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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 7

Here it is, after a whole week’s wait: The Best Damn Thing-Reader X Prussia Chapter 7. I wish it didn’t take this long to finish and even update but I’ve had a bit on my plate lately but I promise that I WILL FINISH all my chapters!! And continue this story for those of you who like it and wish to read more! Okay enough of that, ENJOY~!! :3

Chapter 7

“YES!!” You cheered and raised your fists in the air victoriously, dropping your game controller. This was the only the 5th time you’ve beaten Gilbert in a game of Street Fighter on your (game console that you own).  Taking in glee and from the corner of your eye you could see Gilbert’s flabbergasted expression, his mouth agape and everything.

He stuttered, “T-that…!”

“I win~, I win~! I’m bad~! You suck~! Whoo~” You sung and mocked him.

“You cheated!” He said and pointed to your face; he was acting like a child again though he only acted like that 24/7, but he only acted worse than usual because you kept beating him.

“It’s not cheating, it’s called winning.” You grinned and raised an eyebrow, which only made Gilbert growl in annoyance.  

“I vant a rematch!!” He suddenly yelled and you turned to him in surprise, “You really want me to kick your ass again? Okay then, what the hell it’s my pleasure.”

“You vill not kick my ass! I’m going to be zhe one to kick YOUR ass, because-“

“The Awesome-you is the best?” You cut him off and that only served to piss him off even more.

“HEY! Don’t finish mein awesome sentences!”

“Whatever, okay we’ll rematch more until I decide I’m tired of kicking your ass, and I’m warning you I’m not going to get tired of that.” You smirked and crossed your arms.
“Don’t get so cocky frau, you don’t know vhen zhe Awesome-me vill strike…” He smirked a little oddly, well at least to you and he sounded strangely… what’s the word?


Of sorts.

“Okay… thanks for the advice…” You said and looked away awkwardly; as a guy it was easier because you could get away with things because apparently you were gay and Gilbert only acted like an ass to you because you were gay, though he was an ass to begin with but still.

You got your controller until you suddenly felt yourself being pinned to the floor and you couldn’t move your arms.  Your eyes were shut for a minute but then you widened them and gasped, those ruby-red eyes staring down right at you with something that resembled lust complete with that crazy smirk. What the hell was Gilbert doing?!

“Kesesesesese~… I’m so sorry frau, I vas being awfully rude to you vasn’t I? Let me make it up to you, as zhe vinner, here is your prize…” He said and leaned closer to your face but your defense instincts kicked in you used whatever strength you had to pick yourself right up, which only made you headbutt Gilbert in the process but you got out of his grasp and then took the opportunity to pin him down.  

Gilbert closed his eyes for a minute but he gasped when he saw that YOU were on top of him this time, “HAHA! I Pinned Ya!!” You said and pretty much laughed in his face, his face glowing red with anger and embarrassment.

“Hey, frau! Cut it out und let me off already! ” He said and managed to crawl out of your surprisingly tight grasp but you didn’t have to turn to see his smirk. You prepared yourself for his tackle but you fought back this time, rolling on the floor and laughing. But you weren’t going to let him have the upper hand, for you feared he’d do something worse than simply just laugh in our face about winning this ‘game’.

You held his arms down, pinning him to the ground again and you smirked a satisfactory smirk, “Ha, looks like I pinned ya again, Mr. Awesome.”  Hearing this and staring into your pretty (eye color) eyes made Gilbert’s face flush in embarrassment.

“Oh ja?” He said and took you by surprise by turning and having you pinned to the floor, hard. You gasped again and widened your eyes in shock, looks like this time he wasn’t playing.

“Zhis time I’ve pinned you down (Your Name).”

“L-let me go man…”

“Aw come on, I never gave you your prize, vouldn’t you like zhat? Any other girl vould kill to be in your position right now.”

“My position right now is uncomfortable.” You said sheepishly, he lied to you! He said he wouldn’t try anything with your ‘sister’ but what did you expect and besides you weren’t going to let him either way.

“Nein, nein just settle down and let me give you vhat you vant.”

“Now, now Gil. What I want is something you can’t give me.”

“Und vhat is zhat?” He asked, and kept his full gaze on you, until you managed to headbutt him again and when you got up, you threw a barrage of slaps on his back. Sure you were acting like a girl right now but that’s  because right now you kind of had to act like a girl. Wait a minute you were a girl…

He rubbed his forehead as he groaned in pain, “You’re not going to get off easy for zhat frau…” He opened one eye to look at you.

“Go f*** yourself.” You said and then you heard the house phone ringing, as did Gilbert. You exchanged each other confused looks until Gilbert’s turned into a evil-looking grin as he ran into the room where the ringing was coming from but you immediately dashed after him, “Get back here!!”

“Hello, zhis is zhe Awesome-“ He said as he hung the phone to his ear but you yanked it from him to hold it up to your ear. “Hello?”

“(Your Name?) Who was that?” Your mom asked, sounding a little suspicious and worried.
“Sorry mom, I was just working on some impressions. That one was what an annoying German douchebag would sound like.” You smirked at Gilbert, who now glared at you.

“Language (Your Name)!, and secondly are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine mom… really fine. I wish you and Grandpa were home right now but I’m fine…” You said as subtle as you could but couldn’t stop yourself from glaring at Gilbert who smirked at you, more or less looking as if he was threatening to rat you out any minute.

“Ja she’s-!” Gilbert spoke but you threw your hand to his mouth to shut him up.

“What was that?”

“Nothing mom, just some annoying cartoon I’m watching on TV.”

“Okay then, well I was just calling to make sure you’re okay.”

“Oh she’s okay al-!” Gilbert had jerked your hand away from his mouth to speak but his face scrunched into one of immense pain and groaned quietly in pain. You had thrown your hand to… his crotch…

Yes, his crotch.

Or as he calls it, his ‘Awesome 5 metres.’ However you squeezed it to shut his mouth while you continued to talk to your mom, were you disgusted? Hell yes, but you had to do something to shut him up and by the way he was groaning, which was contained by how hard you were squeezing him.

“Yeah mom, I know. And I’m going start cooking something for myself right now.”

“(Your Name)...! Hurts..!” Gilbert hissed to you, still in a tremendous amount of pain but you ignored him.

“That’s good and we promise (Your Name), now you call me or Grandpa if you need anything okay?”

“Yes mom, I know.” You said normally while your hand was still gripped tightly on Gilbert’s crotch and he continued to moan in agony.

“I love you (Your Name).”

“I love you too mom.”


“Bye.” You said and hung up, and finally let go of Gil’s crotch though he was still hurting.

“Eww!” You said and shook the hand where you grabbed him in disgust.

“You have no one to blame but yourself (Your Name) and vhat zhe f***?! Zhat hurt like hell!” He exclaimed with one hand on his crotch and closed his eyes from the pain that remained.

“I had to shut you up somehow… Buttface…” You muttered to yourself and then you blushed once you realized what you just did, though you were also still grossed out but also embarrassed.

“Vell you could consider yourself lucky since you got to touch mein crotch. How vas zhat for an experience?” He asked, now smirking despite his one eye still twitching from the pain.  

“What kind of question was that?!” You turned incredulous and didn’t notice how red your face was, but Gilbert did.

“You liked zhat didn’t you?! Ha I knew it! You only did zhat because you vanted to!” He said though he sounded more like he was proud compared to how you were feeling, which was shame and embarrassment.

“Did you like that?”

“Nein! Of course not! Zhat f***ing hurt, if you vere a little more gentle, then I probably vould have.”  

“What is your problem man?!” You yelled this time, when you were a girl he was just twice as vile and you weren’t really in the mood right now.

“Mein problem? I’m not zhe one vith a problem, after all I am awesome.”

“Yeah right, if you’re so awesome you wouldn’t have gotten your ass handed to a girl in both a game and reality. So suck on that!” You said, fighting back this time.

“You got lucky! Und secondly vhen you said German douchebag, I’ll have you know zhat I am Prussian! Und an Awesome Prussian at zhat!” He said while pointing at you and then crossing his arms.

“Prussia? You mean what was once a former part of Germany? That’s lame.” You said apathetically with your own arms crossed; you were no history expert but you knew enough get by.

“It is NOT lame!” He yelled, soundly a little more defensive.

“Whatever you are, still ain’t awesome. You’re a mean, rude, conceited and annoying prick and you disgust me, end of story.”

“I-I…!” He stuttered, speechless at what you just told him.

“You what? Still awesome? I’m surprised at you can say that about yourself when no one else clearly thinks so, you’re a bastard so shut the hell up.” You said staring at him and then walked upstairs and left the for once silent ‘Prussian’ in your wake.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You stood in your room for a while, okay for a while was pushing it you were only up there for 30 minutes. You sighed for some reason and then clutched your hair in aggravation, unable to shake that feeling of guilt that crept behind you ever since you told Gilbert that he isn’t as great as he thinks he is.  

“Why am I feeling bad? The truth hurts.” You said to yourself and kept your arms crossed but then you sighed again, the guilt now flooding into you.

“Great… I’m such a bitch…” You said and slowly got up to your feet to go downstairs and apologize. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he left…”is what you thought when you opened your door to go downstairs. “I was so mean…” That guilt was stuck inside you now and you chastised yourself for those horrible things you told him.

“Gilbert?” You whispered as you somehow made your way downstairs.


You looked around to see that there wasn’t anyone around, “I knew it…” You thought until you heard something, which sounded like a hiccup. A few actually. Curious and concerned you followed where they were coming from, they weren’t just hiccups there was a few chokes and whimpers too, someone was crying and now the guilt you felt already just increased tenfold once you realized who it was.  

Something at the back of your mind was telling you just to walk away, but you weren’t going to listen to your head this time; even if it was probably the wise thing to do. But no instead you were going to do the right thing to do. Wherever Gil was, you’d… well you haven’t figured that out but something will come to mind but you couldn’t even imagine what he must look like.

You finally found the source that was coming from the inside of the downstairs bathroom, which was closed obviously. You crept your ear to the door and heard the albino’s soft crying, and more guilt stabbed you like an arrow, all the skepticism you were feeling earlier bleeding out. But you were nervous to even attempt to try and coax him out of there, what if he shoved you away or told you get lost? You could be persistent, yes! That’s it! Persistence is your middle name, oh wait… it’s (Middle Name).

Slowly you took your hand out to knock on the door but it was too soft to even be considered a knock, hell Gilbert probably didn’t even hear it. For a minute you moved one leg out to walk away until you practically slapped yourself into staying there and apologize, dammit!

Again you reached out and knocked only a slight harder and louder than your previous, you froze in fear when you heard Gilbert gasp in shock, startled from the noise. “Shit, shit, shit!!” You thought and sweat began to trickle down your forehead, back and pits. While from the inside of the bathroom Gilbert rubbed his eyes to rid any tears and then noticed how terrible he looked once he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. But who could that have been? (Male Name) or (Your Name), he didn’t really feel like seeing anyone.

“W-Who is zhat?” He asked in a cracked voice, which gave away the fact that he’d been crying.

You sighed, “It’s the pizza man.”

Gilbert wasn’t amused, “Get lost…”

You rolled your eyes and although it seemed like you were going to do as he said, instead you grabbed a pair of your own house keys and used them to unlock the bathroom door that Gilbert had contained himself in, shocking him. “H-Hey! Y-you can’t..!”

You ignored him and he turned his head so that way you wouldn’t see how awful he looked, his eyes red and puffy from crying, and looking the exact opposite of awesome. You knew that you felt bad so you put your hand on his shoulder to console him but he brushed it off and crossed his arms. “Come on, bring it in Mr. Awesome.” You used whatever strength you had to force him to turn and then wrap your arms around him tightly. Gilbert was shocked and almost embarrassed by your sudden hug and struggled to get out of your grasp, “Get off! Stop!”

You didn’t let go, no matter how strong he was too; you kept your grip on and hugged him harder. He struggled for a little while longer until eventually giving up and let you hug him, “I’m sorry.” You finally spoke up and ignored the fact that your face was pretty much in his chest.

Gilbert was… honestly touched, but how un-awesome would he look if he said that to you, “ V-vell… don’t feel too bad, I’m too strong for mein own good and let a few vords simply tear me down.”

“Yeah right…” You mumbled in his strangely soft chest.

“Vhat vas zhat? Questioning me again?” He asked slightly annoyed.

However you felt a smile forming on your lips, “You’re a sensitive guy at heart… aren’t you?” Once you said that, although you couldn’t see it, Gilbert turned red and pretty much shoved you off.

“Nein! You’re asking zhe wrong person! Sensitive is not awesome!”

You chuckled at how cute he was acting now, “Maybe not… but you are…”

Gilbert perked up at that and widened his eyes, “Y-You really mean zhat?”

“Well… not as awesome as me but yeah.” You said and shrugged.

“Hey! I’m more awesome zhan you!”

“Don’t give me that, my brother’s told me you do that to him like 100 times.”

“Zhat’s cuz your brother’s a fag, he likes to call himself awesome when he’s not. Vhat a loser.” Gilbert sniggered once he began thinking of (Male Name), or pretty much you in drag.

“Yeah, that kind of person must be annoying to hang around…” You rolled your eyes again, but you were both chuckling and you stared at each other for a minute.

Until the door bell rang…

“Oh shit…” You said outloud.


“(Your Name?), OMG it’s frikkin freezing out here, can you like please open up?” It was Feliks, you were all too familiar with him.

“It’s Feliks.”

“You know him?” Gilbert asked; he knew that (Male Name) knew him but he wasn’t sure if (Your Name) knew him that well.

“Yeah he’s my best friend.”

“I thought (Male Name) was his best friend.”

“That’s because (Male Name) is gay and wants him for himself.”

“Oh ja! Zhat’s right how could I have forgotten zhat?” Gilbert smirked; (Male Name)'s such a fag. Maybe he’d go upstairs and mess with him later on tonight when (Your Name)’s not looking.

“Now get back in the bathroom, or the closet! Something!” You pushed him out of the living room and out into the hallway.


“Because I said so! Now get outta here before Feliks sees you here!”

“But it’s always good to have someone see zhe Awesome-me, isn’t it-“ He was cut off by you shoving him into the nearest closet and you locked it with the key you still had.

“Hey! Let me out of here!” You ignored his yells and ran to the door and opened it, revealing a pouting and displeased looking Feliks.

“I like nearly died out there, I’m freezing my nips off!” He said with his arms wrapped around his shoulders and you invited him in.

“Thanks for the info.”

“What would you have done if I died?”

“Throw a funeral, what else would I have done for a dead person?” You said and then laughed, though Feliks didn’t look very amused.

“That’s mean (Your Name)!” He said and playfully punched your shoulder which made you laugh even more, “I’m just yanking ya. By the way I’m glad you’re here, because the last thing I expected was coming home to eat my spaghetti noodles alone.” You said motioning your way to the kitchen to start cooking.

“You’re alone? Where’s mom and gramps?” He asked you with crossed arms and a raised eyebrow; he didn’t really think that you were alone, judging by the way you were dressed and your hair was in piggy-tails, they looked super cute on you and all but still.

“Something came up but they’ll be here in the morning.” You said flatly, putting a pot full of water on the burner and turning it on.

“ You’ve got me!” He said and raised both his hands in glee, to cheer you up.

Meanwhile from the closet you had locked Gilbert in, sure it was a little further away from the kitchen but he could still hear you guys talking. It seems that he would have to keep quiet to hear if anything interesting would happen... You and Feliks seemed a little too close…

“Yeah I do. I really am glad you’re here because I don’t really like being by myself.” You said and got your spaghetti noodles to put into the pot.
“Any time and besides you know me.”

“You want to freeload off of me and have dinner with me again is that it?” You asked and raised an eyebrow to Feliks, his face flushing.

“I’m totally NOT freeloading off of you. You’re cooking’s just so delish!” He said; he was being honest and all but you liked teasing him.

“Yeah right, I cook good enough to eat every day.” You didn’t have much of an opinion about how well you cooked, just so long as if had a good taste to it and that you wouldn’t go to bed hungry. That was your rule: NEVER go to bed hungry.

“You’re like an amazing cook! Why do you think I come over here every day?”

“HA! You just admitted it, you’re a freeloader!” You grinned and pointed at him.

“AM NOT!” He said and joined your laughter, much to Gilbert’s annoyance. You two were just playing, no making out? Where’s the action? He thought more for a minute until he caught a whiff of the food that was cooking, which made his stomach growl in response.

“Dammit…she locked me in here!” He hoped that by knocking a few times it would attract someone to come by and they’d unlock the door and let him out. The sound caught your ear and despite the nervousness settling in you, you kept a calm disposition.

“Like, what’s that noise?” Feliks said and looked around the place to detect where said noise was coming from.

“Probably something from outside.” You said, a little too soon once you saw Gilbird fluttering towards you. Shit…

Happy to see you he chirped and jumped in place, “Was that a bird?” Feliks asked and began walking to you.

“Outside!” You said and got away from the stove and picked up Gilbird in your hands and hid him behind your back.

“You sure it sounded like it came from-“ Feliks said but was cut off by another chirp, he stared at you. An awkward goofy grin forming on your face, then you reluctantly brought out the hand that Gilbird was standing on.

“He’s like so friggin cute!!” Feliks chimed over the cute little bird; whilst Gilbert heard the chirping of his beloved pet bird and crept closer onto the closet door despite it being locked, he knocked a few more times.

“Yeah… I’m watching him… for a friend.” You said, that seemed like a good enough explanation.

“That’s sweet, he’s so cute too! But I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen him before…”
You shook your head, “Nah… you’re mistaken.”

“Nope, I’ve totally seen him before! He looks like that one chick that’s always hangin’ around Gil’s head.”

You sighed, “He’s in the closet.” You said and pointed to the hallway where he was locked in said closet. Feliks nearly gasped, “But (Your Name)… what if he finds out?!” He whispered in almost a hiss. “He’s not going to find out,” You whispered just as low and then began again, “Look Feliks I’m not very good at this but no matter what anyone else asks about me do these three things, deny, deny and deny again. That’s what I’m doing to this guy and it’s working and I’ve made quite a few friends but I still want to keep this a secret, and even if anyone else we don’t know get’s suspicious NEVER admit to the truth and keep on denying.” You explained all in whispers looking Feliks in the eyes, and he nodded.

“Got it, deny everything and never ever admit to the truth.”

You smiled, “That’s my boy. Dinner’s ready.” You said and gave you and Feliks a bowl of spaghetti, while you two ate you finally took time to notice the knocking sounds that were without a doubt coming from the closet you locked Gilbert in.

“I’ll be right back.” You said, leaving Feliks in the kitchen with Gilbird. You went over to the locked closet door, “Gilbert, I said to shut up!”

“I smell food, und I’m starving!” He exclaimed from behind the closed door.

“Too bad, I can’t just say I invited you unannounced. So you’re going to have to sit still for a while.”

“No vay! Don’t leave me in here to starve!” He complained, “You’re cruel frau, you really are… he von’t care. He shouldn’t care und besides nozhing’s going on between zhe two of you.” You blushed at thought of that, Feliks was your friend! And that was it! You never imagined anything like that between the two of you! It would be weird… too weird…

“Got to say I vas disappointed, you two talked about boring stuff.” He said flatly but still retained his smirk at how ‘uninteresting’ you two were compared to him.
You sighed in annoyance, “He’ll be out soon and you can have my dinner.”

Gilbert fistpumped the air in triumph but then he stopped for a minute, “Are you sure about zhat? A frau like you has to eat too.”

“Yeah, I’m not hungry anyway and I’m tired.” You said suppressing a yawn.

“Okay fine. Vorks for me.” He said and shrugged.

You walked back into the kitchen and say back at the table. “Thanks for the delish meal (Your Name)” Feliks thanked you with a grin.

“You’re welcome, leaving so early?” You asked raising an almost amused eyebrow.

“Well you know I’d usually stay longer but I’ve got a curfew tonight and it is now…
11:05. Gotta go!” He said once he saw how late it was. Damn! It was late, how’d it get late so fast?! You thought and opened the door and waved bye to Feliks before you once again marveled at how fast time moved.

“Oh shoot, Gilbert!” You thought and ran to the closet to finally free him .

“Ah~! Sveet Awesome Air!” He said, taking in fresh oxygen after being locked in there for a good 20 minutes.  


“It’s fine, now I’m going to zhe kitchen.” He said and quickly made his way out of the hallway.

“Help yourself.”

In the kitchen:

You were sitting on the couch, thinking and nearly falling asleep.

“Hey (Your Name) your cooking’s not zhat bad.” Gilbert called you from the kitchen which snapped you out of sleep you almost fell into.

“Huh? Oh… thank you.”

“I’ve eaten better but it’s good. I like it.”

You thought again but you acknowledged his compliment or at least to him that’s what a compliment was but you were still sleepy. Afterwards you quickly did the dishes and let out a yawn.

“Hey Gil help yourself to anything around and the couch is all yours, I’m going to bed. Night…” You said and walked upstairs groggily.

“Zhe couch?! Vhat?! I’m not sleeping on zhat!” He whined and crossed his arms stubbornly.

You sighed, you were too tired to care, “Come to bed with me.”

Gilbert’s eyes widened and he chuckled, “Kesesesesese~, my goodness frau… zhat’s very bold of you…”

“I meant to sleep in bed with me!” You exclaimed as loud as you could,  your face getting hot, thinking the albino was nuts for even getting an idea like that.

Gilbert sighed a little disappointed, “Fine… killjoy.” He said but then followed you upstairs.

Into your bedroom with your PJs on already you lied on your bed and watched Gilbert remove his clothes to only his T-shirt and boxer shorts, but the vision got blurrier due to how sleepy you were feeling.

“Night…” You said and lied on your side with the blanket already around you. “Night-night…” Gilbert said a little more playfully and crept his hands to your hips.

“Keep it above the waist Gil.” You said sternly with your eyes closed, and Gilbert only sniggered before falling asleep shortly on your bed with you. Strange though even though you still felt his hands on your hips, you didn't really mind for some reason. Meh, you'll just kick his ass in the morning if he tries anything, right now sleeping with Gilbert actually felt kind of nice.
Here ya'll go! After a long week's worth and my... my... one of your first nights alone with Gil, AS A GIRL!! How awkward is that? Well you played a bit, fought a bit and made up! Yay! Oh and there's a bit of fluff in here too. So hope you liked that! :3 i shall update my next chapter soon lovelies!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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