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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 21

Like I’ve said I can’t promise anymore quick updates but I blame school and the fact that it’s my last year yet they like piling more work on us even though we’re almost finished. (shrugs) Go figure. But I may not like it I still get ALL my work finished on time, that’s just the kinda gal I am and that’s EXACTLY what I do with my writings including this one. So no need to worry nor fear! Oh and… some little teeny bits of drama begin~!

Well I hope you all ENJOY~!! :3

After that little duet you and Gilbert sang together you two parted for a little bit mostly because Gilbert in his own words brought up a ‘dumb-ass’ class he had to take care of before he got to hang out with you again; nonetheless you understood and nodded even though you yourself didn’t have any class because you already did it earlier today.

However today you wouldn’t be so bored today even though it was still rainy outside, might as well since it’s actually somewhat cold out there due to the rain. Making something nice and toasty would be great and fun.

You merrily walked along the hallways and into the culinary class as you put your apron on to start baking something, it’d be a nice relaxing kind of past-time but then you noticed that you weren’t the only one in here…

“Arthur?” You called his name to catch his attention since it seemed like he didn’t notice that you were in here with him either.

“(Your Name)?”  He looked surprised but then your eyes diverted to the apron he was wearing, it was pink…


A cerise flush crept on his cheeks once he noticed that you were staring at his pink apron, “Uh… w-what are you doing here?” Once again he hoped that didn’t sound too rude because he knew how defensive you got, last thing he wanted was to piss you off and he secretly hoped that you’d stay around here.

“Oh I’m bored and it’s raining and I’m done with my classes so I got nothing better to do. And on top of that I’m hungry so I’m gonna bake myself a little snack.” You explained to  him your plans and received a nod.

“Did you even finish all your work today?” He asked you skeptically and gave you a look, a look that resembled like when a parent asking their child if they finished all their homework.

“Yes Mom I did.” You sounded a little annoyed but you were really being playful, wow Arthur really is no different from your mom.

Arthur looks annoyed (as usual) once you called him ‘Mom’ but he looked also a bit embarrassed, the pink color on his face giving away his chagrin. “Very good, you ought to not waste your time doing nothing when you have work to do.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” You responded, rolling your eyes. How agitating it was for a young adult such as yourself to be told to finish your work, he was obviously older than you but still. Then again, since you established Arthur as the ‘Master of Denial’ you assumed he was only telling you this to cover up his care for you. Why else would he keep bothering you about it?

“Oh God quit saying things like that you’re just annoying her!” He thought in his head, stealing secret glances of you while you looked for ingredients to bake some cookies.

“It’s just the two of you in here together… it’ll be forever til another moment like this occurs… God forbid that idiot Gilbert or those bloody stalkers show up and ruin everything…” He thought to himself while you were blissfully oblivious as you grabbed a bowl, cookbook and hat.

“Well!” You spoke up because Arthur got quiet on you all of the sudden, and you didn’t really like silence like that. “I’m just gonna bake these cookies, maybe I’ll even share some with you~.” You chirped as you turned to face him, grinning.

He tried not to blush, it’s not like he really cared but that’d be nice… quickest way through a man’s heart is through his stomach. He wondered if that’s what you were thinking… “Would you like me to help?” He asked and smiled politely but you widened your eyes in shock.

“NO!” You raised your voice a little bit even though you didn’t mean to yell, and Arthur of course looked both surprised and appalled at your tone, “I-I mean I’ve got it…” You lied even though Arthur’s glare just meant that he knew what you were really saying.

“Well that was queer…” You thought, scolding yourself.

“Fine, I don’t even want to help. I just assumed you'd need it…” He grumbled, obviously irritated with the fact that you like everyone else, thought that his cooking sucked. You didn’t want to be blunt with him but you didn’t want to lie to him about it either. The truth in your mind: His cooking’s just so…


But… you’d still eat it if he asked you to… and you prayed that he would NEVER ask you to eat anything he cooked. Or that he cooked you something to eat…

“I’m sorry.” You apologized, hoping it would at least mean something.

“It’s fine…” He responded even though it still peeved him a little bit, but you just shrugged and went back to gathering things you needed.

“Okay… that didn’t go very well… say something else… something she likes… or say something funny… make a joke…” He pondered all these thoughts once the silence started again, okay it was now or never.  

“So um… have you seen anything interesting lately?” He suddenly asked, far too nervous to open with a joke of sorts so a general question would have to do.

“Hey now that you say that here’s something interesting, I saw this video on Youtube of a guy who started a fire just by lighting one of his farts.” You chortled at the thought but saying that immediately annoyed Arthur; you were amused by such stupid humor as well.

“You ditz, that’s so unbelievably boorish.” He declared with his trademark scowl but you put your hand to your mouth to keep from laughing aloud, and he only kept scowling at you; the more he scowled the more you sniggered through your hand. He would never understand why some people were amused by such lowbrow comedy, okay he had to admit he could see why but he was ‘too mature’ to ever say that.

“Oh come on its funny. You need to loosen up a bit; it’s not good to be that uptight.” You remarked as you found a mixing bowl and whisk.

“I am not uptight!”

“Right you’re not uptight.” You nodded even though you were really just being a smartass.

“I am not! Why are you telling me to loosen up, maybe you should take things a little more seriously.” He claimed and you let out a laugh.

“If I took things too seriously I’d be graying out by the time I’m even 30.” You turned to face him with a smug look, though you were playing around you wanted to see how pissed he’d get from that comment. And you got your wish since the Brit was now fuming with a red face and his scowl might as well have been permanent on his lips.

However you weren’t paying attention to the things you carried, eggs, sugar and a sieve and one egg slipped out and splattered it’s yolky contents on the floor.

“Aw shit.” You swore as you set the things you held on the table and went to get a towel, and Arthur shook his head, “What are you looking at?”

“Do you really need to use such vulgar language?” He asked you with his hands on his hips; he knew you were pretty tough and all but did you have to act so unladylike?  Needless to say you gave him a rather dry look once he asked that question.

“You of all people are asking me that? You’re quite the potty-mouth too, ain’t I fucking right?” You rebuked him and ended with a bad word to piss him off and it did.

“How dare you! You’re just as bad as me you bloody git! Fucking telling me that…” He retorted getting defensive.

“Geez I can’t believe I kissed that mouth…” You remarked out loud as you smirked once you saw that Arthur blushed as soon as you brought that up.  

“Y-You…! How the hell could you put me through that kind of mental torture?! Do you have any idea what sort of emotional distress I went through after that?!” He suddenly started yelling despite his red face, he was SO happy that you weren’t really a guy but still… words couldn’t explain how shocked he was after the kiss…

You on the other hand put your hand back to your mouth to keep any sniggers or laughs that would’ve slipped out.

“Yeah, yeah I’m sorry… don’t get your England-undies in a knot.” You simpered while Arthur blushed even harder (even though you didn’t think that could be possible).

“You know it’s your fault I wasn’t very gentlemanly…” He used that as his excuse since he was such an asshole to you before but you rolled your eyes, yeah that was your fault… but then you thought about it for a bit… yeah… Arthur wasn’t the only one you lied to about that… but at least he knew now…

However you couldn’t think about that now because you knew you’d have to deal with it later… so you decided to change the subject.

“Wow… treating a girl like that… shame on you Arthur… you’re a real gentleman.” You sneered at him playfully; that’s not what you told him a few days ago but you felt like playing with him, unknowingly poking that bit of guilt he felt for how abrasive he acted towards you before but he wouldn’t let you see that.

“I AM a gentleman! Fuck it, I’m the best damn gentleman you’ll ever know!” He pointed to you as he proudly made that claim and you smiled at how energetic he got.

“You’re the best damn gentleman my eyes have ever seen~!” You jumped playfully a bit and brought your hands out as you grinned like an idiot hopefully so Arthur wouldn’t be as grouchy as he was now; then again he looked like he was ALWAYS grouchy.

He tried not to smile but he snickered a little bit, how silly you could be but that’s what he liked about you. But he didn’t like you! He just happen to think of you as a person he liked enough to not want to be humiliated in front of!

“You’re such a ditz…” He sighed and shook his head but at least he had a small smile on his face. Okay maybe you acted unladylike sometimes but he still liked you despite that. NOT LIKE-LIKE!

You laughed heartily, “Aw I’m sorry man come here you need a hug that’s what you need.” You said and held out your arms as you started walking towards him, once you said that Arthur immediately flushed more than at least 3 shades of red. You were going to hug him! Should he push you away or just take the hug?! What should he do?!

“Oh God calm down Arthur Kirkland, don’t look too excited but don’t look too anxious either! Don’t choke and don’t push her once she hugs you!” His thoughts ran wild as you kept your hands open to hug him.

You kept your arms out as you continued walking towards the Brit but you weren’t looking where you walked and then your shoe slid on the remaining bits of egg yolk you didn’t wipe up and it caused you to lose your balance and slip. “GYAHH!!”  

CRASH! Was the sound made once you landed face first onto the hard and dirty floor of the room, Arthur did NOT look amused and neither were you.

“So… much… hurt…” You mumbled through the floor as a small puddle of blood formed underneath your right cheek as you lied there. So much for the hug.

“Bloody git…” He muttered both annoyed and at the same time relieved, don’t get him wrong he would’ve liked a hug from you but during that moment he was rather nervous once you brought it up… okay… he WANTED a hug from you but no… you just had to slip and ruin the moment.

“Don’t say bloody…” You groaned as you still lied there, your nose still bleeding and you were in a good amount of pain.

20 minutes later:

You hummed happily as you watched the mix of your cookies bake in the oven, with your ear buds in your ears and a tissue in your nose from your fall. After Arthur kindly helped you up (because he said your moaning was irritating) you were able to do something about your bloody nose and you could go back to whisking and mixing the cookies you were currently baking once they’re ready you’ll get to eat them up~! Oh and share some with your friends too.

Arthur could only stare as you started to hum and sing, he wondered if you even knew that you were singing and starting to move your body…

When you're around I don't know what to do
I do not think that I can wait
To go over and to talk to you
I do not know what I should say

Okay the truth was is that you missed Gilbert, you’d see him again today but it was always fun when he was around and you didn’t want to admit anything but the song you were singing right now kind of reminded you of him…

B-But you didn’t like him! You two are just friends!

That’s totally it.

Though maybe he’d like some of the cookies you baked…

You definitely weren’t trying to impress him or anything but at least you’d be able to beat him in the baking category too. On top of that you’d get to hear him call you ‘awesome’ again, that’s like music to your ears.

And I walk out in silence
That's when I start to realize
What you bring to my life
Damn, this guy can make me cry

While you started to spin and move your body Arthur only watched you and even watched as you started unknowingly dancing in front of him with your music blasting in your ears and you had no idea that he was looking at you.

He took notice of every move you made, the way you shook and move your body and you had a rather nice singing voice too.

It's so contagious
I cannot get it out of my mind
It's so outrageous
You make me feel so high all the time

You spun for a little bit as you continued to sing, and then you saw that your cookies were done so you grabbed a mit and took them out. Then you settled them down for them to cool as you kept on singing and dancing a little bit oblivious to your audience.

They all say that you're no good for me
But I'm too close to turn around
I'll show them they don't know anything
I think I got you figured out

You spun around and then you noticed that Arthur was staring at you but he didn’t look annoyed however a wave of embarrassment crashed over you, did he watch ALL of that?

“Oh my God, this is embarrassing…heh-heh…” You turned off your (type of music player/ I-phone) as you chuckled nervously and grabbed your shoulder, “Hey Art… how much of that… did you see?”

Arthur gave you a smirk once he noticed that you looked rather abashed,  which he found quite cute, “Oh just all of it.” He crossed his arms and kept that smirk on and your cheeks heated up a bit.

“Yikes…” You looked away from him but Arthur smiled, “It’s quite all right, I don’t really mind…” He reassured you once he noticed that you were getting more embarrassed, besides he really didn’t mind. If you couldn’t sing then he would mind but you weren’t bad.

“Oh okay thanks…” You blushed and put your headphones back on, even though Arthur said he didn’t mind it was still kind of embarrassing but oh well.

Your (type of music player/ I-phone) came back to life once you turned it on and then you went back to singing and back to the part you were on before you realized your British friend had heard and seen you singing and dancing.

Once again you failed to recognize that said Brit was watching you again, stuck in the same trance he was in earlier as he watched you move. Too distracted to notice a bespectacled, bow-tie wearing blonde sneaking in…

Drake Luna.

Since you were far enough away from your cookies he was able to slip behind you and take each and every cookie off the pan and put them in a jar, and your music was on too loud for you to hear him sneaking around and then leaving the room in a zip.

So I walk out in silence
hat's when I start to realize
What you bring to my life
Damn, this guy can make me smile

You stopped singing and dropped your jaw once you noticed all your freshly baked cookies were gone! “What happened to my cookies?!”

Arthur snapped out of his trance as you cried that question. You took more than a few looks at your empty pan and then your (eye color) eyes narrowed and diverted towards the Brit, the one who was sharing this room with you.

You put one hand on your hip and set the other one down on the table as you drummed your fingers while glaring at Arthur, whom finally took notice of you. You were glaring at him? Why were you glaring at him?

“(Your Name)?”

“I had a sheet pan full of fresh, out-of-the-oven cookies and now suddenly they disappeared just like that!” You snapped your fingers for emphasis, “We’re the only two in here and I didn’t do nothing with them, which means the somebody else in here took them!” You frowned and kept your eyes on Arthur, but he gave you a befuddled look? You’re blaming him?!

“What me? Why the hell would you think I took your cookies?” He asked you irritably, why would you blame him?! He was totally innocent!

“I dunno, maybe it’s cuz I know I didn’t do nothing to them except take them out and leave on this pan to cool.” You shrugged your shoulders and gave Arthur a ‘you know what I’m telling you’ look but he shook his head.

“I did NOT take your cookies, maybe someone else took them while we weren’t looking.” He deducted that bit and it made a bit of sense.

“How do I know you didn’t do some sort of weird magic and make them disappear?” You asked and raised an eyebrow, though you just asked that question to see if it would piss him off and it did. Also you had heard from Alfred that Arthur was into some strange magical stuff, you didn't believe him at first because it was Arthur he was talking about but Alfred knew him better than you did so...

“I did NOT!” He defended and huffed but you sniggered, “I’m just kiddin’ don’t get so mad there Arthur.”

You smiled widely and then you were quiet for a minute…

“I SWEAR I’M GONNA KILL THE BASTARD WHO TOOK MY FUCKING COOKIES!!” You yelled out of nowhere and started hitting a bunch of things and knocked the mixing bowl off the table along with other cooking tools, much to Arthur’s surprise and a bit of horror since he’s seen you get angry before.

You proved to be quite terrifying…

“ARGH! It took me 20 frigging minutes to get those baked! Those were gonna be SO good! I was gonna give some to Feliks and Toris, And to Gil, To Francis and To Antonio, Feli, Lovino and Andy, Stevie and Keithie and even you Arthur! Who did this?! I’M GONNA KILL HIM!!” You threw your fist in the air angrily as you ranted.

“(Your Name) just please… calm down… I know you’re angry…” He said softly, which was out of character for him but if he argued instead you would definitely get angrier and it wasn’t wise to argue with you when you were in a bad mood.

You sighed and then took a few breaths… last thing you wanted was to keep being angry and then yell something at Arthur that you’d regret telling him. You’ll get this asshole who took your cookies later…

“I’m sorry man…” You took another breath again, then you grabbed more things to bake another batch… better to bake for another 20 minutes than not bake to have any cookies at all…

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah… I’m good. I’ll just make another bunch of cookies and then kick the guy’s ass later.” You smiled even though you were still peeved but you meant what you said.

“Oh okay… I guess that’s good…” Arthur said, he couldn’t argue with that, “You’ll get him.” He said again, judging by how stubborn you are he knew you’d catch the guy who stole them.

“Yeah you’re right! Thanks Arthur!” You thanked him happily and went back to baking again, your anger was replaced with determination and Arthur couldn’t help but smile at you.

At least you weren’t angry anymore…

Meanwhile, the bad seed that stole your cookies in the first place made his way to his mean friend Adrian Mark, the other bad seed.

Drake held out the jar and opened it, “Adrian could you please explain to me why we took the cookies (Male Name) baked?” He asked with a confused expression as his friend greedily took a few cookies from the jar and was about to shove at least 2 in his mouth.

“I’m starving!” He exclaimed and shoved those 2 cookies in his mouth, Drake shook his head slightly and just gave his friend a look of pity. Adrian really had no other better ideas huh?

“Besides you saw him how pissed would you be if someone stole your cookies?” Adrian asked.

Drake thought about it for a minute, he wouldn’t like it… “I guess I’d be pretty peeved.”
“Here” Adrian handed Drake one of the cookies and the latter reluctantly took them, but oh well he didn’t snatch them from you for nothing.

“Maybe (Surname) will know better than to mess with me! Nothing hurts worse when some jerk just barges in and calls you a nerd and then takes your tasty cookies away from you!” Adrian half-shouted, twitching his left eye and then punched the wall he and Drake sat behind.

Drake flinched but he knew what Adrian was talking about, oh boy… troubled flashback moment…

Adrian took a deep breath… “He knows how to bake…” He said taking another cookie and putting it in his mouth.

“Comfort food eh?” Drake thought so he put an arm around Adrian’s neck in attempt to soothe him, so far it was working even though he was still peeved.

Even though you weren’t around for him, that’s one thing and Adrian shared in common right now. Both of you aren’t in a very good mood.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Ah, finally~!” You sang-song and put your cookies in a safe secure bowl and wrapped ‘em up to save them for dessert and you’d be able to put them in your dorm-room without having to worry about anyone stealing them again!

“I suppose you’re in a better mood now?” Arthur asked you, looking somewhat amused.

“Yup!” You chirped and then grabbed one cookie, “Here Arthur you can have the first one.”

“Oh no thanks I’m not-“ He was cut off once you put the cookie into his mouth, a bit forcefully but he still took it; it was good…

“You like?” You asked with an eager and slightly nervous look, it’s not like you were trying to impress him or anything you simply wanted to know if your baking was good.

“Y-Yeah… it’s… good.” He covered his mouth as he talked and he meant what he said, much to your pleasure.

“Perfect~! Thank you Arthur you’re awesome!” You beamed and then you made a dash to your room to put them away, leaving a stunned but secretly happy Arthur. Plus later on he’d be able to have some more later.  

The Next Day:

After the rain from yesterday today was more sunny, but it was SO humid out here today…! Good thing you wore a loose baggy shirt and not a jacket but still… the wig you were wearing to make your hair look like a boy’s made it hotter for you. To think last night all your friends were giving you compliments on your baking skills and even the Awesome Gilbert said that your baking was awesome.

Feliks and Toris gave you more compliments than normal, Francis and Antonio as well. Francis gave you an offer that you and him can bake together one day... but rather than rejecting him you told him you'd consider that. Alfred certainly was a fan but you had to make sure he didn't eat all of them, oh and then the A.S.K showed up which made you glad because you wanted to share with them too!

Well... they fawned over you more than normal, not that you knew... however you were still glad that they liked them.

Andrew tried talking to you for a bit, he mentioned that he baked too and that maybe he could bake for you someday too... you were about to say yes until Gilbert came in at the wrong time to compliment your baking and then pulling you away to bring you to where he, Francis and Antonio were at...

Needless to say you couldn't see that Andrew looked really angry and jealous and that Steve and Keith had to console and calm him down...

And right now today the freaking weather was so UN-AWESOME!

“Phew~!” You wiped your forehead as sweat dripped off it.

“Too hot for you (Male Name)?” Gilbert asked you from behind and you turned to see him smirking and… flexing?

“Are you flexing?” You asked with a raised eyebrow, what was he doing now? However rather than looking embarrassed Gilbert looked rather proud.

“Are you jealous? Or do find zhis awesomely sexy~?” He asked you as he continued flexing, okay you had to admit he DID look good and you found him smoking hot but you could only roll your eyes at how childish he was being right now.

“Yeah… I do…” You shot him a flirtatious look and nodded seductively and you mentally smirked once you saw his haughty expression change to a more alarmed one.

“V-Vhy are you making zhat face I vas just kidding!” He immediately stopped flexing as he noticed the lewd look you wore.

“HA! I was just kidding, don’t freak out Gilbert~.” You chortled and grinned at your Prussian friend, he wasn’t amused by your joke. Even though he’s established that he was comfortable with you being ‘gay’ he wasn’t sure how he’d feel if you started coming onto him and plus he knew that you could invoke that on him to toy with him!

“You dummkopf! I know you’re a fag and I understand zhat but don’t mess vith a man’s head like zhat!” He scolded you even though you just scoffed and chuckled that off.

“Yeah, yeah I know man.” You raised your eyebrows and just smiled at him like a fool, while he was just thinking that you were very lucky that he liked you a lot. Then again… only good friends could joke with each other like that.

“Let me guess you enjoy outdoors stuff like zhis so you could stare at all zhe hot boys such as mein-self as our sveat glistens our skin?” He asked you teasingly as you both started walking.

“Actually yeah that’s the reason. What can I say, I’m a whore.” You shrugged as you snarked at him but then you smirked, “But hey Gil you see I’m gonna be staring at the guys who are actually hot.” You raised your eyebrows at him and he scoffed.

“HEY! I’m hot! You said so once yourself!” He pointed at you, looking offended that you ‘called’ him unattractive.

“You’re right I did but the truth is I’m NOT gonna be staring at guys, asshole.” You laughed at him as he pouted and crossed his arms while you walked however then you saw the same guys from last week at the field…

“Uh… you know what Gil… maybe we could just play in the gymnasium?” You asked him, trying not to sound like something was up but Gilbert was smarter than you gave him credit for despite his MANY moments of stupidity and the fact that he was SO dense.

“Vhat, vhy? Vhat’s zhe matter? Afraid of fainting again?” He asked and sneered at you but you fought back with a glare.

“No, no you idiot I just don’t… I don’t feel like playing outside after all.” You shrugged with an unsure look to make him buy it but he wasn’t doing that.

“Come on (Male Name) vhat’s zhe matter? You can tell me. Unless it’s somezhing I don’t vant to hear.” He reassured you despite that last part but… Gilbert was your friend maybe he could help but at the same time you didn’t want him to get worked up about what went down last week either.

You scratched the back of your head as you stuttered, “Um… well…”

10 minutes later:

“Gilbert it’s all right really!” You had to speed walk to keep up with the Prussian as he made his way towards to field looking very unhappy; he wanted to have a little talk with that guy.

“Hey, Arschloch! Who’s zhe one who said (Male Name) can’t play out here?!” He called the guys once he reached all the same guys together playing soccer and they all stared at the leader.

“Me. Why? You got a problem with that?”

“Ja I do, vhat zhe hell’s zhe big idea?!” He asked looking somewhat outraged and you’ve seen Gilbert get angry before, including that one time he stood up for you at the party that Friday night. Wow… it seems that he doesn’t like it when you’re facing homophobes.

“It’s simple: ‘No Faggots Allowed’. We don’t tolerate guys like him out here playing when theres nothing but guys out here.” The leader said breezily and even smirking at Gilbert’s miffed face, as if he was being smug about the new ‘rule’.

“Vhy you-!” He said about the start charging towards him to beat the shit out of him but you stood in front of him with your hands on his chest to push him away from the guy so no one gets violent.

“No Gilbert, let it go it’s fine!” You said ignoring the fact that your hands were on his muscled chest and focused on making sure Gilbert doesn’t beat this guy to a pulp.

“But (Male Name)-!”

“Is he your boyfriend (Male Name)?” He asked with a sneer and his hands on his hips, the other guys sniggering like a bunch of bastards.

“NO!” You let Gilbert go and clenched your fists together in self defense as you angrily yelled at the guy, that’s it.

“Really? You two share a room, is there something more than that?” He gave you a smirk and you two only seethed except between you and Gilbert it wasn’t you that was blushing.

“Why the hell would you wanna know something like that?! Since you’re such homophobes?” You asked him and put your hands on your hips, if they got such a problem with it why would they want to know if you and Gilbert were getting it on or something? You blushed lightly at the thought… but you two weren’t doing anything of the sort so why were you embarrassed?!

“It’s funny. We can call you both faggots.” He nodded at you with his friends all laughing and chortling, failing to keep any laughter in.

“I am NOT a faggot!” Gilbert barked with flushed cheeks, last thing he needed was a bunch of assholes calling him names like ‘faggot’ or ‘homo’. It was bad enough that he’d been struggling with sexual confusion the past few days! He knew what he was, he liked you but he didn’t like you like that!

You weren’t sure why Gilbert appeared so embarrassed but you didn’t think much of it, these guys were just trying to get your goat.

“Yeah that’s the truth.”

“Would you A-holes just butt out and leave us alone?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him, as much as you love to kiss a jerk’s ass you knew that they really weren’t worth your time.

“Nobody tells us what to do, Nancy-boy.”

“Nancy-boy?! Nobody calls (Male Name) names like zhat except me!” Gilbert was up in this guy’s face now, you didn’t chuckle outloud but you smiled to yourself; he was really gung ho over that whole ‘no one else but me can be mean to (Male Name).' rule.

“Exactly, now rather than being total douchebags and wasting everyone’s time here. Are you guys gonna let me play or not?” You raised your hands in a questioning manner, and annoyed the guy.

“You guys would love me on your team. My legs are great on the field.” You said with a large fake smile and pointed to your legs and you smirked as you saw some of the guys taking a few steps back.

“Right Gil?” You asked Gilbert, knowing that you and him and had chased each other around a lot however you didn’t receive a quick answer.

“V-Vhat? I mean JA! He’s right!” Gilbert hesitantly responded while you just raised a confused eyebrow but then you mentally shrugged. Because you didn't know that Gilbert was actually catching a glance at your rather... nice legs...


The other guys still looked uncomfortable, it was all too clear on their nervous faces including Mr. Hotshot.

“Push him away will ya.” He demanded the guy behind him, in order to shove you to exert ‘dominance’ to scare you away into going away so you won’t bother them. Even if he did that there’s a fat chance of you leaving. Gilbert rushing in to defend you from these guys reminded you that you had more pride than that, even if they weren’t worth you having to bear your fists somebody had to teach them a lesson.

“I ain’t pushing him.” The guy said and took a few more steps back.

“I promise I’ll be gentle dude.” You raised your eyebrows lecherously with a wide smile which made him feel even more uncomfortable as he took more steps backwards.

“Oh come on guys just because he’s a filthy fairy and homo who likes to prey on dudes doesn’t mean you should all be so afraid of him! Look at him he’s got Beilschmidt with him to keep him safe!” He yelled flabbergasted as he put his hand out referring to you and Gilbert, oh no he didn’t!

Sure you liked it when Gilbert defended you because that just showed how close you and he were now but you could fight your own battles! It was nice of Gilbert though…

“He is NOT a fairy!” Gilbert shouted, just how much was this guy gonna keep pushing his buttons?

“Yes he is.” He paid Gilbert no mind so you stood in.

“You wanna dance Dickface?” You asked and got up in the guy’s face since he was asking for it.

“Bring it fag-!” He yelled but once again you caught him off guard by hitting him where it hurts except you grabbed him by the shoulders and kneed him in the groin.

“KESESESESE~! You’re a freaking loser!” Gilbert pointed and laughed at the guy who moaned and whined in pain like a bitch.

“Yeah!” You cheered and gave Gil a strong and hard high 5.

“That’s how we roll suckas~!” You struck a gangster pose and started to do a little dance, similar to the California Gurl dance.

“Kneel to mein Awesomeness!” Gilbert exclaimed proudly and pointed downwards expecting the other guys to kneel but instead they just shot him glares and the others helped their leader up.

“You’re… so going to regret that (Male Name)…!” He seethed through his teeth and he sneered at you even though you were smirking at him.

“Yo boys I got yo college degree right here.” You said snidely and put your hand on your crotch to emphasize what you meant and basically told them that they can suck it; disgusted they dropped their jaws as they watched you and Gilbert walk off together like you two were badass.

And you both totally were.

15 minutes later:

HA! Those guys didn’t want to be around you anymore so they left you alone and that meant you got to play out here and enjoy it with your guy-friends.

However this time instead you decided to give your friends some athletic support by cheering in your own way and not like the way those bitchy cheerleaders did.  You were dancing good and fun dances: Moving like a California Gurl, Top Rocking, Popping and Locking The C Walk and you bounced your hip every now and then.

The ones playing now and Feliciano and Lovino, and once again Lovino was tearing down the field with his impressive ‘football’ skills. And also once again you were a bit surprised and even a little shocked to see Feliciano (of all people) actually performing well during something athletic.

“GOAL!” Lovino shouted with his hands in the air with a proud smirk with Feliciano behind him smiling a more goofy one.

“YEAH! I-T-A-L-Y! The guys got no alibi, My boys are ITALY UH-HUH~!” You sang, cheering and shaking your hips a little bit while shaking your bottom too; that Lovino caught a glance of and smiled suggestively but then he blushed madly once he realized that he was practically peeping on you.

“My boys are ITALY YUH-HUH~! Put Yo Hands Up!” You raised your hands up as you shook your hips a little more, strange… being here made you a little more outgoing… even though you were good enough with people before this. Then again… you have met a LOT of cool and AWESOME people here at this school… something about them just made you feel like you could be yourself around them.

“Feliciano! Lovino! My bad Italians~! My Italian Mans~!”

“(Your Name)!” Feliciano called you by your name but then he immediately smacked on the back of the head from Lovino.

“Idiota! We’re out in the open!”

“I forgot!” Feliciano cried, literally cried; tears were forming in his eyes but you decided to comfort him by petting his head.

“It’s fine~. Nobody’s around~.” You said breezily without a care in the world, Lovino looked unsure but he just scowled and shrugged his shoulders.

“(Your Name) you’re such a good dancer!” Feliciano complimented you, he saw how you were dancing and he liked it. He actually liked it? About time! Anyone else that wasn’t Feliks or someone from this Academy thought you looked like a fool; that was another thing you liked about this place.

“Nah, I’m a’ight. But thanks man!” You smiled and then you held both of the Italians with your hands around their necks.

“You guys rule.”

“You’re so easy to amuse…” Lovino sneered at you even though the way he was blushing gave away the fact that he was actually really happy that you and him were this close, in fact this was the closest you two had been (minus that time you threatened him when you grabbed his shirt).

“Hehehehehe~ Whatever.” You said while still holding your Italians and then something took you by curiosity…

Those funny curly things that stuck out on both their hair… the only time your hair ever got like that was when you got out of bed and even then they couldn’t defy gravity like that…

You stared at both of them for a minute and then you brought both your hands out.

Curiosity killed the cat.

A few seconds later:

“W-What the fuck?!” You exclaimed with the utmost confused and somewhat embarrassed expression, last thing that happened just a second ago…

You grabbed both Feliciano and Lovino’s curl without warning and the next thing you knew is that both the boys moaned in what sounded like pleasure and content…

Now both of them were on their knees beneath you with red faces and beads of sweat dripping down their foreheads.

“(Y-Your Name)…Y-You pulled our curls…” Feliciano moaned lightly, he was blushing like mad and he seemed too embarrassed to even look at you. That was a shocker… you didn’t really think that Feliciano could be one to be embarrassed like that… He looked twice as adorable like that but still. Hold on…

That thought right there has established yourself as a pervert…

“N-Nice j-job Ragazza…” Lovino groaned and he was flushed even more crimson red than Feliciano, that didn’t surprise you but what really surprised you is that they were both so flustered that it brought them down on their knees like that.

All you did was touch their curls.

“What’s the matter you guys? You both look like you’re- Oh… Wait…” You thought about it for a minute and blushed a little bit but then that slight embarrassment switched to a new feeling.

“Wow… am I that hot? Heh… why boys I’m flattered I mean I knew I was better than those slutty cheerleaders but wow… there’s a boost for my ego.” You nodded and bragged with a silly grin and a new slight sense of narcissism.

“IDIOTA RAGAZZA!” Lovino managed to yell through his flustered state, “I-It wasn’t you! You pulled on our curls…!”

“So?”  You gave him a questioning look, what did that like turn them on or something? That sounded completely ridiculous.

“I-It… that… that always happens…” Lovino stopped his sentence there, now he felt way too shy and embarrassed to explain the thing with their curls in full detail.

The truth was is that their curls were actually… their ero-zone… but that itself was extremely humiliating to bring up and on top of that since you were a female bringing that up in front of a female was even MORE humiliating.

“Eh? Really?” You raised an eyebrow, well you’ll be damned… Well at least you know what NOT to do now…

“Guess this means you two have a ‘hairy’ situation.” You said and snickered into full blown laughter once you realized how much of a goof you sounded with that lame-ass pun. Feliciano only chuckled lightly even though it was at his expense too, “That’s funny…”

“BASTARDO IDIOTA!” Lovino stood with his hands to cover himself so you wouldn’t see, he was just so pissed and annoyed once you made that joke.

“Whoa there Lovino! Be careful with that thing man it might go off!” You smirked and chortled again with another joke.  

“Don’t-a fucking joke about that!”

“One more! One more! I’m sure this must be very HARD for you eh Lovino?” You asked and finished your last joke and then laughed again.

“S-SHUT UP!” Lovino yelled and shut his eyes in embarrassment, you were making fun of him!

Your laughter died down and you wiped a tear from your eye but then you noticed that Lovino looked like he was about to cry in embarrassment, and then you saw that Feliciano looked like he was about to do the same except he was already crying…

Dick move on your part…

AW DAMMIT! Stop with the jokes!

Asshole move on your part, that's better.

“Oh my God guys I’m sorry…” You apologized feeling extremely guilty once you realized that you had hurt their feelings…

“You should be!” Lovino turned away from you so you wouldn’t see his tears, God how humiliating can this get...?  

Since Lovino obviously didn't want your apology you went over to Feliciano...

“Feliciano… I’m sorry…” You knelt down to him and softly rubbed his shoulder, wow… you felt like such an asshole right now…

“I FORGIVE YOU!” Feliciano cried but with joy this time and hugged you tightly but while his pelvis was turned so you wouldn’t… you know…

“Aww… thanks man I really am sorry…” You smiled as you hugged your friend, Feliciano was easy to win over and quick to forgive but you were thankful for that… he’s the kind of guy you want to stay friends with forever and ever and never want to argue with.

Now for his less than friendly brother…


“Leave me alone!” He yelled even though you couldn’t see that he was still trying to hold back tears.

You rolled your eyes and hugged him from behind, “I’m sorry man…”

However your sudden hug made him tense up and he didn’t respond back mostly because he was still humiliated… he’d forgive you though… but he couldn’t find the words to say it…

“Idiota…” He murmured with his head down, hiding a smile. You knew he called you stupid but since Kiku gave you that tip about a ‘tsundere’ you had a hunch that Lovino forgave you and that he just denied it by insulting you and anyone else. Particularly Antonio and his own brother.

“Sorry.” You said with a soft smile until you noticed a bunch of guys just watching and staring, some of them actually looked on with approving smiles but a lot of the others looked more disgusted or horrified; apparently they were getting the wrong idea with how bad you looked…

Which was a behind hug with a flushed and sweaty Lovino still covering himself also with a flushed and sweaty Feliciano now affectionately hugging your waist?! How did he get there and how did you not notice?!

As if you thought it couldn’t get any worse Gilbert, Francis and Antonio came by and managed to witness the whole thing…

Gilbert looked not only shocked but he did NOT look pleased…

“Vhat zhe fuck (Male Name)?!”

“N-NO!! I-It’s not what it looks like! I swear!” You put your hands out hesitatingly as you stammered to try and explain yourself, the two Italies blushing harder once they saw that everyone was looking and so they took a few steps back to hide behind you.

“(Male Name) really is a pervert.”

“Guess the Bad Touch Trio’s rubbing off on him.”

“Now the Italian guys are falling for the gay kid, nice one!”

Some of the other guys just kept commenting on the situation right now, were you such a pretty boy that you got both the Italians all hot and bothered?

“What?! No guys come on its-“ You stopped once you heard the sounds of a camera go off then you turned to see a leering, psychotic grin on Adrian’s face and holding up a phone…

“Fantastic! Now I have even MORE proof that (Male Name)’s a dirty faggot!” He yelled with a victorious smirk and closed his phone.

“DELETE THAT PICTURE AND THEN I’LL GIVE YOU AN ASS-BEATING!” A rush of anger came to you as you squared your shoulders once you yelled at him.

“You know Adrian there’s no point in getting proof if everyone knows (Male Name)’s gay…” Drake gloomed as he stood behind Adrian but the latter paid him no mind, “Yeah but this’ll be a hit on the internet…” He whispered.


“None of your damned business!” He yelled back and then he smirked once he saw the gentleman closing in to watch the show…

“So the Italians got turned on by (Male Name)?”

“NO WE FUCKING DIDN’T!” Lovino defended himself, recovering slightly from his flustered posture and he was able to help Feliciano up to.

“Hey you two, don’t be mean to (Male Name)!” Feliciano cried though he didn’t sound very tough and he honestly would’ve preferred if Adrian and Drake would get along with you instead of being bullies.

“HA! I can do whatever I want you curly-haired faggots!” Adrian laughed at them and also the previous misfortune they suffered from.

“WHY YOU-!!”  Lovino got up to walk towards Adrian but Feliciano held him back and he was able too since like him Lovino wasn’t very strong either; in spite of how haughty he tried to act.

“At least (Male Name) can turn the guys on.” A guy responded as he glared at Adrian.

You crossed your arms and smirked once Adrian looked displeased once that guy made his comment.

“That’s right!” Andrew’s voice called as he, Steve and Keith spoke up. They saw the whole thing with you and the Italians but they set aside their flaring jealousy so they could protect you against Adrian and Drake.

“You wish you were as cool as (Male Name)!” Andrew pointed to Adrian glaring him with a bold twinkle in his amber eyes, Steve nodded as he crossed his arms.

“I wanna get worked up by (Male Name)…” Keith murmured with a faint blush on his cheeks; loud enough for only Steve to hear him, he didn’t look very comfortable.


“Everyone check it out, (Male Name)’s got all his boyfriends backing him up!” Adrian called everyone and anyone who didn’t look started paying their attention to where you were at. At least Feliciano and Lovino were safe from the embarrassment now but now all eyes were on you and they were getting the wrong idea.

This was attracting a lot of attention so you stuck a foot back so you’d be able to get away but without warning Adrian seized the moment and swept your right foot and you came tumbling down hard with your legs spread completely apart…

Like a split…

“My Nether regions…” You groaned with a pained face and the other guys all cried, ‘ooohs!’ in sympathy for you because you knew that it was guys who could share their pain when their ‘thingies’ were hit.

You were NO cheerleader so it hurt your girly bit like a bitch,  and you moved your legs around even though it hurt like hell and as soon as you were no longer in a split you put your hands around your groin. You didn’t need to have a guy’s ‘thingy’ to have your own groin area injured.

“What a loser~! Fag~!”

As much as you felt like kicking Adrian’s balls in right now at the same time you felt like you deserved this punishment for making fun of Feli and Lovino.

“Adrian… that’s not funny you motherfucker…!” Your voice was strained and you groaned a little more as you kept your hands on your crotch area.

“Then why am I laughing?!” He and Drake continued to chortle and laugh as they walked into the school with their noses in the air while you could only seethe in pain.

“Ah….” You inhaled and let out a few more ‘ah’s’ and inhales with your hands still on your crotch.

Gilbert went over to try and help you up, but he was beaten there by Andrew as he rushed in front of him to your aid. Andrew bravely put his arm around you so you could try to stand and when you weren’t looking he stuck the tongue at Gilbert.

“Little bastard…!” Gilbert glared at him and started swearing a bunch of German profanity in his head; besides if anything he wanted to pummel Adrian more than anyone right now after what he just did to you, but then he paid more of his attention to you.

“(Male Name) are you all right?” He asked even though he knew it was a dumb thing to ask you now.

“All right? AHAHAHA! ALL RIGHT?! I fell on my f-ing crotch and pulled my fucking groin man! Do I look like I’m okay?!” You answered frustrated and shut your eyes again in pain as Steve and Keith helped you stand up.

The Prussian scratched the back of his head, he should’ve known better; after all he’d face a few misfortunes to the dick himself, some of those misfortunes were because of you but still.

“Don’t worry (Male Name) I know you’ll totally get that guy’s ass back.” Andrew encouraged you, which he thought was surprisingly because he wasn’t the most confident guy in the world and for once he wasn’t stuttering or shying away from you!

You inhaled and exhaled, touched by Andrew’s support, “Thanks Andrew… and you’re right… I SO will…”

“Damn right.” Keith nodded, “We believe in you.”Steve said with a shy but sincere and sweet smile.

Gilbert crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, “Ugh Faggot Love… if these guys have a four-some I’m going to puke” He thought disgustedly as he glared the three faggots helping and supporting his faggot.

That was HIS faggot!

“All right, all right. (Male Name) can shake it off by himself go avay now you losers.” He shushed them away and stood next to you, and was shocked at how you were standing again; not entirely recovered but still… made a faster recovery than he and any other guy did when they got hurt in the dick…

“Yeah… I’m good… I’m alive boys… I’m alive…” You put your hands in the air and stood up straight, making the A.S.K all cheer.

“Vhat zhe hell? You’re okay after a dick attack like zhat? Vhat kind of faggot are you?” Gilbert asked, looking rather flabbergasted.

“One of a kind.” You gave him a thumbs up combined with a wide smile.

“Vhatever… zhat’s more like balls of steel you’ve got zhere…”

“I guess you could call it that Mr. Awesome..." You diverted your eyes in the other direction; that was furthest from the truth it’s just that unlike girls, guys are wimps when it comes to pain.

"We'll get zhat loser back eventually..." Gilbert mischievously smirked at you but you smirked back and snickered.

"Hell yeah we will!"

That made you feel better but you thought about Gilbert's earlier comment, it just made you remember that the latter has no idea… and its times like this where you just know it’s gonna bite you in the ass.

Man… that’s gonna blow…

You guys are such good friends now…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~


“I mean I already hated his guys before but my freaking groin’s gonna be sore as hell in the morning!” You ranted to Feliks and Toris, both nodding and looking rather angry at the fact that Adrian did cause you to slip and hurt you like that.

“You know what? That’s it, I’m like gonna give that A-hole what he totally deserves.” Feliks declared and he was going to go elsewhere so he could hit Adrian AGAIN, but even MORE this time but Toris held him back.

“Now, now… he’s a jerk and everyone has established that but… I know you guys don’t like to hear this but… he’s REALLY not worth it…” Toris dissuaded you two and the sad thing was is that you and Feliks both knew that you just didn’t like it.

You and he shared a sigh, “We know…” the two of you spoke in unison.

“You’re telling the truth Toris it’s just… OH! The more I think about him the madder I get!” You fumed up again.

“Like same here! I’ll have that guy know that, like only a real man wears pink! And he can totally suck on that.” Feliks made a few hand gestures and put his hands on his hips.

“Let’s… just not think about him.” The Lithuanian did his best to cool you two off, seems like of the three of you he’s the most passive and level-headed but he liked you two so much that he’d do anything to make sure you guys are happy.

“You know what (Your Name)? Liet is totally right, instead of thinking Damien and his boyfriend Draco, like we should totally do something fun!” Feliks offered and you knew exactly what it was he’d bring up.

“Oh boy he’s gonna say it.” You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“Let’s go shopping!” He chirped in front of you and you grinned, “Yay~… Shopping…” You sounded a little less enthusiastic but the guy was your BFF so you’d go shopping with him any day.


“Okay… this sounds fun…” He said a little nervously, shopping sounded more feminine but then he scolded himself for thinking just like that; guys shop too after all. Plus you and Feliks would be with him so maybe it’d be more fun like that.

“I can’t wait.” He smiled and nodded.

“Yay~!” You and Feliks cheered together as you both glomped Toris.

“We can have like a Girl’s day!” Feliks beamed and that made Toris gloom, he didn’t know about calling it a Girl’s Day…

“Girl’s Day~! Ooo, ooo!” You cheered as you and ‘Team SuperStar’ made your ways to leave the school to go out on your ‘Girl’s Day’.

“Girl’s Day! Girl’s Day~!” You and Feliks heartened with Toris in between the two of you smiling all the way.

The three of you were oblivious to a taciturn Lukas standing not too far away from you guys once you passed him, he only watched your trio walk on looking like a bunch of giddy schoolgirls as you chirped ‘Girl’s Day.’

“Yeesh.” Lukas rolled his eyes at you three, not really wanting to know what you, Feliks and Toris were talking about and he wasn’t going to ask.

But then he looked back so he could look at you, not just the simple glances he gave you and the ones he gave you when you had no idea; he took a good look.

You  seemed rather feminine to him at that point… and then a few of the other times…

Wait a minute…
Well... it's been a whole month and I am sorry but like I've been saying, can't make promises... I've been really busy with my senior year and I already mentioned the F-ing SAT's on my journal but I'm SUPER loyal to you guys cuz I LOVE YOU...! Other than that I gave you guys yet another lengthy chapter to enjoy (or hope you enjoy) because I like lengthy chapters myself.

Wow... even more happened in this chapter, lets see you got to bake with England but then Bad Seed 2# Drake, Adrian's little worker stole your cookies! (Sorry to those who don't like cookies... ^^;) However you and England still had a bit of a moment, then Prussia has established himself as a protective friend towards you because he doesn't tolerate any homophobes whenever you're involved. HOW SWEET~ RIGHT?! Then... you got in SUCH an awkward position with Italy and Romano... you all made up but Adrian strikes again by picking on AGAIN! But now you Poland and Lithuania are about to go SHOPPING~!

Can you say Girl's Day?

Uh-oh... Norway at the end... O.O

Songs mentioned:
Contagious: Avril Lavigne
California Gurl- Katy Perry (only mentioned)

Don't own ANY of these songs!

Oh heads up get ready for another song but instead it'll be sung by the Bad Seed Dup (Adrian and Drake) or you know what... what do you guys think they should be called together. Bad Seed Duo's one name for them but do you guys have any other ideas what they could be called too?

Here are the chapter links right here:…

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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