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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 18.5

Like I said not another quick update I’m sorry! And ugh I did it again! I made another dumb half chapter til another chapter (which is why it's a bit shorter) but at least this one is relevant and still kind of humorous right? But… I’d watch out for any blackmail cuz these new jerks are experts at that, Your AWESOME name is on the line but there’s no way in hell you’re gonna let them slander it! This is a doofus thing to say but…

Go Reader-chan Go! Or…

Go (Your Name) Go! Or…

Go (Male Name) Go!

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

It had not been too long since you left your dorm-room, only about 5 minutes give or take. You felt kinda bad for lying to Gilbert when you told him you were going nowhere in particular but at the same time you were already lying to him about something else so what’s the harm in this?

Truth be told… since Arthur had caught a cold today, you were slightly concerned. Would he be okay by himself? He’s got a whole dorm-room to himself and Alfred doesn’t sound like he’d be the best of help, speaking of which if you didn’t know any better you’d guess that Arthur bore something towards Alfred.

It wasn’t even night yet, 7:10 is only getting close to night time but it wasn’t nighttime just yet.  Despite that you didn’t know who you could’ve run into at this time in these halls, it was almost spooky. Especially with that psycho that you assumed was around here, the one who attempted to push Yao down the stairs. You knew it wasn’t Ivan, he was a loony sure but you didn’t think he was malicious and he liked Yao even if it was a sort of creepy kind of likeness. Still…

It didn’t help that it felt like you were being followed and every time you turned around you saw nobody yet you still sensed that someone was there. You kept a sturdy thought and decided to be skeptical because it’s best to not be emotionally vulnerable when you feel like you’re being followed… but…

“All right! Whoever’s down there can just come on out of hiding!” You yelled as you turned around to be greeted with nobody again, you could’ve sworn that someone was following you. God you hoped that you weren’t being stalked…

That’d be a nightmare…

“And if you’re some sort of big strong buff dude or a some sort of psycho weirdo… you better watch yourselves… I won’t bother you but still!” You sounded a little weak midway in that so-called threat but like you said, don’t get emotionally vulnerable.

Then you found yourself running and fast…

Right on time too because as soon as you left the A.S.K emerged from the corner they were hiding behind…

“(Male Name) ran off! Where’s he going?” Andrew thought out loud, apparently he was unaware that this habit of following you had just creeped you out.

“I don’t know.” Steve replied, although he had a hunch that you felt uncomfortable with just walking about at this time of night alone while him and his friends followed you without you knowing.

“Let’s go find out~.” Keith sounded a bit too cheerful but Andrew nodded, “Right!” Then the trio started walking in the direction you ran in and kept a fair distance away from you so you wouldn’t notice that they were following you.

Unbeknownst to you, you actually ran fast enough to get away from the A.S.K and then you found Arthur’s dorm-room and then you started to knock, trying not to be frantic.

“Arthur! Let me in please.” You knocked a few times but there was no answer and you didn’t hear any footsteps, at least not from inside his dorm-room…

“Ahh!” You yelled in your mind and then knocked a few more times but still no answer, but then you turned around to look in another direction you were met with a shoe hitting you right in your cheek.

“Hey who threw that?!” You snapped out of your paranoid psyche and now you were pissed off at the asshole who just threw that shoe at you.

Speak of the devil cuz the asshole who did that was the same asshole from today, Adrian. He laughed at you as you rubbed your cheek while your glared at him.

“What do you think (Surname)? Throwing shoes is something you’d do, which is childish but it sure is fun.” He continued to laugh at you and then you grabbed his shoe.

“Get your ass over here so I can stick this shoe up your ass!” You yelled and didn’t give him a choice as you started to charge towards him, and he started scampering off in fear.

“You’re crazy! (Surname)’s crazy!” He screamed sounding scared as he ran away from you as if it was for his life.

“Oh you bet I’m crazy baby!” You replied and you even started to look crazy as you sped up your pace to give this guy the beating he’s deserved ALL day, however he ran to the other hallway and into a room that you didn’t read as the guy’s bathrooms.

“Where’d he go? Where’d he go? Where’d he go? Where’d he go?” You asked yourself continuously and looked all over the place but then you heard somebody in there, “Aha!” You said and then instead you walked in on the guy you were looking for now standing in front of and using a urinal.


“OH SHIT!” You yelled as Arthur turned to see you now sharing the same brilliant shade of crimson blush as you.

“(Your Name)! Get out of here!” He yelled as he blushed while you only stuttered and kept your hand to your face to cover your eyes.

“I-I’m sorry man! Really I-I…” You blushed harder with your hand to your face and averted his gaze.

While Adrian, whom had hid behind the door once he ran in snuck up behind you and snapped a quick and perfect shot of you and Arthur in that awkward position.

“More proof that (Surname) is gay for Kirkland!” He thought evilly as he ran out quickly so you wouldn’t go back and beat the snot of him, and apparently he missed it when Arthur called you by (Your Name) and not (Male Name).

“So this is where you were…” Your hand didn’t leave the side of your face as you tried at least talking to Arthur with your back turned in this awkward atmosphere.

“Where did you think I was?” He asked and was thankful that you couldn’t see his brilliantly red face and something else… or at least he hoped that you didn’t see…

“I went to your dorm and tried knocking but you weren’t there.”

“Why were you at my dorm-room? Trying to steal my answers or something?”

“No dummy, you weren’t feeling well today and I wanted to see if you were okay.” You confessed a bit annoyed, thinking that the Brit had a lot of nerve to think that you were an asshole like that.

“You did?” He asked as he zipped up his pants, surprised. Honestly he didn’t think you’d pester him for something as simple as homework answers but he didn’t expect that you’d come by to visit out of concern; his ‘friends’ often came by just to annoy him.

“Uh DOI~!” You duh’d him while you kept your eyes away even though it felt lest awkward now. He was slightly annoyed by your curt tone but at the same time the way you put it sounded like it was something you’d do anytime for someone.

“I’m decent now.” He said and even though you turned to see him the two of you couldn’t help but avert each other’s gaze as the two of you flushed in embarrassment.

“L-Let’s go now…” You stuttered and Arthur nodded in agreement, the two of you now leaving the bathroom; after Arthur washed his hands of course.  

Needless to say  the walk  was awkward and silent and you two still couldn’t look at each other but now it was too quiet for your liking, and the fact that you still felt like you were being followed didn’t help either.

“Are you okay by the way? I know you caught a cold and all.” You finally spoke up to rid of the silence.

“I’m managing… but I appreciate your concern.” He said sniffling lightly, although he still couldn’t look at you, ever since he found out you were a girl it had made him feel much more awkward whenever he was around you; he had recently found out today but still.

“Coolness. Well… um… I know it’s been uh… awkward today but uh…” You were stuttering, that’s not like you but you couldn’t stop. Maybe it was temporary and it would go away soon once you muster up what you wanted to tell Arthur.

“ I had fun.” You nodded, even though what you said was totally queer. ‘I had fun?’ you mentally face-palmed yourself because what did that have to do with what was going on right now?


“I see… aside from that douchebag from today?” He asked and he looked just as embarrassed as you did when you recapped everything that happened today.

“Yes! Exactly. But hey we had a few laughs today right?”

“Right. By the way… you really do sing great… You sure showed that bloke.” He said as he smiled, like you said before he looked good when he smiled.

“Thank you Arthur. That means a lot… and I know what you’re thinking, that’s surprising coming from the ‘totally Awesome (Your Name)’? Right.” You asked and he chuckled.

“Now you’re just giving yourself compliments (Your Name). But I suppose it is something of a surprise. You sounded and you act confident.” He wondered as he recalled the way you acted and the way you came off to everyone as a take-no-nonsense kind of gal (or guy in this case).

“Maybe but at the same time I was totally nervous I thought I was gonna ralph. I mean there are better singers than me that’s one thing I know and it pains me to say this but that asshole’s a pretty good singer too but if he wasn’t such a bitch then I’d probably respect him.” You explained and crossed your arms once you brought up Adrian.

“Anyone with that kind of attitude isn’t going to get very far in spite of talent, he’s a bad seed him and his friend.” Arthur frowned at the mention of Adrian, what a jerk. He was mean to everyone and not in any good way possible; Gilbert was mean to everyone and he bothered everyone but he wasn’t spoiled or rotten like that.

“Yup he sure is. Well forget about him and also I really did come by to check up on ya kinda like how you did for me.” You said and gave him a slight teasing smile.

“I-I did not! I told you I merely went over to you to give you the assignments you needed!” He blushed and denied his concern for you when you brought that up, that was all yesterday no less.

“Right~… but it was sweet and I wanted to do the same thing for you. You look well enough though.” You smiled to the embarrassed Brit.

“T-Thank you…” He blushed harder this time and stared at his feet, gah! Why is it so hard for him just to look at you?!

“You’re welcome man. And get better by the way.” You playfully punched him in the shoulder and then you turned to go in the direction where your dorm-room was at.

“Okay thank you again (Your Name).” He thanked you with a warm smile, one that you liked more than the other few small smiles you’ve seen before.


“No problem man.” You waved him bye and he did the same as you walked back towards your dorm-room and completely missed three jealous and pissed off boys that hid behind a corner and glared daggers at Arthur.

Arthur on the other hand saw them and ran back towards his own dorm-room as fast as he could and locked it as soon as he got it.

“Those wankers are after me! Why?!” Was all he thought, oh no they’re jealous of him! He saw the way they looked at you.

“Wait a minute…” He thought about it for a minute and when he got the entire thing straight he laughed out loud, it sounded a bit haughty but still! Ironic he was laughing now when you couldn’t see him doing so… he was glad you couldn’t though because that would be embarrassing…

And he didn’t want to get ahead of himself but now that he understands everything these wankers don’t have a chance against him since you’re really a girl, still he couldn’t help but swell up with pride at that.

Looks like he’s got them boys beat.

The downside is the ever-growing envy of those three… cuz they were after you and then they’d be out for anyone else’s blood that had an interest in you…

Swing and a miss.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Ding Dong.” You opened the door to your dorm-room and you were thankful that Gil wasn’t asleep yet.

“Finally. Vhat took you so long und vhere vere you?” He asked, he sounded slightly annoyed but you shook it off. The guy probably felt lonely without you, how cute is that?

“Nowhere really. I told you already.” You shrugged and then sat down on your bed.

“Oh mein Gott you don’t have a boyfriend do you?” He didn’t mean to ask that but it just came out.

“What?! No why… why would you even ask that?” You laughed that off a bit because why would he ask that? That was a silly question, of course you don’t have a boyfriend.

“Vhy else vould you just leave and say it’s ‘novhere in particular’?” He fluttered his fingers on the last part as if he either didn’t believe you or he expected a clear answer from you. So you decided to be honest, there’s no harm in honesty right?

“Okay you got me, but I don’t have a boyfriend. I went to see Arthur and-“ You tried to continue but then Gilbert rudely cut you off.

“Arthur? Oh just say it you’re zhinking about fucking Arthur aren’t you?!” He asked grinning and sniggering even though he also sounded like he was pissed for some reason.

“What?! NO! I am so NOT, you big dumbass!” You yelled at him and flushed pink, what the hell albino?! He was completely nuts for thinking something like that but you should’ve known better by now.

“Denial! Ha! So you ARE gay for Arthur!” He started to laugh and point at you as you pouted and puffed your red cheeks.

“I don’t like anybody you ass!” You blushed and huffed as you tried to explain yourself, Arthur was cute but you weren’t even sure if you liked him or anybody else.  

“But you’re a fag aren’t you?”

You rolled your eyes at his ignorance but at least it was him calling you that instead of Adrian, “Yeah yeah but I’m not crushing on anyone. There are some pretty faces around her but no crushin’. I’m rather busy doin’ my thang.”

“Did you really just say thang you loser?” He looked at you incredulously, guess he wasn’t crazy about your slang.

“Yeah, I do my thang and you do your thang.” You smirked and nodded at your totally awesome choice of wicked-cool slang.

“Vhatever.” He shook his head at you being weird and went back to lying down on his bed to think, which for him was kind of dangerous. The silence was starting to get to him so he decided to speak up and hopefully annoy you.

“Hey if you are so gay for Arthur, vhat zhe hell is zhat supposed to mean?” He asked and didn’t look too pleased.

“Eh?” You raised an eyebrow, looking completely befuddled. Where was the crazy-ass albino going now?

“I mean vhat does Arthur have zhat I don’t. Why him of all people, are zhe rest of zhe guys not hot enough to you or something?” He asked raising both his hands in questioning manner and he wasn’t very happy, of course this would have something to do with attractiveness. You shook your head at his stupidity and vanity, however at the same time this gave you an idea as you smirked.

“I dunno, maybe. Arthur’s a gentleman, he’s smart-“ You began but then Gilbert cut you off.

“Und boring, und sullen, und lonely, und lame.” He finished off for you but that was mostly his opinion of Arthur.

“That’s not true! He can be mean and even annoying but he’s not bad and I’m sure he’s just lonely and wants a friend, poor guy I don’t want to say I feel sorry for him but I just… I feel for him that’s what I mean.” You explained about Arthur to Gilbert, whom in return crossed his arms and didn’t look one bit pleased about how you saw Arthur. He still doesn’t see what’s so great about it and Gott forbid you were to start hanging around Arthur more than the Awesome-Gilbert. Not that he cared or anything but still!

“So I’m not hot enough for you?” He asked again, and you sighed as you rolled your eyes but at the same time the fact that he was feeling like this gave you a sense of satisfaction and more pride.

“Meh I dunno… don’t get me wrong Gil on a scale of 1 to 10 you’re a 9 bordering on 10.”
You started off and Gil’s smile grew until you said that he was more of a 9 and not a 10.

“You’re hot, like smoking hot but… you’re not my type.” You gave him a rather generous compliment but then you ended on that hoping he’d understand, he wasn’t your type but you weren’t even sure what ‘type’ you were into.

“I’m a 10?” He asked you with a grin, of course that’s what he wanted to hear.

“Well if the Awesome-Gilbert is as AWESOME as he says he is then yes Gilbert you’re a 10.” You nodded even though you playfully rolled your eyes at how immaturely vain he was being but if it makes him feel better.

“All right! I knew it zhat's zhe Awesome-Me for you! Even zhe faggots are into me!” He pumped a victorious fist in the air and you shook your head as you stared in the other direction, but watching him happy like that actually kind of made you happy.

“But I’ll be honest (Male Name) I don’t blame you for being into me I am zhat awesome after all.” He was gloating again but it was more superficial this time.

“I never said I was into you I just said that you’re hot.” You smirked and crossed your arms once you saw Gilbert’s now slightly disappointed face.

“You still admitted I’m hot!” He pointed at you, the disappointment now completely left his face.

“What?!” You blushed once you realized that he was right, you were planning on keeping that a secret!

“N-No I didn’t!”

“Ja you did! Kesesese~! Yes! I’m a 10 and you zhink I’m hot!” He cheered in glee and even did a little victory dance as you narrowed your eyes at him with red cheeks, it was on him because he looked ridiculous right now.

“Well of course I think you’re hot, I’m gay.” You stated bluntly and smirked once you saw that he stopped dancing and his grin drooped.

“Besides why would you care if I found you attractive?” You asked as you raised an eyebrow in curiosity, why would he care?

Gilbert was silent and he looked like he was struggling for an answer, “V-Vell… you’re a fag aren’t you? You vere obviously thinking that to yourself for a long time! Think of zhis as your chance to let that opinion out and you can thank zhe Awesome-Me for zhat!” He claimed even though it made about zero-sense.

You mentally smirked at the fact that Gilbert cared about your opinion of his attractiveness and decided to leave him alone, “You’re right~.” That came off rather breezily but Gilbert didn’t bother you after it.

“Oh my God that guy was SO annoying.” You changed the topic to make Gilbert feel less uncomfortable and it worked.

“I know! Vhy didn’t ve just blow him off? ” He agreed and then he grabbed a water bottle from his bag, held it and turned his back.

“Well the guy obviously wanted to piss us off cuz I saw him not too long ago when I went to Arthur’s.” You said staring at the ceiling and scowling at the thought of Adrian.

“He’s an unawesome loser und he’s probably bored with his lame-ass life.” Gilbert smirked and kept his back turned.

“Tell me about it, I’m pretty sure he’s doing it for attention or something what a loser and he’s a spoiled rotten brat too have you noticed?”

“Ja he’s vorse zhan Roderich. But I can’t vait to see zhe look on zhat kid’s face when we show him up tomorrow.” He said peering down to something that you didn’t notice once you sat up from your bed, what was he doing?

“What are we gonna do? We don’t have anything planned…” You stopped once you heard something weird.

“Gil…” You didn’t dare look too far to where Gilbert’s back was turned because you had a hunch on what he was doing.

“Gil are you peeing in that bottle?” You asked and blushed a good shade of red, sure do that when there’s a girl present; not that he knew that. Normally you didn’t really care what Gilbert did when you were around but this was kind of embarrassing.

He perked up at your question but he didn’t seem as embarrassed as you, “Vhat’s wrong with zhat? Are you getting horny (Male Name)?” He asked in a teasing tone as he turned to face you with a lecherous grin, which for some reason made you blush harder.

“No! But there’s a place called a bathroom, do it over there!” You nearly screamed but you kept your voice low through your embarrassment.

“I vould but zhis is for zhat Adrian kid. I don’t zhink he’ll really like zhis kind of drink. Kesesese~.” He started to chuckle and then you got an idea of what he meant.

“No…” You said and a smile grew on your face as you turned to look at Gilbert, forgetting about how coy you were a second ago.

“Ja!” He laughed and then he held the bottle that was now full of his own piss, which disgusted you but you laughed along with him.

“Oh Gil that is gross!” You held your sides as you fell on your bed, HA! It’ll serve him right tomorrow talk about a great prank! It was gross but Gilbert could be gross so you weren’t really surprised.

“I know I’m a genius right?” He asked and held up his hand for you to high-five and you happily complied as you two laughed.

“Huh?” You noticed something and stared at the hand you used after you just high-fived Gilbert with it…

“Ahhh! Gross! Ughh!” You didn’t squeal but you were completely grossed at as you got up to leave your dorm-room and on your way to the bathroom to wash that hand maybe at least 5 times, or even 10. Like hell you were going to make that mistake again.

Once you left Gilbert just stared in bewilderment and amusement. What a weirdo you could be.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Monday, not your most favorite day of the week but at least you’d be done with your work by the time you knew it. However now that it was morning you could play with your guy friends outside for a little bit.

You decided to be only a little less stingy with your disguise; today you were wearing a somewhat big white T-shirt on and black shorts that weren’t nearly as baggy, even then you could still pass for a very effeminate gay boy.

However you decided to keep a short wig on to avoid your (length) hair being shown and the breast-binder worked wonders on keeping your breasts quelled. Some of these guys already knew your secret too so it was no harm no foul, it’s not like anyone’s gonna stare at you anyway right?

“YO (MALE NAME)!” Alfred called you from the field, waving his hand out for you to see.

“What up bra?” You started walking towards him, besides Gil, Feliks and Toris you had the most fun with Alfred because he was more sporty than the other guys and he was a lot nicer than Gilbert so you didn’t argue with him.

“Why don’t you play soccer with me and the Italies?” He asked, Feliciano and Romano standing behind him.

“Veh~ Ciao bella~!” Feliciano waved to you whilst Lovino only frowned, even though he wasn’t angry about anything.


“Sure thing man!” You happily nodded and ran towards him and your favorite Italians; they were the only Italians you really knew but still.

“I gotta be honest though Feli… you play soccer? Cuz... you’re not exactly what I’d call an athlete…” You didn’t want to hurt his feelings but you just said was true.

“Veh~ that’s true but me and Lovi are great at soccer when we play together! Right Lovi~?” He turned to Lovino with a cheery smile, which of course annoyed him.

“Bastard don’t call me that in front of her! And we’re all right.” He shrugged as he reddened slightly, how cute.

“Coolness, guess we’ll kick the opposing team’s ass.” You said with confidence and shared a smirk with Lovino, that’s one thing he liked about you. Let’s just say he likes a chick with a ton of attitude. I-It’s not like he like-liked you though!

“Hey you guys!” Alfred called to a few other guys on the field, “Let’s play soccer!”

“You’re on Jones!” The guy who seemed to be the leader called but he looked like he meant well compared to the other jerks you’ve seen around here.

“YAY!” You and Feliciano both cheered, to Alfred’s amusement and Lovino’s annoyance.

You weren’t entirely experienced in soccer but you knew how to play well enough to kick the ball to Alfred or Lovino for them to score one or two goals. Either way you were still pretty badass.

Speaking of which, from the bleachers cheered the guys that were you’re fanboys: The A.S.K of course however those guys were the one’s stalking you last night when you felt that you were being followed, unbeknownst to you.

“Way to go (Male Name)!” Andrew openly cheered for you with Keith and Steve vigorously clapping for you.

Gilbert came outside dressed in gym-appeal and he immediately the loud and enthusiastic cheering of the infamous ‘Faggot Brigade’ as he liked to call them and they were infamous to him because they freaking attacked him once!

“Geez vhat zhe hell is vith zhose fags?” He wondered, though he was well aware that that Andrew kid had some sort of big crush on you. It was so obvious and those other two seemed pretty interested in you too.

Now that he thought about, all three of them were pretty fixated on you… why?! Gil didn’t care about those guys at all but what did you have that made you so hot? Aside from a girly face and a cutthroat attitude... great now he's giving you compliments... it's not like he thought you were cool... at least that's what he always told you...

“Phew!” You wiped some sweat off your forehead, it’s a good thing that you wore less smothering clothing and that Alfred called a small time out for everyone to catch their breath.

“My shoe.” You saw that it had gotten loose and untied from running around that field so you bent over to tie it. Gilbert saw that you had bent over to tie a shoe and then he noticed something…

Your butt…

You had an awfully nice peach ass…

He wasn’t entirely mesmerized but he couldn’t help but stare, he knew that his friend Antonio had quite the butt for a dude but still!

“NEIN!NEIN! NEIN!” He yelled out loud and punched the sides of his head with both arms again. It was okay when it was someone like Antonio but when it came to you… he didn’t know why but he felt some sort of…

Liking to you… but he couldn’t! You’re a guy, he’s a guy! He’s not gay! Even if you are, he’s definitely not gay!

You noticed Gilbert was punching himself in the head and stared at him in confusion, “What’s up with him?”

“Dude you kicked ass!” Alfred patted you on the back in a buddy-buddy way, breaking your thoughts away from Gilbert.

“Thanks man but it’s you and Lovino who kicked some ass, I just passed you guys the balls.” You admitted, sure you had pride but you also knew when it was appropriate to swallow it. Normally you didn’t do it as quickly with Gilbert because he acted like a jerk most of the time, but… he was your jerk.

“Nah… you’re… you’re pretty good…” Lovino blushed and diverted his eyes away from you, huh… that’s kind of like how Arthur acts around you.

“Veh~ You’re so good at sports (Your Name)!” Feliciano praised you a little more openly than Lovino, unknowingly annoying him as he always did.

“Aww thanks Feli but I’m not that great, I can hold my own enough to kick a few buns.” You said only gloating a little bit less than normal, with the way Feliciano was complimenting you;  you couldn’t help it.

Lovino wasn’t the only one who was jealous, the A.S.K started to glare at the overly happy Feliciano. There’s no way they could compete with how outgoing and perky he was, but although he was still a rival he wasn’t as bad as Feliks, Gilbert or Arthur; Lovino is starting to be another one of their worries however.

“(Male Name)~!” Feliks called you with Toris standing next to him.

“Hey Feliks. You wanna play some soccer with me or do you wanna cheer-lead?” You joked with him even though he didn’t seem to mind that last idea.

“Actually I’d like to play with you, I didn’t like buy this shirt for no reason.” He said referring to his pink T-shirt for workout.

“It’s pink.” You said dryly and you were NOT surprised but you were still amused.

“Of course girl! You know pink’s my fave color!” He sure wasn’t shy about admitting that.
Toris chuckled, “I guess it’s true when they say ‘real men wear pink’.” He was actually amazed at how outgoing Feliks was even though it embarrassed him a little bit he always stuck by him because he liked him and you.

“See? Thanks Liet you totally rule!” He chimed and hugged Toris, which slightly embarrassed him because of the way you were looking at them.

“True dat man, but… I gotta say you and Feliks make a cute couple.” You snickered as you teased your Lithuanian friend.

“(Your Name) that’s not funny.” Toris sweat-dropped that one off but he knew you were joking.

Gilbert went back to watching you play and not staring this time! Then he recalled quite a number of times when he’s touched his friends Antonio and Francis somewhat inappropriately, so that means it’d be okay for him to do the same to you and it was okay because he was not gay!

At least he hoped he wasn’t.

Wait a minute, he’s not gay!


~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Ridiculous~.” You sang-song as you walked in the hallways with Toris and Feliks.

“Did you like see the looks on those guy’s faces when they lost? They looked like they were gonna start bawling.” Feliks laughed with you.

“Nice job on you and your team winning (Your Name).” Toris congratulated you and you smiled.

“Thanks man.” You thanked him, it was a close match but your team was surprisingly unbeatable. With Alfred of course you’d always be unbeatable but you were amazed at the athleticism you saw out of Lovino and even Feliciano today; Feliciano wasn't as strong as Lovino but he and his brother showed quite a bit of skill in soccer. And as usual you were hellbent on winning and you used whatever awesome skill you had to beat their pants off.

“Vhat’s up faggot?” Gilbert greeted you from behind, you let out a small mocking laugh.

“Oh hey Gil I thought I smelled your loser-jock.” You joked with a smirk and he laughed.

“Zhat’s real funny (Male Name). Why do you vant a vhiff?” His smirk turned psychotic again and you backed away from him.

“Fuck no!” You yelled and pushed him away and walked forward back to Feliks and Toris, and Gilbert still followed the three of you simply to annoy you like usual.

“Hey everyone! Check out these photos!” You heard a voice yell from further down the hall into the cafeteria.

“Guess who I caught staring at someone else’s ass? And Guess who he was staring at? ” The voice turned out to be Adrian and he stood in front of everyone carrying a few photos. As soon as you and Gilbert heard that you both shared the same look of shock and horror.

“Oh…” Gilbert started,

“Crap…” You finished for him since that’s what you were both thinking right now.
Once again this took me FOREVER! And once again I'm very sorry to all my patient readers and I also apologize that I left you on that cliffhanger for so long and I'm cruel too cuz I think this is yet another cliff-hanger but it's exciting isn't it... don't forget I'm somewhat evil

MWAHAHAHAHAHA~!! Oh... I'm very sorry... really I am...

Well congrats! Prussia is TOTALLY sexually frustrated towards you and he is growing more and more confused about how he feels about you, while The A.S.K are growing more and more jealous of every guy that gets closer to you; speaking of which you're starting to feel like you're being stalked... This chapter establishes that you and England are friends And... we all knew this but Prussia's a 10! Adrian's still an asshole and whoopsie... somebody got caught staring~... why is Reader-chan so worried though? Find out on the next chapter~!

Another thing... I'm sorry if this one kinda sucks... and any OOCness that may have been present...

I'm so ashamed... it's not as lengthy as the others... and I've been getting comments on the fact that this story's chapter are quite long and that's how I like them to be so I'm not that satisfied. I promise the next one shall be much longer! But... I think you guys are gonna have to cheer me on cuz... I think I'm starting to run out of steam...

Let me say this though... a writer can go through many things... like writer's block the most common thing.. but a writer can NOT be broken down easy! And a writer does NOT give up! This goes for writers/readers and anyone who wants to be a writer EVERYWHERE! I don't really consider myself a good writer but I want to be one and this is giving me experience so these words of encouragement go out to anyone else who wants to be a writer too.

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Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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