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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 20

(Sighs) I know it’s been quite a while but… now that I’m back in school I can’t really promise ‘very soon’ updates especially since it’s my last year in highschool but that’s good! Because I can still update a new chapter because this hasn’t gone on a hiatus yet! And it won’t any time soon, so I’m glad I can promise you guys that! Anyway I think we’ve got at least 10 maybe 12 more chapters yet since more drama is about to make its way into this long story! There's a 'She's The Man' bit of parody in here featuring O.A.R!! I couldn't help myself I've gotten a bit of comments that involved that movie so I'm gonna give ya'll a little treat.

I won’t give any spoilers because not even I’m too sure what I’m going to write later on but I’m still in the process of planning!  This story’s gotten quite a lot of praise and I can’t help but feel flattered so I’m going to do my very best to keep this up at a steady pace and keep ya’ll entertained. I shall not let you all down, I keep saying that but I’m a woman of my word!

Well I hope you all ENJOY~!! :3

After all that jazz that went down today in the cafeteria with those bastards Adrian and Drake, now all you really felt like doing was watch a few good ol’ classic flicks; and as for right now your favorite ‘Prussian’ is lying right next to you on your bed as the two of you finished watching the ending of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’.

“Isn’t that movie cute?” You asked Gilbert, though you couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit awkward since Gilbert was sitting right next to you on your bed. This is pretty much the closest you’ve been next to him.

“Meh, I’m not really into kiddy movies.” He raised his hands as he shrugged and you playfully punched him in the shoulder.

“Hahaha~ whatever man I’m gonna break out the good stuff and the Breakfast Club.” You said and then you grabbed your bag that was full of films that you brought to watch with any of your friends whenever you got bored. You had emptied your bag to the point where it looked like your bag was throwing up DVD boxes.

“Damn…” Was all Gilbert had to say and then he noticed what DVD’s you had, all kinds of good ones like:

The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, 16 Candles, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lion King, The Land Before Time, Stand By Me, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Mean Girls, All 3 Toy Stories and quite a few more.

“How many movies do you have? Are you planning on having a marathon one day or something?” He asked you curiously and took back what he thought about your taste in movies, those were some pretty good flicks you had; good enough to watch in theaters again compared to some of the crap they show right now.  

“Too many to count really. And no… maybe though… one day I’ll call a few friends for a little get-together and just watch awesome old movies.” You shrugged as you smiled at the thought, and at the fact that Gilbert looked pretty amazed at the movies you had.

Strange, you knew that you and him were pretty good friends but now you found yourself feeling happier whenever you two had fun together and whenever he gave you a compliment every now and then, even if it was things like belching a loud one or for kicking an A-hole in the nuts. Now you were happy that you were here sitting with him and watching movies with you.

“Those ain’t the only films I got; I have some new ones too. Movies in this date that aren’t bullcrap.” You said and grabbed a few more modern movies that were actually pretty good,

“You’ve got Wreck-It-Ralph?!” Gil asked and sounded somewhat ecstatic, “Hell yeah, loved it.” You nodded and showed him a few more new ones: She’s The Man, Rise Of The Guardians, Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole, Despicable Me, Pitch Perfect, You Again, How To Train Your Dragon, She’s Out Of My League, Zombieland, Easy A, Kick-Ass and many more.

“You zhink taking a liebe out to zhe movies vould be a good idea for a date?” He asked suddenly, he didn’t mean to say that but that just came out too and he blushed as soon as that question escaped his lips.

“Eh?” You didn’t expect that kind of question coming, “Did you just ask me a dating question?” Wow… you couldn’t believe it, you (had/didn’t have) a bit experience in dating so this would be somewhat awkward.

“Nein! Forget zhat I even asked!” He crossed his arms and diverted his eyes from you so you couldn’t see that he looked rather abashed for once…

“Well to answer your question yes, it would be because who doesn’t love a visit to the movies…” You paused for a moment but then you started smirking and then you blew a bit of hair out of your eyes, “My god… you’re thinking about trying to get some aren’t you?”
Gilbert didn’t look as sheepish as he did a second ago, “Kesesese~ I don’t have to zhink about getting some, it just comes to me like zhat!”

You let out a small laugh, “HA! Yeah right,” You rolled your eyes at his silliness; him thinking he could easily score and get a girl despite his personality. The same personality that you initially found a HUGE turnoff but now you were thankful that you gave the guy a chance and you saw more of him than just a giant douchebag; he was really a sweet and adorkable kind of guy… he was just good at hiding it.

“I am! I mean even you’re into me, admit it!”

You blushed for some reason, “Am not! I just said that I found you attractive that doesn’t mean I like you.” That was your reasoning, and it was totally the truth.

“Vhatever (Male Name) I know you zhink I’m hot, I am a 10 after all.” He stuck his nose in the air as he smirked.

“Wait a minute…” A small smile crept onto your lips and it formed into a grin, “You’re thinking about fucking Elizabeta aren’t you?!”

The Irony~…

In an instant Gilbert blushed hard, “VHAT?! Nein! I mean don’t get me wrong I could because I’ve got zhe looks for it… but nein! Vhy zhe hell vould you say somezhing like zhat?!”

“My My, and hear I thought the AWESOME Gilbert was totally cool with bringing up SEX!” You didn’t scream that but you put emphasis on the word sex that strangely made Gilbert blush even more.

“I so AM! You just brought zhat up so suddenly!”

“You did the same thing with me yesterday buddy boy.” You pointed that out and he remembered he did do that, when he was talking about whether or not you were thinking about ‘fucking Arthur’; you blushed at the memory and here the albino was calling you crazy for asking him something like that.


“Zhat’s different! You’re a faggot and I’m not!” He attempted to bring sexuality into this even though it sounded weak, and he was actually starting to question his own sexuality…

“Am I right when I say you love her?” You scoffed and kept an arrogant smile on even though every single time the idea of Gilbert and Elizabeta together like that always pissed you off, why did it piss you off so much?

Maybe it’s because you wouldn’t want a girl to come in the way and take your buddy away. Yeah! That’s totally it!

Okay… Elizabeta was your friend and you knew that, one of your few female friends that you so greatly valued, but you got so used to having buddies like Feliks and Toris…  Maybe you’re just mad at Gilbert because let’s face it… she really isn’t that into him anyway so why keep holding up that torch?

“Nein! I don’t love her! Vhy do you keep saying zhat?! She might’ve had a zhing vith Roderich und all but like I said… she’d come to me! I have a feeling she zhinks I’m awesome deep down.” He said confidently even though you could sense a little bit of insecurity in him… unfortunately you were going to be straight with him.

“Okay I’m gonna quote Zombieland now ‘You ever read that book She’s Just Not That Into You’?” You quoted and Gilbert gave you an unamused look.

“Vhat do you know about girls (Male Name)?” He asked you and you couldn’t help but feel somewhat offended and of course Gilbert wouldn’t know why…

“I happen to know plenty about girls!” You barked back, even if you were more… one of the guys that didn’t mean you forgot your real gender.

“Really? Oh yeah zhat’s right you’re a faggot.” He smirked at you but you only narrowed your eyes at him, angrily this time not annoyance.  Sure it was okay when Gilbert said but now he’s just acting more like a jerk, which was typical of him but right now it only annoyed you, plus that homophobe joke stung. Even if you weren’t really gay.

“Fine.” You put your headphones down and started to get up, “You can watch The Breakfast Club alone asshole.” You ended that sentence breezily with a smile even though you were mad at him, Gilbert noticed that you were actually hurt by his words and now you were going to leave! You two were having fun you couldn’t leave! “Vhat?!”

“(Male Name)!” He yelled and then grabbed your hand to keep you from leaving, you turned with wide (eye color) eyes and met Gilbert’s ruby red orbs as the two of you stared into each others eyes, a flush of embarrassment coloring both yours and his cheeks for about a whole minute until he finally pulled away.

A moment of silence crossed as you stared at the floor and Gilbert scratched the back of his head, both of you still blushing quite madly and diverting your eye contact away from each other.


Nonetheless you sat back on the bed and put your headphones back on, “Sorry dude.” You apologized because you saw that you acted like a girl at that point, okay you are a girl but you acted more like a baby girl.

“Ja… sorry…” He apologized back to you even though he whispered it a little more and you sniggered at this, how cute.

“Why are you so flustered?”

“I’m not flustered! I just didn’t mean to grab your hand like zhat! It vas vierd…” He hastily explained though you bought only a little bit of it.

“Sure thing Gil… Hey Judd Nelson’s in this film, we both know that. Back then he was quite the hottie.” You remarked unashamed about how you found him rather attractive as a bad boy.

“He vas great, and I have to say zhat Ally Sheedy vas pretty cute too. Und Molly Ringvald is still pretty today.” Gilbert shared his opinion now about this movie’s actresses and how he found them cute and you nodded.

“ Hey you know who I fantasize about? Darren Criss. And also (name of male celebrity you like) and (name of another male celebrity you like).” You brought up a few more actors to keep this conversation going about pretty people.

Gilbert stared at you like you were weird, even though that’s not the first time he’s looked at you like that, but he should’ve expected you to like an actor like that.

“Wow (Male Name) you’re gay all right.” He remarked but he was more playful about it and so you lightly punched him in the shoulder with a chuckle as you put in the movie.

20 minutes after the movie:

“You know if this were us, who do you think you’d be?” You asked as you watched the scene where it was Andrew vs. Bender.

“Kesese~ probably zhe athlete, I’m pretty awesome after all but zhen again Bender is my favorite maybe him instead and you can be zhe pretty Princess~.” He told you as he started to snicker and you mock laughed him.

“Me a princess? Ha.” You smiled at him, how silly he was.

“Ja remember zhat dare I made you do yesterday?” He asked while raising his eyebrows suggestively in a teasing manner and you flushed slightly as you giggled.

“Funny times, but here’s the thing…”

“I’m not a Princess Gil, I’m THE motherfucking princess.” You smiled your confident smile and Gilbert gave you a nod, and because your taste in music was rubbing off on him he knew that what you just said was a lyric and a reference to Avril Lavigne’s song ‘Girlfriend’.

Thank Gott you didn’t leave… it’s no fun whenever you’re not here with him… and these weren’t gay thoughts… or at least he hoped they weren’t.

Either he was happy that he was here lying down next to you as you continued to watch the Awesome movie.

His best friend, in his opinion.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Next day for you was all right, you woke up early enough as usual and then you made your way into the cafeteria for some breakfast. It’s funny to think how yesterday you nearly had some big brawl against a couple of jerks in here because they dared to slander your good name! And not just you but also your friends’ names Arthur and Gilbert.

“Mornin’ (Your Name)~.” Feliks greeted you as he suddenly creeped right next to you but you saw him coming because you knew him better like that.

“Mornin’ to you too guy.” You waved as you smiled at your two closest guy friends, the two that with you made your group ‘Team SuperStar’.

“Good Morning (Your Name) how are you today so far?” Toris asked you politely, as always.
“Great. I didn’t think I’d wake with some bruises from yesterdays fight but oh well I’ve had ‘em before, I’m still good.” You nodded.

Toris chuckled sheepishly, sure he knew that you were a girl who could take care of herself just fine and that Feliks knew that as well but still… he still got worried about you every now and then. You and Feliks were the closest friends he had and he cared a great deal about you two, on top of that he was becoming more aware of the fact that both Gilbert and Arthur seemed more than just fond of you…  then there was those three guys Andrew, Steve and Keith…

Needless to say Toris had a lot to worry about when it came to you… but he believed in you.

“Like, those guys totally deserved the beatings. And I like so hit that weirdo punk in the face.” Feliks brought up how he had thrown a few punches at Adrian’s follower Drake, and then he started to go on and on about how great it felt to punch Adrian in the face but you and Toris understood because that guy was mean to all of you and you all knew he sure as hell deserved punishment.

“Veh~ Good a-morning  (Your Name)!” You smiled and you turned to face the bubbly Feliciano with Lovino not too far behind.

“Hi Feli~!” You waved to him as he and Lovino made their way to the table you were at with your two guy friends the Pole and the Lithuanian.

“Hey Lovino.” You waved and sounded a little more neutral because you knew how the latter was, didn’t want to sound too happy…

“Ciao.” He coolly responded to your greeting but that was his friendliest way of saying ‘hi’, or so you assumed.

“Guys~. Perfect timing cuz me and my Team SuperStar here was just talking about how we were beating the shit out of those guys from yesterday.”

“Yeah we assumed, the whole fucking school’s talking about it.” Lovino said, he wished he could’ve been a part of that fight to try and help you beat that guy too. N-Not to impress you or anything but… that guy was an even bigger asshole than Gilbert, and even himself!

“Veh~… that was scary! How did you not get a-hurt?” Feliciano asked you with the utmost worried expression, poor thing looked so cute you were glad that he didn’t get involved in the fight and you prayed that the guy wouldn’t choose someone like Feliciano to pick on.

You’d have to kill him.

“Oh I got hurt.” You shrugged and smiled simply much to the shock of Feliciano and Lovino.

“Well are you okay?!” Lovino and Feliciano yelled with a concerned tone, though Feliciano sounded more worried and Lovino tried to sound not too worried…

“Totally. Pshaw, dudes I’ve gotten plenty of cuts, scratches and bruises. Never stopped me once.” You crossed your arms and smiled proudly, okay maybe you tried to sound cool because you wanted to keep up the ‘awesomeness’ and besides you can handle whatever comes at you.

“Well… that’s good. I wouldn’t a-want to see you get hurt. And you look okay so yay~!” Feliciano chirped and moved over to where you were at to hug you and you happily hugged the cute Italian back.

“Of course Feli.” You cooed as you ran your hands through his hair, lucky for you and the Italians that you missed his curl but that’s another story.

One that you didn’t know of yet…

“You sure do love to talk out of your ass (Your Name)…” Lovino muttered as he glared at you hugging Feliciano, of course you’d be more than happy to hug his brother.

“What are you talking about?” You perked your head up when you heard his somewhat abrasive tone and question and Feliciano could only chuckle nervously, his brother always got like this when he liked someone.

“Lovino’s just-a joking (Your Name). Heh-heh-heh…”

“No that’s okay Feliciano. Repeat that to me Lovino.” You crossed your arms and expected Lovino to do as you told him, he didn’t flinch but on the inside he cursed himself for thinking that you wouldn’t get defensive.

“I said you love to talk out of your ass.” He repeated his statement, doing as you said but he kept his grouchy frown on. He always frowned and he was always grumpy but for some reason he seemed to be even more so today…

Grouchy morning mood perhaps? You could relate but still.

“And dare I ask what the hell is that supposed to mean?” This time you put your hands on your hips, which worried Feliks, Toris and Feliciano.

“Bastard’s gonna get it~.” Feliks sang-song in a low whisper to Toris as they watched the scene, “Oh dear…”

“It means that you should a-think about things. You’re a girl and those guys don’t know it, they could-a hurt you! Those bastards are already talking shit about you, don’t just throw yourself in a fight between two men!” It sounded like he was lecturing you but you caught on what Lovino was trying to tell you, he was obviously worried about you but he hid it by acting like and sounding like an ass.

“Oh~… I see… you didn’t want me to get hurt, that’s what you’re saying.” You smirked at Lovino and as soon as he saw you smirk he instantly turned as red as those tomatoes he loved.

“What?! N-No! Fuck no! You stupid idiota that’s a-not even a-close! Why the hell would I worry about a-you?!” He yelled his question, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Man you guys love to deny. But that’s all right, I don’t really care if you worry about me or not.” You shrugged your shoulders and turned your back, waiting for some sort of reaction from the Italian.

“That’s a-good! Because I don’t care! T-That fight was annoying and then Feliciano would’ve cried if you got hurt and I would’ve stopped the fight by turning on those a-sprinkler but NOOO~! That estupido Potato bastard got in my fucking way and stopped me!” Lovino started to rant about how Ludwig stopped him yesterday, huffing as he finished his rant and crossed his arms and puffed his red cheeks.

“Is baby done having his tantrum?” You smiled rather cutely as you patted his head, on purpose because you wanted to fluster him and it worked.

“Stop a-that you stupid bastardo ragazza!” He pushed your hand away and even slapped your arm a couple of times, they were light but you couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m sorry Lovino!”

“Yeah you fucking should be! I’m not a fucking baby!” He pointed at you, his face still brilliantly red and you were still laughing.

“I know, I know…” You playfully rolled your eyes but then you smiled, “No need to worry Lovino, I mean I would’ve loved to get sprayed by a bunch of sprinklers myself and hey you tried to help bro and that’s… that’s awesome man. You rule.”

Lovino’s sullen expression softened as his lightly widened his eyes, blushing as you smiled to the point where his whole face was bright red again and he stared at his feet. By instinct he crossed his arms and turned his body away from you, “Meh… you’re just saying that. Even though it’s true.”

“Yeah it sure is.” You were being honest however and that’s what made Lovino blush even more, did you really think he was awesome? You’re so easy to amuse and either way he still didn’t care! He did NOT care…!

“D-Don’t just throw compliments at people! But you’re right I’m way better than you and you know it!” He yelled as he blushed and your expression went from a happy one to a more bewildered one.

“Well… you’re pretty damn cool…” You nodded and fiddled with a strand of your hair, which unbeknownst to you Lovino found utterly adorable.

“That’s a-right! Don’t you forget that!” He sounded a little more proud as he smirked though he was still red in the face.

Feliks and Toris smiled at each other because they both knew what this meant, as did Feliciano. He may not have been a very bright guy but he knew love and attraction when he saw it and he knew his brother better than anyone else despite how complicated Lovino could be.

“Sir yes sir.” You said rather happily as you playfully saluted Lovino, which only added to his ego and embarrassment.

“You’re such an idiota ragazza…” He muttered to you, his blush dying down but slowly as he finally looked at you in the eye after he’d been trying to avoid your gaze for a while.

“Is this what a tsundere is?” You thought as you tried to get a good look at Lovino’s blushing face, it was actually kind of cute…  off-putting at first but then sweet…  

“Why thank you Lovino.” He was a bit surprised by that sudden thanks from you after he’d just called you an idiot, and then he became embarrassed again.

“Meh… you’re welcome… I guess…” He mumbled the last bit and you smiled once you peeked from the side to see a small smile from the hot-and-cold Italian.

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

The rest of breakfast was quite peaceful as you and your four friends made some small talk and then you all got up to go and take care of either classes or to wait a little bit and then do those classes later. Normally you preferred breaks and then you get to play around all you want but today you managed to finish up the last remaining bits of work from your (name of major you want) class so you could have the rest of the day off.

And you decided to hit the gym so that way you could be outside, not in the heat but so you could do something fun. You still had your breast-binder on you just had to put on your gym clothes that were similar to yesterdays just a different pair and different color.

However… once you got outside and out onto the field to go play with the rest of the guys out there you were met with quite a lot of unfriendly looking faces, the guys looked either uncomfortable or just plain displeased.

“What’s up you guys?” You greeted with a wide grin and your arms out, trying to be friendly if they weren’t in the best of moods.

“The prices.” One guy remarked but his tone was low and surly, “Hahaha~! That’s a good one, we got a jokester here~!” Even though you sounded a little more energetic now it was because you had no idea what these guys’ deal was and maybe acting perky would cheer them up, it wasn’t working.

“Sorry (Surname) you see some of the guys thought about it and we came to a decision. We have a new policy, no faggots allowed.” The guy who seemed to be the leader said and ended with a smug smile and it made your smile droop into a frown as your eyebrows furrowed back together.

“What? No, no, no, no no, you can’t do that. That ain’t right come on. I’ve got just as much rights to play out here as you guys do.” You shook your head at them, getting a little more irritated and defensive.

“Um, no you don’t you see. We already told you ‘no faggots allowed’, hell you shouldn’t even be at this school. It’s an All Guys School, why don’t you go to the other school where the girls attend? The one that this school is so close to? ” He told you, sounding fairly prejudiced.

“They have an All Girl’s School around here?” You asked losing your focus a little bit but you immediately snapped back, “H-Hey! You can’t just discriminate against me like that and besides why do you always bring up the ‘All Guys School’ thing? That is not the reason why I came here gosh I hate it when you guys insinuate it’s because of something like that.  Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you want to get in every guy’s pants, ya bunch of dodos.” You explained as you stood your ground in front of the leader, he was much bigger than you but you could still bust his balls if you wanted too. Also is this kind of torment the other actual gay people go through?

My God… is this the kind of bullying that Feliks faced in school? Nonetheless this feeling of being bulllied felt pretty familiar and it slowly started to sting you like a bee’s sting.

“Yeah right, I mean you already kissed Kirkland.” He pointed that out and your cheeks burned hot at the memory.

“It was a dare!” You half-screamed because it was embarrassing even for you, why do guys keep thinking there’s something going on between you and Arthur?

“Right… and you liked it. So shoo get on out of here…” The guy moved his hand out in a shooing manner that you found extremely agitating, but nonetheless you turned your back to leave.

“Okay… but before I go…” You turned back to him and then you threw your foot right in his crotch! “GYAHH!”  It was enough to send him down on his knees as he put his hands around the pained are; okay any guy probably would fall down in pain because it was so sensitive.

Talk about a win-win for you.

“You… You bitch…!” He cried out as the other guys surrounded him as he groaned and rolled around the floor in agony.

“No faggots allowed huh? Well let me tell ya this fuck-face I'm not the only 'faggot' who doesn’t take shit from dildos like you! And I don't take fucking shit from nobody! Learn that in college!” You yelled standing over him and the other guys backing away from how volatile you got suddenly. However the bigger ones came in front and towered over you, so you put your hands up in the air but not in defeat. You had too much pride to say that you let these guys get to you, you just didn’t feel like messing with them.

“Run away faggy.” One of the big guys said and then you turned and gave him your most deathly glare and you even gave him a few threatening moves and you mentally smirked once you saw him flinch just once.

“I’m not running. Tch you dicks ain’t even worth my precious life time.” You scoffed and then started walking back inside the building and then you picked your hand up to flip them all off as you kept walking oblivious to all the flabbergasted faces of those guys.

Yeesh… bunch of douchebags what nerve did they have to deny you any time to play like everyone else? Well… it’s not that this feeling wasn’t familiar but still… at least you knew how the other ones who got bullied for their sexuality felt… it probably hurt them worse but you still felt ostracized anyhow. On top of that it just gave you a clear reminder of how some people can be real assholes.

“Meh, whatever I’ll probably go see what Arthur’s doing. He should be free.” You optimistically thought as you made your way to his dorm room to see if he was there and you weren’t all too happy when you saw that he was studying… and you didn’t want to bother him. He’d probably nag you about it or something.

Or maybe not gotta try.

“Ding-dong.” You knocked the door and chirped to let him know that it was you, though you couldn’t see that he looked somewhat ecstatic behind the doors but he kept his cool once he opened it so you wouldn’t be able to see.

“Oh Hello there (Your Name) what is it?” He asked and hoped he didn’t come across as rude, still obviously feeling guilty for all the time he’s mistreated you when he thought you were a boy. Sure he still acted somewhat hot-tempered but he was nicer after the big reveal.

“I was wondering… uh…” You stuttered a little bit… Arthur didn’t seem like the type who’d want to play games or even do something as simple as maybe watch a movie or walk about doing nothing but friendly talking; besides he looked busy anyway.

“Yes (Your Name)?” He wasn’t sure what it was you were going to ask but he was still anxious to hear what you had to say, wait… did you want to hang out with him or something?

“N-Never mind… I was gonna ask you if you wanted to do something like play (any kind of sport) with me… but then I just remembered I don’t really like (any kind of sport)… that and I’ve got work to do myself so I kinda came here for nothing sorry…” You scratched the back of your head nervously as you simpered; that was a lie you had no work to do for once but Arthur probably didn’t want to play with you. After all he did tell you that one time that he didn’t want to play with you even if you politely invited him.

“O-Oh… I see… you don’t have to apologize but if you’ve got work to do then I assume you get to it if you want to get it done.” There he goes again nagging you like your mom, it made you roll your eyes but you smiled.

“Totally I’ll get to it and uh… see you around…” You waved to him a little sheepishly as your cheeks heated up; boy did you look stupid… so you yelled at yourself on the inside, that sounded so queer…

“Yes… I’ll see you…” The way he was waving was similar to how you did it, except as soon as you turned you back he looked somewhat glum. “Don’t get so somber… you’d only say yes to play because you’re bored…” He told himself and continued to watch you walk away, wishing you’d have invited him to hang out or something.

“Brilliant…” You thought as you put your hands in your pockets, since Gilbert was still in his own class it was just you for now; No doubt it’d be somewhat boring without him but oh well.

You didn’t want to bother Feliks or Toris wherever they were at so you decided that being alone for just a little bit wouldn’t be so bad. It’d probably won’t be very fun but it wouldn’t be terrible… it would be nice if one of your friends showed up though.

Sitting around wouldn’t be fun so you stepped outside again for a bit and grabbed the nearest soccer ball around, because those meaner and more openly homophobic  guys you encountered earlier were still out there so you stood inside the gymnasium. Unfortunately the nice guys you played with yesterday were doing something else… at least being alone in here would give you time to practice juggling the ball rather badly and no one would see you fail countless times.

It was a bit peaceful really, just kicking the ball around and then going back to pick it up where you accidentally kicked it too far and then start again. That peace didn’t last too long once you heard the sound of a door opening ever so softly…

You wanted to see who it was but it was quiet, a bit too quiet for your liking… whoever that person was didn’t give  so much as a ‘Hey’. Nonetheless you dared to look back a little bit to see that Swedish dude Berwald…

And he was coming your way, slowly but he’d get close to you eventually since you were the only two in here…


“Oh God what’s he doing here? What does he want from me?” You thought as you attempted to look away from him but you couldn’t, and that permanent glare on his face intimidating you didn’t help either; then you noticed his footsteps got more audible with each step he took and his figure growing as he started to close in.

“No way! Calm down (Your Name) you’re not a pussy! If this guy’s got a bone to pick with you then you’re gonna at least try to beat his ass!” You mentally screamed to yourself in your head, even though this guy was scary-looking it’s not like you were gonna let that scare you for the rest of college. Besides… you’re a lot stronger than you used to be when you were younger… and you were going to show him.

“What?! Well what man?! What’re ya here for? You want to poke fun and taunt the gay kid too?! Or do you just wanna rumble around?!” You yelled with your hands out as you stared at him boldly, well bolder than how you usually looked at him.

His expression didn’t change, it was still a deathly glare and he kept moving towards you. On the inside he had a clue that you were scared but he didn’t want to scare you.

“Fine be that way! Let’s go right now tough guy!” You raised up both your arms and struck a few fake and kind of lame ninja poses, “Wha~! Ya see this dude?! I’ve got the power! I’m-a split you in half with my awesome badass ninja skills!I'm like the freakin' black belt!” You yelled as you kept your pose on despite what you said sounding kind of like a loser.

He gave you a stern look, that freaked the hell out of you. “St’p…” He told you in his deep and monotonous voice, reluctantly and fearfully you obeyed and stopped moving and put your fists down but you still shrunk lightly but not enough to make it seem like you were frightened even if you were.

Suddenly he raised his hand slowly and towards you and you flinched and closed your eyes shut, oh god he was gonna punch the daylights out of you!

Which is why you were absolutely surprised when instead the hand you saw him raise was actually on your head as he began to softly stroke your hair.

“Eh?” You asked when you looked up at the guy, his expression still the same but he looked more sympathetic and it also seemed like he wanted to tell you something; however it also didn’t look like he was going to speak up anytime soon so you decided to break the ice.

“What’s up bro?” Was your question as the Swede kept his gaze on you before taking a small sigh.

“I’m…” Was his response but then he lowered his head, you could’ve sworn he looked fairly embarrassed and he then he mumbled something so low you couldn’t even hear or distinguish.

“l'ke y'…” He finished his sentence, the one you couldn’t make out but you’d try.

“Y-You are?” You looked confused and he nodded shyly and slowly, “You’re what…?”

Berwald didn’t answer and he still had the glare on his face but the cerise color shading his pale cheeks threw you off, he didn’t look so scary like that… all blushing and flustered. Was this what you were afraid of? You wanted to laugh,  only because you realized you were being ridiculous the whole time but you feared that if you did he’d either pummel you or you’d hurt his feelings; and you wanted neither of those things to happen.

He was quiet for a minute but he kept staring at you as if he was trying to communicate with you through your eyes and not through words; it must’ve been something embarrassing to him if he wouldn’t mutter it again.

You didn’t want to assume that he was a girl too… he had NO feminine features whatsoever, well duh you knew that but you weren’t exactly the best when it came to body language… unless he was a tranny but that seemed unlikely.

Wait a minute…

“You mean… like me?” You pointed to yourself and raised a questioning eyebrow, and you knew you were right once you saw him blush at that question.

“Berwald… are you… gay?” Well that was a dumb way to ask but you couldn’t stop and he blushed even harder.

“Only... T’no…” He shyly mumbled but you heard him say Tino, the friendly Finnish boy that you were actually quite fond of.

“Tino? Oh your friend!” You smiled as those two puzzle pieces came together, now you see it! Oh… he only liked Tino, his closest friend that is so cute~! And the way Berwald’s cheeks started to darken made him look actually a little cute, he nodded once you brought up Tino; the boy he knew and liked.

“I see…! Oh good… heh-heh no offense then man sorry… I kinda thought you wanted to you know… pick on me because I thought you were another homophobe… guess I was totally wrong.” You shyly chuckled and then scratched your cheek a little bit.

“ ‘s okay…” He muttered a little bit.

“So you too huh? That’s cool… I mean you and I probably ain’t the only ones but still… am I the one you came out to?”

Berwald blushed and shyly nodded, “Oh… well no need to be ashamed about it dude, it’s who you are. I just wish I could’ve came out to someone who was you know… gay too…” You finished that sentence despite the lie… that you were feeling bad about… because even though it was a lie it would still affect you later on…

“T’nks…” He mumbled, even though he did know that you and he weren’t the only two gay boys in the school. There were those 3 young men who often followed you around for example, though Berwald was starting to wonder if you even knew that…

“You’re welcome man. And… if there’s anything else you need or anything you’d like to tell a brother just come right over and never hesitate to come ask.” You smiled and punched his iron-like shoulder and let out a small ‘ow.’

As you recall Berwald literally showed no emotion except that permanent scowl on his face but now he actually looked a little less like that and a little more happy. Then he went back to stroking your hair, you blushed a little bit because of the huge height difference, that and it looked no different than what an elder brother would do to a younger sibling.

“(MALE NAME)! Zhere you are I’ve been looking everyvhere for you!” Gilbert sort of ruined the moment as he barged in to see you but luckily he only saw the big scary Swedish guy just petting you like a kitty cat, his expression saying ‘what the fuck’s going on?’.

“Gil!” You smiled once you saw him; finally he was out of class so you wouldn’t be bored the rest of the day! Though it was fun getting to know Berwald a little bit…

“Vhat’s going on? Vhat did you do to him?” He asked Berwald despite the fact that even he was intimidated by the Swede’s appearance too, he wasn’t picking on you was he? That’s his thing!

“Nothing, nothing! Berwald was just keepin’ company is all…” You put your hands in your pockets as you nodded, flashing Berwald a small wink to keep his secret he caught sight of your wink and smiled on the inside.

“Hm… okay well… I’m finally finished vith my stupid class und I’m bored let’s play outside or somezhing.” Gilbert suggested, it was so boring in his class and he didn’t share a class with you so that made it even more boring because at least he’d have someone to brag to and someone to tease.

You widened your eyes slightly, remembering what those jerks told you but maybe Gil being around would make them think otherwise… but it’d be a hard thing to do…

“O-Okay sure thing guy. Sounds fun…” You gave him a nervous smile, Gil noticed that you looked slightly uneasy but it probably wasn’t something huge, Berwald however could tell that something wasn’t right so he put a hand on your shoulder and patted you.

“Perfect let’s go!” Gilbert had a large grin on his face as he headed outside to wait for you.

“Well… you heard the man guess I gotta go… hey it was nice to talk to you by the way Berwald.” You started to walk to the outside but you turned to face the Swede, the one you weren’t afraid of anymore; you had no reason to be.

He nodded and smiled, “T’nks ag’n (Male Name)…” He thanked you one last time and gave you a small wave, “You’re welcome…” You gave him a smile and once you turned that smile formed into a more forlorn one… now you felt guilty about lying to anyone you knew and befriended that didn’t know you were  a girl…

Including the one that was waiting for you outside.

“I’m coming Gil!” You ran outside somewhat reluctantly but you kept a smile on so that way Gilbert wouldn’t get suspicious.

“Took you long enough.” He snarked at you and then he headed out towards the field but he was confused once he saw that you weren’t following him, “Come on (Male Name) what are you doing out there? Aren’t you going to play? Or are you chicken?” Teasing you might give you a push; with whatever it is that seems to be bothering you.

“NO! I just… uh…” You nearly ran down there to go get him at the ‘chicken’ comment and to your relief you didn’t see any of the other guys from this morning.

“I’m here now! Just had to uh… last minute warm up!” You said and pulled your leg to make it seem like you had to stretch, but Gilbert didn’t seem to entirely believe you.

He’ll ask you about it later though, “Meh, whatever come on I’ll show you how to really play some sports.”

“HAHAHA~! You’re on!” You said and kicked the ball towards him, thank goodness Gilbert showed up. After you’d finish talking with Berwald you weren’t even sure what you would’ve done after that except maybe dribble some more crappy balls. Talk about your bore-snore.

And now playing out here will Gilbert just made you happier and all your boredom was gone, that’s what you liked best about Gilbert he was fun to be around and he’s full of spirit. You just had a song in your heart every time you got to have fun with him.

Lovely, you're always lovely
A vision
You were the one
Now I am stuck inside a memory
You forgot about our destiny
You buried me
Didn't you?
Didn't you?

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drowning deep inside your sound


That afternoon during your lunch break in the cafeteria you sat at a table with Feliks and Toris as usual, inviting both Gil and Alfred over. The conversation started light until you unintentionally let out a rather audible burp in the middle of your sentence; thanks to that (favorite carbonated drink) you were so fond of, in quick succession you put a hand to your mouth looking somewhat surprised and a bit shamed.

Feliks and Toris stared at you for a minute, only to break out in laughter and you started laughing too even though your cheeks were burning from slight embarrassment but these guys were your friends so it was okay.

“Good one (Male Name)!” Alfred approved of that burp, which made sense because that was such a guy thing to do.

“Thanks guy!”

“Ja right, on a score of 1 to 10 zhat one vas a 5.” Gilbert said and then he himself let out a belch that was even louder than yours, you and Alfred laughed and the two of you looked rather impressed. Feliks and Toris laughed too even though they found that a tad bit more disgusting.

“Whoa-ho, man! Nice one! 8!” You cheered as you held up a paper with the number 8 on it, “Hahaha~! Sweet!” Alfred flashed Gilbert a thumbs up and held up his own paper with the number 8.1 on it.

Arthur was a table behind you and he scrunched his face in disgust at the loud belching he heard, what the hell kind of sick games were you playing with those blokes?

“That was good Gil but I wasn’t ready on my first one.” You said and then opened your mouth to let a really loud belch make its presence that one came out louder than the last ones you and Gilbert did. They laughed and Gilbert gave you an awed look, and on top of that how could you beat him?!

“That was awesome (Male Name)! 9!9!” Alfred held up his paper with 9 on it as he grinned and you gave him a high-five.

Arthur just watched you and he had to admit he was a little disgusted by that loud burp you did… for a girl you sure acted like a guy… not that he wasn’t put off by that but he was still a bit surprised… once again no wonder he assumed you were a guy but he’d better NOT tell you that because the last thing he wanted was to offend you…

On top of that… he wasn’t like those guys who play silly games like that so he must’ve been pretty boring compared to those guys wasn’t he?

“Zhat was surprisingly lucky of you (Male Name)! But you haven’t von yet!” He pointed at you and you just gave him the hand, “Numbnuts, please.” You brushed him off with an arrogant smirk to his utter shock.

“Well! You guys were all great but listen to this.” Alfred announced and then he let out his belch that was even louder than yours AND Gil’s put together, okay… that was impressive. Arthur pinched his ears once he heard that one, his face scrunched up in revulsion. Bloody stupid Alfred…!

“Alfred… I humbly admit my defeat… that was AWESOME!” You practically bowed to him and then you and Gilbert held up papers that both had ‘10’s’ on them, the three of you all laughed along with Feliks and Toris joining in.

Arthur still sat there and watched, feeling oddly left out even though he wasn’t really a part of this but still… it’d be nice to have fun with you guys… not the belching part but the laughter you all shared.

Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drown in love and memories


In Gilbert’s dorm-room you him, Francis and Antonio had a small get-together and played around, with the song playing on the T.V that flashed the game ‘Guitar-Hero’.
“Hahaha~! I’m killing you Francis!” You laughed as you shredded on the game guitar, with Francis struggling to beat you.

“Non! Not yet you ‘aven’t!” He tried keeping up with all the notes but he seemed to miss a few that came up every here and then.

“Kesesese~! Come on Francis you’re gonna let the gay kid beat you?” Gilbert asked as he teased Francis, even though the latter knew that you weren’t really gay and that you were a girl. Unfortunately that meant it’d only be a little more emasculating for Francis.
“You can do it mi amigo. Oh and you’re doing great (Male Name)!” Antonio chirped and cheered for the both of you, not wanting to side.

“YES! I win~! I win~! I’m bad~! You suck~! WHOO~!” You threw your hands in the air and started doing a little victory dance, to Francis’ dismay.

“Unfair! I vas robbed I tell you!” Francis crossed his arms and proudly stuck his nose in the air.

The other guys started laughing, and you two couldn’t help but join in on the laughter, “Whatevers~.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you patted the Frenchman on the back.

Maybe I am a crowded mind
I watch your eyes glaze over
Stared down at the floor
You were amazing to me
I was amazing to you
But here we go again


A break from school today is what you needed as you and Gilbert and Matthew drove off to the movie theaters, and neither you or Gilbert snuck in each other’s car this time.

Needless to say you wondered whose bright idea it was to go and see ‘The Conjuring’, even though you made yourself look all tough and macho before the flick. Gilbert teased you by saying if you got scared you could hold onto his shoulder.

Pfft! Yeah right like that was going to happen.

And it didn’t, you were pretty scared but you only shivered in your spot and you amusingly watched Gilbert and Matthew hug each other in fear.

Gilbert pulled away from his Canadian friend slightly but even though he felt like something was creeping up on him, then all of the sudden two hands appeared behind him and clapped twice quickly and ominously like in the movie. It was you, crouched down behind his seat so you could play a joke on him while he was scared like a little girl.

“AAHHHH!!” The terrified Prussian got up and ran out of the theaters screaming his head off, “IT’S IN ZHE THEATER!!”

You laughed your ass off and even fell to the floor, the other people around were just as amused and they started to laugh as well even if the movie was still going on.

“(Your Name)… that was mean…” Matthew softly said even though you saw that he was giggling and his cheeks were pink from the laughter.

“I couldn’t help myself, it was so easy…!” You shrugged your shoulders with your hands out as you and Matthew smiled and giggled like schoolgirls.

Didn't you
Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drowning deep inside your sound

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

Love me faster than the devil
Run me straight into the ground
Drowning deep inside your water
Drown in love and memories  


You sang those last lyrics as you walked out your (Major) class, well you could mark off going out to play outside today since it was pouring outside…  and you failed to notice the A.S.K hiding behind the corners as the carefully followed you…

Andrew couldn’t help but sigh, “ I want to go up and talk to him but I can’t…!” He blushed at the thought and cursed his own shyness, he liked you a lot but how could he have a moment alone with you without getting so nervous?

“Oh don’t worry Andy. We’re all quite nervous… and (Male Name)’s a nice guy he should actually be pretty easy to talk to. I think he is because a few of the other guys seem to like him…” Steve patted his friend on the back as he comforted him.

“Indeed… except they won’t like him as much as we do. And once (Male Name)’s alone we’ll go in for the kill.” Keith smirked confidently even though that last bit made it sound a little more… somewhat lewd but Andrew was oblivious.

“You know what you guys are right, we’ll just wait it out til (Male Name)’s by himself. Then we can talk to him…” Andrew thought optimistically while Steve stared at him and the smiling Keith nervously.

As for you…

You couldn’t help but stare at the windows with the rain pattering and slapping the glass and then you started humming a song that came to mind, rain just keeps falling, rain keeps falling…

Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down

Strange enough at those lyrics Gilbert did recognize you, particularly your singing voice. The voice that he was slowly growing more and more fond of…

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Don't you try to pretend
It's my feeling we'll win in the end
I won't harm you or touch your defenses
Vanity and security

To your surprise you turned and smiled as soon as you saw Gilbert walking towards you, after you heard him singing you decided to continue with him happily.
The A.S.K glaring cold daggers at the albino once he and you made eye contact, oh…! How they wish they could just barge in and toss him to the side! That should be them with you not him!

Don't you forget about me
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby

Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart, baby

Don't You Forget About Me

Don't Don't Don't Don't

You and Gilbert:
Don't You Forget About Me…

“Hey Gil… that sounds like Prussia.” You said out of the sudden to break in between the song for a bit.

“Vhat do you mean?”

“Well I mean in the sense that even though Prussia’s no longer a country doesn’t mean we should forget about it. You taught me that you AWESOME  Prussian.” You explained and then satisfied him by calling him his favorite word.

Gilbert took in your words and then a large ear-to-ear grin formed on his lips, his eyes widening in joy, “HEY! You’re right! Kesesese~! To zhis day I’m going to make everyone remember zhe Awesome Prussia! Zhat vay no vone vill ever forget it!” He pointed to the sky as he vowed that promise and you clapped your hands in approval.

“Hell yeah man!” The two of you shared hard and hearty high-fives, and the Gilbert flashed you a smile.

“You know vhat (Male Name) I’ve realized somezhing... since you’re mein awesome friend und all, I don’t care if you’re a faggot because you’re mein faggot!”

“Gee… thanks…” You rolled your eyes and shook your head, of course. But like you said, it was only okay whenever a friend of yours, especially when Gilbert said it. That’s the friend code.  

However you weren’t expecting the next thing to happen, Gilbert just threw his arm around your neck in the most buddy-buddy fashion but you still blushed quite madly.

“Ehehehe~! You rule Mr.Awesome.” You simpered as you put your arm around his shoulder now.

“Kesesese~! And you’re pretty awesome in your own way too (Male Name).” Gilbert grinned as the two of you continued to walk the hallway together and sing the awesome song.

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

Or will you walk away?
Will you walk on by?

Come on - call my name
Will you call my name?

You and Gilbert:
I say!
La! La! La! La! La…!
La! La! La! La…!
La!La! La…!La!
La! La! La! La…! La! La!

La! La! La! La! La…!
La! La! La! La…!
La!La! La…!La!
La! La! La! La…! La! La!

On the inside even though you were really happy… you still got that damned feeling of guilt stabbing you in the heart once you realized that to you you were just Gil’s buddy… that and he didn’t know you were a girl… even though you assumed he’s going to figure it out eventually.

How were you supposed to tell him now?

When you walk on by
And you call my name…

For dramatic effect the two of you threw both your fists up in the air, just like John Bender…  

Hopefully this won’t be as bittersweet as the ending to the Breakfast Club, it was awesome but still…

Hard to believe that not only a month ago or two you and Gilbert couldn’t stand each other at first, and now you two had grown quite tight. To the point where Gilbert’s grown… well if you had to be frank you’d think he’d gotten somewhat protective of you… and you told yourself that you’d take a fall for him.

Despite what may happen eventually, even though you tried shoving that thought to the back of your head. Who knows? Anything else that could happen might be fun.

At least you knew that you and Gil were friends.

Awesome friends.
Sorry about the long delay... I don't like making excuses but school just started for me so now I really can't promise too much quick updates but there's still NOT gonna be any hiatus'! Also I hope you enjoyed this one after the long-ass wait! YEESH!

In this chapter you got to watch the Breakfast club with Prussia! Then you got to spend time with your friends and Romano's proven to be quite the tsundere towards you and... then you got in a little fight with a bunch of homophobes... srry about that I know it must be a sensitive topic but I mean absolutely no offense, of course the homophobe leader did get bashed. You made friends with Sweden! You and England are as awkward as ever but you're both still good friends! Speaking of which you and Prussia have grown closer than ever! Hope ya'll enjoyed the 'She's The Man' reference and then the song at the end of this chapter.

LOL at the Zombieland quote. :D

Hey it STILL ain't over yet, not EVEN! :D :D

Picture belongs to original artist
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himayura

Songs Featured: Love and Memories: O.A.R
Don't You (Forget About Me): Simple Minds
Those songs belong to the artists.

Also many movies were named here and I have absolutely zero ownage of them and they belong to all the directors but there's too many to name them all. (I just have some of them on DVD's that I brought at stores), they were only referenced and named, here they are:

The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, 16 Candles, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lion King, The Land Before Time, Stand By Me, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Mean Girls, Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Wreck-It-Ralph, She’s The Man, Rise Of The Guardians, Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole, Despicable Me, Pitch Perfect, You Again, How To Train Your Dragon, She’s Out Of My League, Zombieland, Easy A and Kick-Ass

Here are the chapter links right here:…

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How do you make the letters bold I cant figure out how to do it
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Oh I'll show you, though... if I do it it'll only show bold... so here! This will help!…
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