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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 17

Okay so just because school’s out doesn’t mean the updates will be AS frequent… STUPID DRIVING SCHOOL!! But I shan’t forget my beloved fans cuz I love u guys more than driving ( I f-ing hate driving! DX) Well I guess this one has a bit more tension and slapstick… hahaha! Good ol slapstick comedy. Oh... I really feel bad for leavin ya'll hangin but at the same time I'm runnin' out of ideas and also at the same time I hope the next chapter will be updated sooner than this one.

Well I hope you all  ENJOY~!! :3

Now that you and Arthur were inside the school and out of the pool the two of you walked away elsewhere to get a change of clothes and get out of the sopping wet ones you were wearing now; unaware of the suspicious albino secretly following the two of you.

You jumped slightly in surprise once you heard Arthur sneeze, and then you smiled at him.

“Bless you.”

“Thank you.” He thanked you and then sniffed a bit.

“You’d better get to your dorm-room and get a new pair of clothes before you catch cold.” You suggested and you were happy when you saw Arthur nod.

“What about you? You can change there too if you want.” He insisted but then your (eye color) eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, an involuntary heat creeping up on your cheeks.

“Oh no man, it’s cool. I’ll just change in my own dorm-room.” You almost stuttered in your sentence, how embarrassing would that be? Changing in the same room with another guy and then he sees things that don’t belong on a guy’s body. Wait you weren’t a guy!

“Well all right then…” Arthur was confused but then he thought about it for a minute, there was usually no problem with two guys changing in the same room but then again you were gay… and he valued his personal space as well; Not as much as Kiku did but still.

“Yeah see ya around man…” You waved him goodbye and started speed-walking towards the hall that led to your dorm-room.

Arthur wasn’t the only one confused by your sudden change in demeanor, Gilbert was confused as well as he heard you two chattering.

“Oh vait of course… he vouldn’t want to get all horny in front of Arthur…” He sniggered a little bit under his breath, you were such a fag. So much that you couldn’t even change your clothes with Arthur there… he stopped laughing for a minute when he thought of something… Did you have a crush on the Brit or something?

No way… he was out of your league. Wait no way! Like you’re up there in the high ranks, since you’re a fag! But even if you did have a crush on Arthur, why him? What makes him so special?

“Vhat zhe hell am I thinking?!” Gilbert screamed in his mind once he realized something…

He was actually jealous…  

Of Arthur of all people… No, no, NO! He can’t be! Why would he care about what you thought anyway?! You were not only a loser you were also a gay loser!

Except that’s not what Gilbert really thought of you…

Arthur had gotten into some dry clothes but then he recognized the unfamiliar and half wet cloth that he had hung on the doorknob. That was your jacket, the one you had offered him when he was sopping wet.

“(Male Name)’s jacket. I’d better return it to him.” He picked up the partially drenched jacket and then started walking in the direction that you were heading to when you had left.

You were already in your dorm-room and you started to change and you tried to do so quickly in case Gilbert ever came in out of the blue like he did at times, since your clothes were wet it was slightly frustrating to have to peel off your wet clothes that clung to your body and the wrappings were an even bigger pain.  You were too caught up in taking off your sticky, wet sports bra off that you didn’t even notice the sound of a door opening…

“Excuse me (Male Name) here’s your jacke-“ Arthur walked in unannounced and just in time to see your (hair length) going down your bare back and (your choice of color) panties, once he realized what he was seeing he felt his entire face heat up.

You widened your eyes and turned to see the red-faced Brit carrying your wet jacket and in an instinct you wrapped your arms around your breasts as you flushed almost as bad as him. “GYAH! What the heck?!”

Arthur just stood there, still blushing and his mouth agape, letting out a small gasp. “Ah…”

“Oh no he’s gonna squeal isn’t he?” You thought dreading, until you saw his face scrunch up.

“Ah-choo!” He shut his eyes and rubbed his nose as he sniffed.

Then you slowly smiled, okay thank goodness it was a sneeze and not a yell.

“Bless you, again.”

“T-Thanks…” He mumbled but then he just remembered something.

You’re a girl?!

It was awkwardly silent for about 5 seconds but then you noticed something through your humiliation, “Close that door! CLOSE IT!” You nearly shrieked but Arthur did as you said and even locked it in case any other guy or your roommate would show up. But Arthur didn’t turn to face you, needless to say you didn’t blame him.

“Y-You’re… a girl?” He asked and stuttered a bit, and at the same time he couldn’t help but feel like an idiot. Clearly some other people he knew probably either had a hunch or they knew before he did!

“Y-Yeah…” You said awkwardly as you took off the rest of your wet clothes and started putting on some dry ones.

“Wait a minute, then what the bloody hell are you doing in an all boy’s school?!” He yelled this time and you weren’t surprised.

“Is that how you start your conversations by yelling at people?”

Arthur glared at the door for a minute, still embarrassed as his blush slowly started to die down but he was also slightly annoyed with your question but now that you were clearly a lady he wouldn’t be rude.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s cool man I was just bustin’ your balls.” You said while you started wrapping yourself and you smirked once you said that so you could see how this temperamental Brit would react. He started to flush again, but… no wonder he and a bunch of other blokes were convinced that you were a man. You really pulled it off with your behavior and speech.

“Now would you mind explaining yourself?”

You sighed, “Okay, okay…”  You went on about why you’re in this school and why you’re cross-dressing in the first place and blah blah blah. Cuz this was probably the 7th, 8th time you’ve had to explain the situation to someone who found you out? It was getting old. Arthur believed you despite how ridiculous it sounded but you sounded sincere.

“My real name is (Your Name).” You said and now you were decent but Arthur couldn’t bring himself to look at you, especially now that he knew you were a girl. Wait another minute no wonder you’re so popular! Oh and thank god… at least this meant he wasn’t gay… b-but that didn’t mean he liked you or anything!  

“H-Hello (Your Name)…” He greeted you awkwardly, since this really was no (Male Name). Hang on, that’s what your friend Feliks called you that day you were sick, now he REALLY felt like an idiot for believing that now-so-obvious lie you had said before.

“Hello.” You greeted back and grinned at Arthur. That same toothy grin that you always wore even if it made you at times look like a total doofus, and the same one that Arthur found very endearing about you…

"Wait a minute does anyone else know about this?"

"Oh yeah, maybe only at least just 10 or 11 people I dunno..." You said and had to think of the ones who did know; which was quite a lot.

"Just 10 or 11?" He looked at you incredulously.

"Yeah, my bro Feliks, Toris, Raivis, Feliciano and Lovino, Matthew, Yao, Ivan, Antonio, Ludwig, Kiku and Francis." You marked them all off with your fingers.

"Francis already knew?! Oh God I really am an idiot!" He yelled but he was more annoyed and he definitely felt even more stupid if Francis knew before him.

"Well if it helps I don't think Alfred has a clue yet either." You shrugged to him to try and reassure him.

"Of course Alfred has no idea he's a bloody idiot. I'm a bloody idiot!" He clutched his fair hair in aggravation to your slight amusement.

"You're like the fourth person to see me naked." You counted off the ones who did discover your gender by seeing your body: Gilbert (even though he still didn't know your real gender), Kiku (poor guy), Ludwig and now Arthur.

He blushed a crimson red again and now he really couldn’t look at you... you were the first girl he's really ever seen naked... But then he paused once he thought of something, and his eyes widened once the flashbacks started to play in his head.

Such as the slap he gave you in his dorm-room, the slap from the kiss you gave him, the bonk on the head he gave you in the culinary room along with the one he gave you in class and then the slap from 10 minutes ago…

That compilation of him slapping and hitting you kept on replaying in his head and he finally stared at you, he’d been hitting a girl this whole time!

“You okay man?” You asked once you saw how baffled he looked.

“I’m SOOO Sorry!” He cried bowing his head and looking quite ashamed.

“For what?” You asked sounding a bit befuddled.

“I-I’ve been hitting you! I had no bloody idea but still! I can’t believe I’ve hit a lady!” He said and put his hands in face in shame and guilt which spooked you a little bit.

“Whoa! Whoa! Calm down man it’s cool.”

“It’s cool?! How can you say that?! It’s not right when a man hits a lady! Oh god… some gentleman I am…” He apologized frantically and hung his head in shame again.

“Well like you said you had no idea and besides I can take a hit. I’m not a wimp.” You said hopefully to reassure him but it didn’t do too much.

“You can take a hit? But a gentleman shouldn’t-“ You cut him off but you didn’t mean no disrespect.

“Arthur that you are, but I’m totally fine with it. I’m serious, I mean if I survived these first few months at this crazy-ass school then NOTHING will take me down.” You brushed it off to Arthur’s surprise, but it sounded like you but still… he felt guilty…

“W-Well… all right… I guess… sorry… again…” He said and now found the courage to look at you and even though you were back in your (Male Name) disguise now that he knew you were a girl he could definitely see the feminine appearance you had.

“No worries bro.” You punched him lightly in the shoulder, he frowned or at least that’s what he wanted you to see despite what he was really thinking…

Then he remembered something else…

The kiss…

You weren’t a guy so it wasn’t entirely wasted! Thank god...

As much as he wanted to throw his fist in the air, he couldn’t act childish in front of you because he wasn’t sure how you would react.

“What’s the matter man, you look feverish.” You asked innocently as you noticed the redness in his cheeks and his ears.

Arthur almost didn’t notice how red his face was but once you said that he started to feel the heat, “Nothing! Nothing… I was just thinking…” He mumbled and hoped you didn’t really catch the hint and you shrugged so that meant you didn’t.  Arthur was a bit relieved and slightly annoyed that you didn’t but still… that kiss… at least at was with a girl… and then he recalled the two of you holding hands.

So what about everyone thinking that you’re gay?

“Um (Your Name) if you’re really a girl how come you said that you were gay?” He pondered, you weren’t gay as a girl were you?

“Oh I said that because if all these dudes assumed I was gay then they’d leave me alone and I wouldn’t risk my secret getting out.”

“You realize that this IS an all-boys school right? At least some of these guys are bound to be gay.” He said and then you realized that he was right…

Aw shit…

“Shit…” You said what you were thinking, so this whole time you’ve been making yourself an even more available target for any guy that was ACTUALLY gay?

“Are you gay?” You asked Arthur curiously.

“What?! NO!” He yelled sounding a bit offended at your accusation. At least he was glad that he wasn’t, he had nothing against it but when he thought you were a boy that would’ve been weird for him to be drawn to a boy…

“Okay sorry just curious.” You chuckled sheepishly which didn’t annoy Arthur this time.
“You’re the one who shouldn’t be sorry… I was rude to you…”

“Yeah yeah well… forget about it cuz after all we’re pals right?” You asked and held your fist out for him to bump. Arthur’s expression was surprised, sure he thought of you as a friend and all but even after he’d been mean to you; you didn’t brush him off. Although he still felt embarrassed and even a little awkward he managed to smile a tiny smile.
“Right.” He said and brought his fist out and bumped yours.

“Coolness. Now uh… if I were you I’d leave. I mean I don’t want you to but I also don’t want Gilbert to come in here all of the sudden and think something was goin’ on.” You advised him though the idea of that made him blush a little bit he saw your point.

“Oh good idea. Thanks for the help today (Your Name)…” He said getting up and he stood outside the door with a smile on his face.

You smiled back even if it looked a bit sheepish, he looked good when he smiled.

“No prob Arthur. But hey… I’m still gonna get a laugh out of you someday just you wait.” You pointed to him with a small smirk. If he looked good smiling he’d look great when he laughs.

He chuckled again, but he didn’t laugh! “Right, keep that up (Your Name).”

“Also call me (Male Name) in public.” You brought that bit up like you did to the others who found you out.

“Oh right, got it.”

“See ya Arthur.” You waved to him and he waved back, the both of you sharing the same smile.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

You lied on your bed with your earbuds on as your (type of music player/ I-phone) blasting; yes you had initially thrown it when you dived in the pool to save Arthur but you went back to get it back. You hummed with the rhythm but then you thought about something.

Where was your roommate?

The ‘Awesome’ Gilbert Beilschmidt.

It felt weird without him annoying you, sure you guys weren’t crazy about each other and you especially weren’t crazy about the fact that you were roommates but nonetheless you both planned to keep it that way. Even if Gil was still annoying when he’s with you.
You sighed, now you wanted to go see where he was it because of the boring atmosphere in your dorm alone.

After a few minutes of walking you couldn’t find the guy, not in his classes, not in the cafeteria or the gym or the pool.

“Odd…” You said sounding a bit dubious, just where is the albino?

“(Y-Your Name)..! Quick!” You turned your head around once you heard the soft sweet voice of Matthew but he sounded somewhat frantic.

“Mattie?” You asked as he made his way over to you, panting a little bit as if he was running something of a distance.

“(Your Name)… Gilbert’s… he’s in trouble…” He panted out and for once you looked shocked, in spite of everything Gilbert was a friend.

“What kind of trouble?!”

“He… He sort of pissed off his friend Elizabeta and now she’s chasing him down with her frying pan.” He explained and your face changed from worried to bored. That’s it? Well frying pans hurt oh wait… Elizabeta’s a strong girl…

“Is that it? What did he do to her?” You asked  with your hands on your hips. Clearly Gilbert did something to piss her off that she’d come here to beat the living daylights out of him; you probably would’ve done the same thing.

“W-Well… his friend Roderich was talking to Elizabeta… and then Gilbert interrupted them by asking them if they were going to reconcile their relationship with makeup sweet sex…” He blushed as he finished that last part.

“Oh, what a dumbass.” You shook your head but you didn’t look very surprised.

“But then he also said something about doing what the fruit bats do…” Matthew sounded confused because he didn’t know what Gilbert meant by that, your eyes widened and your expression went back to troubled.

“Oh… that…”

“What?” Matthew asked with an innocent look in his cerulean eyes, you frowned at that. But he was a big boy so he could handle.

“I told Gilbert a fact about that when fruit bats mate they proceed in oral sex.” You explained and grinned to a blushing and embarrassed Matthew.

“I-Interesting… fact…” He stuttered embarrassed at such an image and he was also thinking that Gilbert was nuts for even suggesting such an idea like that between his two friends.

“Yeah but I didn’t know how impressionable that doofus is.” You droned and started walking, “Where is he? You want me to help him don’t you?”

“W-Well… I-I just thought you should.. you know…” He mumbled again and looked at you shyly,  true you probably could help him out but at the same time he hoped that you wouldn’t get hurt. However you could’ve sworn he was giving you the puppy-dog eyes, one weakness you had. Most of the time though!

“Okay okay I’ll look for the moron.” You shook your head and then followed where Matthew started running.

“GILBERT!” You heard Elizabeta’s furious voice that sounded dangerously close to where you and Matthew were at.

“NEIN! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Then you heard Gilbert yell, he sounded downright terrified. Wow what a wimp, you thought.

And then you saw him running from Elizabeta carrying her frying pan and you laughed out loud and even started to point at Gilbert.

“(Male Name)!” Gilbert almost shrieked once he saw you laughing at him! Oh great Elizabeta was about to beat him senseless and you were going to laugh at his misery afterwards. That is totally unawesome…

“Great! He can see me beat the shit out of you!” Elizabeta sped up her pace towards Gil, and in return he did the same away from her.

“Heh-he-he-he-he-he… what a loser… but man that Elizabeta is one crazy chick. In a good way, she’s a gal I consider as a wicked cool person who could rival myself for awesomeness.” You admitted or rather gloated to Matthew.

“(Your name)…” Matthew gloomed and sweat-dropped at what you just said, that sounds like something Gilbert would say except for the part where someone could be a match for his ‘awesomeness’.

Gilbert continued to run until he found himself cornered and that Elizabeta was near, his heart pounded; he was actually scared for once. Can’t they take a joke?!

“HA! Look at the guy.” You told Matthew and pointed at the trembling albino, but once you saw how scared he looked you almost felt bad for him.

“I’m worried…” Matthew whispered with a concerned tone as he hid behind you because he disliked violence.

You saw Elizabeta closing in towards the cornered Prussian and then an idea formed into your head as you smirked. He was gonna owe you BIG time for this though… but at least he probably wouldn’t be able to owe you back at what it was you were about to do. Besides… it’s what a good friend would do.

“You’re mine now Gilbert!” Elizabeta yelled as she swung her pan and Gilbert shut his eyes, oh well it wouldn’t be any different once this was over; he’d just snicker about it through his injury.

“No!” You said and ran lightning fast towards where the pissed off Hungarian was standing over the frightened Prussian, neither of them acknowledging your existence as you charged right in. Just in time you pushed Gilbert out of the way and Elizabeta’s pan made contact with your face as she smacked you hard.

And by hard you mean HARD.

With a loud CONK!

You stood for a minute but then you ultimately fell backwards down onto the hard concrete.

Gilbert and Elizabeta’s eyes widened once they saw that it was you who had gotten smacked instead. Matthew watched with scared and wide blue eyes and then he started to run towards you.

“(MALE NAME)!!” Three voices called your alias (and three extra voices from afar), all of them out of their mind with worry.  Gilbert was actually freaking out and he was even kind of scared as he got on his knees and tried to shake you awake like he did that one time.

At the same time he realized something...

You saved him!

“(Male Name)! (Male Name)… are you okay?” He asked while he shook you gently but you wouldn’t budge as your eyes were swirling from disorientation and then he stared at Elizabeta with horrified red eyes.

“Vhat is zhe matter with you?!” He cried and apparently he was putting the blame on her.

“I didn’t see him coming! Und besides zhis isn’t my fault!” She argued even though she felt guilty about hitting you, you didn’t deserve that at all!

“G-Guys! I-It’s nobody’s fault…! (M-Male Name) charged in so unexpectedly…!” Matthew explained and for once they were able to hear him since he raised his voice slightly for them to hear him.

“(Male Name)!” Andrew called out once he and the A.S.K came out of their hiding place (as they followed you).  Then they noticed a beautiful girl, who else but Elizabeta? Not counting yourself since right now you were a cute boy at best. Andrew looked away and suddenly became self-conscious along with Steve who looked at her nervously. Keith on the other hand was stunned by her beauty and then he confidently walked towards her.

“Nice job Miss. You meant to smack Gilbert and I highly approve of it.” Keith gave Elizabeta a charming smile, held out her hand and kissed it, “My name is Keith Oliver.”

“Oh  my…” Elizabeta giggled lightly, well wasn’t this charming and this was a cute guy. And he had glasses that reminded of her the guy she was still head over heels for.  Then Steve approached her albeit shyly and waved to her along with a cheeky little grin, “Hello Miss… My name’s Steve Reynolds. It’s very nice to meet you.” He spoke with a bit more confidence at the end with his hand out for her to shake and she happily and vigorously shook it.

“Hi there, my name is Elizabeta Héderváry. Are you three (Male Name)’s friends?” She asked nicely to three cute-looking boys.

“Y-Yeah…” Andrew spoke up or felt that he should since his friends did. She’s a girl but whatever… she looks nice… but then he started to sweat once he saw Elizabeta smiling at him and he gulped nervously.

“I-I’m Andrew… I l-like your… flower… it suits your grace…” He spoke up again blushing at least 3 different shades of red, he meant what he said but he was still shy around people.

“Why thank you Andrew!” She chirped and then pulled Andrew into a tight hug, that added to Andrew’s embarrassment as he felt her breasts on his chest. “Wow… she’s incredibly endowed…” He thought but then he mentally punished himself for thinking perverted thoughts, he may have been gay but he acknowledged the girls; he just wasn’t attracted to them, shy around them but not attracted.

Keith pouted as he watched his friend get hugged by the pretty lady, “Lucky…” He muttered under his breath and Steve stared at Andrew in sympathy, he must feel so awkward…

“HEY LADIES! Vhile you four go on about hair products and shit there’s a man down over here!” Gilbert barked at them to their annoyance to the point where all of them(excluding Matthew) started to bicker.

While your friends all quarreled, you slowly got your upper body up in a daze but they all looked relieved once they saw you get up.  

“(MALE NAME)! You’re alive!” Gilbert cried but he didn’t hug you this time but he was both astonished and awed. Talk about someone who could take a hit…

“(Male Name) I’m so sorry!” Elizabeta apologized as she crouched down to your level where you sat.

“I-It’s cool…” You mumbled and then you felt the same place on your face that you were hit and then you noticed that a liquid was running down from your nose as it touched your lips and dripped down your chin. You reached to your nose and then once you took your hand back you saw… blood… so much blood… covering your whole hand and then some it dribbled down your shirt. You could handle the sight of blood and you have bled before but not this much before, the sight of it was sickening you as your head began to swim and then you fainted.

For the 2nd time today…

10 minutes later:

You awoke to find yourself in the infirmary, again… except your nose had tissue in it to stop the bleeding. Then you noticed three friends of yours starring at you with eased expressions and then you smiled at all of them.

“Oh God don’t tell me I fainted again…” You groaned, what would the other nastier guys think if you fainted more than once. You didn’t really care but you wouldn’t be in the mood to hear them call you names.

“It’s okay. You must’ve been in shock by how much you were bleeding from your nose.” Elizabeta said in a comforting voice, she appeared to be much more calm now. You liked the girl but that hit… only lowered your liking of her by 2% but damn! Chick is hardcore.

“Wow… that is crazy…” You said and shook your head at that and then you saw that Gilbert motioned closer towards you.

“(Male Name)… you saved my ass…” He said or whispered to your ear again because his two other friends were in the room.

“Yeah… I saved it… because it’s mine…” You smirked and snickered and Gilbert flushed in annoyance.

“(Male Name)!”

You sniggered and then punched him in the shoulder, “You know me man, I just love to bust your balls.” You said and then you heard snickers from Elizabeta and Matthew, both of whom Gilbert glared and pouted at as he flushed again slightly in embarrassment.

“(Male Name) are you okay?” Elizabeta asked politely with concerned green eyes.

“Oh totally. Don’t worry about me Liz.” You scoffed and slowly got up once you managed to stand on your feet.

“I really am sorry.”

“Oh I know girl, pshaw it’s cool, it’s cool. At least I know how it feels to get hit by a frying pan, I’ve only seen that in cartoons.” You smiled like a goofball and Elizabeta giggled.

“You’re a freaking idiot (Male Name).” Gilbert muttered and crossed his arms and you stuck your tongue at him.

“You know (Male Name) I still have my pan do you want me to finish what I meant to do?” Elizabeta asked as she held up her frying pan and you slightly flinched at that.

“Nah, nah he ain’t worth the dents.” You started to snicker at your own joke and then Elizabeta joined in.

“Vhat are you two ladies laughing about?” Gilbert asked and narrowed his eyes at the two of you.

“Lady?” You asked sounding a bit obvious and shifted your eyes a little bit, which Matthew and Elizabeta noticed.

“Ja you’re so faggy that you’re practically a lady.” Gilbert sneered at you and then you mock-laughed at his joke but you were thankful it was a joke. But once you turned to face Elizabeta she started to give you a dubious look and then a wide sheepish grin rose on your face that looked like it might break if you grinned any wider.

“Please, please, please, please~!?” You whispered in the quietest voice as you put your hands together as you begged to Elizabeta because you knew that she caught onto you. She seemed a bit shocked by your reaction but she gave you a comforting smile and patted your head.

“Oh thank you!” You whispered lowly again and then you hugged her tightly but she took it anyway and hugged you back just as hard. The A.S.K hid behind outside the room and stood by the door as they watched the scene.

Andrew smiled, “She’s a girl so it’s okay!” He thought optimistically despite what his friends thought.

“Yeah…” Steve said a bit awkwardly, you know for all they knew what if (Male Name) was bisexual and he liked girls as well but he also shot for the same team? Speaking of bisexual Keith… well… his friends didn’t know but that’s his true orientation, seeing a pretty little thing like Elizabeta he couldn’t help it. But… he was more fixated on you.

“Vhat are you two hugging for?!” Gilbert asked, or rather yelled at the two of you and he looked annoyed.

“What?” You asked and held up your hands in a questioning pose.

“I thought you vere a homo.” He stated bluntly and you rolled your eyes.

“I am but just because you’re gay doesn’t mean that girls are like germs you dumbass.” You snarked and crossed your arms, was this really the thanks you get?

“Und vhat zhe hell vere you zhinking (Male Name)? Getting hit by a frying pan? I knew you vere a dummkopf but I underestimated on how much of a dummkopf you really are.” He kept his gaze away from you and crossed his arms too. Needless to say you were both being stubborn, Elizabeta shook her head.

“Wow… sometimes I wonder how (Male Name)’s your friend Gilbert?” Elizabeta scowled in disapproval at how Gilbert was acting to you despite what you did, and on top of that now that she knew you were a girl...

“VHAT?! I’m an awesome friend to have! So much zhat (Male Name) can't help but bask in mein awesomeness!” He gloated and then your mouth dropped.

“YOU IDIOT THAT LINE BELONGS TO ME!!” You held up your fist as you roared at the albino who stole your line.

“VELL I SAY IT BETTER!” He yelled back at you and then you two shot each other glares.

“Zhat’s vhat I’m talking about.” She said and then Matthew in the background that they seemed to forget about (except for you of course) could only watch worriedly as you two argued again.

“I could hit him you know (Male Name).” She said but then you held your hand out to stop her.

“No. I mean you make a generous offer and all believe me but… I told Gilbert that I would be the one to kick his ass.” You stated but politely to Elizabeta, she looked only slightly surprised but she was still listening to you.

“Of course it’d be pretty awesome to see you beat the crap out of him but… he’s our friend… and he’s many things: An idiot, a perv, a jerk, a narcissist, a slob…” You went on a little bit which annoyed Gilbert and amused Elizabeta because you were right.

“But… despite ALL of that… he’s a friend. So yeah I’ll jump in for him, whenever I’m around of course. However, if I happen to not be there when it’s just the two of ya, go nuts.” You shrugged and Elizabeta reluctantly nodded to you. Wow how did Gilbert befriend you? Maybe you could bring out another side to him somehow, a side of Gilbert that she and the others don’t really want to kick in the face as much. Also at least you said that as long as you’re not around she could hit him whenever she wants.

Gilbert stood behind you and he looked uncharacteristically sentimental. He’s… never really had a friend like that before… his other ‘friends’ would usually just snark the hell at him but not take a hit for him. Especially when it’s in the hands of a woman like Elizabeta. His ruby red orbs quivered, forming into puppy dog-like eyes and he bit his lip… “D-Danke (Male Name)… you’re a true pal you dummkopf…” He thought to himself while you and Elizabeta spoke to each other.

“Besides… there's no way he’d be able to pay me back for something like this.” You whispered into Elizabeta’s ear with a smirk.

Elizabeta then looked at you amused but she was impressed, “Very clever…”

“(Your Name)…” You whispered again to your name.

“(Your Name)? That’s a nice name.” She said and you smiled at her compliment. It took a while for Elizabeta to think about it but when it hit her… this was fantastic! So all this time (Male Name) was really (Your Name), a girl! HAHAHAHA! That’s classic she’s just sorry that it wasn’t her making Gilbert look bad, but still! Oh too good! This was too good! Suck on that Gilbert! He has no idea she could tell that.

“Vait are you sure you’ll be all right?” Elizabeta asked you now feeling a bit worried about you if you had someone like Gilbert as a friend. Who knows what that dirty bastard will do to you once he finds out you’re a girl?

“I’ll be fine. I’ll told my friend this and  I quote me, ‘if a guy fucks with me I’ll kick in him in his dick.’” You said in a fancy and artistic tone.

“Zhat’s beautiful…” Elizabeta said with a proud expression and you winked at her playfully.  Gilbert then noticed how friendly you two looked with each other. Except he didn’t know who to be jealous of…

“Vell I better leave before someone notices a girl at this school.” Elizabeta said as got up to get ready to leave and you couldn’t help but flinch slightly despite the fact that Liz was referring to herself and not you.  

“Ja, get out of here Elizabeta or else the guys will get horny and started playing with your boobies.” Gilbert smirked lecherously at her and right on cue she glared at him.

“GAHH!” He yelled once he felt a fist hit him right on the top of his pretty white-haired head as he fell to the ground.

It was YOUR fist.

“That’s also for sleepin’ in the same bed as my sis pal.” You smirked at his body that lied on the ground and Elizabeta smiled giddily at your action and then you and her exchanged fist-bumps. She wasn’t going to question the sis you mentioned but later on she would when it’s more appropriate.

Gilbert stood up and kept his hand on his head that now had a bump on it from your punch. He glared at the two of you again.

“(Male Name)’s a good friend. I’m surprised that you managed to keep one like him. Don’t let go him now Gilbert.” Elizabeta advised and even nudged him in the shoulder, and he pouted. Thinking that she was making some sort of gay joke so in response he stuck the tongue at her, the childish trait that you had the habit of doing.

“Bye (Male Name). Bye Matthew. Bye Gilbert.” She waved to you three as you all waved back;  you were a bit sad though…

“Elizabeta… you’re a girl too… I need you…!” You thought with silly tears welling in your eyes as your female friend left.

It was quiet for a minute but then the door opened and revealed your best friend that you could consider another 'female' friend.

Feliks of course.

"(Male Name)! Like are you okay?! I heard about what happened, are you hurt?!" He asked you, sounding like a protective brother.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine now Feliks. Me and Elizabeta were just talkin'." You replied in a neutral tone to let him now that you were okay.

"Lizzy? Oh I love her! I was talking to her at that party and she's like one of the nicest girls I've ever met." He went on about her and you nodded in agreement.

"She sure is man..." You mumbled, even if Feliks was someone you could talk too since he was like a lady you started to miss Elizabeta. Now that she knows you're a girl... you need another girl with you...

"We should like get together one day and go shopping!" Feliks chimed and hugged you tightly and you smiled, "Yay..." You raised a fist in the air, shopping wasn't your forte but Feliks was a fun shopping-buddy so it wasn't boring.

"(Male Name), are you okay?" Toris came in and you smiled at him.

"Oh I'm great."

"Wow (Your Name)... are you like some sort of Iron-Woman?" Toris whispered into your ear and then you couldn't help but smile proudly.

"Well... I guess you could say that..." You nodded with a smirk. Then you smiled once you saw more of your friends coming in, apparently they had all heard about your little stunt.

"Dude you're amazing! And as hero I approve of your heroic act!" Alfred flashed you a thumbs up and you grinned.

"Thank you bro!" You exchanged fist bumps with him.

"(Male Name) are you hurt?" You heard the Russian accent that belonged to Ivan and then you turned to see him towering behind you.

"Hi Ivan, no I'm good..." You smiled a little shyly.

"You have a nosebleed, why don't I carry you da?" He asked but you didn't have to answer once he lifted you up and carried you in his arms.

"Whoa man, heh-heh-heh... this is nice I guess..." You stuttered and blushed a little bit but you kept your smile.

"(Male Name)'s so brave but you should be a little more careful da?" He said as he started to cradle you in his arms. And he couldn't help but think of another person he knew very well, who happened to be extremely dangerous when she's crossed...

He shuddered at the thought of her.

"Yeah sure, I guess I will." You said while you were being cradled like a baby but you didn't really mind.

Gilbert shook his head at the attention you were getting, you sure were popular. But after what you had just done for him he knew why.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“I can’t believe you did zhat (Male Name)…” Gilbert told you while you, he and Matthew walked in the empty hallway.  Still awed at the fact that you did that, after he’d… admittedly acted rather unawesome to you…you still saved him...

“Be happy I did pal. I couldn’t let you get hit.” You said and then you thought something in your head that you wouldn’t say out loud. “Even though you deserved it…”

“So… you meant vhat you said?” He questioned despite how honest you sounded but he wasn’t used to having a friend like that.

“Of course dude!”

“Even if it’s a girl like Elizabeta zhat could probably kill you?” He asked again and you rolled your eyes, now he’s just being silly; or so you thought.

“Dude man up! I mean she packs a punch and all but I can take a hit. The least a bro could do is go down trying to help another brother out.” You put your hands on your hips and raised your eyebrows in an ‘duh’ expression.

“Wow… I-I mean… you’d do that anyway? Even if you’re sure you’ll lose?” He asked you while you turned your back with your arms crossed.

“Sure thing man, sure thing.” You nodded with a satisfied smile but then you felt two strong arms pull you into…

A hug?!

“(Male Name) You rule!” Gilbert beamed happily as he hugged you ( but in a non gay fashion!) tightly. You couldn’t help but blush a little bit at his sudden embrace but then you smiled and hugged him back while you playfully slapped his back a few times, "Und... danke...very much..." He whispered to you and you smiled.

"Anytime bro, anytime..."You said softly and them you looked at a smiling Matthew, “Mattie, join in.” He smiled and blushed as he happily complied by joining in the group hug.

“How heartwarming but how homosexual.” A sly and mysterious voice said from out of the blue.

Gilbert was the first to pull out of the group once he heard the ‘homosexual’ quip, “Vhat?!”

“The way a straight guy like you hugs a faggy guy like him makes you even gayer than the latter.” The guy said again in condescending tone that annoyed you and Gilbert.

“Who’s talkin’?” You narrowed your eyes and clenched your fists in case things would get ugly.

“Me.” The guy emerged from the shadows, an average sized green-eyed bastard with neatly styled dark black hair along with a bespectacled and brown-eyed guy with long fair hair that he tied back, and sharing the same fairly smug expression as the bastard who insulted you.

“Adrian Mark.” He answered and then you noticed Gilbert flinch a little bit, “What’s the matter dickhead?” The guy Adrian asked rudely which only angered Gilbert more than he already was for some reason.

“Gil?” You asked confused as to why Gil appeared upset.

He cringed, “I already hate zhis guy, his name…” referring to his last name ‘Mark’ he hated that but you were even more confused. You didn’t know why  he hated the name but you weren’t gonna ask.

“Well aside from that where’s the rest of your dumb friends aside from Fag-face and whoever that guy is? What do you and those other morons call yourselves?”

“The Bad Touch Trio?” The blonde glasses-guy asked but he was clearly mocking Gilbert. He was wearing fancy-looking clothes from what you noticed, was he rich or something?


But nice bow-tie.

“And who the hell are you 4-eyes?” You questioned as you glared at ‘4-eyes’ who seemed only slightly offended at best but he was taken aback by your rudeness.

“Drake Luna.” He responded with a haughty stance.

“Draco?” You raised an eyebrow and shot him a smirk and he looked annoyed once you called him by the wrong name.

“My name is Drake.”

“ look like a Draco to me, but whatever.”  You shrugged and Drake could only glare at you.

“Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, I apologize for being so rude. So what’s up faggots?” Adrian greeted you snidely simply to piss you both off, and it worked!

“Who are you callin’ faggots?!” You and Gilbert shouted in perfect unison.

“Just you guys.” He said breezily; Gilbert wasn’t the only one who already hated this asshole.

“I don’t know what your problem is man but me and these guys don’t need your attitude.” You stood your ground and glared at the guy along with Gilbert whom stood next to you and Matthew stood behind you.

“But I don’t have a problem, except for that fact that I’m at the top of my class and I’m majored in both Music Theater and I am the captain of the W University’s A-capella group. So I don’t really think I have a problem, except maybe two loud-mouthed wannabes who attempt to steal my thunder.” This guy went on and on about how ‘great’ he is and you and Gilbert both rolled your eyes. Blah, blah, blah… is all that this guy was spouting.

“A-Capella? That’s even gayer than me.” You joked and earned two laughs from Gilbert and Matthew; another thing you earned was an angry and pissed off glare from Adrian.

“At least I’m not gay!” He yelled back but you didn’t look offended at all.

“(Male Name)’s gay and he likes to sing but vhat’s your excuse?” Gilbert asked him as he sneered at him, making all three of you laugh at the guy again.

“I don’t need an excuse! But gay or not I’m still better, I mean everybody thinks so.” He said and then stuck his nose in the air, but it didn’t last too long…

“Really then how come we’ve never heard of ya?” You asked with a wide smile and then you, Gilbert and Matthew laughed aloud again a little louder this time, Adrian tensed up and then he noticed Drake suppressing a snicker, he glared at him but Drake just shook his head.

“You shut your mouth! You poser!” He pointed at you but once he called you that… it was go time.

“POSER?! You’re asking for trouble buster!” You stomped towards him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt as you glared at him. However he closed his eyes and started to whimper pathetically, “Don’t punch me while I’m bragging!”

“(Male Name), as much as I’d love to see you beat this guy to a pulp, he’s a loser so he’s not vorth zhe trouble.” Gilbert advised you and sounded strangely mature which was completely out of character but… since he sounded mature you reluctantly obeyed and let go of the bastard’s shirt and went back over to Gil and Matt.

Adrian noticed you going back and then he started to laugh at you, “See? A loser like you couldn’t really do it!”

You clenched your fists and then you were ready to charge at him but then Gilbert and Matthew had to hold you back, and despite what he said Adrian shrunk in fear once he saw that fiery and angry flare in your (eye color) eyes.

“I wouldn’t do that again if I were you…” Drake whispered to him but Adrian scoffed at him.

“Drake I think I know what I’m doing I didn’t ask for any piss-poor advice.” He replied to Drake’s suggestion sounding rude and snobby that made Drake frown slightly, his brown eyes drooping along with his glasses.

“All right now what do you want?!” You questioned him but you sounded annoyed and angry, since you didn’t get to punch this guy but Gil was right...

“Just to let you know that there’s a winner and a well-rounded person in this university. Me.” He answered but you rolled your eyes again and shook your head.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah…” Was all you had to say as you frowned at this guy.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve (Surname)!” He spat at you and then you got defensive again.

“You’re damn right I do! Tude’ is how  we roll.” You snapped your fingers and boasted but Gilbert and Matthew nodded in approval and agreement.

“Well from what I’ve seen, ‘Tude’ has only gotten you in a lot of trouble. Unless you’re just a glutton for punishment.” He crossed his arms at you and frowned upon your behavior.

“I don’t go lookin’ for trouble, people just ask for it kinda like how you're askin' for it right now Fuck-face.” You lightly snarled at him with cold eyes but he didn’t look very threatened; probably because you weren’t going to hit him this time.

“I see so trouble just has a way of finding you. Because after all you’ve put up quite a bit of shows around here, you’re practically both famous AND infamous.” He rambled about you but he sounded uppity and snotty. Normally you and Gilbert had your share of arrogance but neither you or him were never snobby or disdainful.

“Yeah I’m pretty great. Why you gotta problem with that?” You raised an eyebrow, this guy just doesn’t shut up does he? It’s annoying.

“Actually I do. I just think a gay boy like you is getting too much attention. You’re not on a TV show after all, this isn’t a sitcom.” He droned and he didn’t look too happy. Petty jealousy huh? Wow…

“Me and (Male Name) get all zhe attention simply because ve’re awesome. Deal vith it.” Gilbert got in between the two of you and grinned a cocky smirk at the guy as he punched you in the shoulder.

“True dat, true dat man.” You nodded and punched him back.

Adrian seemed annoyed at the way you two acted so egotistical, despite the fact that you guys had nothing to show for. At least that’s what he thought.

“Awesome is just a juvenile word morons like you two use just to feel like you guys are so very amazing even though we all know that you're not.” He argued, now you and Gil were pissed off once he insulted both yours and his favorite word. Matthew knew but he didn’t feel too sorry for the guy, he was a jerk. And he was demeaning you two for no reason, but Matthew knew what this was going to lead to.

How dare he?!

“Awesomeness is something we live by because that’s what we are!” You shouted with passion and a raised fist.

“Damn right it is! You can suck on that you loser!” Gilbert shouted along with you and pointed at Adrian.

“Hell yeah! You’re just jealous!” You accused the guy, but little did you know is that you were right.

“Is that a challenge?! Fine then if you think you’re so great then come to the Auditorium with me and show me just HOW ‘awesome’ you are as you and Dummy here like to call yourselves!” He barked and fluttered his fingers at the awesome part.

“You’re on!” You pointed at him but you were confident about whatever it was this guy wanted from you.

“Good luck loser, zhere’s no vay you can compete vith (Male Name). He’s not as awesome as me but he’s more awesome zhan you.” Gilbert smirked at this guy and then you grinned at Adrian because now this meant that Gil had your back.

“I’m not going to hurt your boyfriend, if that’s what you’re wondering.” He remarked snobbishly and you narrowed your eyes along with Gilbert but you didn’t notice the slight flush on his cheeks.

“I’M NOT HIS BOYFRIEND!!” You both yelled in unison again and then you both stared at each other surprised, but then you looked away as you both blushed lightly.

“Right. But at least that’s further than you’re gonna get with your imaginary girlfriend.” It was Drake’s turn to make a snide comment which peeved Gilbert.

“At least I have an imaginary girlfriend!” He yelled and pointed at him despite how he sounded.

“Gilbert…” Matthew murmured gloomily because of how he came off as.

“She’s imaginary all right I’ll give Draco here that.” You nodded but then Gilbert and Drake glared at you; Drake’s reason for being that you called him Draco again.

“Vhat?! How could you say zhat (Male Name)?! Elizabeta will be crawling for zhe Awesome-Me anytime. Once she opens her eyes for once.” Gilbert proclaimed proudly but then your eyebrows furrowed; for some reason you got pissed off every time he mentioned how Elizabeta would come for him. It wasn’t true but still…

What makes her so special?

Wait a minute why were you thinking about your friend like that?! It was Gilbert’s fault after all, he’s an idiot.

“Admit it man you saw her goodie bags!” You referred to her boobies and then you raised your eyebrows at him suggestively as you smiled widely once you saw that Gilbert was blushing at the mentioned ‘goodie bags’ ; also at once the memory came back to him.

Despite the fact that he was blushing over that was pissing you off a little more again…
“Zhat’s none of your business! Und how vould you know zhat?!” He fumed at you with a clenched fist.

“Roderich told me everything, Crotch-cloth boy!” You grinned again as he widened his eyes but then you subconsciously twitched your right eye. Why were you mad? Oh well whatever it was you were mad about you were going to take it out on someone.

“Zhat stupid 4-eyed rich brat!” Gilbert cursed Roderich and he still blushed at the memory, gosh… that was so awkward.

“I think you trying to give her your Crotch-cloth was a nice thing~.” You chirped but you were mocking him and naturally he glared at you until that glare morphed into a smirk.

“Kesesese~... Would you like me to offer you one (Male Name)?”He gave you a dirty, perverted look and then your smile drooped so low it could’ve fallen off your face. But didn't he already give you that one your first day? Except it was with a sweat rag.

Dirty bastard...

“I’m going to have to decline but I have a question for you, do you like apples?” You asked innocently and then Gilbert gave you a confused look.

“Vhat?” He asked but then suddenly he screamed and groaned in pain once he felt something aim and hit for his lower area… “GYAHH!!”

You had kicked him in the crotch again, mostly out of annoyance and slight disgust. He clutched at his ‘injured’ area and got on his knees in agony.

“That’s what I like to call (Male Name)’s Crotch-shot. How do you like them apples?” You asked as you stood above Gilbert who looked angry and bewildered.

“Vhat zhe hell did you do zhat for (Male Name)?!” He asked while he was still on his knees.

“Do what?” You questioned him, completely feigning innocence.

“You kicked me in mein Awesome 5 metres! VHY?!”

“Did I? Well that’s weird cuz I don’t recall-“ You cut off your own sentence and then you slapped his right cheek.

“OW! VHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!” He yelled at you, even more confused and wondering why the hell were you hitting him?!

“I don’t have a problem. You know me Gil I wouldn’t hit ya.” You said easily and then you slapped him again except you hit his left cheek this time.

“STOP ZHAT!” Now he was getting annoyed and then you decided that it was enough playing around.

“Stop what Gil? You know me, man if I was hitting you I would’ve stopped.” He could tell that you were bull-shitting him, maybe you were just being you. That figures but why were you hitting him?


“All right, all right I’ll help you up asshole.” You held your hand out for him to help him up, he reluctantly took it but this time you weren’t going to hit him again.

“You two are really close.” Drake commented and he looked rather amused.

“Yeah because we see that you boys like it rough.” Adrian remarked and then he and Drake started to snicker like the two haughty jerks they are.

“SHUT UP!” You and Gilbert yelled in unison for the third time. You two were pissed! But whatever this guy wants and whoever he is, it is so on.

Because you two are awesome!

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

"Okay so have you brought your audience (Surname)?" Adrian asked you and then you nodded.

"Hell yeah!" You yelled and then stuck your hand out to show him your 'audience'.

Which was Gilbert, Antonio, Francis, Feliks and Toris, Matthew, Ludwig, The A.S.K, The DJ from the party (also known as DJ), Alfred and Arthur.

And Adrian's audience consisted of Drake and the rest of his A-capella group that had at least 6 other members.

"You brought me over here just so I could see you do yet another stupid competition?" Arthur asked and then he sniffled.

"Yes I did~!" Was your answer to Arthur's chagrin.

"I think I've caught a cold I'm sorry but I'm going back to my dorm." He said as he turned to find the entrance to leave but then he saw Drake closing the door.

"Nobody's going anywhere!" Adrian announced but he only received confused looks from everybody.

"Just vhat are you trying to prove?" Ludwig asked, sounding annoyed. What were they even doing here?

"That I'm better than this guy!" He pointed to you and you gave him a baffled and offended look.

"Like hell you are!" You barked and bared your arms.

"Get him (Male Name)!" Gilbert started to cheer you on.

"The challenge is to use your voice and your mind. I'm going to give us a genre of music and we have to think of a song in 10 seconds short and we have to sing that song. Using our best voice to perform to all our fellow peers. See how fast you can hit another song that comes to mind. Drake will tell us when to stop and he'll say the genre we have to sing. " Adrian explained and he looked quite confident but you looked just as confident.

"All right man, I'm ready let's do this!" You said in a fiery voice. Gilbert knew that voice too well.

"Kesese~ Zhis should be awesome..." He thought as he saw the fire in your eyes... your nice eyes... NO! No more gay thoughts! Nein!

Aside from that... he knew that whenever you said you were ready, you were hell-bent. And that when it's on, it's on.

And right now, it was SO on.
ARGH! Finally after a long ass wait! Is probably what you're all thinking... I'M SO FREAKING SORRY! I've been a real slacker lately and this driving school is a pain in my ass! But I promise that i will never forget you guys! But... at least things are getting just a bit more interesting here... England knows your secret, You get hit with a frying pan! That somehow brings you closer to Prussia and it makes you even more of a tsundere towards him and now you've been called out by some snobby jerk! Oh where will this lead to?! You'll find out on the next chapter!

Ooh though... Reader-chan's jealous~! Or in this case I guess you readers are jealous~!

Adrian Mark and Drake Luna are OC's that belong to me just so you know. I heard it's canon that Prussia hates the word 'Mark' or any word that sounds like Mark so hopefully that implies slightly that Adrian is no good. Drake's no prize either.

And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Consider this updated chapter as a 4th of July gift.

P.S: To all you fangirls, even when I end this, I've decided even though you're gunna get with Prussia eventually. After that you're also getting your England ending!

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

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LOL... now that you mention... eheheheheh~! (insert evil laugh) I'm thinkin' about it... not for the next chapter but for later...
xPercAbeth-4everx Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What part... the part where Aubrey vomits...? 

*makes disgusting cutie face* PWEASE WET IT HAPPEN TO EITHEW DRAKE OR ADRIAN.... 
they'll be like chloe and aubrey....

That would be super hilarious... :D

And I'm waiting for dat England ending....
A-chan-The-Great Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YES! Absolutely! Thanks 4 the idea~!

In my opinion Adrian's very much like Aubrey in a way and Drake is like Chloe so I think that'll be how it goes. :3
xPercAbeth-4everx Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeyyyyy! no problem! :)
aliceatlantis Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
WOW!!! You could speak tagalog!!! XD !!!! nice~
xPercAbeth-4everx Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you speak the language too? ... I hardly find Filipino hetalians here...
EatMySconessss Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
I'm a Filipino Hetalian!! :la:
xPercAbeth-4everx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YEYYYY! Our rein has increased!
aliceatlantis Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
yep......... are you living in the philippines or on another country?
xPercAbeth-4everx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm living in the philippines! :la:
kaloobiaL Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG!!! Can't wait for chappy 18!
emlzthenerd Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
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