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Here y'all go Chapter 3 Enjoy!

You had stripped your dirty food-covered clothes all the way to your undergarments, waist-belt and wrapping , still blissfully oblivious to your uninvited guest, or pest to be more precise. You continued to hum as the water started to run; hot water that steamed up the place.

“I get to take a shower, at all guy's school~”

Gilbert heard you hum that bit and he raised an eyebrow.

“Wow….he really IS a homo…” He thought and silently chuckled; now that the water was running.

You hummed as you took off your ponytail, letting your (hair length) hair down, your womanly body all too visible to an unknown eye, including Gilbert’s.

You were too caught up in humming another song to hear a quiet chuckle from nearby,

~One song about a girl,
can't breathe when I'm around her
I wait here everyday in case she scratch the surface
She'll never notice

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

Gilbert heard you singing and look somewhat stunned, even though your voice sounded almost dangerously feminine, he had forgotten that you were possibly ‘gay’ with how damn effeminate you  looked and even acted when you thought he wasn’t paying attention. But of course you also acted a little too masculine at times; plus the song you were singing that’s apparently not about a girl? Yup, definitely a gay in the closet.

“Ha, he’s good but he’s not awesome, like me!” He thought while he got up to make his move.

You washed and massaged your scalp as you sung, then motioned your hands to your hips and washed your sides, still oblivious to the person who was a fair distance away from you but he was getting pretty damn close.

Gilbert was closing in, his figure dark in the steamy mist from the hot water. (Just like in that movie Psycho)

“BOOOOO~!” He yelled and caught you by surprise, you shrieked a somewhat girly scream; you couldn’t help it and turned to see the culprit.

“Zhis is the part where you run out-Ou…Ah!” It was his turn to shriek once his eyes motioned up and down your naked and feminine body from your big legs to your curvy hips and breasts along with your hair that now made your sex all too obvious… You almost hyperventilated, and then remembered what grandpa said.

“If any boy comes within 2 feet of you, I want you to take this beautiful fist of yours, aim for throat and strike it as hard as you can and run while he chokes.”

In a lightning fast instinct you threw your fist as hard as you could right into Gilbert’s throat and he fell backward, right on his ass and started to cough. In a panic you whacked him with your fist, in his face this time and managed to knock him out.

You breathed deeply in relief but then couldn’t stop yourself from blushing in embarrassment over what just happened… this guy whom you just met today, this asshole… and technically your rival just saw you stark-naked… no one else but you has ever seen you naked before…

He saw me stark-naked!

You thought frantically, who cares that he saw you naked, wait that’s embarrassing so yeah you care, but no! More importantly he found out that you’re a girl! A girl! In AN ALL BOY’S SCHOOL! He was going to try something funny on you once he got up, or worse he’d rat you out and get you expelled…! How are you going to explain this to him once he gets up? You thought for a while until you took another look at the unconscious Gilbert; he was almost completely red in the face and drenched with sweat. Huh, must’ve been the heat from the water…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

He was still knocked out, though still was pushing it he’d only been out for 10 minutes, but you got dressed back in complete disguise and awaited for him to wake up so you’d explain to him what happened, or in actuality lie out of your ass to spare yourself both embarrassment and getting expelled.  You only stared at Gilbert, he was pretty much asleep and you were standing in front of him, “Great now what I am I supposed to do with him?”

“Wow…he looks so calm when he’s asleep…” Then you mentally slapped yourself, he just looks different is all… he’s not cute or anything… his personality sure ain’t… ok…maybe he was kinda cute but his personality would turn someone off, unless they happened to like that.

You nearly jumped when you noticed some slight movement from the albino lying in front of you, his eyes slowly batting open. “I’ve got it!” You thought, “Heh-heh…I saw this in a movie once…”  

“Oh… Mein Kopf….” He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes.

“You dun remember a thing. You dun remember a thing. You dun remember a thing.” You said monotonously in a mantra while waving your hand back and forth in front of his eyes; kinda like a hypnotist, you were knelt down in front of him as you did so.


“I think this is working.” You thought until you noticed his ruby-red eyes staring right up at you in befuddlement.

“Yo, what’s up dawg?” You asked formally and casually, but he quickly got up from the floor and crawled backwards from you, redness shooting on his cheeks. “(M-Male Name)!

"You! I-I saw!”

“You all right Gilbert?” You asked feigning innocence.

“I saw… I saw a…”

“Spit it out, man.”

“A girl…”

You raised your eyebrow and made a skeptical looking face, “A girl? Pfft, whatchu talkin bout Gilbert? There’s no girl here, it’s an all dude’s school for a reason.”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid!” He yelled just slightly embarrassed, why was he getting embarrassed? This guy in front of him was only serving to piss him off and he did a damn good job at it.

“Why? Too AWESOME to be treated as such?” You asked with a smirk.

“EXACTLY!” He immediately got up and shot an ‘awesome’ pose.  “But vait! I swear to Gott I saw a girl! And vhere vere you?! Veren’t you going to take a shower?!”

As much as you wanted to punch him in the face again; this just meant he was trying to trick you while you were showering but you had to keep your mouth shut. So you kept the most skeptical look on your face and crossed your arms. Funny, at times you could be a terrible liar and the good times you could be extremely manipulative.

“How would you know that? And secondly I doubt any girl would find her way in a school like this.” You said and subconsciously rolled your eyes.

“HA! Vouldn’t zhey be lucky to attend a school like zhis one? I mean no girl can resist attending zhe same school as the Awesome-me.” Gilbert began to gloat, almost forgetting about this situation… almost…

“I’m telling you I saw a girl.”

“Yeah right, if you’re in here that’s saying something buddy boy.” You said and nudged his shoulder. “And vhat’s that supposed to mean (Male Name)?” He asked with a smirk, where were you going with this?

“If you’re seeing girls and you’re in the locker room… somebody hasn’t been alone… ya know… I think you haven’t jacked off for a while haven’t ya?” You asked, you almost couldn’t believe what you were saying but you had to keep up the act and besides it was funny to watch Gilbert look somewhat flustered compared to how you’ve seen him act all day.

“And vhy vould you vant to know about zhat? Oh yeah zhat’s right I’ve forgotten that you’re a homo.” He said with a smirk.

“I’m NOT a homo.” You said with emphasis to prove your point.

“I heard you singing that song. Zhat vas you right?”

“Well yeah…  but I don’t know where you got the idea of a girl being in here.” You said, not changing your tone and keeping your cool as best as you could, even though on the inside you were freaking out.

Gilbert pondered that thought for one last minute, maybe he did dream a pretty girl. But that dream felt so real… meh I’m too awesome to be thinking about that when there’s plenty of other girls around, not here of course but elsewhere.

“You don’t seem very comfortable about girls do you (Male Name)?” He asked you with a smug look on his face, he wouldn’t let that go would he? I guess you still had too much girly looks on you to make others believe you were straight.

You raised your hands in defeat, “You got me.”

“Vait. Vhat?”

You motioned your hands towards yourself in a ‘Here I am’ pose and sighed, “I’m gay.”

Gilbert widened his eyes and slowly backed away from you before nearly shouting in glee over being ‘right’,  “I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!! From the moment I saw you, something didn’t look right about you!”

“Don’t laugh man, come on…”


“Yeah, yeah laugh it off, this ain’t the first time I’ve been made fun of for my orientation.” You said glumly facing the other direction, man… you didn’t know you were this good at faking. To your unknown eye Gilbert looked only slightly shamed, you kept a smirk on as you were still facing the other direction until you felt hands groping your chest area from behind. You nearly shrieked and pushed the culprit from behind you, slapping his hands away.

“The f*** man?!”

“Vhat? You like that don’t you? I mean I’m not gay myself but don’t grieve when I’m in the room.” He said giving you a grin.

“I may be gay but how about you?” You asked with a slightly worried expression, sure you were faking the fact that you were ‘gay’ but this guy? What if he was one of those gays that you feared you’d run into in this school?

“HA! No vay, I already told you, but you should be paying me a favor, I made you happy didn’t I?” He asked referring to the skinship grope he just gave you a few seconds ago.

“No, just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I liked being forced or touched… you know…there and there…” You stuttered while feigning a nervous tone, then you realized that you weren’t feigning a tone.

“Vait till I tell everyone else that Mr. (Male Name) (Last Name) is a fag.” He said and then chuckled.

“Go ahead, tell them. I don’t care, I’ll just get you back.” You said with a sneer.

“Really? You’re going to get me back, how?”  He asked with disbelief in his voice, with that same damned grin on his face.

“Simple I’m gonna to kick your ass, that’s how.”

“Kesesese~ You’re going to kick MY ass?”

“Yeah that’s right man, I'M gonna to kick YOUR ass.”

“I’d love to see you try.”

“And I’d love to see you naked.” You grinned and received a shocked and somewhat uncomfortable expression from the albino, much to your satisfaction.

“Hey! How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not a faggot!” He asked and backed away from you a little more and you smirked again.

“Relax chuckles, I’m just kidding like hell I’d ever want to see you naked, you ain’t my type.” You said with the same smirk on your face and then you even winked at him.

“Pfft, you’re just jealous. You don’t have vhat I’ve got… you know…down there…” He said while motioning his hands towards his crotch area.

“I’m glad I don’t. After all it’d be a shame to be THAT small…”

Gilbert’s blood began to boil but he smirked again but a little more psychotically, “You just vant to see don’t you?! MEIN wonderful 5 metres!”

“I told you before, your dick is NOT 5 meters long. And besides I kicked it once, don’t make me kick it again.” You threatened.

“You took me by surprise, that’s not going to happen again.” He said sneering at you and you could only sneer back.

“Okay man, I can’t kick your ass because no one’s here to see but guarantee that I’m not going to be friendly.”

“You don’t have to remind me but either vay, you von’t vin because you’re not awesome.”

“I beg to differ, I am very awesome.” You said as you stood up and stuck your nose in the air in a haughty fashion.

“Is zhat so? Vant to bet?” He asked and motioned his face closer to yours, you couldn’t help but motion you face closer to his. Now this argument was getting heated up, your noses touched but in the unfriendly rivalry way. “Yeah I’ll take that AWESOME smirk off your AWESOME face and then you get to bask in (Male Name)’s AWESOMENESS!” You said smirking almost as psychotically as him, “NOT Before you bask in MEIN AWESOMENESS! Because I’m the AWESOME One!”

“Kay! It’s on Hasselhoff!” You said before you two got up.

“By the way… if that girl was a dream of yours…was she pretty? On a scale of 1-10?” You asked slightly curious and you flushed a little, you didn’t care about the guy but he was a guy so it made you feel just a little superficial.

Gilbert had to think about that but as he recalled in that ‘dream’ that the girl was naked… He blushed at the thought, you noticed and gave yourself a rather wide satisfactory smirk, “My my is the great and AWESOME Gilbert blushing~?” You asked teasingly with your hands on your hips, he turned to you and just blushed more, “Me?! Blushing?! Nein, you must be blind or something… you stupid dummkopf.” He said and muttered the last bit.

“On a scale of 1-10, eh… 6 or 7 give or take.” He said to give you an answer and he turned to leave but then felt a hand slap the back of his head, fairly hard.

“Vhat vas zhat for?!” HE asked as he rubbed the back of his head from your slap. “You pig.” Was all you said before you turned and left with a slight pout and left a confused Gilbert in the locker room, where he almost caught you… but you couldn’t shake the thought that he pretty much saw you naked…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

At around 4:30 now that it was late and most of your classes that you chose had ended, not bad for a first day, at least in your classes. You got to spend all your time with Feliks so it was all good, Gilbert was the interesting highlight of your day but not in a good way. But he would keep you entertained for your semesters here. The hallways were surprisingly quiet now, no one was around and you just walked the empty hallways with your earphones on and music from your music player blasting. Some songs were new and some were old. You nodded your head along with the rhythm.

~I found myself (myself) in Wonderland
Get back on my feet again
Is this real? (Is this real?)
Is it pretend? (Is it pretend?)
I'll take (I'll take) a stand (A stand) until (Until) the end

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashin' down
When I fall and hit the ground
I'll just turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me!
I, I won't cry~

You sang your heart out, it was a pastime of yours though you didn’t think you had the best singing voice you still enjoyed it, especially when no one was around to hear. Feliks heard you sing and he said you had a lovely and talented voice which only flustered you because though you seemed a little proud you had your moments of being humble.  

You kept up with the rhythm unaware of some of the people that were walking behind you and you had no idea that some only some of them had heard you.

“Okay… since mom already gave me my stuff I guess I’ll look for my dorm room now… though I’ll probably just go home after this…” You said as you held your bags with your music player still on.  “I’m in the 1st floor right now and it’s 105, kay that sounds about right.” You said and kept up your pace and found the door that said room 105. You knocked on the door and called somewhat formally. “Yo.”

The door opened up and you saw that Spanish guy Antonio in front of you, “Whoa! Uh… Antonio? Right?”

“Si~ welcome (Male Name)! Do you need something?”

“(Male Name)’s here?” Asked a voice with a French accent which belonged to no one else but Francis.

“Vhat? Tell him to scram.” Said the voice that belonged to Gilbert and you widened your eyes.

“Antonio please tell me that this is your dorm room…” You said with a slightly irked and disappointed look on your face.

“No this is Gilbert’s dorm room but if you’re unhappy about it you could always bunk with me if you want...whenever my roommate’s out. ” He said with a bright smile, you smiled back a little shyly and gave a slight giggle. He was definitely nicer and happier than these other two skeezeballs.

“Antonio, stay away from him, we’ve got a homo~” Gilbert smirked and chuckled; as soon as he said that you wanted to hit him, wow you wanted to hit this guy a lot. But then again this was kinda your fault.

“Oh come on now Gil, he may like boys but that doesn’t mean he can’t be our amigo~” Antonio said cheerfully.

“Oui, I agree after all (Male Name) doesn’t look so bad himself. Gilbert said that you weren’t exactly happy when you came out mon ami…” Francis said while looking at you almost seductively, or how you saw it.

He approached you just a little closer and you couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. “Whoa back off bro, I don’t want you up in my space.”

“My apologies but you must know that gay or not, we won’t judge you. You’re very brave (Male Name)…”

“Me really? Why are you saying that? After I was so mean to you?” You asked and couldn’t help but stare down at the floor.

“Oh well I don’t exactly know you but it’s okay to be hostile when you feel socially pressured like that.” Francis said with his blue eyes staring deeply into your own (eye color) eyes, you blushed a bit and felt somewhat mesmerized. For some reason this guy didn’t seem like the skeezeball you thought he was, he almost seemed to mean what he was telling you.

“Wow… I…uh…n-now…careful man… I’m still a little territorial…”

“Ah, well take all your time but if you need anything, including love you can just come to moi…” He said and gave you a wink while you blushed a little harder.
“Oh bruder.” Gilbert said and rolled his eyes.

“I-I… why would you want to be nice to me, you guys?” You asked a little awkwardly, though you were mostly talking to Antonio and Francis.

“Because you’re our amigo!” Antonio chimed and kept his smile on you. Wow… to think you weren’t friendly to these guys at first… you almost felt guilty for treating them badly… well 2 of them…  You smiled brightly at the two and chuckled, “Thanks bros.”

Antonio and Francis widened their eyes and looked at each other for a minute. “S-So Gilbert hopefully you and (Male Name) will get along while you share a room~!” Antonio said a little awkwardly behind that usually cheerfully voice. “Vhere are you guys going?” He asked while raising an eyebrow, “To our rooms but we’ll see you soon mon ami.” Francis said a little less awkward than Antonio but still kept an uneasy smile on. They left you there in the room with Gilbert, you sighed and reluctantly set your bags down on the empty bed. “Vay to go (Male Name) you turned my friends gay too.” Gilbert said with a disappointed look on his face and crossed his arms.

“Not my fault.” You muttered and rested on your side but then you felt something touch your back and motion up and down nice and soft but creepy. You saw Gilbert who had been touching you and slapped his finger away, “Knock if off!”

“So you’re gay for everyone else but me?”

“No dumbass, I already told you, I’m not one that likes to be touched like that…” You said and turned away.

“Kesesesese~ Vell you’re going to have to get used to it (Male Name) if you’re going to be sharing a room with zhe Awesome me.” He said and lied on his bed with his arms behind his head, you could only stare. He was wearing nothing but a white tank top with jeans and socks… you couldn’t help but feel awkward so you blushed and looked away, staying on your side as you lied on your own bed.

“Kay Mr. Awesome…” You said simply, while Gilbert only looked at you somewhat confused but he’d bother the hell out of you about something else later.

“One last warning Gilbert if you’re going to jack off could you at least tell me first so I can zone out with my music player playing at full blast?” You asked and unknowingly made him blush.

“Fine! Then you’d better do zhat tonight! Kesesese~!”

“Oh f*** me…” You thought and then just couldn’t help but smirk at the guy and shake your head, this would be one interesting college experience.
Ah... misunderstandings, ya gotta love them. It took me a whole 3 hours but i wanted to get this out tonight! P.S I heavily apologize for any OOC i feel like i've ruined their characters but oh well... you're safe for now... and you got to make some friends... so... continue and keep calm and flutter on! The songs sung in here are not mine and neither is Hetalia though if you want Prussia OWNS you!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

About A Girl- The Academy Is
Alice- Avril Lavigne

P.S: To those who haven't heard this song, i think it's pretty good but of course we all have different tastes but here's the link anyway:…

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“I’m going to kick your ass, that’s how.”

“Kesesese~ You’re going to kick MY ass?”

“That’s right I’m going to kick your ass.”

“I’d love to see you try.”

“And I’d love to see you naked.”
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