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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 15

Behold The ‘Dare or Dare’ Chapter! LOL does that even make any sense?! HAHAHAHA~! Well a wise draconequus once said “What fun is there in making sense?” HA! Cartoon references. School’s almost over I can’t believe it, I don’t really know whether to be happy or… I don’t even know. But I’m happy that I’ll be able to work more on this so I’ll do my best to keep the chapters frequent!  HA! Dare or Dare that’s the new truth or dare! OMG you guys are IN for this one, I’ve said this once but I’ll say it again WHAT THE HELL DO I WRITE?! LOL this is one of the funniest chapters yet!

Ah! I’m sorry it’s just… you know….

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

After you and Gilbert had challenged each other to the game of ‘Dare or Dare’ all that was left to do was to grab a camera and then  the games can begin.

“Very vell (Male Name) ladies first.” Gilbert said smugly and then bowed in a mock-gentlemanly style, making fun of your ‘orientation’.

“Oh hardy-har-har. You’re SO funny.” You snarked and rolled your eyes but then an idea popped in your head.

“Okay then Gil….  I dare you to kiss me~.”  You said sweetly and even made a cute pose to the albino whose expression changed from ready and willing to uncomfortable and shocked.

“Nein! No vay!” He cried, that was just evil on your part… You did that on purpose didn’t you?!

“I’m just kidding but I’m a little hurt that you wouldn’t do it… I mean you sure liked it that one time when you came to our room drunk and I made out with you.” You said diverting your eyes the other way.

“VHAT?!” He yelled out looking mortified and even a little disgusted with himself. He certainly remembered coming to the room drunk but he didn’t remember that! Mein Gott…!

But you just laughed out loud, “AW MAN! I GOT YOU GOOD! The look on your face! Priceless WITHOUT a price!” You kept on laughing but Gilbert was NOT amused.

He grabbed you by the shoulders and then pinned you to the wall and hard, you stopped laughing and your eyes widened.  Would he really do that to a girl?! Oh wait…

“I'll kill you! Don’t ever joke about zhings like zhat!” He yelled at you while keeping you pinned and trapped in his grasp.

“I was kidding! Geez sorry man…” You said trying to stifle a few chortles to Gilbert’s annoyance despite how cute you sounded when you giggled like… a  schoolgirl… No. No! NO! Not these thoughts again!  He thought to himself as he reluctantly softened and released you out of his strong-hold.

“Okay, okay I’m being serious now. I dare YOU….” You paused to be dramatic and Gilbert now looked more than ready to take on whatever it was you were about to throw at him.

“To eat a banana.” You said shrugging and Gilbert gave you a disbelieving smirk.

“Is zhat it? You suck (Male Name).”

“Uh-uh-uh.” You waved your figure in a ‘no’ like manner and then you gave him an almost evil like smirk.

“You’re not eating it the traditional way… You’re gonna get the banana and then hold up like you know… tilt your head back… make out with it like you would to a gal… then you have to swallow it. Without chewing it.” You explained, the smirk never leaving your face and Gilbert’s jaw dropped at everything you just enlisted…

His eyebrow twitched and then your audience from the back… Antonio, Francis, Feliks, Toris, Ludwig and Matthew all looked somewhat shocked well most of them did;  Feliks, Francis and Antonio sure  looked amused.

“Unless you know… you could always do the first dare.” You raised a fake but suggestive eyebrow to Gil.

“NEIN! I’ll do zhis stupid-ass dare. Kesesesese~! This is nozhing (Male Name)!” He said, he was confident but the dare was so demeaning!

“Okay I’ll give you a banana. I’ll get you a long and sweet one.” You chuckled again, adding to Gilbert’s discomfort.

“Here ya go.” You said and held the banana that you got from the cafeteria; fresh, ripe and long…

Gilbert snarled at you lightly and yanked the banana out of your hands, while Feliks in the background was snickering and holding up the camera to catch all of your dares on video since that was the deal. But when it was came to Gilbert, Feliks enjoyed his job right now a little TOO much.

Reluctantly Gilbert unpeeled the banana and held it up, despite all the looks he was getting from his friends and anyone else that may have been watching. He closed his eyes and gave it a few licks til it became clear that he was making out with it and he shot you a glare once he heard you snickering.

“Oh man! You’re sick!” You exclaimed and then a few of the guys with the exception of Ludwig and Matthew started to laugh, chortle and snicker.

But after a minute of ‘making out’ with the banana he kept it in his mouth until he caught you staring at him with a smirk.

“SO? Swallow it. And NO chewing~. Or else~.” Your smirk only grew and Gil kept on glaring at you.

“Fine!” He said, his voice muffled because of the banana still in his mouth, he closed his eyes again and ultimately swallowed the slender banana little by little until all of it went down his throat.

“OHH!!” You yelled and all the other guys joined in, (instead of Ludwig of course).

“I can’t believe you did that! AHAHAHAHA!” You yelled again and laughed so hard you had to grab your stomach to Gilbert’s annoyance and slight embarrassment.

“Shut up you stupid dummkopf! I did your stupid dare because I vas awesome enough to do it!” He claimed proudly and started to forget about it despite how bad that made him look in front of the others that were watching.

“Just like fruitbats! ‘Cept with actual fruit!” You said and then burst into another fit of laughter, at first Gilbert scowled at you but then he remembered that conversation you two had that one morning and he couldn’t help but snicker at that as well to the point where he started laughing with you.

“Kesesese~! You’re right (Male Name) but now it’s your turn~!” Gilbert chimed and then smirked psychotically at you, which made you feel slightly uncomfortable. Who knows what he’d make you do?

“Bring it on biatch!”

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this…!” You muttered as you walked into the cafeteria with pants that were baggier and shoes that looked bigger, apparently you had to look more like a punk.

“Do it. You have been dared. Unless you’re not awesome enough to do so.” Gil asked smirking and then you flipped him off.

“In your dreams prima donna.” You said and then you got up and stood on one of the tables.

“Get zhe camera ready!” Gilbert said a little too enthusiastically and began to snicker to himself, Feliks reluctantly did so while your face turned a crimson red at what it was you were about to sing.

And then the music started…

Oh whoa
Oh whoa
Oh whoa

You cursed in your mind and felt heat creep up onto your cheeks all the way to your ears.

You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, and I'll be there
You are my love, you are my heart
And we will never ever ever be apart

Gilbert on the other hand just pointed and laughed at you while you sang, holding his sides and pounding his fist on the table because of how gay you looked AND sounded. Were you a countertenor in high school or something? Cuz you had a high-ish kind of voice for a boy. Sure you were a gay, VERY effeminate boy but still.

You sounded pretty good… but he wouldn’t tell you that.

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

Were you humiliated? Yes. Cuz all the guys are staring at you, some laughing and some chatting about you. Then you even saw that Alfred was even snickering, he was trying to hold back but still. Feliks and Toris gave you sympathetic glances but Feliks gave you a thumbs up because of how good you sounded but still… then again… you weren’t the worst singer in the world. In fact you thought you were pretty good.

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

Fuck Gilbert, you were singing great and it was going to be on the internet. Fuck all of the nasty comments and especially FUCK the haters. You KNEW that you were good and that you’re a superstar. BOOYAH!

I'm gone (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Now I'm all gone (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Now I'm all gone (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Now I'm all gone (gone, gone, gone...)
I'm gone

The song ended and then you bowed in a dramatic fashion and then Feliks, Toris, The A.S.K all cheered for you, and Matthew cheered but his cheers were always quiet.

“Congratulations (Male Name) you’re a fag who’s gone viral.” Gilbert smirked and held up the camera that had you singing JB. But you only rolled your eyes and smirked right back at Gil.

“That’s awesome if you ask me. It only makes me even MORE of a superstar.” You yelled with enthusiasm and pointed your finger right in Gil’s ‘awesome’ face.

“Vhatever! You’re just saying that because you’re a fag!” Gilbert barked back, though it got fun when the two of you argued it was twice as fun when HE was the one winning and you only saw the bright side of this.

“Says the guy who did the Banana-Blowjob.” You said and then cackled an evil laugh.

“Shut up you arshloch!” He yelled now annoyed, especially with the alliteration you just made.

“It’s not every day someone does a Banana-Blowjob what’s a matter with that?” You shrugged and shot Gilbert a cheeky teasing grin.

“I said shut up!”

“Well keep your ears PEELED…” You said and snickered at your pun but Gilbert was NOT amused. “Cuz you’re about to be in for another awesome dare…” You said evilly and then you laughed a wicked and evil and EPIC laugh in the way a villain would which only slightly intimidated Gil.

“Bring Antonio and Francis…” You smirked Gilbert an intimidating and psychotic smirk, spooking him.

What were you up to?

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Get up here! YOU HAVE TO GET UP HERE! YOU WERE DARED” You yelled to Gil who was in the back of the theater stage where the actors prepared before getting on stage.

Although this was your dare, you didn’t think you’d get an image like this… Your eyes widened and your smile was twisting while you did your absolute best to hold back from laughing out loud, snickering in the process as tears of laughter began to form in your eyes.

Gilbert emerged along with Antonio and Francis, each of them wearing black unitards that looked slightly too tight complete with salmon pink tutu skirts.

“Pfft~! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!” You guffawed and then pointed at the embarrassed and blushing gentleman. Gilbert was completely red in the face with anger and embarrassment as he glared at you, Antonio was blushing just as bad but he kept his smile even though it looked more nervous and bashful. Francis on the other hand didn’t look as abashed as the others but with the way you were laughing and pointing made it feel slightly degrading but who cares? He looked fabulous and he knew it.

“HIT IT!” You yelled and then Toris a few feet away from you nodded in obedience and then he turned on the radio to the song. You dared Gilbert to dress up like that and to dance and mouth the words of this song…

“DANCE BROS DANCE!” You then yelled to Bad Touch Trio once the music played.

All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies (All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
Now put your hands up

Up in the club, we just broke up
I'm doing my own little thing
You decided to dip but now you wanna trip
Cause another brother noticed me
I'm up on him, he up on me
don't pay him any attention
Cause I cried my tears, for three good years
Ya can't be mad at me

You sniggered and smiled Gil an evil, almost villainous-like smile as he and his unfortunate friends continued to dance and mouth the words like you dared.

While the others…

Ludwig hid his face and covered his mouth, his face bright red from trying hard to contain any laughter that wanted to slip. Feliks was next to you and he was on the floor from laughing so much. Toris covered his mouth but he couldn’t stop snickering. Matthew did the same, hiding behind you so that way nor Gilbert or Francis could see him laughing.

“Matthew’s laughing at me!!” Gilbert and Francis thought in unison, while they continued to dance both embarrassed.

And the A.S.K were laughed their asses off.

“That is SO disturbing!” Andrew yelled while holding his sides and pointing at the trio onstage, and Gilbert had to refrain from beating both you and Andrew to two gay bloody pulps.

“And emasculating~!” Keith chimed while he chuckled and snickered at the scene.

Steve laughed along with his friends and at the same time he couldn’t help but feel kind of sorry for the three up there.

Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh
Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh

“Francis you’re a Frenchman, SHOW ME SOME SEXY!” You yelled as you kept on carrying the camera and grinned.

“ Antonio SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!” You yelled again, sounding like some sort of coach for a movie/movie video.

The three gentleman stared at you in bewilderment but nonetheless they kept on dancing and obeyed you  while the song continued, but thankfully it was almost over.

Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh
Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh

“FABULOUS~!” You beamed and held up the camera, Feliks and Toris clapping and cheering for the trio even though it was mostly out of mockery, “You guys are making me sick to my stomach in those outfits and I LOVE IT!” You gave them a thumbs up.

Gilbert growled at your insult but he kept his cocky smirk on because he was going to let you have it next…

“Well don’t get used to zhis for very long (Male Name).”

“Wow, this’ll be a HIT on Youtube. You know, imagine Elizabeta’s face when she sees this.” You said to Gil, grinning and raising your eyebrows a few times mischievously.

Gilbert’s own ruby red eyes widened and his face turned almost as red as said eyes. Then he reached out to grab the camera from you but you took it back as soon as he tried.

“If you show her zhat I vill kill you!” He yelled, embarrassed and even looking a little mortified.

You chuckled, it was fun to see Gilbert get embarrassed and he was cute when he got like that…

“I’m not… what kind of bastard do you think I am? I wouldn’t stoop that low…”  You said but with honesty in your voice and (eye color) eyes, which Gilbert couldn’t help but stare into. That’s the thing for a gay boy you had awfully nice eyes… He mentally shook his head, NO! NO! NO!

“You’d better not…” He grumbled and turned his face so you couldn’t see him blush.

But you chuckled again, “Wow man if you want to be more subtle about your crush, don’t blush. Hey that rhymes!”

“Vhat?! I’m- I’m not blushing!” Gilbert snapped back at you, despite the fact that he was indeed blushing.

“Very well then your boner tells me otherwise.” You said with a playful and teasing grin.
Gilbert’s eyes widened and he blushed even harder, and right on cue he looked down to see in a panic but he didn’t have one right now…

Then he got defensive and turned himself away from you so that way his back was facing you, “I already told you (Male Name) don’t get gay for me!”

“I’m not man, I’m just teasing.”

“Zhat’s even vorse!”

“Sorry. Sorry.” You said and rolled your eyes until you saw Gilbert smirking again, that was fast.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Just vait for your next dare.” He said now looking as evil as you did. Your expression went from playful to shocked. Oh god who knows what he’d make you do NOW

“Kesesesese~!” Gilbert chuckled and then he reached at the back of his outfit to try and upzip but he couldn’t…

“Hey… (Male Name)…. Unzip me vill you?” He whispered and motioned closer to you so that way no one else could hear him.

You stared at him with a gleeful and completely sadistic looking grin…


Revenge for the dick-measuring incident.

“What was that~?” You asked innocently to Gilbert’s shock and slight fear of what it was you were doing, or what it was you were going to do.

“U-unzip me…” He whispered again but even quieter and only you were able to hear him.

“HUH?! I can’t hear ya Gil~!” You chimed again with your hand to your ear and everyone turned around to see the two of you to the Prussian’s embarrassment.

“I said unzip me…” He hissed and glared at you, heat growing on his pale cheeks.


“Unzip me…!” He hissed again but slightly louder to your amusement, blushing harder.

“What’s the magic word?!”

“ UNZIP ME PLEASE!!” He yelled this time, his entire face burning beetroot red, embarrassed, ashamed and frustrated.

“You faggot!” You yelled at him, and it was ironic given how Gilbert was the one who did this to you first but you had turned the tables on him this time. YOU were the sadist and Gil was at YOUR mercy.



“FAG!” You continued yelled in glee at the mortified Prussian, feeling quite sadistic despite your next upcoming dare and that you were going to pay…


~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“COME OUT (MALE NAME)! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT HERE!” Gilbert called you while he was inside the hallway and you were in your dorm-room.

“I’M COMING YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” You yelled because you were horribly embarrassed…
You stepped out of the dorm-room…

And you were dressed up like Snow White… which meant a frilly dress… oh how you abhorred wearing these dresses. You didn’t mind some feminine clothing but you hated these dresses so very much… But… luckily the ruffles (that you utterly despised) hid your non-broad shoulders and the long skirt of the dress wouldn’t show your lady legs.  As for your chest you had a breast binder on; the binder was new but you needed it so that way no other guy would find out since a lot of them knew. Your chest looked flat enough like any other skinny guy’s lean chest.

Luckily Gil also left you to change in the room alone so you put on the short wig and kept your sideburns on to try and pass off as a cross-dressing gay boy, even though only one of those things was true about you. You were neither gay nor a boy…

Gilbert stared at you and he burst out laughing at how you looked, like a pretty princess! This would definitely make you seem even gayer!

Your face was completely drained of color and replaced with red, especially since you wouldn’t even wear dresses in front of other guys EXCEPT for Feliks.

“Excuse me Snow Vhite you vouldn’t have happened to see mein friend (Male Name) vould you?!” Gilbert said in between laughs which only pissed you off.

You mocked laughed and snarked at him, “Real funny, now what?”

“Kesesese~ you’ll see~.” Gilbert chimed and kept his evil smirk on, you gulped. Oh what the hell?!

You followed Gilbert and tried to ignore the looks you were getting from other guys, many of them snickering and calling you names and in response you glared and flipped them off. Hiking up your skirt occasionally and only slightly so that way your legs couldn’t be seen, though you weren’t accustomed to wearing these kinds of dresses or costumes for that matter.

Now you two were in front of most of your friends, including your audience that had been following you and Gil.

Andrew stared at you in awe, “(MALE NAME) IN A DRESS!!” He screamed in his head as he blushed heavily, liking what he was seeing while Steve and Keith shared the same thought.

“Wow (Male Name)’s so pretty he could be a girl…” Keith thought as he kept on staring at you.

You were aware and now self-conscious of all the guys staring at you since you knew that almost everyone of them knew you were a girl, and you couldn’t stop yourself from blushing madly.

“QUIT STARING!” You barked at them and most of them averted or tried to avert their eyes.

“OHMYGOD! You look SOOO CUTE~~!” Feliks chirped and made his way over to you and just fawned over how cute you looked while you made a pouty face. Toris felt sympathy for how bad and embarrassed you felt but he couldn’t help but think that you looked pretty in a dress…

“(Your Name)… looks cute in a dress…” Matthew thought to himself blushing at the sight of you in a dress even though you were in disguise he knew how you looked as a girl.  

Ludwig blushed crimson red, he’d seen you naked before. Why was that the first image to pop into his head? Either way you looked very pretty in a dress, and as a girl. He knew that you were a girl but you didn’t exactly act like it and now that you look more like a girl, it’s making you look desirable.

“Mon ami… you look very stunning~.” Francis complimented you and the way he stared at you made you feel like he was flirting with you, you blushed and then pouted again.

“Si, it suits you!” Antonio chimed but by accident, he knew you were a girl but hopefully that would sound more like an insult than a compliment to Gil and anyone else who didn’t know.

“Gee… thanks Toni…” You stuttered still blushing and averting your eyes from all the guys.

“Ok (Male Name) now zhat I’ve also dared to dress up I also vant you to twirl your pretty little dress around.” Gilbert instructed to you while you openly scowled at him.

“Fine.” You huffed at him.

“Vait. I also vant you to sing the pretty princess song~. Since you love to sing so much.” He smirked at you and your scowl increased.  

“Okay…” You muttered sounding a little unsure.

“Now dance! Dance and sing for your handsome prince~!” He chirped at you and egged you sing and dance like some stupid love-struck princess… Normally you didn’t have a problem but this was NOT your thing.

“Okay.” You said with defiance; you wondered if Gilbert was getting any clue or what your true gender is due to some compromising situations, so maybe it’d be fun to mess with him a little bit.

As for twirling, maybe if you twirl it around fast enough and spin around he’ll miss your legs and butt. Then you did exactly and had to ignore all of Gilbert’s sniggering and the other guys who were chortling behind your back.

Some day my prince will come
Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know

You sang but you sounded more feminine and with the way you were dressed didn’t help either. To all the guys watching you, to them it was like seeing you as a girl and not a boy, or a gay boy. The A.S.K didn’t notice and instead began to beam and fawn over how cute and how good you sounded, it was breathtaking.  

Gilbert twitched an eye because of how much you resembled a girl… your sister…

Why did he keep getting these thoughts?! Guys are not cute! Especially not big-mouthed, smartass gay boys! Even if you looked like a girl it was because you were so gay! That’s it…!

You’re still not cute either way!

Then you bowed while daintily holding up both ends of your skirt like a lady. Other guys who were watching just laughed because they had no clue.

“Thank you, thank you gentleman~.” You said in a mocking fancy accent.

“All on tape! The Gay Princess!” Gilbert said grinning at you and holding up the camera, and you were pissed. Now that that video of you dancing like a pretty princess would surely go online and anyone who had the brains or eyes to recognize you would ridicule to no end.

Oh What the Hell?!

“Oh Gil you’re so very kind you brave, brave knight in shining armor.” You kept up the fancy accent to Gilbert’s discomfort and France’s annoyance. That accent sounded strangely like his in a way…

“Get avay from me!”

“All right, all right now get ready for your next dare~. I should make you sing this to Elizabeta.” You said and then sang a few lyrics.

It's been about a year now
Ain't seen or heard from you
I been missing you crazy
How do you, how do you sleep?
I found the letter you wrote me
It still smells just like you
Damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep?

“Like hell I’d ever sing zhat song! Und besides I know I have an awesome voice but vhy vould I sing it to Elizabeta?” Gilbert said, trying not to blush at the thought of Eliza.

Nonetheless your hawk-like eyes caught slight pink on his cheeks and then you rolled your eyes for some reason. “Cuz you love her!” You suddenly yelled gleefully despite a slight nagging feeling you felt that seemed to piss you off.

“I do NOT love her!” Gilbert yelled at you now blushing brilliantly which for some other reason just kind of pissed you off even more.

“Oh my god it’s SO obvious you sly dog~!” You said trying to sound a little more playful but then your eyebrow twitched.

“Nein! You’re really stupid aren’t you (Male Name)? I mean don’t get me wrong, Elizabeta ought to fall for zhe Awesome-me.” He said sounding proud and like he was in love and he was trying to be subtle about it.

You narrowed your eyes and frowned but a happy perverse smile shot up to your face, “Well, too bad! Time for your next dare~!!”

Gilbert turned to face you and gulped, he’d get it…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~

“I dare YOU to drop ALL of these ice cubes in your pants and let em’ melt!” You said with a grin and held a large cup full of fresh and frozen ice cubes.

Gilbert cringed at how cold the cubes looked but he exchanged you a determined glare and then he yanked the cup from your hands.

“C’mon do it!” You urged him to his annoyance.

He stared at all of ice cubes for a minute but then he took a deep breath and held it. Opening up the front of his pants and then allowed each and every cube fall and then he let go and now all of the ice was in his pants.

Gilbert’s eyes widened and then he threw both of his hands to his mouth to stifle any yells or squeaks that threatened to slip.  Mein Gott it was so freaking cold! And the coolness was spreading around his front and down his legs, he stood still in place because if he moved he’d be waddling and making any noises from how cold it was.

You snickered at every movement he made and Antonio and Francis had to hold back any chuckled from how funny their friend looked right now.  

Matthew stared at Gilbert in sympathy despite how silly he looked and he was also secretly hoping that you two would eventually either run out of dares and call the game to end, afraid that one of you was gonna get hurt physically or emotionally.

Feliks grabbed your shoulder while he pointed and laughed at Gilbert, Toris standing beside him and covering his mouth with his hand as he snickered to himself. The A.S.K just pointed and chortled to themselves, Keith on the other hand was taking pictures of Gilbert with his phone.

“Yowch, that’s gotta sting…” You said and snickered.

Gilbert scowled at you and shivered, “V-V-Vhy d-don’t you t-try it…?” He asked shaking from the icy cold he felt all around his lower body.

“No thanks~.” You chirped and saw that Gilbert was still glaring at you but he managed to leer at you.

"Hey are your 'awesome five metres' frozen?" You asked and then burst out laughing, adding to Glbert's immense annoyance that lucky for you was held back by the frigid state he was in.

"F-F-Fag!" He yelled out and shivered and you only shot him a cocky sneer.

“V-V-Vait… t-til I dare you next…!” He said trying to yell but he was still cold.

“Pfft. Try me.” You said but you spoke a little too soon…

Then he walked or waddled closer towards you and whispered his next dare into your ear. You jaw dropped and your eyes widened as you flushed lightly.


“You heard me. ”

Your mouth was agape and your eyebrow twitched, you’d say what the hell but eventually that’s what everyone else will be thinking once this dare is over with.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You were anxious and jittery at your next new dare, what the hell was Gilbert thinking?!

Oh yeah that’s right make the ‘gay’ kid show a sign of public affection with someone who’s not even his boyfriend. And on top of that he told you which person you had to choose.

As much as you really didn’t want to, you ran off into the hallway and the Bad Touch Trio stood there waiting for you. “Ugh… this is gonna make all the misunderstandings worse…” You thought with dread as you ran into a familiar class, flinging both the doors wide open with your hands spread out in a dramatic fashion.

Half the students who were studying perked their heads up to see you, thankfully the professor wasn’t here or else you would’ve gotten in trouble. Then you saw him over there just studying….

Arthur Kirkland.

You shook your head and then you walked or rushed over to him and tapped his shoulder to grab his attention but instead it annoyed him.

No surprise.

“(Male Name) can’t you see I’m studying?” He asked sounding irritated but then you closed his book and then grabbed him by the shoulders and walked out of the class with him to both his and the class’s shock.

“(Male Name) what the bloody hell are you doing?! Let me go!” He yelled trying to get out of your grasp but then you rolled your eyes once he started trying to hit you to get out. So without warning you used whatever strength you had with you right now and swept him off his feet and held him bridal style; it was part of the dare.  Which only added to Arthur's befuddlement, anger and most of all embarrassment.

“What are you-?! Stop this! Put me down this instant!” He yelled but then you started to walk back to where the BTT was waiting for you. “(Male Name)! I mean it you’d better!” Arthur yelled again but then he saw the A.S.K not that far behind them, all three of them looking quite pissed.

A dark aura surrounded them;  Andrew and Steve looked like they were about to lose it and Keith just smiled but he was clearly extremely angry.

“AAH! RUN NOW! RUN NOW!” Arthur yelled to you and held onto you tightly but out of fear and although you didn’t understand what he meant you obeyed and then you left the hallway and dashed off with the frightened Brit in your arms. Thanks to the adrenaline rush you had you were only slightly stronger than normal right now.

Finally you arrived outside in the field with the BTT standing there and then they perked up once they saw you with Arthur in your hands and they each started snickering.

“Gilbert, you couldn’t have chosen someone better zhen Arthur?” Francis asked, sounding annoyed because he and Arthur hated each other and fought on a daily basis.

Gilbert chuckled, “But Francis haven’t you heard zhe rumors? Zhis vill prove zhat it’s no rumor.” He said and the smirked almost evilly.

Once you arrived you had placed the Briton down; the run was actually somewhat agonizing since you carried someone heavier than you, Arthur’s not that heavy by any means but carrying another person bigger than you is exhausting.

“Now would you mind explaining to me just what the fuck is wrong with you?!” He yelled his question, still slightly embarrassed at how you carried him but also thankful that he got away from those three blokes that haven’t been leaving him alone lately.

Except you put both your hands on his shoulders, “Please… forgive me for this, man...!” You muttered with an already apologetic look on your face to Arthur’s confusion but then without warning you cupped his face and brought him to your lips and then…

You kissed him…

Not just simply, passionately with tongue and everything.

That was the dare.

“OOHHHHH!!!” You heard a few guys yell out in disgust, awe and amusement once you kissed Arthur.

“Hmph!” Arthur exclaimed though his voice was muffled by your lips on his lips, as much as he want to pull away he was too appalled to try and stop you;  his eyes and brows widening so much that they could’ve jumped right off his face.  

In fact right now he felt more violated than normal with you and even more embarrassed than normal as well…

After a whole minute of fondling his mouth with your tongue you finally parted lips. Gilbert laughed his ass off once he saw you share that kiss, and recorded the whole thing!

“You’re bad Gilbert…” Antonio said smiling and snickering because it was honestly somewhat funny even if he knew you were a girl but Arthur and Gilbert didn’t know that…  and he still felt bad for you…

“Zat should ‘ave been me..!” Francis thought and crossed his arms, technically Arthur shared a kiss with you before he got a chance to. And he didn’t even know you were a girl!

“BLEGH!!” You exclaimed disgusted as you pulled away from Arthur whom was just as disgusted as you were, his bottom lip trembling.

“~(Male Name) and Arthur sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G~!” The BTT sang in unison.

Arthur took a few seconds to regain his composure but then he blushed tomato red once he realized what had just happened…

You just kissed him…

A boy…

Did you like him?

H-He didn’t like you or anything…! B-But… he was just too embarrassed at the thought… he didn’t like you, he couldn’t have! Plus…

That was his first kiss…


And on a guy no less!

Little did he know, that was your first kiss too…

Except you weren’t as mad as he was right now…

He stared at you aghast and slightly horrified while you only gave him an another apologetic look and even tried to get closer to try and hopefully explain.

“I’m so sorry-“ You stuttered that last part but Arthur shot you a glare but then closed his eyes tightly and in defense he brought his hand out and slapped you in the face, same cheek as the last time he slapped you except this slap was harder.

“OHHH!” You exclaimed and then you fell backwards on your rear end because he slapped you that hard, you sat up and had a familiar bright red hand print on your right cheek and of course it was stinging from the hit.

“(Male Name)… you… you… BLOODY PERV!” Arthur yelled bright red in the face and then he ran off back to class, embarrassed and upset.

How would he be able to face you now?

“Arthur…” You said reaching out to him even though he was already gone. Way to go (Your name)… You sighed and blew your bangs to the side and touched your stinging cheek in order to sooth it.

“Are you happy now?” You asked, fuming and blushing madly at the sniggering albino.
“Very.” He answered simply and grinned at you.

“Good cuz I will be once I give you my NEXT dare.” You said as you and Gilbert exchanged scowls and competitive little grins.


“H-How… Why…?” Andrew asked, his right eye twitching as his mind kept rewinding the scene that just happened right now…  

He was angry. Completely angry and seething with bitter jealousy… (Male Name)’s first kiss was stolen… from Arthur of all people!

“I… don’t know…” Steve replied with envy in his voice as he clenched his fists. Despite his jealousy of Arthur he knew that it was pretty much Gilbert’s fault but still… that kiss… should’ve been either his, Andy’s or Keith’s!

Keith still smiled but then he took out a small notebook that read ‘Rivals’. Gilbert was at the top but then he crossed out his name and put Arthur’s name in big bold angry letters and then he added 3 big punctuation marks at the end of Arthur’s name.

“Looks like Arthur’s at the top now...” Keith said with the same fake angry smile on his face and then he took the pen he had and broke it in half as he still smiled with daggers, not carrying about the red ink spilling on his hands.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Go on. Do it!” You yelled to Gilbert who was standing right behind you, looking a tad bit embarrassed. Then reluctantly he took off in the speed of light in nothing but his underwear, the ones that had Gilbird on them.

“Say it! I DARED YOU TO SAY IT SO THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SAY IT!” You yelled to him while he ran around the football field.

“CHECK ME OUT LOSERS! I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!” He yelled and at first he felt embarrassed since he was running around the field in his underwear in front of all the guys but what you made him say…

Was totally the truth!

So he wasn’t as embarrassed.

“ZHAT’S RIGHT!” He yelled again and you kept the camera right on him and even nodded in approval until you realized that you nodded because he’s got a physically attractive body. You blushed and literally slapped yourself but then your face scrunched up in pain because you slapped the same cheek that Arthur slapped earlier.

“OW!” You exclaimed and then shot your hand back to your cheek. Then just in time Gilbert ran all the way back to you his hands on his hips and his expression swelled up with pride.

“Zhere I did it.” He said proudly.

“Very good…” You said almost stuttering because of how he looked. You’d seen him shirtless before but still… he looked good…

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“C’mon man you can’t think of a good dare for me?” You asked teasing the albino as you two walked in the hallway.

“I’m thinking!”

“Kay.” You said simply while you two continued to walk, completely unaware of the A.S.K hiding behind the wall as they followed you two and practically stalked you.

“I’m still pissed about that kiss!” Andrew hissed.

“I  know right, how are we supposed to compete with that?!” Steve asked but in a hushed whisper so you and Gilbert couldn’t hear him.

Keith smiled, “I don’t know guys… why don’t we go off and maybe… blow off some steam?” he suggested because he had to get away from these two if he wanted to blow off steam in his own way.

“Sure… that sounds good… I’ll see you guys in 5 minutes.” Andrew huffed and then stormed off, still angry and Steve went elsewhere, “Same here.”

“See you guys…” Keith waved bye to them and then he looked around, wondering what he should do… or who he should find…

Then he saw Yao in another hallway not far from the one he, (Male Name) and Gilbert were at and he was carrying quite a lot of books though…

Keith just stared at him intently…  

He remembered what had happened between you and Yao, he heard all about it. How you tried to ‘rape’ him, even though that was furthest from the truth Keith, Andy nor Steve knew that. And their love-blind logic made them assume that you were interested in Yao.

Well he’ll be able to put Yao off the list once he’s finished…

And then he noticed that up ahead you and Gilbert were walking downstairs.


Yao walked past whoever it was that with him in the hallway, carrying the large stack in his hands and he couldn’t see who it was but it was probably just another student.

However as he continued to walk, he couldn’t help but feel like he was being followed. Aiya, why does this always happen to him?

Nonetheless he brushed off those feelings off and then he noticed the stairs that he was going to have to walk down, in order to get to his class and study up a storm.  

“…This will be a bit of a hassle...” He muttered to himself and then he heard you and Gilbert talking.

“Hey that’s (Your Name)-aru.” He thought in his head and was completely well almost completely oblivious to the figure standing right behind him, his hands out in front of him and his glasses glaring.

Before Yao could see whoever it was behind him he felt two hands on his back just push him down the stairs. And then he quickly hid behind the nearest wall in case Yao would catch a glimpse of him once he broke either his neck or one of his ankles or legs.

“AIYA~!” He yelled and you shot your head around to see Yao about to make a painful fall down the steps.

“YAO!” You yelled and swiftly moved forward to catch him though he did fall into your arms the two of you ended up falling down the steps  and the books that Yao carried fell like weights and crashed onto you as you both fell; even though you were hurt at least Yao didn’t receive most of the pain.

“Damn…!” The bespectacled perpetrator cursed under his breath and quickly walked off so that way no one would suspect him or see him.

You didn’t get THAT hurt, well you hurt but at least you didn’t break anything, you groaned and moaned at the pain you felt stinging in your legs, back and sides.

Yao groaned and then he noticed something, you saved him! “(Male Name) are you okay?!” He cried out once he noticed that his body was above your body and lightly blushed.

“(Male Name)?!” Gilbert called trying not to sound super worried but if you got seriously injured the two of you wouldn’t be able to keep playing.

You moved your right hand and shot them a thumbs up signalizing that you were okay, you were hurt but you were okay and Yao and Gilbert both sighed in relief.

“Well Yao… at least you’re the one who’s on top this time…” You mumbled with a light chuckle and then your face scrunched up in pain from the stinging pain in your back.

Yao blushed at how you put it but when he got up he also helped you stand up, “Don’t joke like that-aru, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m good…” You said seething a little bit because of the hurt.

“You sure about zhat?” Gilbert asked, sounding a little skeptical.

“Totally bros.” You said and took a few deep breathes to take off any more of the pain.  

“Wow… This is like what the 10th time I’ve got hurt at this school?” You thought to yourself and balanced yourself so that way you were able to properly stand.

“(Male Name)… how can I ever repay you? You saved my life…”

“Well you could give me a hug, hugs are nice.” You said holding your hands out and Yao happily complied by nearly crushing you in his hug that you thoroughly enjoyed.

“Thank you so much-aru! I like you! I love you!” He cried out in joy nearly jumping with you, that you also thoroughly enjoyed.

“I love you too, man.” You chuckled lightly. Gilbert rolled his eyes in annoyance, look at how gay you two look.

“What’s so funny?” Yao asked you innocently once he noticed you chuckling.

“It’s just that I can’t believe I tackled you first and now I saved your life.” You said rolling your eyes at your past stupidity.

Remembering that made Yao blush but he was still grateful for you saving him, “Aiya… well that’s all water under the bridge but still I can’t thank you enough-aru!”

“Awww…” You cooed, to Gilbert’s slight annoyance.

“How’d you fall down zhe stairs you klutz?” Gilbert asked, even though Yao wasn’t one to be clumsy.

“Someone pushed me!”

“Did you see who did it?” You asked with a curious tone; great now there’s a psychopath in this school?

“No… I didn’t get a chance to…”

“Don’t worry man if something happens to ya just either kick their ass or tell someone like me.” You said and pointed to yourself proudly.

“Oh really (Male Name)?” Gilbert asked and crossed his arms while he gave you a disbelieving smirk.

“Yeah, I’m badass.” You said with a shrug and a proud smirk.

“Ja right, we still have to continue our game.”

“Okay then just think of something and I’ll do it!” You shouted but with enthusiasm and Gilbert thought about it for a while…


Kesesese~… he’s got one for you…

“Okay zhen (Male Name)… let’s go where everyone else is and zhen your dare vill be ready.” Gilbert said to your slight discomfort, he had that insidious, cunning look in his face again.

“Bring it on Mr. Awesome!” You said boldly, hey that rhymes too!

“Dare I ask what you two are doing?” Yao asked, both a little curious and only slightly irritated, he knew the kinds of games you two played and how competitive you two got over the simplest things.

“We’re playing dare-or-dare. Care to watch us?” You asked cocking an eyebrow.

“I guess so… I’ve got really got nothing better to do-aru…” Yao said sighing, what other things were you two doing now? Oh well it may be immature but maybe it’ll be amusing.

“Let’s go (Male Name)!” Gilbert said raising his fist in the air and then you did the same.

“Right!” The two of you went downstairs like you were supposed to and walked into the next hall, with Yao following you.

Upstairs Keith continued to walk a lone hallway and thought to himself. “(Male Name) got hurt in the process… that was not part of the plan… I’ll have to think better this time… and Yao didn’t get hurt or even break anything, damn… but oh well… guess I’ll have to find someone else…” Then he smiled darkly and continued to walk cheerfully to find his friends.

On the other side, Steve never completely left Keith alone and he saw the whole thing…

He was shocked; his mouth agape and his big brown eyes the sizes of saucers.

“K-Keithie…?” He whispered in a shaky voice, luckily Keith wasn’t to be seen by him but still… he was scared now…

Sure he wanted to win your heart like his friends but not like that! But… Keith is his friend… he can’t just snitch on him or complain… what will he do?

The poor tall teen was left to ponder to himself, still in great shock from his friends actions.

You on the other hand were completely excited and totally ready for whatever dare Gilbert has next for you.  After all these dares that he threw at you and the ones you threw at him, all of which were still on camera cuz you two were both THAT daring; another dare will only up the ante to how awesome you were. What was funny is that you knew Gilbert was probably thinking the exact same thing.

“Get ready cuz I’m on the scene.” You said smirking at Gilbert and he laughed at you.
“You’re so lame (Male Name). No matter how many dares you do.”

“Well I’m still ready.” You grinned and raised your eyebrows with Gilbert just exchanging you the same grin and Yao was in the middle chuckling to himself at how energetic the two of you were.

This is fun, you thought.

Very fun.

And it’ll get fun-ner once you show Gilbert that you really ‘don’t have to try’ at simply being as awesome as him.
Aww..! Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for literally like a week and a half! School man... thank god it's over! And that means I'll definitely spend more time on this, i've said that too much lol. WELL! Now that the dares have begun so far you and Prussia have stopped at nothing to humiliate each other and it is AWESOME! You sang, danced and... Gilbert has no idea what he made you do! Heh-heh. Since I love England so much i was thinking of making an England's ending for when I finish this. What do you guy think? You're quite the jokester though aren't you? LOL I think this has been THE funniest chapter yet, srry for giving you this image of The BTT dancing like this to Single Ladies:…

Or this because it gives you an image of 3 dudes dancing like this:…
Skip to 0:37 to get to dance-y part.

AHAHAHAHAHA~! Sorry guys, when you envision them dancing like that it just... OMG PRICELESS!! Hey! That reminds me of when the football players danced to that on Glee! Oh! God I love Glee (don't you dare judge me)! LOL

YIKES!! It seems that one of the A.S.K has gone mad! Sneaky conniving little rat...

Heh-heh get ready for the next chapter and then you'll see just what Prussia's gonna dare you to do now!

Songs Featured:
Baby: Justin Bieber
Single Ladies: Beyonce
How Do You Sleep: Jesse McCartney
Someday My Prince Will Come: Snow White ( don't know the artist)
P.S The lyric ' get ready cuz i'm on the scene' and 'don't have to try' are allusions to Avril Lavigne's 'I Don't Have To Try'

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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Chapter 22: COMING SOON!!

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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