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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 23

Here’s another long awaited chapter for all you loyal and patient readers out there, oh this chapter was longer than the last but there’s gonna be a little bit of extra from this particular chapter soon-ish enough. So keep an eye out for that later. And um, there’s a bit more drama in this one but it’s still pretty funny… I apologize again for the long-ass wait.

Well I hope you all ENJOY~!! :3

“Okay I regret this I changed my mind!” You said as you felt yourself being pushed into the Beauty Parlor… it’s not like you were afraid or anything, quite the opposite it’s just that you weren’t a very frilly girl, end of story. Is that a problem? Is that a crime?


You shuddered at the thought…

“But (Your Name)….!” Feliks whined again and you sighed uneasily.

“Please… you can have your nails painted any color you want! I don’t want to spend a girls day alone!!” He whined again with those puppy dog eyes that you couldn’t stand… because you’d always give into them…

You groaned and reluctantly nodded, “Okay, okay… as long as I get my favorite color.”

You could only sit at a chair while the beauticians or whatever it is they’re called did their work, and they were kind enough to rid you of some of the cuticles or hangnails that bothered you at times. Those hurt man…  and then they started filing your nails, you weren’t dismayed but you felt pretty neutral at the moment, this didn’t feel entirely girly but still. It’s not something you usually did but then again… it’s not bad to try something new…

“Thank you kindly.” You thanked the smiling woman who had filed your nails and now she carried a small bottle of nail polish. “Which color would you like ma’am?”

“(Favorite Color) Nails please.” You responded politely and the woman nodded to get the color you had requested and then did her work by painting your nails neatly and cleanly, you smiled and closed your eyes as you sighed comfortably. This felt somewhat relaxing…

“Now you may wait 2 minutes for them to dry miss.”

“Thank you~.” You smiled and thanked the kind woman as you stared down at your freshly coated (favorite color) nails, “Ah, nice.”

“I gotta hand it to you Felix this ain’t bad at all.” Felix started to beam and sparkle up at your words, you actually enjoyed it?!

“I told you girl! Like, I knew you’d like it! After all us lovely beings gotta be pretty and fine~!” He chimed and you chuckled at the thought, “I thought I was supposed to be the girl…”

“Toris… did you get your nails painted too?” You asked with a little simper, finding it amusing for a guy like Toris to get his nails painted. He blushed as soon as you asked him, that’s a reaction you expected from him.

“What? N-No! It’s called buff! It’s a clear coating that makes the nails look better!” He blushed and stuttered manly, obviously embarrassed about it since he was a guy…

“Oh come on Liet it looks SO fetch. And your nails look hot!” Felix praised him though it didn’t seem to help Toris.

“I see, it’s okay Toris you just had a MAN-icure.” You chuckled and laughed while Toris’ face turned a darker red than one of the red nail polish bottles, his ears burning the same shade.

“That’s… that’s funny…” He was abashed but he had to admit that pun of yours was funny…  and rather lame.

“I’m kidding man, it’s okay if anything it takes a real man to do something like this.” You nodded in approval and gave Toris a comforting smile, since this wasn’t your thing either you felt the need to ease your friend since you could tell he was embarrassed.

“T-Thanks (Your Name)… I guess my nails DO look a bit neater…”

“Yeah man, they do I mean not that your nails looked bad before but… then again I don’t pay attention to that kind of thing but still. I know what you’re saying.” You shrugged and laughed a bit sheepishly along with Toris as you two shared a small chat… until Feliks got in between.

“Are like you two socializing without me?!” He asked with a slight whine in his voice!

“Of course not!” You and Toris said in unison, then you both looked at each for a second and couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Jinx.” You smiled at Toris whom in returned smiled back.

“Ugh you too so ARE like socializing without me. Now come on you guys lets all socialize while we get our pedicures~!” He chirped gaily at the word ‘pedicure’ and that he’d be in the conversation with you and Toris.

“Pedicure?” You and Toris asked in unison again, and again you shared a glance and chuckled again. How odd yet humorous and endearing at the same time.

“We think alike.” You blurted out and widened your eyes once you said that… might’ve sounded a bit awkward to anyone else…

Toris however didn’t seem to think much of it and instead gave you a small but sweet smile, “Um… great minds think alike?”

You laughed along with him, “W-Well maybe your mind is great (Your Name) I’m not sure about me..”

“Don’t sell yourself short Toris, you’re a neat guy and you’re awesome!” You reassured him, Toris was such a modest guy but that was another thing charming about him; combined with his patience and kindness he’s definitely the best kind of guy to bring to the parents however he just needed a bit of work on the assertiveness.

“Oh (Your Name)…” He blushed, looking quite bashful at your compliments and you smiled at him again.

“You think I’m great? Well… then… um… would you say that I’d… oh I don’t know… uh…” He started stuttering and blushing as he tried to finish his sentence but you had a hunch on where he was going.

“What’s her name?” You asked bluntly with a big smirk on your face, normally you could tell when someone had a crush on someone else and sometimes when someone had a crush on you, well… okay you could only tell when someone was attracted to you.

Take Francis for example.

Toris’ face turned a bright red once you asked that question, “W-What? N-No! T-That’s not w-what I was implying..!”

“Denial is the clincher! You said ‘imply’… that means you totally got a crush dude. Come on what’s her name man?” You asked and gave Toris your full attention.

Toris stuttered, “Um… She…”

Feliks jumped into the conversation since you two left him out again! “Her names Natalya. She’s Ivan’s little sister.”

“Ivan’s sister?!” You asked, only shocked about the idea of Toris liking the younger sister of someone like Ivan. Won’t he get super pissed about it? It was adorable but still…

“S-Shh! Feliks! And (Your Name) not so loud!” Toris couldn’t stop blushing, he just had such a crush on Natalya Arlovskaya… she was pretty, mysterious in a good way and a very strong-willed woman…  

“No way! Oh mah god! Ivan’s little sister eh? That’s… wow…” You nodded even though you didn’t even know who Natalya is.

“She’s pretty and all but she’s evil.” Feliks told you bluntly with a slight grimace on his face, seems like he knew how this Natalya was.

“She’s not evil Feliks, she’s just a little distant that’s all…” Toris explained with a smile and a shrug, though you seemed to believe what Feliks was saying because even if Feliks was a flighty guy most of the time he had his moments of being serious, in spite of everything.

“How is this Natalya girl anyway. Is she as cool as Toris says or Feliks is she ‘evil’?” You asked with your hands out, confused on the contrasting interpretations of the girl from your two friends.

“Toris said that they went out on a date ONCE and she like freaking broke ALL of his fingers!” Feliks exclaimed with a look of fear on his face, your smile dropped along with your jaw and you looked absolutely appalled.

“H-Hey now Feliks lets not blow that out of proportion..! I-I didn’t even notice that she did that after our date.” Toris ‘explained’ even though you and Feliks weren’t buying it nor where you approving of the way this girl treats him judging by their ‘date’.

“In case you didn’t even notice, she’s clearly a psychopath man!” You declared with a little bit of passion in your tone, NOBODY hurts your friends! Even if you didn’t know Toris before that he was your friend now dammit! And a great one! Why would anyone hurt a sweet guy like him?!

“O-Okay I know what you guys are thinking, I know she can come across as a little distant and mean but… still… she’s a passionate girl… and I still like her…” Toris spoke in Natalya’s defense and even ended with a tone that sounded daydream-y. You and Feliks exchanged fearful expressions and then you whispered to him.

“We gotta keep him safe…”

“What?! (Your Name) are you like crazy?! She’s totally off her rocker! And she like clings to her brother and she’ll put a knife to your NECK if you like even try getting NEAR him!” Feliks whispered in a hushed tone that anyone else around you would’ve been able to hear.

“Feliks…” You gave him a stern look.

“Ohh…! I guess… Liet is one of my besties… but I’m not dying.”

“That’s my boy.” You nodded with a smile as Feliks gave you a pout; Feliks still ain’t one to jump shit for anyone but he really liked and cared about you and Toris enough to at least try. You two  were his best friends… and some of the only ones he has…

“Ma’am you may take off your shoes.” The employee arrived with a smile on her face as she sat at the edge with a filer and scrubber

“Mmkay.” You said and then did as she politely asked you by removing your (type of shoes)  and your socks.

“(Your Name) your feet stink! I can like smell them from here!” Feliks exclaimed with a look of slight disgust on his face and you only smirked and rolled your eyes.

“What? Last time I checked everybody’s feet stinks or at least they should stink. And besides who’s gonna smell your feet?” You thought with an expression of bewilderment, I mean that was a fact right? Or at least you assumed everyone’s feet SHOULD stink because oh I don’t know, that’s natural?

15 minutes later:

You left the salon with quite a smile on your face, along with some cherry red lipstick on your lips with some eyeliner done above your (long/short) eyelashes and on your eyelids. Closest thing to a makeover for you since you decided against the blush because that’d be too girly for you but hey at least for once you looked somewhat; emphasis on somewhat, girly-ish…

“Well… it wasn’t terrible.” You sounded rather satisfied as you walked right next to Toris and Feliks.

“I told you you would love a makeover (Your Name)~!” Feliks chimed with a look of pride, even though he knew you hated girly things he only wanted to make you feel pretty and see you be happy with how pretty he knew you were.

“I guess you were right.” You shrugged in the usual way you did.

“You look p-pretty (Y-Your Name)…” Toris said and couldn’t help but blush slightly… he didn’t like-like you but he had to admit that you looked pretty like that; he always thought you were cute without makeup on but still… it’s amazing how simple little makeovers could do that…

However as you and your friends entered the next clothes store you noticed a few familiar looking girls that you had seen before at… high school…

“Hey… I remember you…” The alpha bitch you recalled back then said, what was her name? Arianne Smith? That’s it…

“You’re that weirdo girl who never went to any parties.” She said with a snide and smug smirk along with the two bitches standing beside her, whom started snickering and giggling.

You crossed your arms and only gave them a ‘don’t fuck with me’ look but they didn’t think much of it.

But then Arianne smiled, “Wow though, I’m surprised… for a girl who wasn’t very cool you look really pretty with makeup on.”

You gave her a sneer, you could obviously tell that she didn’t mean that…

“If you were going out for Halloween! Which by the way already passed,  but let me guess you used a paintbrush to apply that?” The bitch laughed and her friends giggled with her.

“Yeah you look like someone threw cake on your face, of course that’d be an improvement for you.” Darcy Long a.k.a Bitch 2# stepped in to insult you as well and laughed haughtily along with her skank friends.

You couldn’t ignore them even if you wanted too. As you recalled, it was bitches like this that made you never want to wear makeup and dress a little more cutely than normal.

It’s not that you were afraid of being judged but you didn’t want to hear cold words from any other cruel kids around you.

“Excuse me, like, you bitches aren’t even pretty so like fuck off.” Feliks stated bluntly with a frown, though he was restricting himself from bitching these chicks off were being mean to you. HOW DARE THEY?!

“Leave her alone.” Toris told them albeit meekly as he stood next to Feliks. He didn’t like being rude but he heard what those girls told you, that’s just mean..

“No, no guys. I think they’re funny, they’re just fucking around and that’s cool.” You calmly said with a neutral expression.

“Oh really?” Arianne asked in that haughty tone and her lips curved downwards with a hint of arrogance and boredom, she didn’t seem to believe you and it seemed like she didn’t want to hear you talk. Of course you just insulted her after all.

“Yeah, but hey I see how you’re making your money though gal.” You smiled widely and put your hand to your mouth back and forth and back and forth… imitating oral sex.

Arianne scoffed in disgust and glared at you, “At least I’m pretty AND popular. Not to mention boys like me.”

You kept your arms crossed, whatever bitch.  More guys liked you than they do her.
“That makes you a slut.” You smirked.

“That makes me someone every girl wants to be.” Arianne smirked back with her nose in the air, and her lipstick and makeup brightened up her face as she smiled at you cruelly.

“Let me guess you have 3 boyfriends and one of them is around 50?”

“I happen to have a boyfriend. Not like you, let me guess you’ve been a single loser your whole life?” She asked you, okay… that stung and now this bitch was gonna get it.

“Now that you mention that, when I look at it your body’s telling me that you did your first fuck around 8th grade, how was that for middle school graduation?”

“My body’s amazing unlike yours.” Arianne started making attempts to come back at you, bitch had no idea that you were gonna take her down.

“I’m not surprised, but I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to show up when you’re having your baby.” You shook your head with your lips puckering out, making it look like you were pouting.

“You look like someone who got hit by a bus and then smothered in a mountain of dirty old bras.” She rebutted. Her friends laughed again with her, funny they looked pretty damn scared every time you gave Arianne a burn.

“Well guess what bitch? I like the way I look because I’m hot and I know it.” You snapped your fingers at her and stuck your nose in the air like she did.

“How desperate are you?” She asked, looking more arrogant after your little stand.

You gave her a mild look but then you noticed a guy coming into the store with a cup of soda in his hand, without thinking you took it from his hand once he passed you and…


Arianne shrieked loudly as soda dribbled off her now stained white and pink shirt, and her mouth was completely agape with her friends freaking out from behind now that their leader’s appearance was totally ruined.

“Hey.” The guy said, obviously unhappy with the fact that you just took his soda to spill on someone.

“Here man, sorry about that.” You apologized and grabbed your wallet to look through the pockets, and then you pulled out a $10 bill to give him for his troubles. Lucky for you he gladly took it but he wasn’t being rude about it, “Thanks.”

“You… You… YOU…! RUINED MY CLOTHES!!” Arianne screamed from the top of her lungs, as her shriek filled the entire mini outlet and everyone diverted their attention to the scene since she was clearly making a scene.

You smiled and twitched one eye because of her ear-piercing scream, “Well that’s what you get.”

You suddenly slapped the bitch right in the face, the others from the back gasped and Arianne gasped even deeper and shot her hand to her reddened cheek with a look of pure shock and anger on her face. Oh come on you actually didn’t even hit her that hard.

“Don’t fuck with the (Your Name).” You glared at her and spit on her shoes as your way of saying ‘get the fuck out of my face.’

Arianne snarled and let out one last bratty scream as she stormed out of the store with her frightened and concerned friends following her.

You crossed your arms and blew your bangs out of your eyes, feeling somewhat satisfied and glad.

“Nice one (Your Name).” Toris smiled, for some reason he was able to tell that you weren’t entirely happy.

“You showed those bitches (Your Name), that’s my girl~!” Feliks praised you and like Toris he knew you weren’t feeling too glad despite how you looked.

“Thanks you guys.” You nodded and gave them a smirk of confidence that was obviously fake and forced.

Toris and Feliks shared a worried glance, they both saw right through you.“Y-You know (Your Name) those girls were just being mean and ignorant… don’t let them get it to you…”

“Ugh! Totally, I mean come on (Your Name) look at you. You’re like the prettiest chick ever!”

“Yeah right, you guys are just saying that because you’re my friends. And I appreciate it but it’s okay. Those girls are bitches but I don’t really give a shit. I’ve never really been one to care about my looks as the other girls and it’s actually a good thing. I don’t need to worry about looking good because I know who I am and I know that I’m not looking for any eyes to stare at me because that’s not me. I never needed anyone else’s approval… I don’t care that I’m not pretty… I'm just me and I like it like that way...”

“DAMMIT (YOUR NAME)! YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF LIKE THAT!” You flinched in surprise as Feliks raised his voice at you.. that was… shocking…


“No buts. Butts are for sitting.” Toris said, trying to be as cool and reassuring as possible.

“(Your Name)… just like stop with the tough girl bullshit for once will ya?” Feliks asked you, looking quite unhappy.


“No, listen to me. It’s awesome that you don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about you, but don’t you lie to me. You’re my bestie and I’m not like an algebra genius and all but I can like tell when one of my besties is upset and shit.” Feliks said, not lecturing you but he was definitely about to say something to you and you were going to listen because that’s what ‘besties’ do.

“(Your Name), look I know you say that you like don’t care about your looks and that means you’re totally self-assured but that doesn’t mean you have to say such ugly things about yourself. You know it’s not true. You are NOT ugly. Hell you’re like the furthest thing from ugly.”

You bit your lip and swallowed a lump that had formed in your throat, dammit Feliks…

“The fact that you’re different from the other girls is what makes you pretty (Your Name), you have things no other girls have. No matter what they say, you’re as awesome as you say you are.” Toris spoke up, feeling the need to speak his mind like Feliks was.
Not you too Toris… they were BOTH going to get you going now…

“You know how I always say that you’re like really pretty (Your Name)? You should know by now that when I say that, I’m not shitting you. I’m always 100% honest because you’re a good friend and you’re so cool and amazing in your own way… I know I’ve told you this like 1000 other times before and you’re probably tired of hearing it but you really ARE beautiful (Your Name)…” Feliks smiled at you a warm and comforting smile.

“You really are (Your Name)… you might not say you’re not but we’re your friends… we don’t say it because we are your friends, we say it because we know that you really are… inside and outside…” Toris nodded and smiled at you warmly.

Your bottom lip was quivering and your (eye color) eyes were becoming glossy and watery… however you weren’t going to do it… and you absolutely hated that sole tear that had just run down your cheek.

You breathed in deeply and then exhaled…

“Thanks you guys…”

“No problem (Your Name).” Toris smiled.

“Like always (Your Name)~!” Feliks chimed and then opened his arms out once he saw you running towards him with your arms open.

“YOU GUYS…! I LOVE YOU GUYS…” You cried as you hugged them both tightly in a group hug, tears weren’t running down your cheeks but you had gotten emotional and now you just wanted to hug it out with your two best guy friends.

“I love you too (Your Name)!” Feliks was more than happy to return the hug and sweet words of affection, he stroked your hair softly in an attempt to comfort you and soothe you because he knew you were distraught.

“I love you as well (Your Name).” Toris blushed lightly once he said the ‘L’ word to you, but it was totally platonic yet genuine because he DID love you, not love-love but he still did love you like Feliks did. He wanted to comfort you too so he rubbed your back gently as he felt your body shaking with all the emotions you were going through right now.

You sighed and wiped at your eyes to rid of any tears that may have threatened to escape and then you took a few more breaths in and out, trying hard to regain your cool composure. Though in actuality you knew that these guys were your friends and you didn’t have to hide from them, but you just didn’t want to feel upset over something like this…
However right now… you were feeling a lot better…

If it weren’t these two.

“Thanks you guys, I’m better now.” You smiled a sincere smile as you nodded; your eyes were slightly red and your cheeks were slightly flushed as well from… being on the verge of… crying…

Toris and Feliks smiled, knowing that you meant it this time.

“Come here!” Feliks was the one who pulled you in a tight hug this time, as he usually was. You chuckled and hugged him back.

“Let’s like forget about this little icky and bitchy moment in this store and let’s get something to drink or something.” He suggested with his usual valley-girl tone, letting you know that things were back to normal right now after that whole verbal fight.

“Sounds like a plan… but I just hope we don’t get in some sort of trouble..” You shrugged with a slightly worried expression.

Toris gave you a small chuckle, “No need to worry about that (Your Name)… the store manager recorded the whole thing… rather than calling security…”

You looked to the front and you saw said manager, a thin, lanky and somewhat dorky looking guy in his mid twenties carrying an I-phone in his hand; he was grinning and nodding at you with a thumbs up, seems like he was rooting for you. You grinned back and shot him a thumbs up as well, at least he didn’t tattle on you.

“Perfect…” You thought, feeling exactly as such now that those girls left you alone.

10 more minutes later:

You were sipping away at your (Favorite Drink) while listening to Feliks chat to you and Toris about the latest fashion or some of the rumors and/or gossip that he had been hearing in and outside of the school in his classes from his other classmates.

“So like I told that guy ‘Bitch, please. I’m a dude who makes pink look manly’. I mean come on what’s wrong with a guy liking pink right?” Feliks asked and made more than 5 different hand gestures as he explained what he was telling this guy during the time.

“Nothing, really… except maybe to the guys who like to act all cool and macho.” Toris shrugged, not really seeing what was wrong with a guy liking pink… he wasn’t entirely crazy about the color but he knew his friend was and he didn’t see anything wrong with it. He just knew how the nastier and crueler guys were.

“I like P!nk.” You said and chuckled, making a slight pun.

Feliks laughed, “That’s a good one (Your Name), they’re both, like fabulous~.”

“I know right?” You laughed too and then you got up, “I’ll be back you guys, I’m gonna go get some more (favorite drink).”

“Okay. Take your time.” Toris smiled and nodded.

“But like at the same time come back fast.” Feliks called once you started walking away to get your drink.

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you thought about the interesting topics that Feliks brought up, he was so silly… that’s your best friend for you. Best one you’ll ever have…

“Drink away the pain… Drink away the pain…!” You heard a familiar, and actually rather annoying voice from not too far away. Why was it annoying?

“ Um, Adrian careful that’s an awful lot of food you don’t want to end up feeling bloated later…” Then you noticed that voice… and name… Drake Luna and he said…


That scum-sucking, Pink-hating, low-life, homophobic ASSHOLE! What the fuck was he doing here?! He had better NOT ruin your girls day!

“I’m starving!” Adrian complained to Drake and just kept wolfing down his 3rd McDonalds hamburger and shoved a handful of fries down his throat, to both yours and Drake’s disgust. Unbeknownst to you, Adrian had already drunken more than 4 ice-cream blizzards from Sonic and not to mention, a donut and cappuccino from Starbucks.  

He… He often binged like crazy when he was stressed…

“Yeesh… he looks like some sort of fat pig…” You thought to yourself as you watched him eat his food and he was starting resemble Alfred in terms of eating a large amount of food in a quick amount of time.

Adrian frowned and pouted as he chewed and grinded up the food in his mouth but then he noticed you standing near the entrance of the McDonald’s outlet with your arms crossed and a grimace on your face that immediately changed into a surprised one once you and he locked eye contact for a split second. Quickly and awkwardly you diverted your eyes away from him, fearing that he might’ve recognized you…

Adrian quickly swallowed his food whole and then you snuck a glance at him and saw him get out a small mirror to look at himself; he was checking his teeth to make sure he had nothing stuck in them, and then he brushed off any crumbs that may have gotten on him and ignored the questions and dubious expressions Drake was giving him.

What was he doing? You had no idea but you thought it was weird, but at the same time it wasn’t a big surprise because he’s SO vain…

“Drake how’s my hair?” He asked a confused looking Drake.

“Great as usual, why?”

“No reason…” He said before getting up rather quickly and suavely making his way to your direction…

Oh dear God he noticed you didn’t he?! Well if he asks you about it, just kick him in the balls 1000 times and then you’re gonna beat his ass!

Nonetheless you just stood there with your eyes diverted as if you were completely distracted and oblivious to Adrian’s existence and hopefully he would ignore you.

“Hey there, how’s it going?” Adrian asked with a small, yet confident looking smile.

You bit your lip with your hands on your hips, this was happening… the asshole you knew from your college, the one who harassed you all the time was now being… FRIENDLY with you! That’s how it seems… and on top of that he doesn’t seem to recognize you at ALL!

“Um… nothing much…” You said, sound rather hesitant.

“You know I’ve never really seen you around these parts before. Are you new or something?”

“Nope, I’ve uh… been here for a pretty long time actually…” You nodded with an awkward looking grin, this was so… weird… one part of you wanted to run the hell away from him and another part of you wanted to kick his ass til he’d need ass-cheek transplants.

“Wow, huh I should’ve been paying more attention because you look really different compared to other girls.” Adrian told you, or actually… he complimented you… or at least you hoped he complimented you because the last thing you needed was for Adrian to be attacking (Male Name) from one end and then you yourself from the other.

“Really? I mean uh obviously, cuz after all look at me. I’m actually a pretty cool chick…” You nodded and smirked even though you still felt a little awkward, even if you knew you were a cool chick it felt easier to act even more cocky when you were (Male Name).

“Yeah you actually do. You definitely don’t look like any normal slutty, ‘I’m prettier than you’ kind of girl that I have the misfortune of seeing around quite a bit.” Adrian was smiling AND nodding at you…


Wow… Adrian Mark is actually treating you like a human being…

You didn’t know whether to be thrilled, angry or fucking scared.

“Oh hell no bro, fuck those bitches I’m NOT like them AT ALL. I’m WAY better than they are.”

“I can tell. You seem like a strong kind of girl who’s self-assured…” Adrian said and then he chuckled a little nervously…

Oh no… You thought with a slight dread… He wasn’t gonna ask you out was he?

“I’m Adrian. Adrian Mark.” He said and put his hand out for you to shake, and reluctantly and hesitatingly you shook it because even though you know he’s an asshole to your friends you didn’t want to be rude to him right now because he basically didn’t know you existed.

“Name’s (Your Name) (Surname).”  You said politely in a greeting manner, but you chastised yourself for telling him your real name because now he knew.

“Hello (Your Name).” He nodded and smiled, wow. When he smiled he looked surprisingly like less of a jackass and more of a person.

“I’m Drake Luna.” Drake stood in with an even more charming smile than Adrian’s and he brought his hand out for you to shake too.

“Hey… Drake.” You smiled back at him, Drake was an ass too but to you he seemed more like Adrian’s follower because he didn’t really call you names as much as Adrian.

Drake smiled but then he looked into your eyes, his own golden eyes widening slightly; you felt slightly confused by the sudden change in body language but then you started to feel a little nervous because that might have indicated that Drake probably felt like he noticed something about you.

The bespectacled teen kept a smile on despite what he was thinking, “This girl looks so familiar… almost kind of like…” He thought but then he brushed thoughts off, he must’ve been losing his marbles…

“It’s nice to meet you.” You told Drake, hopefully to lessen the awkwardness that was starting to settle in the atmosphere.

“Indeed it is.” Drake smiled and nodded, looking like your typical preppy and polite rich kid.

“You too Adrian.” You told Adrian this time, in order to make yourself look totally different from (Male Name)…

“Why thank you very much (Your Name).” Adrian thanked you nicely and judging by the slight twinkle you saw in his shining, emerald eyes it seemed like he was flirting with you…

Like you said, being around Francis makes one figure out when a guy is flirting with them.

“You’re welcome…”

“Well… you seem an independent girl and I’d have to say, nowadays that’s a treat.” Adrian complimented you, he was definitely flirting with you right now.

“Gee thanks a lot guy…” You thanked him sheepishly, wow… you were a loser with Adrian as (Male Name) yet you were so cool with him as yourself…

The irony…

“You know… you look kind of familiar.” Adrian said and gave you a very slight dubious look, you twitched your right eye slightly and kept your composure even if you were freaking out on the inside. Oh God… he knows!

“Really? How so? In a bad way?” You asked and still smiled to avoid getting suspected.

“Hm… I can’t really put my finger on it…” Adrian thought and tried to act like a sleuth, he really couldn’t put his finger on it but at the same time… you reminded him of someone… that he did NOT like…

“Would happen to know… someone by the name of (Male Name) (Surname)?” He asked you suddenly and then you REALLY wanted to freak out right here and right now.

“Come to think of it… you guys have the same last name…” Drake said, looking slightly suspicious and now he was seriously freaking you out right now.

“Um… No I haven’t… I’ve heard of his name from some of the guys around here but no, I don’t know him.” You tried grinning to make yourself look totally innocent and strange enough Adrian seemed to buy it.

“And about the last name, well that’s a total coincidence but then again a lot of people have the same last name.” You shrugged at that last one which made you sound like you weren’t lying even though you were, Adrian was still buying it but Drake looked just a little more dubious.

“ Oh Okay, just wondering… No offense if you do, but I do NOT like that guy at all…” He grumbled and crossed his arms.

“Why not…” You asked, his comment on disliking you when you were being your alter ego pissed you off so you pretty much wanted to demand to know why he hated you? What was the big whoop?

“Because he acts like he’s so cool~. Obviously he’s not! Look at me, I’m one of the strongest members of my A-Cappela group, I’m a straight A student AND I know it. I’ve done just about freaking everything to be cool but they give him all the attention! Why? Cuz he’s a little gay kid? Last time I checked it was the gay kids that got their asses kicked around! And nobody freaking likes me! WHY?!” Adrian was starting to rant to you now and you didn’t know what to do because his yelling was slightly creeping you out.

“Adrian… calm down, we came to the mall to forget about him…” Drake said gently and put his hand on his shoulder in an attempt to soothe his temperamental friend.

“Uh…” You softly stuttered, not sure how you were supposed to react but all you knew is that he was jealous. Oh, so he was just being a jealous rat? Really?

Huh… that’s another boost for your ego but come on, if he wants to be cool then he shouldn’t be such an asshole.

End of Story.

“It’s okay dude.” You said, hoping for Adrian’s meltdown to be over. He took a few breathes nice, long and soft as he relaxed a bit and regained his composure.

“I’m fine…” He spoke up and stood up straight, looking a little bit more calm than he did a second ago.

“You sure?” Drake asked, sounding rather concerned.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Adrian nodded at him, despite a slight grumble he felt in his stomach which caused him some slight pain. Too much food and too fast eating…  

“That’s good.” You nodded back even though for some reason you felt like he was lying when he said he was ‘good’.

“Uh you know (Your Name) there’s gonna be a party tonight here at the mall, and me and Drake here are sticking around til it starts, you gonna stay and hang?” Adrian informed you and ended on a question?

A party? At the mall?


Okay maybe the last party you went to had it’s ups and downs, especially at the end when you were drunk off your ass and you did a lot of stupid shit. But that’s NOT happening again tonight, if there’s gonna be a party this time you’re gonna NOT drink any strange drinks and you’re gonna party harder because you actually had a lot of fun at the last party (save the drunken bender).

“Yeah, totally. Wouldn’t miss this one.” You sounded rather chipper at that sentence and you even clenched your fist to show how enthusiastic you were about this party.

“Awesome, Uh… I guess I’ll see you around.” Adrian said and waved to you as he took a few steps backwards to leave, feeling rather sick on the inside because of the unsettling queasiness growing in his stomach.

“Bye man, nice seeing you.” You waved back to him as he and Drake left together.

That was odd…

But kind of nice…

You scoffed, it was a whole LOT nicer than when it was him and (Male Name) that’s for sure. He may have acted nice for now but it doesn’t mean you won’t give him hell the next time you see him at the W university.

Adrian picked up his pace as he walked, now speed-walking with Drake quickly following him from behind. “Adrian man are you okay? You don’t look so good…” He sounded even more concerned, he probably ate too much again.

Adrian put a hand to his mouth, took a few deep breaths and swallowed a few times to prevent himself from gagging.

He straightened himself up again and feigned a confident smirk, “Yeah definitely.” He scoffed, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Drake’s eyebrows furrowed back in worry, he could tell that Adrian was obviously lying but he didn’t feel like arguing with him because he feared it might make things worse…
All he can do is just be there and support him somehow.


Admittedly… he couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous of how cool he was being to you… Adrian may have been an asshole but he acted more polite with the girls because that’s what a gentleman does. Even if he didn’t act the same with the guys…

In short he basically treated any other guy that he couldn’t stand (Which was a LOT of guys) like trash. And then he knew that Adrian was even mean to him as well.

But still…

He wasn’t jealous of you! Just… only a very, teeny-tiny bit…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS ~~~~~~

“I’m back you guys.” You said with a fresh cup of (Favorite Drink) in your hand.

“Like Finally! What took you so long?” Feliks complained, if you didn’t show up right then and there he was gonna go and search for you himself.

“I… got distracted…” You tried to explain yourself but all you could come up with is saying you got distracted.

Feliks chuckled, “Really? You got distracted? What distracted you?”

“Um… (Favorite Movie)…” You lied badly even though just a minute ago you were lying through your teeth rather well to Adrian.

“Oh well why didn’t you say so?” Feliks brought that as well, though it was likely that he didn’t want to hear the details.

“Yup.” You nodded, not really wanting to explain either.

“Do you guys hear that?” Toris said and you and Feliks gave him confused looks, but then you both heard rather loud bickering coming from a nearby store.

Interested the three of you navigated your ways to where the bickering was coming from and then you found yourselves in front of the story along with a bunch of other people stopping and staring; even some of the customers in the store were just watching, some looking entertained, scared and both.

“Give it to me, I saw it first!” You noticed that stuck up voice and then you saw that it was the bitch Arianne who gave you trouble earlier. Except she was wearing a different shirt and her hair was clean again after the little soda incident you gave her…

“Hey it’s Slut-face.” You nudged Toris, “Ugh, like what is she bitching about this time?” Feliks asked and sounded quite annoyed.

“No you didn’t!” The other girl argued back, she had curly blond hair and she was quite tall for a girl. Her accent was thick and it sounded somewhat French but apparently her accent was Belgian.

“Ladies calm down, I know you’re both upset but don’t worry because in a week from here there will be more new and fresh dresses just like these.” The store manager said calmly and politely as she kept her cool as she dealt with the two aggravated women in front of her.

Seems like Bella got that last dress first and Arianne was throwing a bitch fit about it because she wanted it.

“I am NOT waiting a week for this dress I need it now! I’ve got a date.” Arianne hissed and glared at the Belgian woman, whom was known as Bella.

“How many exactly?” Bella asked, with a sense of annoyance in her voice.

“First of all, one. And I’d get more guys than you any day plain-jane.” Arianne smugly smirked at her but Bella didn’t really react to that insult but it did piss her off.

“At least the dates I get aren't imaginary.” She retorted with a smirk and Arianne scoffed and growled in anger.

“You know what, forget this that dress is ugly and so are you!” Arianne pointed at Bella one last time before storming out of this store too, just like how she did with you not too long ago.

“Wow.” You said smiling and shook your head at the girl’s behavior.

“I’m so sorry about that ma’am.” The store manager apologized to Bella but the latter just smiled politely.

“Oh it wasn’t your fault.” She said with a sweet and understanding tone ; in contrast to how defensive she was earlier.

“Way to go girl!” You shot Bella one thumbs up before leaving.

“Thank you!” Bella waved and grinned, feeling rather thankful now that someone had just cheered her on even if that little fight was something she didn’t particularly enjoy because of that girl’s attitude.

But oh well, that was really nice.

“Look at slutface go.” You told Feliks and Toris as Arianne stomped throughout the mall with anger as her nervous friend Darcy followed her to try and ease her.

“Arianne! Talk to me…!”

Toris widened his eyes slightly and couldn’t help but think… “Those two kind of remind me of two other people…”

While Arianne was throwing her temper tantrum, that’s when you saw…


And Antonio and Francis.

“Yeesh, vhat happened-?” Gilbert asked but then Arianne just screamed and flailed her arms in front of him in order for him to get out of her way; he did so reluctantly but she just freaked him out at that point, talk about throwing a fit…

“Vhat’s your problem frau?” He asked the girl but she just seethed at him, “Did you just talk to me?”


“Si he was just asking-.” Antonio was going to explain nicely but Arianne cut him off rudely by mocking his accent and going ‘Myeh-Nyeh-Myeh’ which made Antonio pause in silence as he looked at the angry girl.

“Listen here losers. I don’t talk to losers like you three, so shut the hell up.” Arianne coldly explained and the three either looked hurt,  disgusted or appalled.

“Sorry.” Francis apologized even if his tone didn’t sound too thrilled to apologize but it was all he could do to avoid any more screaming from this mean girl. She may have been beautiful but she was acting really ugly.

“HEY! Don’t you talk to my friends like that!” You jumped right in once you saw that Arianne was messing with the Bad Touch Trio, three cool dudes you acknowledged as pretty damn nice friends.

“(Your Name)?” Gilbert asked, it’s been a while since he last saw you… last time he saw you, you had given him a black eye… but you were defending him now. You nodded at him with a smile.

“These freaks are your friends?” Darcy asked with a skeptical look.

You crossed your arms, “Yeah, why what’s-a matter with that?”

“I should’ve figured a loser chick like you would be friends with these losers too.” She said haughtily but then you closed in towards here.

“Hey, I still ain’t done with you bitch. You want some more? I got plenty for ya.” You raised your eyes and smirked an evil looking smile, making Arianne and Darcy take a few steps back in fear.

“I’m gonna fox-trot with your slutty little face girly!” You threatened her with a raised fist and slasher-like smile, you have the Joker to thank for that.

The girls ‘eeped’ in fear and then they ran out of the mall, rather fast despite the high-heels they were wearing.

“Wow…” Gilbert said in awe as he grinned at the way you told those girls off and on top of that, you stood up for him and his friends.

“Sacre Bleu…” Francis said, using the same tone of awe that Gilbert had used but then he looked at you and smiled, “I love you.” He jokingly said but at the same time the lewd expression on his face let you know that he was flirting with you too.

So this is how you were and how you looked like without your boyish disguise. And with a bit of makeup on.

“Oh you.” You rolled your eyes and chuckled at Francis.

“Thank you so much chica!” Antonio chirped, he very well knew that you were being yourself and not (Male Name) but he had to act like he hasn’t really seen you before.

“You’re welcome.”


You smiled awkwardly with a crooked grin as you waved to the amazed albino in front of you.


“H-Hey…” He awkwardly greeted back, this was kind of awkward… especially since Gilbert noticed that you had your nails painted, you were dressed somewhat prettier than normal; or as pretty as you were going to get given your preferred choice of style. That was just the way you rolled.

“Yeah sorry… I didn’t want to emasculate you or anything but uh… ain’t no way I’m gonna let a bitch talk to my friends like that.” You put both your hands around your back as you nodded and shrugged.

“Nein, nein… zhat was actually pretty awesome…” Gilbert stuttered as he scratched the back of his head, but then he realized that he was NOT acting awesome with how awkward he was sounding in front of a girl!

“Thank you man.”

“You’re very velcome (Your Name) of course, not as awesome as me.” Gilbert flashed you his trademark cocky grin and you rolled your eyes.

“Right, that’s what my brother’s been saying.”

“(Male Name)? He talks to you about me?” Gilbert asked and looked rather interested at the note of (Male Name) (A.K.A You) talking about him.

“Yeah he does… in fact… he talks about you a lot really… And… he may not admit it to you upfront… but he really thinks you’re awesome and that he’s glad to have such a cool friend…” You confessed even though Gilbert didn’t even know it and then you realized that your cheeks had heated up…

“Wow…” Gilbert said but then he blushed red once he realized how he sounded, “I-I mean! He sure has a funny vay of putting it. Tell him to not make it sound like he’s freaking in love viz me or something.” Gilbert fussed and looked slightly peeved, considering that he was wondering if he had a man-crush on (Male Name). And he wasn’t sure how he’d react if (Male Name) would, or if he even would return the feelings.

“Love? Pfft, nah… it’s just brother love, you know like he’d tell you ‘I Love You Man’ sort of thing.” You tried to coax him somehow with that little ‘explanation’ only… you weren’t sure about it… you LOVED Gilbert but… were you IN LOVE with Gilbert?

No way… can’t be… you liked the guy a lot but you can’t love him… it’s not like he would… given that he doesn’t even know that you’re really his best friend as a guy… and that you were pretty much lying to him…

“Meh… oh vait, is he showing up for zhe party tonight?” Gilbert asked, he never got to ask (Male Name) if he’d go to the party here at the mall tonight. Even though Gilbert was pretty sure (Male Name) would come to another party, just as long as he wouldn’t drink as much this time. He was a fun drunk but he was NO fun hungover…

“He’ll totally be there!” You responded with a grin despite the fact that you just blurted that out without even thinking it through.

Guess you’d have to pull that off somehow…

“Awesome! Ve’ll all rock our asses off here tonight!” Gilbert raised a fist in the air, and you, Feliks, Toris, Antonio and Francis cheered.


“So like… is anyone else coming?” You couldn’t help but ask, if it’s a party you’d like to see most of your friends there.

“Well (Your Name), like now that you mention it Alfred’s obviously coming. Oh and Feliciano and Lovino.” Feliks answered for you.

“And Ivan, Raivus, my friend Eduard and also Yao.” Toris joined in to fill you in more on the party-comers.

“Si, I also heard that Matthias, Lukas, Emil, Tino and Berwald are showing up too.” Antonio said, counting off all five of the Nordic gentlemen off.

“Even Vest is coming to zhe party!” Gilbert said even though you looked shocked, “Isn’t that Ludwig, the tight ass one?” You asked, feigning ignorance about Ludwig even though you very well knew who Ludwig was.

“JA! EXACTLY!” Gilbert pointed to you with a wide smile; he didn’t really like insulting his younger brother but he sometimes wished Ludwig could loosen up a little bit…

“But ve don’t really know about Arthur, Kiku or Matthew. Zhey are not really… ‘ow do I put it kindly? Social…” Francis explained that those three might now show up, but he was right when he said that the three of them aren’t really social butterflies.

Matthew and Kiku’s reserved personalities were out of shyness, Arthur’s was more out of…
What’s the nice way of saying it? He wasn’t very popular and it made him unfriendly so he had a hard time making friends.

“Well I’m inviting them.” You said and headed to the mall exit to go to your car.
“Vhat? You are? Oh come on (Your Name), Arthur’s not even cool!” Gilbert complained, he didn’t mind Matthew or Kiku coming at all but he wasn’t fond of Arthur. Besides… he didn’t really like the way he was getting all close with (Male Name)…

“Well he’ll be cooler once he comes to this party.” You retorted stubbornly as the five guys behind you followed you.

“Like for once I agree with Gilbert (Your Name), but then again I suppose What’s-his-name and Kiku ain’t bad.” Feliks decided and went along with you as he sped a little faster to walk next to you.

“Yeah he’s right..” Toris agreed and stood next to you as well.

“Arthur may be uncool but ‘e’s fun to tease so I suggest we invite ‘im anyway.” Francis said and smirked at the thought of teasing Arthur, it was fun to do even if Arthur shouted some rather mean things to him back but he can’t say anything because Francis himself is just as guilty of doing those things as Arthur is.

“Besides the more the merrier right?” Antonio asked with a beaming smile and you nodded, “Exactly Toni.”

“Okay…” Gilbert reluctant agreed, as long as more people he likes are gonna be there. Matthew was one of those people.

“Perfecto, let’s go.” You said and got in the driver’s seat of your car and allowed all your guy friends to come in.

“Shotgun!” Gilbert claimed before getting in.

On the road to the W:

“Hey (Your Name) I’m bored can I play viz your radio?” Gilbert asked and got up from his relaxed position from the passenger seat.

“Fire away man.”

When Gilbert pressed the buttons a few times he landed on one station and then…


Everyone in the car made disgusted looking faces and Francis and Feliks even shut their ears as they yelled dramatically.

It affected you so much you literally slammed on the breaks, “AHH! CHANGE THE STATION! CHANGE THE STATION!” You yelled frantically at Gilbert and he immediately changed the station to another one…

Once Gilbert changed it everybody looked relieved and even sighed in ease, you sighed in relief and then you went back to driving.

“I despise zhat song…” Francis muttered with a shudder of disgust and you nodded, “What a dumbass…” You grumbled as you referred to the moron who made that song…

“I’m sorry.” Gilbert apologized, “It’s not ZHAT bad a song…” He said even though Francis and Antonio had differing looks which showed that they didn’t agree with him.

The albino then changed the station to another one and it played a GOOD song,

“Oh yeah this is what I’m talkin’ about.” You nodded as you kept your eyes on the road while your friends smiled and nodded at the song and it’s rhythm.

“This I have to say to that asshole Adrian and (Name of Person You Hate).” You said as the intro started.

“Zhis is for Elizabeta. She can only see how awesome I really am. Same goes for Vest just to get his goat.” Gilbert started to gloat but you just smirked at that thought.

“Mine is Drake, I like have WAY better fashion sense than him.” Feliks said with a slightly smug and proud look.

“Um… him too…” Toris nodded, he was pretty determined to at least get Natalya to notice him someday.

“Zhis is definitely for Arthur.” Francis said, to think that’s the person they left for so they can invite him.

“I guess… Lovino… only because he acts like he hates me when he really doesn’t.” Antonio shrugged and simpered, he loved the Italian even if said Italian only ACTED like he didn’t like him.

“Hey gang let’s sing like superstars. Here it comes, here it comes, one, two. A one, two, three , four.” You signaled them and then you started them off once the lyrics had started,

I wake up every evening
With a big smile on my face
And it never feels out of place
And you’re still probably working
At a 9 to 5 pace
I wonder how bad that tastes

You, Toris and Feliks:
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

Now where’s your picket fence, love?
And where’s that shiny car?
Did it ever get you far?
You never seem so tense, love
I never seen you fall so hard
Do you know where you are?

And truth be told I miss you ( The Bad Touch Trio: be told i miss you)
And truth be told I'm lying

You with Feliks, Toris and The Bad Touch Trio:
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
If you find a man that’s worth the damn and treats you well
Then he’s a fool you’re just as well
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

Tomorrow you'll be thinking to yourself
Yeah, where did it all go wrong?
But the list goes on and on

And truth be told I miss you ( The Bad Touch Trio:  be told i miss you)
And truth be told I'm lying

You with Feliks, Toris and The Bad Touch Trio:
When you see my face hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
If you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you well
Then he’s a fool you’re just as well
Hope it gives you hell

Your radio was blaring loudly and any other car that you stopped by took moments to give you annoyed glances that you barely cared to even acknowledge as you kept on singing with your friends.

You with Feliks, Toris and The Bad Touch Trio:
Now you’ll never see
What you’ve done to me
You can take back your memories
They’re no good to me
And here’s all your lies
You can look me in the eyes
With the sad, sad look
That you wear so well~!

The Bad Touch Trio:
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
If you find a man that’s worth the damn and treats you well
Then he’s a fool you’re just as well
Hope it gives you hell

You with Feliks, Toris and The Bad Touch Trio:
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell I hope it gives you hell
(The BTT: hope it gives you hell)
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell

Hope it gives you hell (The BTT: hope it gives you hell)
When you hear this song
And you sing along well you’ll never tell (The BTT plus Feliks and Toris: you’ll never tell)
Then you’re the fool I’ve just as well
Hope it gives you hell (The BTT plus Feliks and Toris: gives you hell)
When you hear this song
I hope that it will give you hell (The BTT plus Feliks and Toris: give you hell)
You can sing along
I hope that it puts you through...



“That vas awesome!”

“So fun~!”


“That was so cool!”

“It was fun!”

Everyone in the car, including you all cheered, laughed and started complimenting each other on that really cool song you all just sang.

With all the energy you and your friends right now, all you have to say is:

Party on!
I've finally updated yet another chapter, and i'm glad because this means I'm free to do other stuff I planned on doing or said I would do. YAY~.

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A LOT happened in this chapter, You and Lithuania's friendship got stronger and he told you about his crush on Belarus, you got to tell of some bitches. ADRIAN WAS...  NICE?!! O.O IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD?! Nah I'm just jokin' but still... it's scary to see him be nice... Belgium makes a cameo~! Then you meet back up with the Bad Touch Trio and... Prussia STILL doesn't know you're a girl (Also... no offense but for those who say when he's gonna find out, he will EVENTUALLY. Not soon but eventually, because it's interesting like that) But you're getting Poland, Lithuania, Prussia, France and Spain to go back to the W to get England, Canada and Japan to come to the mall and party with ya'll.

Your girls day just got interesting.

Like I said, await a little bit of extra from this chapter soon-ish enough~. :D

Does this suck...?

Songs mentioned:
The Fox (What does the Fox Say?) by: Ylvs (sorry to those who like this song but I DON'T LIKE THIS SONG!)
Gives You Hell: All American Rejects (this song i LOVE)

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