaries.

The pool… and swimming… wasn’t exactly his forte…

“I’m saving somebody!” He yelled with pride and glee as he helped the disappointed Andrew out of the pool.  

“What the hell?” You asked and then took out your headphones once you heard something loud and saw Alfred with Andrew. That’s odd…

“Poor Andy… he was saved by the wrong person…” Steve said looking dismayed with Keith standing behind him.

“I know…” He mumbled and then he saw Arthur glaring at Alfred’s stupidity and then he also noticed that he was standing near the pool…

“I heard that Arthur Kirkland can’t swim… I’m going to see if it’s true…” Keith thought with a dark smile on his face and walked slowly and quietly behind the unsuspecting Brit and once again…

He pushed him…

This time it was Arthur and this time it was in a pool.

“AH!” He yelled once he felt two hands roughly push him into the pool… The pool! He couldn’t swim! On top of that because he feared drowning he failed to catch the bloody wanker that pushed him in the first place!

“HELP! I CAN’T SWIM! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” He threw his arms around splashing the water frantically and coughed every now and then but the more he struggled the more he nearly and slowly drowned. Keith smiled as he watched him struggle, oh and he was glad that Arthur was near the 10 ft area.

Your ears perked once you heard Arthur’s cry and you threw your  (type of music player/ I-phone) to the ground and ran down the bleachers. “I’M COMING ARTHUR!” You yelled and threw off your jacket and jumped into the pool and swam toward Arthur and grabbed his shoulders safely, “Calm down, calm down! I’ve got ya.” You said to reassure him and instead of arguing he clung to you since you knew how to swim.  Even though you were swimming you assumed you were safe because your chest still looked like a guy's thanks to your new breast binder and the shirt you wore was fairly dark and baggy.

“Dude are you okay?” Alfred asked Andrew, whom started to blush…

“Y-Yeah… t-thanks…” He stuttered the last part barely louder than a whisper but it was loud enough for Alfred to catch.

“No problem dude! I’m Alfred!” Alfred grinned and punched Andrew in the shoulder.

“I-I know… I’m Andrew…” Andrew stuttered again and kept his eyes to the ground, sure he wanted (Male Name) to save him but this was… nice… if he wasn’t so shy he’d be able to talk to Alfred normally.

“Sup Andrew? Hey if you ever need saving again just give me a call, kay?”


“Cool! Hey there’s Arthur and (Male Name).” Once Alfred said that Andrew immediately turned to see you pulling Arthur out of the pool safely.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” He screamed in his head at the horrid image in front of him, that should be him! He should’ve been saved by you!  

Keith cursed in his head and then he stomped one foot on the ground at least 6 times like a child not getting what he wants. Steve… he saw everything again… and now he was even more worried… he’d REALLY have to keep an eye on him from now on…

To make sure no one gets hurt.

“Arthur man are you okay?” You asked the soaked Brit who coughed lightly, and then he realized that you saved him! But he couldn’t stop himself from blushing and then he refused to look you in the eyes.

“I’m fine…” He muttered, still keeping his gaze away from you.

“Good oh and by the way… I’m sorry about the kiss…” You grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of your head but… that was the wrong thing to say at this moment. Arthur WAS about to thank you but once you brought that back up he got angry.

“You git! You say that now?!” He yelled red in the face from anger and embarrassment.

“Yeah but hey if it helps I was dared to do it.” You smiled like a goofball and shrugged which only pissed Arthur off.

“Hey now don’t you slap me again-OH!!” You spoke too soon and then yelled once Arthur slapped you in the face again suddenly, same right cheek. Not as hard as the one from today but it still freaking hurt! You gasped and looked at him with an annoyed expression and this time you slapped him back but harder than how he slapped you.

He gasped sounding startled and then stared at you with wide eyes, the both of you sharing identical bright red slaps on your cheeks. His dumbfounded expression turned back into an angry glare.

“What the  bloody hell was that for?!”

“I should be asking YOU that!” You yelled angry with this guy, you save him and this is the thanks you get?!

“You’re the one who decided to kiss me and completely embarrass me in front of everyone!”

“I told you it was a dare! And besides forget about that I saved you and you thank me like this?! Gosh you’re such a fucking ungrateful dick sometimes! You're always picking fights with everybody! You're mean to everybody! No wonder those guys messed with you! Hell no wonder you don’t have any friends, you asshole!” You yelled but then you lightly gasped once and covered your mouth once those words had escaped. Arthur’s expression changed from angry to hurt… but he assumed it was his own fault… now you hate him…

“A-Arthur… I’m sorry-“ Guilt seeping your voice as you immediately and frantically tried to apologize.

“No! Go away, don’t look at me!” Arthur cried and turned around so he wouldn’t face you. Don’t you cry Arthur Kirkland! And don’t you let him see you do so! Don’t you do it!

He bit his lip and crossed his arms, keeping his eyes shut as he sat in the opposite direction of you; upset, cold from his wet clothes and slightly miserable.

The other guys stood around and stopped swimming to see the show, Alfred looked concerned for his friend but he wasn’t entirely sure going to him would be the best thing to do right now.

Even Andrew and Steve stared at the guy with sympathy, they didn’t like him but they didn’t HATE him, well Andrew didn’t hate him as much as he said he did. Keith on the other hand smiled and took joy in Arthur’s misery, it served him right.

You sat there and felt horrible, the guy always acts so tough but you didn’t think you could hurt his feelings but now that you did… you had to do something. Then you noticed him shivering, most likely from the fact that his clothes were all wet and the breeze was cool.  You slowly got up and went to get your jacket and slowly approached the soaked Brit and draped it over his shoulders, and right on cue he perked up at the feeling of something covering him.

“You okay?” You asked, smiling to reassure him. He stared back at you with wide eyes again, that had faint tears in them.


“Because you’re my friend… and I’m sorry… for everything man. Now come on and get up so you can get some dry clothes.” You said and stood up and held your hand out for him to take. Arthur’s eyes quivered but he wasn’t going to be stubborn this time, he grabbed your hand and stood up with you supporting him.

“It’s okay… and I’m sorry too…” He said sounding a bit ashamed and became shy all of the sudden.

“Nah that’s cool.” You said and then noticed that he was still holding your hand and that he was squeezing it…

“Arthur? You can let go of my hand now.” You smiled a little awkwardly and Arthur’s cheeks flamed.

“Sorry!” He apologized hastily and once again didn’t look at you, he just couldn’t look you in the eye! Damn you (Male Name) (Surname)! Why are you so… so… kind?

“Okay, okay you can hold my hand.” You smiled again but then Arthur gave you a questioning look.

“No no not because I’m gay because…uh… n-never mind…” You blushed at the last part, boy did that sound stupid… and Arthur WAS cute you were going to admit that.

“It’s all right…” He said and then put his hand in yours and then for a moment you both stared into each other’s eyes for a minute.  

“But just til we get inside!” Arthur stammered and blushed madly at what it was he was doing. Probably one of the most improper things he’s ever done… though that kiss probably did it… but oh bloody hell, however he wasn’t going to go soft on you completely.

You smiled a little nervously at his tone but you nodded, “I know, I know… it’s cool man. Now let’s go in. I’m cold.”

“Me too…” He said even though on the inside he actually felt kind of warm as you two walked off together, hand in hand.

Keith cursed in his mind at least a thousand times because of the way you made up with him… and once again his idea to rid of a rival failed again! Andrew lightly growled as he watched you and Arthur walking away together… holding hands!

Frustrated tears of sadness and jealousy stirring in his eyes as he seethed with Steve standing beside him and rubbing his back to soothe him.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Gilbert hummed a song as he walked down the hallway, a song that sounded like one of Avril Lavinge’s… I Can Do Better… then he stopped humming…

“Ugh… (Male Name)’s taste in music is starting to rub off on me…” He grumbled and shook his head but then he noticed you and Arthur about to walk in and then he quickly hid behind one of the walls. However he could’ve sworn he saw you two holding hands? “What zhe hell’s (Male Name) doing wiz Arthur?” He wondered as he peeped in to hear you both.

“You sure you’re all right  Arthur?”

“I told you I’m fine.”

“Just making sure bro. Wouldn’t want a pal of mine to drown and die.”

“I wasn’t going to drown…  git…”

The albino heard you two talking and he furrowed his eyebrows once he heard you chortling at Arthur’s insult as you both walked together,  no longer holding hands but still…

Gilbert didn’t know why… but he couldn’t help but feel slightly peeved… and maybe a little jealous of the Brit that was walking with his roommate…

And HIS friend.
AGH! Sorry for the long update but I've finished! But ugh... I've got driving school on my ass so updates will only take a slight while... but I was happy to have finally gotten this one done! Heh-heh-heh sorry ya'll but I'm teasin' ya... see the thing is I had this idea stuck in my head and i had to put it down on this chapter. Okay but this chapter has established that if you survived eating England's cooking than NOTHING's gonna take you down, you and Prussia ended your game since you nearly died. It's all fun and games til someone almost dies. And finally it seems that you've gotten through to England a little more... Tempers are flaring and Jealousy's stirring... BUT jealousy is what makes things slightly more interesting right?

4TH WALL YOU BROKE THE 4TH WALL!! LOL Family Guy reference

You know it's weird is that I was watching old Pokemon episodes and when I saw this episode ‘The Chikorita Rescue it kinda reminded me a bit of this chapter a bit. So weird….

It seems that The A.S.K are officially well they have been but in this chapter you could consider them stalkers. And one of them is slightly psychotic as you can see... heh-heh-heh

Song heard: Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson

LOL you know what's funny it DOES concern Reader-chan's personality but at this point... it seems to concern England's situation a little more even if he's a dude ain't that funny? It's funny though it DOES sound a bit like him... the irony...

Well stay tuned for the next chapter!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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