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The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 22

Okay this was way too long a delay and for that I heavily and sincerely apologize to all you loyal readers however I'm still doing this despite all the things going on in my senior year cuz I'm still an expert and managing time and finding free time; don't know how I do it I just do... However I'd like to say that this chapter is a little bit special... and scary...

Well I hope you all ENJOY~!! :3

“Guys I’ll be back in a sec I just gotta change my clothes.” You called out to Feliks and Toris waiting in your car, which was now parked in front of your house.

“Take your time (Your Name).” Toris said politely.

“Yeah you do that because after all beauty takes time~. Even though you’re already like totally beautiful.” Feliks said and then started to compliment you.

“Right back at you man.” You giggled and rang your doorbell. Needless to say you knew that once your mother saw you she’d hug you til you explode or scold you for not visiting that much… you got to start doing that… after all even when you have friends at school it’s always nice to return to a place you can call home; a place where you feel like you belong and where you know you can find love.

The door opened and your mother’s face went from welcoming to overjoyed.

“(YOUR NAME)!!” She cried in joy and threw her arms around you and started squeezing you tightly in her embrace. You could hardly breathe but it was actually a pleasant kind of feeling despite your air being cut.

“I love you too Mom.” You said with a strained voice but you were still smiling nonetheless.

“Oh…. Where the hell have you been girl?!” And there's the scolding… you called your mom everyday but she would’ve preferred it if you came to visit more.

You chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of your head, “Sorry Ma… school’s been… busy…heh-heh… yeesh…” You said, it’s not like you were lying about that but with all the crazy and fun things going on in your life lately it has been kind of busy.

“I’m sorry it’s just… I miss you…”

“I know Ma, but don’t worry I’m gonna start visiting more often cuz I’m not gonna lie the school I am is C-razy~… but in a good way.” You said with a crooked little grin as you shrugged.

“Do you like your school (Your Name)?” You heard your grandpa’s voice as he came in to give you a softer but affectionate hug and you happily took it, hugging him back.

“Ha! I love the place… the work is boring but the people are pretty dang cool.” You smiled, thinking of your friends… like Gilbert in particular… and Antonio, Francis, Arthur, Feliciano, Lovino… all the good fellas and not those A-holes you disliked whom picked on you…

“I’m glad but hey don’t forget if anybody’s messin’ with my girl just tell grandpa and he’ll come around and give them a man-to-man chat.” Your Grandpa smiled even though you knew that he’d kill anyone who picked on you.

“Got it boss.” You smiled and then you remembered something… and it had to do with when some of the guys at school decided to bully you.

“Hey Grandpa… The W University… has a school for girls too?”You asked, raising an eyebrow. If it’s a place for the girls than that would’ve been a better school for you however… you thought about it and you never would’ve met Gilbert and the other nice guys and plus you’d have to deal with the bitchy girls and them saying ‘Ew’ or ‘Wear something pretty’…


“Oh…” (Grandpa’s name) chuckled and scratched the back of his head, “Right… Didn’t I tell ya?”

“No…” You looked rather dubious and and put your hand on your hips.

“Grandpa?” (Mother’s name) asked looking as chary as you now.

“Well ya see…”


“Allright! Just gotta send in this letter of recommendation for my (Your Name)!”
(Grandpa’s Name) reminded himself as he drove to the W University. Since you were out with your mom taking graduation photos it was Grandpa’s job to send in your application paper and his letter of recommendation for you to get in.

He remembered going to school there at the W, some of those gents there were so funny and nice! And they have a girl’s school there too just 10 minutes from the boy’s school so you would have lots of fun there!

“Got this application letter all signed out and written for (Your Name).” He looked at it twice but didn’t pay attention to the fact that it said ‘For Boys’ instead of ‘Girls’. However he was driving to the correct school for girls until…

“Oh yummy!” Your grandpa noticed a (favorite restaurant of your choice) and drove there instead… distracting him from what he was supposed to be doing…

And then he ended up driving to the wrong school and didn’t pay attention to the fact that you had the wrong application paper… and he totally forgot about it…

“Hee-hee-hee-hee… Oops…” Your grandpa chuckled nervously, and you sighed.

“Oh Grandpa…” Your mother said, shaking her head. She knew she should’ve been the one to send in the application letter…

“No it’s cool mom…” You said and took off your jacket as you walked into the bathroom to change into some comfy clothes that still looked tomboyish but you much more like a girl in them this time now that your (length of hair) hair was let down.

“I like the school, nobody has a clue.” You smiled to reassure your mom but she only looked a little less worried.

“Well that’s good…” She gave you a small smile and you gave her a good-bye hug and then you did the same to your grandpa.

“Okay… but… don’t forget to visit more and if you need any help with anything just tell us okay?” She called out as you left the door eagerly but you waved to her and grinned.


“BYE! (YOUR NAME)! I LOVE YOU!” Your grandpa said and then your mother yelled the exact same thing to you as you drove off with your hand out waving to them… and nearly hitting the curb of the sidewalk…

Your mom sighed… she knew you were grown now but still… she never stopped worrying about you..

“That’s right I just remembered what I wanted to tell (Your Name)!” Your grandpa yelled out loud.

“You’ve been forgetting things have you Grandpa?”

“Nah, forgetting is what old people do. I remember my stuff. This minds a steel trap!” He said with a triumphant look and a silly grin.

Your mother sighed again and then she went to the kitchen to do some cleaning, your grandpa then wore a suspicious look…

“Whose short, white hair was that I found the other day…?”

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Hey (Male Name) I’m finally-!” Gilbert opened the door his flashy grin immediately drooping into a frown as soon as he realized that you weren’t in yours and his dorm-room.

“Vhat zhe hell? Vhere is he? Oh vait a minute…!” He thought about it for a minute he remembered those stupid pranks you pulled on him those times when you were under the bed the whole time! Not this time!

“Nice try (Male Name) Despite vhat you and Vest say I am NOT a dummkopf, I vasn’t born yesterday!” He shouted in his room and ignored a ‘shut up’ from the other kids in their dorm-room next door, and still no (Male Name).  

“(Male Name)?” He called you this time and then checked under both his and your beds and surprising you weren’t under neither or them so this meant that you weren’t joking around and more importantly you weren’t even here.

Gilbert simmered, you weren’t here and he didn’t even know where you were really at… it’s not that he cared or anything! It’s just that… ever since you came into his life that day things have just never been the same. Initially he’d seen you as nothing but an annoying loser who was so gay that he looked and sounded like a chick! You REALLY looked and sounded like a girl sometimes… but that’s not important. Even if you were a loser he… well he actually started to like you… not like, like-like…!But just… oh to hell with it, he considered you a good friend he enjoyed being around and you were actually pretty awesome for a loser… and now he found himself wondering just where you might be at this time of day.  

Sure you were an independent teenager and all but the least you could do is give a ‘brother’ a word or something as you might’ve said.

“Oh vell, I’ll just fun VITHOUT him!” He said to himself with a mischievous simper, it’ll be your loss after all who wouldn’t want to have fun with the awesome Gilbert?

Gilbert praised himself in his head as he headed down the hallway, thinking about going elsewhere now that he was done with his classes and he won’t be thinking about you as much as he has been lately… he’s gotta stop doing that because what guy thinks about another guy like that?!

Anyone else would’ve thought the same thing if they were reading this… oh vait… fourth wall…

Anyvay like he was saying, that’s what everyone would’ve thought though…


Or… that’s what Gilbert would’ve thought BEFORE he met you… he likes you but he doesn’t like-like you! However since he got to think about it now, before he did meet you he realized a few things… he was… kind of a jerk…

Okay he knows that he still is a jerk or at least that’s what everyone tells him especially you but he also knew that he was far from Adrian’s level… and when he saw that homophobe talk you down at that party… it was seriously uncool… and what was more uncool for Gilbert is when he realized that he was no different from that homophobe, Adrian and the other homophobes in this school when he first met you…

He had to stand up for you at those points; he knew you were tough and all but still… it wouldn’t be awesome if he just watched you get picked on and not do anything, besides he’s established it that nobody but HIM can pick on you!

It might have sounded wrong but now that he valued you as a cool friend… he kind of didn’t really want to be a jerk anymore…

He didn’t look melancholy to anyone who might have been watching but there was obvious regret written all over his face over his past actions to you, funny thing is that it wasn’t that long ago when he called you mean names and treated you like garbage…

Gilbert never admitted this to you but he respected the hell out of you every time you stood up to him and talked back to him, at least after the first time he ever met you which was when you stepped foot into this university and then in that same moment you kicked him in the dick…

After that he started respecting you, sure he has had some people he knows that often insult him and call him names but you actually challenged him and made his life a little more interesting…

He chuckled his trademark ‘kesese’ laugh at the memories…

Good times…

“And what are you laughing at albino?” A familiar, damned disparaging voice instantly broke Gilbert out of his nice thoughts once he noticed that smirking asshole Adrian and his asshole partner in crime Drake closing in.

“YOU!” Gilbert yelled and started to charge after Adrian, no way he was gonna let him off easily after he made you trip like that!

Adrian shrieked and started running as soon as Gilbert started chasing him; Drake however moved out of Gilbert’s way to run the direction he was going, only for him to realize that his friend was in trouble!

“Adrian!” He ran behind Gilbert in an attempt to save Adrian and then they found themselves in the cafeteria.

“I’M GOING TO BEAT ZHE SHIT OUT OF YOU ARSCHLOCH!” Gilbert yelled as he had Adrian on the opposite side of a table, both of them unsure where to go since they kept moving in the same directions until Adrian decided to move away from the table.

“Ah! Come on this ain’t fair!” Adrian shouted pathetic excuses until the back of his collar got caught by the albino and was now being carried up by the shirt and staring into the furious and pissed off face of said albino.

“Give me one good reason vhy I shouldn’t knock you senseless… vhat zhe hell is wrong viz zhis un-awesome faggot-hating heart of yours ?” Gilbert seethed as he threatened the frightened and trembling Adrian in his grasp, funny he looked so pathetic now but then again his spoiled behavior, irrational outbursts and desperate cries for attention already established him as pathetic.

“I…” He managed to stutter out despite the fact that he was scared as hell.

“Vhat? Am I going to make you piss your pants in fear? Awesomeness has zhat effect sometimes… kesesese~…” He chuckled at Adrian’s scared face.

“STOP!” Drake’s voice called out as he stood tall to defend the bastard he called his friend.

“Put that asshole down.” He calmly stated even though he was just as scared as Adrian was, in spite of all his and Adrian’s talents neither of the two were the best when it came to physical strength.

Gilbert sneered at the bespectacled blonde for a minute but then his sneer formed into a smirk, “As you vish~.” He did so by roughly throwing Adrian off onto the ground and he chortled as he landed hard right on his ass.

“OWWW!!” He exclaimed, although it also sounded rather whiny and fretful, and then Drake ran over to his side to help him up.

“What the hell asshole?! Don’t just chase people like that you fucking dumbass!” He yelled despite the fact that Gilbert let him down already, it was forceful and harsh but he still let him go. The guy just didn’t learn didn’t he?

Gilbert shook his head in annoyance and snarled as he started to walk towards the bastard and held out his fist so he could try and punch the guy but his hand was stopped by Francis standing behind him; that’s right the Frenchie was stronger than he looked ya’ll surprised?

“Gilbert mon ami, don’t… he’s still not vorth zhe trouble.” The Frenchman advised in a gentle tone as he managed to keep Gilbert’s strong punch at bay.

“Si… he’s a mean one… he’ll have it coming to him soon enough.” Antonio appeared next to Francis and expressed his thoughts, they didn’t sound too nice but then again this guy Gilbert was able to clobber wasn’t either.  

Gilbert growled lightly, why was everyone keeping him from beating this guy up?! Then again… Francis and Antonio were his closest friends… he wouldn’t want to knock someone’s teeth out in front of them… if it weren’t for them he would’ve done exactly that to this guy.

“Fine…” He put his fist down and then crossed his arms and kept his hostile leer at the guy.

“Where you really going to beat me up over someone like (Male Name)? You’re in love with the guy now, seriously? I mean come on, you didn’t even like him when he stood foot in this school!” Adrian argued, angry that he almost got beat up just because he was ‘mean’ to you and apparently everyone else hated him because of that.

Gilbert blushed lightly, only because of the way he put it even though he was right that didn’t matter!  He beats up who he wants! And Adrian’s an asshole! That’s why he wants to beat him up!

“Mind your own business!Quit snooping around in everyone’s personal lives you jackass!”

Adrian snickered, noticing  the cerise flush on Gilbert’s pale cheeks, “Yeah um you’re blushing so that definitely means that you were gonna try that for a loser like (Male Name). You’ve totally got a crush on that faggot.” He nodded as he smiled in the smuggest way possible, Drake nodded with him even though Adrian was being hypocritical at this point…

“NEIN I DON’T!” Gilbert cried despite the heat rising on his cheeks and coloring his pale faces and burning his ears.  Francis and Antonio knew that he was lying but they heavily disapproved of Adrian’s taunting.

“Whatever man, I mean it’d do you some good if you just admit it already, everybody can see it anyway.” Adrian shrugged as he smirked at the red-faced Prussian.

“Plenty of boys have had man-crushes on their buddies, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Drake said smiling, even though he was being condescending but then he glanced at Adrian not once but twice…

“Zhat is NOT true! I don’t care vhat you arschlochs say! It’s not true! I don't!” Gilbert claimed, growing more and more embarrassed by the minute. This wasn’t like him! Blushing and abashed… so not awesome! But the way these jerks were teasing him and he was already still somewhat confused about how he felt about you and the truth about how he was actually slightly, but SLIGHTLY attracted to you even though you were a boy…!

“YES, YOU DO!” Adrian smiled sadistically, retorting his thoughts about Gilbert’s ‘crush’ on you.

“NEIN… I DON'T!!” He yelled again, now very angry and more than tempted to beat the tar out of Adrian as the bastard started laughing conceitedly with his nose in the air.

Adrian continued laughing until something hard but round hit him in the back of the head, the same object bouncing as it hit the floor he looked down and saw that it was a volleyball…

“Sorry…” A soft voice ‘called’ out as Matthew stood further back with another volleyball in his head, it wasn’t like him but he’s not one to just stand around when one of his friends is getting harassed.

“Matthew!” Gilbert grinned, happy to see his friend and happier that he had hit Adrian, now THAT was awesome!

“Hey you-!” Adrian was about to say something mean and rude until another ball hit him right in the face this time… the ball bounced off Adrian’s face and revealed a red circular mark from the ball as he twitched a green eye in irritation and slight pain from the hit.

What? He got hit in the face. That hurts.

“Sorry again…” Matthew apologized again even though he shouldn’t have felt bad, his instinct kicked in once Adrian looked like he was going to yell at him… he really didn’t want to hit Adrian thanks to his passive nature but… he definitely deserved it because he was mean to just about every one of his friends… especially you and Gilbert.

“You little bitch…!” Adrian exclaimed at the apologetic Canadian and received a disapproving look from Drake. He didn’t even know Matthew’s name and he found him plain but he still apologized and Adrian didn’t have to be a dick to him.

“Hey look man...” Drake was about to say something but he was interrupted by a rambunctious American rushing to the scene.

Not the first time said American has interrupted someone though…

“HEY! BACK OFF ASSHOLES! Nobody teases my little bro except for me!” Alfred jumped into the confrontation and made his claim, Matthew sighed a bit but he was extremely grateful about Alfred coming to his ‘rescue’.

“Oh brilliant it’s you two blokes again.” Arthur stepped in after Alfred since the two just happened to come back from the same class that they happened to share. (Arthur says it’s because somebody has to make sure the blithering idiot does do something stupid, even though he claims Alfred does stupid things ALL the time.)

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the Gay Brit with the brows and his dumbass in crime slash boyfriend.” Adrian sneered at the two gentleman which made them both angry. This guy was just a straight up A-hole wasn’t he?

“Why I ought to-!” Arthur raised a fist even though he wasn’t actually going to hit him, even though like he just said a second ago, he REALLY ought to…

“Adrian Mark! Stop right there!” It was Andrew’s turn to step in, along with Steve and Keith to follow from behind.

The A.S.K to the rescue yet again!

“Oh great not you three fags again.” Adrian crossed his arms frowning, these three were really starting to get on his nerves…

“Way to go little dude!” Alfred threw his fist in the air, cheering Andrew on whom in return simpered nervously and waved to him a little bit… “Hey Al…”

“What? You’re gonna stick up for Baby Fag?” He rudely asked and expected a damn good answer, why was everyone else so liked except for him?!

“Hey! Quit calling him, (Male Name) and the other gay dudes fags already! That’s just being a dick, dude.” Sure for Alfred it was another chance to play the hero but this time he had to be, the treatment these guys were getting was just unfair and uncool.

“They are here and have every right to be queers! Rainbows are Cool and Awesome!” Alfred stood up for them despite the silly and somewhat insulting things he was saying but he meant good and that’s what really mattered.

“Oh really? Well then what do you like exactly Jones? That’s right how do we not know? Stupid things: Comic books? Hamburgers? Video games?” Adrian asked in the most taunting tone imaginable, Alfred seethed and felt his cheeks heat up with anger and a little bit of embarrassment. He couldn’t help what he liked! And it hurt when someone was going to be mean about it… Arthur insulted him about that but he knew he was just joking at least…

Andrew could see that Alfred was starting to feel bad, he had been in that place too many times before and he stood up for him… there was no way he could just leave him there hanging!

Arthur glared at Adrian for mocking Alfred like that, he may have been a stupid idiot half the time but he was his idiot! Just as he was about to say something back to Adrian...

“HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!”Andrew yelled and pointed at Adrian, but then he suddenly found himself charging straight for the guy and shoving him to the ground as hard as he could.

Adrian gasped, first of all that was the second time he’d fallen on his ass after being shoved by some stupid bitch…

“Argh!” He groaned from his second fall… “You stupid bitch, what the fucks the matter with you? You little bastard…!” He managed to croak out through his pained and strained voice.

“Ah forget zhis loser.” Gilbert said and started walking in the other direction, Antonio and Francis followed him.

“I mean look at him you two, he’s pathetic…” He started to snigger under his breath, “I’m not going to vaste my time viz him.” Gilbert laughed his trademark ‘kesesese’ laugh as he left the scene with the Bad Touch Trio.

Since you were elsewhere he decided maybe he should go elsewhere too because after all who’s gonna spend the rest of their time at school?

“Dude…” Alfred looked awed and more than impressed by Andrew’s burst of adrenaline from earlier. Arthur didn’t look super impressed, n-not because he was jealous or anything but he’s seen the way Andrew and his friends all stalk you… that’s a gross and creepy habit…

However he shouldn’t have been surprised that someone as dim-witted and careless as Alfred couldn’t see through him.

“Thank you man! Though… I didn’t really need it since I’m the hero but still I’m totally grateful! That was awesome!” Alfred went over to Andrew and threw his arm around his neck and gave him a playful noogie.

“A-Alfred..!” Andrew almost yelled, he was laughing a little bit but he was also blushing quite madly. He often got extremely flustered whenever he was touched by anyone else who wasn’t Steve or Keith, and plus there was something about Alfred… that he was starting to like… e-even though he shouldn’t have!!

Arthur noticed how flustered Andrew looked and suppressed a chuckle, how would Alfred deal with that if he EVER finds out? And he probably won’t.

Like Arthur, Keith also noticed and smirked, “Interesting… if I’m lucky I’ll be the one able to have (Male Name) all to myself…”

Steve saw Andrew’s blushing face and he immediately looked concerned, “Andrew…”

“Man… you’re a cool dude. I mean I thought you were cool when we met but now I’m really glad you’re a pal of mine. And hey dude don’t forget if you need anything just call the hero!” Alfred reminded him and flashed him a grin, making Andrew blush harder and nod.

“O-Okay… d-definitely…” He didn’t really mean to say that but he couldn’t help himself.

“Awesome! You rule man! I’ll see you later!” He said before dashing off with an annoyed Arthur following him.

“W-Wow…” What was he thinking?! He couldn’t like Alfred! He liked (Male Name)! And only (Male Name)! He can’t have two guys!

“Oh… Alfred’s a nice guy and all but… I LOVE (MALE NAME)! Ever since he got to this school!” He declared rather passionately even though his friends look dubious at that.

Keith whispered to Steve, “He’s in denial…”

“I know but don’t make him any more confused…” Steve said, now even more concerned for his poor friend. He knew he liked (Male Name) but when he said he’s ‘always’ liked him ever since he got here’… that wasn’t quite how Steve and Keith remembered it…

Flashback on the First Day Of College:

“Wow… The W University…” An optimistic and wide-eyed Steven Reynolds marveled in awe as he took in the campus’ landscape and how big and wide the building was… on top of that he couldn’t believe that today was official… he’s a college student now! And he’d be able to see his closest friends here too!

After all they all made a deal that they’d study their butts off to get accepted into the same school as each other… Keith was going to get accepted no doubt and it was something of a hassle for Steve and Andy to try and get in but they worked hard and now they’re here!

“Andy and Keithie are coming so maybe I should wait… but… maybe I could see what the school looks like and then I’ll tell them all about it..!” He nodded to himself with a sunny outlook on this new school.

Perhaps the people will be nicer here and more accepting of him and his friends… after there’s nothing wrong with being gay right? Steve certainly thought so, and granted he was more tolerable of some people’s bad behaviors because he was almost too kind like that but he had no doubts that maybe some of the guys here would all be friendly.

No he didn’t come here just because it’s an all guy’s school, it’s because the school’s got a good rep (well good enough) and that a lot of cool people attend this place so it would definitely be a fun school to go to; a school that Steve would actually be happy to come to every morning in spite of classes.

“I’ve heard so many things about this school… I wonder what kind of things will happen…” He thought as he made his way in still smiling until he opened the door…

“Sweet Sister Spumoni…” His lips curved into a frightened frown.

The endless chaos going in the hallway ensued as some of the older, or lucky freshman just threw stuff around, yelled at each other and quarreled like animals…

Good thing Andrew and Keith weren’t here…


Alarmed and unnerved he found himself trying to back away from the entrance along with some of the other new freshman, however they were all pushed in because they wanted to somehow get into the school as fast as they could so they wouldn’t get hurt.

Steve scrambled his way and dodged whatever things were being thrown, which in his case wasn’t entirely easy for a guy as tall as him.

5’11 and one centimeter away from 6’0…

He was actually always somewhat self-conscious about that…


“Oh my god I’m sorry!”


“Please move!”

He didn’t want to shout but there was so much racket that he had no choice and he kept bumping into other people; his apologizing didn’t really help him in that matter…

The other freshman weren’t being helpful or as kindly as he was, “Reynolds get out of the way!”

“I said I’m sorry but please no shov-! OWW!” Steve felt himself be pushed hard by two of the rushing freshman and he fell onto the solid, hard concrete floor and because of the fall he ended up dropping his books and papers.

Steve sighed.

“Guess this is college after all…” Just like in a movie with a loser protagonist…

“Get away from me!”  Steve heard someone yell, their voice was awfully close which meant they were approaching this hallway.

And then that’s when he saw you and an androgynous blonde guy with you, though he could see that you yourself looked somewhat androgynous…

He wondered why you were running until he saw some white-haired guy with reddish eyes chasing after you. However that guy caught up and grabbed you by the hood of your jacket and made you fall backwards onto your butt.

“(Your name)! I-I mean, (Male Version of your name)!” The blonde boy yelled out in concern and made his way to you.

“(Male Name)?” So that was your name, Steve thought and paid no mind to the blonde’s slip from a second ago.

“GAH!” He groaned as he rolled onto the floor in pain, rubbing his behind, “That freaking hurt!”

Steve winced slightly, he saw you fall and that looked quite painful and then that same guy and two other guys Francis and Antonio approached you and Blondie.

“Vhat is he, your boyfriend?”


“I bet he is, you look like the homo type of guy.”

Steve then recognized that albino looking guy.

He was the infamous Gilbert Beilschmidt that some of the older  students mentioned, the ‘Prussian’ and/or the ‘Awesome One’. From what he’s heard Steve can tell he’s a jerk and he could also tell that he was harassing (Male Name), another innocent freshman like himself.

Not cool. That’s just what the cool kids do, humiliate and harass the innocent. And then he said the word ‘homo’, that’s just not nice; Steve is a nice guy at heart and often takes the nonsense people give him however he was NOT tolerant of homophobes unless somebody was joking about it but Gilbert was being mean.

He was about to go in to try and stop the confrontation however that’s when (Male Name)  started backing away from Gilbert once the latter started closing in towards him.

“Hey you getting up in my space, bitch.” (Male Name) said as he continued to back away.

“Whose bag is zhis?” Gilbert asked while carrying his bag. “Zhis is very cheap, Vhere did you get it?”

“Your mama’s closet!” (Male Name) yelled and pointed at the albino, whom in return gave him a look of annoyance.

“You know mein friends and I have a vay of breaking new brats like you in.”

“Yeah I’d like to see you try.”

Steve couldn’t help but watch the whole scene, he was impressed and even marveled by how assertive (Male Name)  was being… it made him wish that he was that assertive…

(Male Name) crossed his arms. “You probably can’t even do shit to me.”

“Oh I don’t know about zhat, because the awesome me vill-“ He was cut off once (Male Name) threw his foot at Gilbert's crotch area, Hard. “GAH!!” He cried in pain.

“OOOH!” Francis and Antonio yelled, knowing that it must’ve hurt like hell because they could relate. Blondie made a similar expression and Steve himself winced at that kick… it was awesome but it was still painful for a guy to watch…  

“Motherf***er…” Gilbert muttered through his teeth before falling on the ground.

“Wow…” The tall boy gaped in wonder, that was cool… talk about an awesome stand for one’s self…

“I’m telling you Keithie you should’ve been there! I mean it was painful but still! I admire a guy who can stand up for himself like that.” Steve giddily told his bespectacled friend Keith Oliver about (Male Name) and in return the teen looked somewhat impressed.

“Really? You don’t see that much guys like that nowadays…”

“Hey! Stevie! Keithie! What are you guys talking about?” The smiling and wide-eyed Andrew Duncan asked as he walked over to his closest friends in the world.

“Oh Steve was talking about a cute new boy.” Keith answered breezily with no shame, much to Steve’s embarrassment.

“I didn’t say cute!” Steve blushed and stammered, true he thought you were cute-looking but he didn’t want to Keith to just say that in front of Andy!

“You were implying it~.” Keith said as he smiled.

Andrew sighed, “It’s not just being cute that makes somebody good.” He didn’t sound to impressed by the mention of a ‘cute boy’ because to him it was more about personality and not looks. Looks were more of a bonus.

“W-Well… he’s new like us… and um… oh there he is now!” Steve pointed to where (Male Name) was at, in (your fave color) sweat jacket and pants.

Keith widened his eyes and removed his glasses a bit to try and get a better look at you, “Whoa…” He found himself almost completely smitten with the boy… he looked like a girl… but that was even better for his case! He liked guys… and girls too…

Andrew noticed you, okay you were kind of cute but only kind of he wasn’t sure of you, “Meh.” He shrugged and didn’t pay any attention to you after that.

Andrew saw (Male Name) faint from a heat stroke, and now… he was obviously worried but even less impressed by how silly he was being… not to mention the quarrel he had with Gilbert… it made him seem a little arrogant.

However later on that day he heard a rumor about (Male Name) (Surname) is actually gay, and that he came out to Gilbert of all people. Andrew was shocked to hear that but the same time he was a bit more impressed now… it’s hard to come out… especially when people around you don’t accept it…

Where Andrew was from, not a lot of people accepted it… not even his own parents… that’s kind of why he’s going to live on the campus... and lucky for him Steve and Keith’s parents are kind-hearted enough to let him spend a few nights at their places but he didn’t stay too long because he didn’t want to be a burden.

However he got even luckier when his generous and altruistic uncle offered him his home to live in, so it wasn’t too bad…

Getting disowned was the bad part… but he was grateful and more than happy to have an uncle like his.

“So (Male Name)’s gay huh…?” He thought out loud as he walked in the hallway but then he noticed (Male Name) there ahead, just a bit further away. Oh God he prayed that he didn’t hear him…

And he considered himself lucky because he saw that (Male Name) had his headphones on and then he started singing…

I'll play the game
But I can't stay
I've got my head on straight
And I'm not gonna change
I'm not gonna change

“Avril Lavigne?” He thought, he knew that singer well. She was good… and so was (Male Name)…

“W-Wow… he does have a good voice…” He said in his head and didn’t even notice the rising blush on his cheeks.

I'll win the race
Keep up with the pace
Today's the day
That I start to pray
You can't get in my way

“He’s good…” He couldn’t help but compliment your voice… and that song was good too… on top of that (Male Name)  looked rather confident even though he just came out and now some of the guys are making fun of him…

Since (Male Name) was distracted Andrew started following him right up until he reached his dorm-room where those three troublemakers were at…

Andrew hid behind a corner as he watched (Male Name) enter that room…

“(Male Name) (Surname)… he really is cool…” He thought, blushing. He’s shown to be nice and funny too… and confident…



And that’s the day Andrew fell in love with you…

“Right! I just like Alfred as a friend, he’s attractive but I still like (Male Name)!” He said with a triumphant expression and gave a small sigh of relief.

“Hey guys, you maybe want to go somewhere like the mall or something… it’s boring around here when you’re done with classes…” Andrew suggested, appearing more lax.

“Sure!” They said in unison.

“Perfect, let’s go then.” Andrew said as he led them downstairs to leave, however Steve and Keith stood behind  Andrew a little further to have a brief discussion.

“He IS in denial…” Keith told Steve looking somewhat concerned, he DID care for Andrew but if Andrew’s starting to fall for Alfred it’s a mega-bonus for Keith to have (Male Name) all to himself…

“I know but like I said don’t mention anything… not now… let’s just support him til the end right?” Steve asked and hoped that Keith would do so.

Keith smiled, a genuine one. “Of course that’s what friends do.”

“Awesome…” Steve smiled back and as they walked they noticed Ludwig coming down the hallway.

Andrew, like some of the other guys, was afraid of Ludwig so he kept his mouth shut and his eyes diverted from him as they crossed paths.

Steve did the same and Keith did so too for a while until he decided to focus his eyes on the large German…

“Stevie, I’ll be right back.” Keith told Steve and then the latter nodded despite his suspicions.

“Mr. Beilschmidt.” Keith called Ludwig before the latter was about to turn around and leave the hallway.

“Ja?” He paid his attention the bespectacled boy, though he was both slightly flattered and annoyed at the ‘Mr.’ part; he could’ve just called him simply by ‘Ludwig’. Even if he was a stickler for the rules he thought that Keith didn’t have to be TOO formal with him.

Keith smiled and cleared his throat, “I know you might not think much of me… but I’ve seen how you are with some of our peers… and I really admire your strictness and your way of setting people straight… and informally speaking… I respect the hell out of you…” He ended with a faint blush on his cheeks.

In return Ludwig flushed a little at Keith’s appraisal, though he felt that he shouldn’t have felt too modest…

Feliciano, his best friend, praised him ALL the time even for little things but then again that was Feliciano for you… an overly happy and overly friend doofus.

However Ludwig wasn’t entirely familiar with Keith Oliver, though he did seem like a nice kid when he wasn’t fawning all over you and following his three stalker-ish friends and doing weird things like following you when you didn’t even know they were there. Even if he did smile often… come to think of it does this kid ever stop smiling?

Feliciano always smiled but still… unlike Feliciano, Keith was mature, well-mannered and smart for that matter…

“D-Danke... I guess...” He blushed but still kept a stern demeanor; he doesn’t want to seem like he’s going to be sweet on the kid but at the same time since Keith was being so polite and respectful he also didn’t want to look like he was being outright uptight. "Zhis kid vants somezhing... I know it..."

“You see Mr. Beilschmidt… I look up to mature people. And you’re probably the most mature person I know, well… know well enough at least. My friends are mature but I’m sort of stepping out of my comfort zone… and I’m making some new friends because that’s always nice to do right?” Keith said in an awfully sweet tone with that same sweet, almost contagious smile.

“V-Vell… I’m flattered Mr. Oliver… but vhat is it you vant..?” He asked and hoped he didn’t sound too serious or suspicious for some reason, but he could definitely tell that Keith wanted to tell him something.

The brunnete started to blush but he spoke up after the question, “The t-truth is Mr. Beilschmidt… is that I actually… wanted us to be friends… I think you’d be a really cool friend to have… why do you think your friends Mr. Vargas and Mr. Honda look up to you so much?” He asked charmingly, if anything Keith was a social expert and he knew just how to win people over .

“V-Vow… Danke… I…” He stuttered and couldn’t finish his sentence, feeling awfully touched but then that feeling was ruined once he noticed that Keith was now carrying a very erotic magazine right in front of Ludwig and he blushed so red it could shame a tomato and a cherry put together.

“Mr. Beilschmidt how could you?” Keith smiled darkly, still carrying the magazine.

“V-Vhere did you get z-zhat?!” He asked frantically, that was his! W-Well it was just in his room it wasn’t particularly a possession.. he just kept it!

“I just found it~. However… it came from your room… goodness Mr. Beilschmidt… what do you do when your roommate’s not around… I wonder…?” Keith asked, his once innocent looking baby blue eyes now as cold as ice despite the smile on his lips which now also looked forced and rather unnerving to anyone else who could’ve seen it.

He tried to take it back however Keith took a step back quickly with a phone in his head that was immediately dialed to Feliciano's number...

"Uh, uh, uh..." He waved his fingers mockingly like a parent to their child.

In case you're wondering he easily tricked that simpleton Feliciano into giving his number... that was literally one of the easiest thing he's ever had to do in his life.

Ludwig was shocked, he was angry and he was also frightened… but he wouldn’t show it despite the slight trembling in his legs. This kid… he’s just like Ivan!

“Now… we don’t want anyone else to know about this do we?” He asked, his voice dripping with poison and sadism.

“Like Mr. Vargas… Or Mr. Honda… Mr. Edelstein…. (Male Name)… and then there’s also Ms. Héderváry…” He listed off all of Ludwig’s close friends to see how spooked and afraid Ludwig looked in fear of them all knowing of his dirty little secrets…

That and Keith felt the need to mention that pretty lady Elizabeta from the other day, she was a sexy woman…

“But don’t worry… I’m your friend now… and friends don’t tattle on friends… just like you won’t tattle on me about this… right…?” His glasses gleamed sinisterly as he simpered menacingly while threatening the poor German.

“J-Ja… I-I promise…” Ludwig couldn’t believe what he was saying and doing but this kid was going to tell everyone about this! Then everyone would now and he’d be humiliated and belittled and called a hypocrite by all the guys in this school!

“Very good! You’re such a good friend, thanks Ludwig~.” Keith beamed as he walked away and put the magazine back in his vest, looking quite merry and pleased. That false happiness sparkling from the bespectacled kid was very disturbing to Ludwig, he’d seen Ivan when he was at his less than sane moments but still... at least Ivan only sincerely wanted friends even though he was creepy about it. Keith was downright blackmailing him and using him for some sort of personal gain…

He wasn’t going to be this scared… but he couldn’t let go of that thought of social humiliation if that secret ever got out…

Keith returned to see a somewhat nervous looking Steve, “Um… Keithie…?”

“Yes Steven?” He looked so innocent, and his cuteness was only making him look more harmless and guileless even though he was very much the opposite… Hell even the females often considered Keith as the cutest and most handsome of their trio.

“N-Nothing… I just wanted to know… what you needed from Mr. Beilschmidt…” He shakily confessed, feeling tiny drops of sweat trickle down his neck.

“Oh I just wanted him and I to become friends… and I got what I wanted… Mr. Beilschmidt’s nicer than what people think…” Keith simpered sweetly as he explained what happened casually as if he did absolutely nothing shocking.

“R-Really? T-That’s cool…” He couldn’t stop himself from stuttering… he saw the WHOLE thing…  

“Now come on Stevie, let’s go to the mall together. Andy is waiting for us.” Keith said in a reassuring tone complete with his trademark beam.

“O-Okay… yeah you’re right let’s go…” Steve said but he followed Keith from behind instead… keeping his eyes on his friend; the friend he is now terrified of.

However he wasn’t the only one who saw what happened…

Matthew stood there, shaking and looking quite distressed… he’s seen Ivan threaten a few here and there but he didn’t Keith Oliver like he knew Ivan…

In case you were wondering Alfred and Arthur forgot him there again… but lucky for him Ludwig and Keith paid zero attention to Matthew’s presence there too… for once Matthew was thankful for his lack of noticeability in that moment for fear that Keith would’ve threatened him too…

Yet he was also worried about Ludwig, he wasn’t close to him but he knew that Feliciano went on and on about how Ludwig was a nice guy even though he seemed rough around the edges and had a heart of stone…

He’d have to tell someone about it later… once again he was thankful that no one could see him…

“Oh and… bye Williams.” Matthew perked up once he heard someone say his last name… so someone actually knew him?!


“I’m sorry I was saying bye…” The voice turned out to be Steve and he waved to Matthew, and in return Matthew  nervously waved back…

“Bye…” He pretty much whispered bye back to Steve as the two young men waved to each other to depart.

Somebody actually noticed him and remembered him…

That was a first…


“ARGH! My ass…!” Adrian finally got up after moaning on the floor and griping in pain after that little faggot Andrew pushed him down… Drake was helping him up but still… Adrian was really being dramatic about this…

In fact when he finally stood up…

“AGH!!! WHY. DOESN’T. ANYONE. EVER. LOOK UP. TO ME?!” He shouted, shook his arms in the air and jumped up and down, throwing a tantrum while Drake could only watch…

Then again this ISN’T the first time Adrian’s behaved like this… if anything he behaved like this at least 93% of the time.

“Chill…” He tried to say something to calm him down but that last attempt came out as a soft whisper, because he feared that Adrian would just yell at him.


“Because he’s not jumping around like a spoiled brat that’s why!” Matthias yelled as he and Lukas came down at the wrong time to see this guy acting like a very petulant child.


“And (Male Name) doesn’t look like a gorilla.” Lukas snidely commented, speaking of (Male Name), ‘he’ didn’t look like a gorilla at all… he was way too girly looking for that…

“You… You..! YOU….!!” Adrian couldn’t even think of an insult to say back to them, all he knew is that his bottom lip was quivering and his green eyes became glossy…

“ARGH!!” He screamed out of frustration and stomped out of the university.

“Adrian!” Drake ran after him, because he was the only one who would ever go back for Adrian. He was his only friend…

“What the hell? Oh well at least he’s out of our hair right?” The Dane asked the Norwegian, nudging him in the shoulder.

“Huh? I mean we saw how he acted, what an asshole. That’s literally what everyone says.” He started to laugh, even though Adrian was an asshole he was fun to fuck with especially since he not only deserves it he also pretty much has it coming to him.

Lukas nodded, he wanted to snark at Matthias like he always did but he was too busy stuck in his train of thought right now.

“Hey let’s go to the mall, I’m bored and besides I hear there’s going to be a party there since it’s Friday! Let’s go!” Matthias said with vigor and immediately ran to the entrance doors while Lukas stared.

“A party? I remember the last one I went too..” Lukas remembered that party you went to…
He saw everything…


Every day I'm shuffling





He face-palmed at the memory… that day established his thought of you: A fun drunk who becomes the ultimate dumbass…

However you seemed more down-to-earth after that, if not a little playful, snarky and impulsive.

Now there’s more thing he found out about you… or was about too… he knew that there was something off about you… Mr. Girly Boy.

“Come to think of it… I think I want to go see (Male Name)” Lukas pondered as he left the building too behind Matthias. If (Male Name) was even his name…

Or HER name…

“I’ve heard ‘him’ sing. Guess I’ll show ‘him’ who else can sing…”

~~~~~~~Time Skip of AWESOMENESS~~~~~~

“Gee Feliks you’re such a manly man!” You said with brutal sarcasm in your voice as you held up more than 2 shopping bags, all things that Feliks bought. The only things you bought so far was a (favorite snack food) and (favorite drink).

“Oh like come on (Your Name) you know how much wardrobe is to me.” Feliks said with his hand out, and gave you that ‘you know what I’m sayin’’ look.

You smiled and shook your head. “Yeah I do, I do…”

“I’ll help you (Your Name).” Toris offered you a hand and graciously took a bag from your hand so he can carry one too.

“Thank you Toris you’re such a doll.” You simpered gratefully and sweetly as Toris the gentleman helped you. Any girl would be lucky to have a boyfriend like Toris.

Toris smiled and blushed, “Oh… thanks… I’m not that great I’m just here to help.” He ran a hand through his long brown hair; he was being modest as usual.

“You’re like more than great, you’re totally awesome!” Feliks grinned and wrapped an arm around Toris, you gave Toris a thumbs up and a big flashy grin as you nodded at the scene; much to Toris’ embarrassment and dismay.

“(Your Name)…” Feliks called you even though he sounded only slightly whiny that time.
“Buy some stuff too!”

“Okay, okay now you mention I DO need some more stuff…” You shrugged, and you were happy that you got to wear slightly more normal clothes than normal and go out as you and not (Male Name) (Surname).

“Fabulous! Because like you need more than enough pretty clothes to show off your sexiness!” Feliks chimed, praising you again.

You laughed, “Oh Feliks… okay sure thing. I guess you’re right.” Okay that last part you said you didn’t really mind because you didn’t wear slutty clothes, only your (favorite style) clothes that you knew were just like you. Feliks knew that he just wanted you to come out of your shell more when it came to appearance because he’s always known you as beautiful.

“YAY! Now let’s go get our nails done!” Feliks beamed and grabbed both yours and Toris’ hands.

“WHAT?!” Toris asked surprised and befuddled.

“Oh boy.” You said knowingly.

Perfect after all your girls day has just begun.
Like I said, Long ass delay I'm SO F-ING SORRY... but hey I'm still doing this thing... Lots of people like it but... I'm starting to think I'm digressing on my writing... however I still like doing it but I feel like it could be somewhat better...

Anyway LOTS happened in this chapter! You find out how you really got into the school, your grandpa filled out the WRONG application, Prussia has a man-crush on you, America and Andrew bond and speaking of which you learn more about the A.S.K in this chapter! Keith is a psycho and threatened Germany of all countries and Adrian's being a bitch like usual. Norway is suspicious however! O.O

And now you're still continuing on your girls day with Poland and Lithuania~!


Does this suck...?

Songs mentioned: Alice by Avril Lavigne
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Here are the chapter links right here:…

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

Here's an Extra little bit starring the A.S.K!:

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